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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bishop Bars "Mass for Remarried and Homosexuals"

Graz-Seckauer diocesan priests have provoked with controversial Masses. Bishop Kapellari puts on the emergency brake. Priest: "We will not completely ignore the ban of the bishop, but also not entirely obey."

Graz ( The Graz diocesan Bishop, Egon Kapellari, has banned a controversial "Mass for remarried and homosexuals" in the parish of St. Margaret, as reported by the "Kleine Zeitung". The one responsible for the provocation was the pastor of the local parish community, Bernhard Preiss. A few months earlier, Preiss had carried out a similar event, then, there were protests by Catholics. Now Kapellari is pulling the emergency brake. Kapellari said to the newspaper: "It was simply an isolated event against the ecclesiastical order which will not take place." The Graz bishop stressed that a priest could not arbitrarily grant simply that divorced and remarried may go to Communion: "That neither the Pope, even I as a bishop, can not do this either. We even take care of remarried and homosexuals in personal conversations in counseling," said the Bishop of Graz.

But Preiss would like to further provoke and shared in his parish bulletin with that he  especially respects the will of the bishop. There will however be considered  "a continuation in another form."  To the "Kleine Zeitung" Preiss explains then: "I do not want to simply delete the Mass, we will not totally ignore the ban of the  bishop, but we will also not entirely follow it either. Now creativity is called for."

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Friday, April 12, 2013

After Criticizing Islam and Sodom Courageous Austrian Pastor Fully Back on Duty

Edit: we’d noted earlier that a priest in the Austrian Diocese of Graz had been disciplined for doing his job. This interesting story comes in connection with another howling indecency by the Austrian Bishops in their approval for civil unions. Of course, there are at least three sources indicating that even the Pope himself may have approved of such a thing.

(Graz) The regular pastor, the Reverend Charles Tropper, who was dismissed for criticizing aberrosexuality and Islam from the Austrian Diocese Graz-Seckau (Styria) can now fully exercise again the priestly ministry in his parish of Veit am Vogau. At the end of August this year, however, he will be retired. This was announced this Thursday by Vicar General Henry Schnuderl. The pastor was, according to Schnuderl, guilty of making "terrible simplifications” and having an "uncultured style". Pastor Tropper had been secluded during the Holy Week and the Easter season under a sermon ban. Tropper was accentuated his position in a letter to the parish about Gomorrism and Islam. A homo-association made charges against the priest and had been ruled by the prosecution, after a preliminary inquiry, to be without substance. The Diocese, however, was called to intervene “in the necessity, of boundaries”. Link to katholisches...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Diocese of Graz Silences Faithful Priest

"The Bishops of Austria have failed."
Because of his statements on homosexuality and Islam a priest of the Diocese Graz-Seckau will not lead the liturgical celebrations for his parish on Easter.

Graz ( / pm) "Pastor Karl Tropper (St. Veit am Vogau) has proved particularly concerned with certain important issues like “homosexuality” and “Islam" ‘repeating unreasonably simplistic and statements offensive in a tone." So reasoned Spokesman Georg Plank for the Diocese Graz-Seckau in a recent statement, why Vicar General Henry Schnuderl will in the short term take over liturgical celebrations for the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday instead of the local pastor. "The central message of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ" should not be obscured by conflicts. Pastor Tropper “will enter on permanent leave on 31 August 2013.”

The statements made by Rev. Tropper prevented, "a necessarily nuanced discussion on these complex issues. The relatively milder diagnosis of the pastor for a mitigating diagnosis due to ‘the stubbornness of age stubbornness' is no longer in the overall assessment.”

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 Here’s an interview from Kleine Zeitung:

Pastor, like an Amen in prayer, you renew a rant every spring against Islam or against homosexuals. Recently, you even wrote in the parish bulletin about gay perverts. Why?

KARL TROPPER: They're perverts. When you can’t say so, you have to go into retirement as a pastor.

Is it the right way, even in the Church proclaim such weird opinions about homosexuality and Islam? KARL TROPPER: Who will say otherwise, if I do not? All priests should do this. The bishops in Austria and Germany are failures, they haven’t understood what is brewing. In 50 years, Vienna will be a Muslim city, the Votive Church [a large parish near downtown Vienna], a large mosque.

