Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mind Bending Psycho-Confessionals: Jesuits Introduce Lay Psychologists to Confessionals in Linz

In Hitler's "hometown"  the modernist faction introductes an un-Catholic approach to Confession.
Waiting for the first victims: Pastoral shrinks in the confessional of the old Cathedral in Linz - whether they both play the role of the priest is not apparent [screen capture Kirchenzeitung Linz]


Despite  the desperation for  novelty,  Linz  remains the same: one just wants to suck up to the large heap of the consumers of Church contributions who have  little faith and make the Catholic faith unstable. Nevertheless, the reasons for the countless innovations (to innovations, etc.) are proven futile.
In a report  by "Linzer Church Newspaper" the designated secular newspaper of the Diocese of Linz says:
"In the new confessional in the old Cathedral   there aren't only priests are there to talk to  ... for consultation. There is also a psychologist inside offering advice."

The Psycho-Confessional

In the future, a person can not only chat with the priest in the so-called "confessional" of the old cathedral in Linz, but shrinks dig into the depths of souls there as well, if one  becomes consumed by earthly fears and desires. The existence of the soul in eternity would not be in the foreground of this modernist caricature.

The Jesuits Once Carried the Faith 

Under Emperor Ferdinand II, the Jesuits were still mainly a guarantee of the strengthening of the Catholic Faith, model vehicles of the beneficent Counter-Reformation in the inner-Austrian lands.
This has changed fundamentally: Large parts of the Jesuit Order have now the prescribed the neo-Protestant Zeitgeist "church"  and are the bearers of the Modernist movement within the Church.

The Modernist-Jesuits Mock the Sacrament of Confession

"If the sacrament of reconciliation is  to have a future, it needs new spaces and new forms," ​​said the European plain clothes Jesuit of the Old Cathedral in Linz, Fr. P. Michael Messner, whose psycho-confessional doesn't even include a minibar stocked with alcohol.
Also the obligatory couch, on which a patient can make himself comfortable  has been omitted. Despite or  really because of these innovations  the penitent can be hastened down the path to damnation more freely.

Uselessness of Plain Clothes Jesuits

These new forms of the "sacrament of reconciliation" apparently mean that  the priest is forced out of the confessional and a sunshine psychologist gives his two cents where he does not belong.
The priest's role, who for good reasons is subject to the Sacrament of Penance for the forgiveness of (repented) sins, will be laicized and  a signal for the uselessness of the clergy is established.
That God is degraded in psychology to the creation of the mortal soul, is probably the main reason why the shrink may give their two cents in the confessional in Linz.

"Psychologists are the Disease, 
 Whose Cure They Conceal"

These changes are  the expression of boundless hubris, which exactly causes  apostasy, which one then tries to cure with  still more innovations and waste.
This innovation always has  one thing in common: the believers (in this case, the confessional clients) would be removed from the influence of the heavenly.
Despite desperate attempts at innovation in the Tax Church in the land of Austria, everything remains the same: Faith "in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth" is not renewed, but is significantly flattened.


Anonymous said...

The reason that the Devil has attacked the Jesuits so relentlessly is precisely because they carried the Faith! But I do not know what great good came out of the Austria and Germany to make them such favorite targets of the Devil. So much evil has come and continues to come from this region, yet the neighboring Hungary has a Catholic Constitution and Croatia put a halt to homo-lesbo faux marriage.

Anonymous said...

the problem with confession these days is there's no confessional so there's anonymity - this coupled with the dirth of priest means there's only on priest for hundreds of miles to confess to, and you are not afforded the safety of the confessionsal - it shows an appalling lack of understanding and respect for lay Catholics.

Anonymous said...

can't the church just excommunicate all Jesuits and their obsessive idol worship of the'new' and 'future'. they're are more a few patties short of quarter pounder.

Tancred said...

The Jesuits ran education in Austria up until they were dissolved.

Unknown said...

Can anyone be really surprised by yet another Sacramental abomination? The liberal church specialises in blasphemy and sacrilege at their new Masses. Reconciliation with anyone and anything is possible under the new regime. In any case, many have abandoned this new device altogether. It has nothing to do with Confession at all.

SPC said...

Why am I reminded of Matthew 23:14:

because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men, for you yourselves do not enter in; and those that are going in, you suffer not to enter.

Oh, wait! I forgot! "Pharisees" is only applied to the "Promethean Neo-palagian restorationists."

Silly me.

Mal said...

This should not be allowed to happen. The psychologist might give uncatholic advice.
However, I wonder what others feel about my suggestion for a change in the format. I will make it personal so here goes:
I examine my conscience either quietly on my own or during a communal dedicated service which helps the examination process.
I then approach the priest in the confessional and confess. He then asks me: Are you truly sorry for your sins? Do you believe and accept the teachings of Jesus and his Holy Church on marriage, family and our relationships with others? Do you realise that your sins can be forgiven but crimes against the state should be dealt with appropriately?
If all the responses are positive then priest should absolve the penitent.
This way the reconciliation is made more important than the list.
The same could be done before communion. The priest says: Come my brothers and sisters who are in fellowship with the Lord in and through his Church and strengthen this communion.

Anonymous said...

Are you insane?Jesuits are devils army.