Back to the current case: Why does the Catholic Church just weigh just as hard with homosexuality? KARL TROPPER: It is a huge injustice. And it is perverse.

 The diocese has declared consequences in the past few years. The diocesan bishop had warned you last year in writing. Did he rebuke you in this particular instance?

KARL TROPPER: He said, I can not write anymore. But in this particular case I was even relieved by the prosecution (Note: There were two criminal charges of incitement [verhetzung], both cases were dropped by the prosecution).

They will no longer allow your opinions to be public?

KARL TROPPER: I only speak through my lawyer.

Give a sermon in the church with your attorney? ...

KARL TROPPER: you can even write something.

You are not afraid of canonical consequences?

KARL TROPPER: What have I done wrong?

You insult minorities, fulminate against other religions. Excuse me, if not?


Because you stir up?


Do not you think that you scare many churchgoers with such statements?

KARL TROPPER: All right, no one is forced to come to church.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Graz Professor Demands Death Penalty for Pope

Graz ( Richard Parncutt, professor of Systematic Musicology at the University of Graz, recently called for the death of Pope Benedict on the official University home page a few days ago.  He  finds the Pope responsible for the deaths of millions of AIDS victims in the future.  After complaints the text was removed.  According to the "Kurier" the Dean of the Psychology Faculty, Helmut Konrad, as responded recently and distanced himself from the text. "Inhuman expressions have been directly removed.  Personal views, which are not in conjunction with scientific work, will not be tolerated on the University website."

Parncutt did not directly explain his inhumane comments and has at present has made a prepared statement to all who feel themselves to be insulted by the text.   His proposal had been completely inappropriate.  After the Christmas break,  Parncutt will be invited to a discussion with the University administration.  Disciplinary steps will follow.  The Professor has also asked for the execution of those who deny global warming.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Graz: Easter Rabbit at the Podium During Mass

Austria. On Easter Monday the infamous Pastor Josef Reisenberger of Hartberg in the Diocese of Graz said a Mass including an Easter Bunny. He showed it in pictures on the website of his parish. The two and a half meter high Easter Rabbit dressed man stood during Mass at the Ambo.
Video from Catholic Church Conservation:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Graz Bishop Wages Total War on Behalf of Homosexuality

In the Diocese of Graz-Seckau every erroneous teaching is welcome.  Actually, if a priest criticizes the moral and anti-Church homosexual ideology, the current hireling Bishop will become brutal and abusive.

(, Sankt Veit am Vogau)  The Old Liberal Bishop Egon Kapellari (76) of Graz-Seckau ridicules the Catholic Faith.

At the same time he defends the immoral homosexual ideology as if it were a Dogma of the Church.

Recently, he threatened the pastor of Sankt Veit am Vogau, Fr. Karl Tropper (75) with "ecclesiastical consequences".

This happened according to reports from  Ex-Reichsender [Nazi Radio in Vienna]  Vienna (ORF)  to Austrian journalistoids.

Diocese of Graz:  Homosexuals up From Hell

Fr. Tropper had maintained in an article in the parish newspaper that the homosexual disorder is an "error in drive".

He referred those stricken to the healing of their sexual neuroses.

Last week [16 April] , the Diocese of Graz struck very officially in a press release against the clergyman.

On April 18th, Msgr Kaleppari addressed the situation personally.

Brittle Bishop: "Pastor suffers from the rigidity of old age"

The brittle Bishop was right abusive.

So he portrayed the Bishop publicly as having "rigidity of old age".

If Fr. Tropper cites the moral teachings of the Church once more or cites the Bible, he will be dealt with according to "Church law".

At the same time Msgr Kapellari explained that it is the purpose of the Bishops' Conference, to conduct a  dialog with the anti-Church media and the one man show "Pfarrer Initiative".

In the Conciliar Church There is no Place for the Bible

Fr. Tropper told the newspaper 'Kurier', that no one was discriminated against.  He only stated a basic truth:

"The teaching of the Church has always been against homosexuality.  Homosexuality is a perversion according to the Bible."

The clergyman declares the right "to be able to say what is in the Bible."

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Pastor Celebrates Aesthetic Destruction

The first thing the faithful will see in the magnificent baroque church is not the altar painting, rather the doormat with two gaping holes.

(, Vienna) Since December 1999, Pastor Hermann Glettler has been destroying the parish church of St. Andre in Graz in southwest Austria.

The diocese of Graz-Sekau is currently being led to the wall by Bishop Egon Kapellari.

Fr. Glettlers church originates from the 17th century. It was built by the Dominicans and consecrated in 1635.

Wolves in Human Skin

The interior of the church looks as though kindergarten had run wild within it.

In front of the baroque high altar there is an example of a supper tale, which is made from mirror shards.

Next to it there is a wire stand with a glass plate. The thing is used as a podium.

On the church windows there are bright areas, which have distorted letters or -- more pointedly -- wolves in human clothes.

The white wall of the side chapel is smeared above with orange scribbling.

Aesthetically destroyed

Fr. Glettler was emboldened on his website with the idea, that he would consider to challenge "new artworks" .

They put the old state of the church in "a new light".

In any event the clergyman says that there's been an "aesthetic breakdown" with his art.

Profound Facade

In 2010 the facade was newly renovated.

In the course of its new formation, a Graz painter wrote various slogans on the exterior wall.

In various scripts, colors and sizes one can read profound things like "It greens so green", "tobacco", "nasty surprise", "Mozart", "sun flower", "sheep herd", "scale" , "park", "locksmith" or "lady slipper".

Altar Carpet with Two Holes

During this Lent, Pastor Glettler hung a self-cut lenten cloth over the high altar.

It is an old carpet in which Pastor Glettler has cut two holes.

It gives a clear view of the round window behind the high altar.

The chopped carpet should " challenge the expectation that an altar painting will be ordered" -- it says in an explanation.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Distinguishes You From Helmut Schüller, Lord Bishop?

Humbug: "There is no right to any kind of "disobedience", but if one believes that the Church doesn't want blind obedience, there is but an act with solidarity in the midst of wide fields of pastoral possibilities."

( "I refuse to use the polemical word "disobedience" when it comes to discussing the Pastors' Initiative."

Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz said this on the 7th of September for the Austrian anti-Church news 'Standard'.

Msgr Kapellari appealed that the whole Church should be viewed thus: "The global Church is anything but at rest."

He bent the ear of the anti-Church magazine: "We would be pleased-- especially when it comes to the media -- 'if the successes received more attention."

Because: "A Church, that is presented as weaker than She is, can not help society any better."

Church schools, kindergartens and hospitals are more sought after than ever before.

But: "The Song of Songs of displeasure is sung in the Church and society."

There is enough cause for tears, but not so much reason to complain.

Only no clarity

"We accept the indissolubility of a sacramental marriage without a doubt" -- explained the Bishop.

Yet at the same time he let loose the following antithesis: "One must proceed with sympathy and sensitivity with the various biographies of remarried divorced."

One may not simply reject someone at the "communion rail", but rather should talk to them individually, in order to heal their wounds.

The 'Standard' did not let themselves be impressed by the Bishop's pastoral drivel:

"But if you know that there are remarried divorced in your diocese receiving Communion, as Bishop, you have to intervene, no?"

Msgr. Kapellari coiled himself up: He has had many discussions with those affected by separation and always seeks them out, to help them, "with boundaries for life and otherwise to learn that they are not strangers in their Church."

Weighty Norms that Aren't Valid

Here the Episcopal chat hit a wall: "What do you make of Helmet Schüller. Are you also "disobedient", if you don't undertake this?" -- asked the newspaper.

Again, Msgr Kapellari turned a pirouette: "There is no right to any kind of "disobedience", but if one believes that the Church doesn't want blind obedience, there is an act with solidarity in the midst of wide fields of pastoral possibilities."

The 'Standard' offered in return that the Faith then gets undermined by "substantial leeway".

Msgr Kapellari flew into humbug:

"In every society there are weighty norms, which one may not allow to be undermined. There are, however, also tensions which are very humanly understandable when it comes to translating this to those affected by the horizon of praxis."

"I won't let myself be locked down"

At the intimation that the media sponsored "Pastors' Intiative" will have foreseeable and longstanding structural consequences, he let the cat out of the sack:

"I won't generally say for sure, if anyone has been led to be counterproductive, that one should, as it is said, be thrown out of the community.

He repeated himself: "I won't let myself be locked down, as to how far Pastor Schüller may go."

He would like "to keep everyone in the boat".

He would like to invite, "that no one should be boring into the hull of the ship, but pay more attention to the wind in the sails."

No Tricks?

The 'Standard" tried to play up the Mini-Pastors' Initiative: "Umpteen priests have signed the Call already."

Msgr Kapellari countered: "The Call only consists of a Board of Directors."

And took it back in the same moment: "But I wouldn't say it was not small."

For still: "But I would like to put it all in perspective, but not with Tricks."

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Graz Priest, "By 2050 Austria Will be Muslim"

Karl Tropper directed a sharp criticism against Islam: "The Koran is the purest inflammatory pamphlet. By 2050 all of Austria will be Muslim. Graz Bishop Kapellari is not amused: Uncultivated style.

Karl Tropper, the Pastor of St. Veit am Vorgau in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau has made severe criticisms of Islam according to Media Reports. In his most recent pastoral letter as per a "Kleine" news, he said that a Swiss Author had omitted that Muslims can not be buried with non-believers. The pastoral letter reads: "it's not only pure racism, this is also a backward step to Hitler and Stalin -- they have resolved to extinguish and extinguished, easily, millions of 'lives unworthy of life'." In another article he is asked by an author if Islam makes you sick and if "Islam" twists "the psyche of people into the completely absurd." His answer to the author: "You have to suspect it".

Pastor Tropper stated his critical positions against Islam and spoke per "KLeine" word for word, of "pure racism" or "the Koran is the purest inflammatory pamphlet.. Muslims can't be integrated... Islam is intrinsically aggressive.. In 2050 Austria will be completely Islamic..." And: "Islam is the most repugnant." Tropper says Mosques can never be a house of God, because they produce nothing but war.

There is irritation at the Graz Chancery over the words of Pastor Tropper. Bishop Kapellari said to the "Kleinen" - Times: "Those who are in positions of responsibility in the Church do not bring a solution to these problems when they make horrible oversimplifications and offer such an uncultivated style. This touches also on the theme of Islam, which the Church will meet neither with naivete and certainly not with raw aggression either." Pastor Tropper himself shows himself unmoved by the Bishop's displeasure: "At first the Bishop grouched at me again, but from the evidence I can see he remains guilty. I have to follow my conscience."

Pastor Tropper also caused a stire last year. While preaching at a first Communion
according to the "Kleine" newspaper that those who leaves the Church, will count themselves in the company of Hitler, Stalin and other criminals. He received a reprimand then in 2010.

Original, at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kapellari: Liturgy is, "Not Modelling Wax for the Individual"

Graz Bishop: 'Newly intensive efforts for the spirit and the form of Liturgy' necessary - Liturgy is not to be given over to the creative desire of individuals.

Brixen ( Does the Mass have a future? "Naturally", explained the Graz Diocesan Bishop Egon Kapellari on his Sunday Sermon in the Cathedral of Brixen on the close of the "International Brixen Symposium 2010", "because the Church has a future and because the Church and the Mass belong inseparably together.

In any case there will be starting today "newly intensive efforts about the spirit and the form of the Liturgy." Thusly, the religion may not be given over to the creative desire of individuals as a matter of fact: "Liturgy is not modeling wax at the disposal of individuals", said Kapellari.

Actually, however, the joys and sorrows of as many Catholics as possible should be explained and considered, said the Bishop, in view of the lowering numbers of the participants in Sunday Services.

He firmly believes in the promise of Jesus, that the powers of evil in the Church "while, powerful and damaging can never destroy it completely", said the Bishop. This of course does not say if the Church tomorrow will exist as a great majority or a small minority.

For centuries cut off from the outside world, the persecuted Christians of Japan, who had absolutely no priests any more to celebrate the Eucharist, had "lived on as a holy remnant".

"In general, however, it is valid that overall, wherever Catholics were a lasting presence, the Eucharist is always celebrated and will be celebrated in the future, even if in the course of history there are ever new challenges", said Kapellari.

Religious Services in the Courtyard of the Mass

In view of the sinking numbers of Sunday participants and that the young people stay away from the liturgy, warned the Bishop: this is the burning question, "if the threshold of the liturgy is not too high, its language too incomprehensible and if its music has too little heart". [Young people want a challenge....]

Above all Kapellari warned against a rash accommodation of the expectations and criticisms, which lead quickly to discouragement and a "Liturgy" which might be "presumed too rigid, flat Liturgy, even banal". [Graz, are you ready to Rock?]

For young people, who know little of the nature of Liturgy, the threshold of the Mass must not be too flat: "But it can and should become for them and for other people, for whom Mass has become strange, church services that is to say are in the courtyard of the Mass", said Kapellari. There is place for a freer form of Liturgy, "which are not even Eucharists"

A New 'ars celebrandi"

In "waiting", til the Liturgy is discovered again by many, the Church must be present in the secular community through social engagement and "intelligent" discourse in "concert of public opinion"; equipped for the "long haul", "through the prayer of those, who participate for all in the heart of the Church in celebrating the Eucharist.

Using this means there must be a new Catechesis of Liturgy, which builds Christians "slowly but sustainably". From these means "a new ars celebrandi must be developed --even in conversation with culture and even with art of all kinds, after which so many year for," said the Bishop. The Brixner Symposium made an exemplary contribution to just such a conversation.

"Smaller, but purer and nobler"

At the closing Kappelari continued in his preaching "on the life of the Church as a whole": "Our Catholic Church is at the present moment, must go through fire and water, which at this time in Europe is in the grip of some crises, so to say - so may we hope - will proceed even if indeed smaller, but purer and nobler," said the Bishop.

"Christ will not leave his Church." This promise is never the less "no charter for sadness and a lack of imagination" or for "superficially permanent state of activity", rather a "seeking for a weatherproof, joyful and missionary Faith, which even under the current conditions is possible and in many cases a reality."

The "International Brixner Symposium 2010" has taken place from the 8th to 10th of October under the title "The Mass - Source of Life, Highpoint of Faith?" The lecture at the Cusanus Academy combines Science, Culture and Spirituality.

Copyright 2010 Katholische Presseagentur, Wien, Österreich. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eighty Hosts Stolen From Tabernacle: Austria

The stealing of the host is supposedly comparable with the willful destruction of a Tora-roll or the desecration of a graveyard.

[ Graz] Unknown persons have damaged more churches in the Austrian Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

This was according to the Press Office of the Diocese today. The media has regarded this crime with indifference.

The press text in the main speaks of "more disturbances and defacement of Catholic churches."

The highpoint of these "diverse disturbances" was a quick forced entry into the city church of St. Paul:

"The tabernacle was broken into and unknown persons stole 80 hosts."

Episcopal Vicar Heinrich Schnuderl commented on the robbery of the All Holiest, "horrified":

"The desecration of a host is for us Christians an attack against the center of our faith."

It is manifestly not clear any more, that the Host in the tabernacle, "the body of Christ", is the All Holy for Catholics.

The Episcopal Vicar identified the sacrilege, supposedly, with "a Toraroll in the Jewish Synagogue or an Islamic Koran, and also comparable to the desecration of a grave for example, in a Jewish graveyard."

Bishop Against Anti-Islam-Online Game

In the same press relase Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz-Seckau criticized an on-line game for the right-people's party, 'FPO'.

On the page "" the the user must shoot stop signs at newly appearing mosques.

Msgr Kapellari views this as a threat against religious peace in Steyria:

"That puts up a barrier to inter religious respect and should be strictly avoided."