Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"Church Should Apologize to Homosexuals?" -- The Catholic Media Never Cites the Pope Correctly

Cathedral of Orleans "homosexualized": Bishop Blaquart on the 17th of
June lighted the Cathedral in LGBT colors, in or to express his "communion"
with the Homo-Community After the Orlando Attack

The homosexualization is progressing rapidly. Whoever does not shrilly sing along in homophilic choir,  arouses suspicion. Google Maps "pleases" users with a homo-correct street view man. And if the Pope explicitly specified, it means it won't be long before only the Catholic media will also follow him.

A commentary by Martha Burger Weinzl

Pope Francis was questioned on his return from Armenia by the journalist Cindy Wooden of CNS, the news agency of the American Episcopal last Sunday on homosexuality. She wanted to know what the Pope had to say on Cardinal Reinhard Marx's demand that the Church should apologize to the "gay community" because it has marginalized these people.

Orlando assassin was a "soldier of the Caliph" and not a Christian

Absurdly, Wooden added: "In the days after the massacre in Orlando many have said that the Christian community has something to do with the hatred of these people," even though the Orlando-attack on a gay club had been committed by a "soldier of the Caliph" one of the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS). As a journalist she also has long known that the US government had manipulated the confessional identity of Muslims to omit any reference emphasizing  Islam. It must therefore be assumed - if only as a diversionary tactic - that a false accusation of Christians was considered acceptable.

Pope Francis answered as precisely  as he did two years ago on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro, when he took a position on homosexuality for the first time. He stated that the position towards homosexuality and homosexuals is that of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and that homosexuals should be accompanied according to the Catechism. A clear statement. It is only clear for faithful Catholics who know the catechism reasonably well. However, the statement is hardly suitable for non-practicing sham Catholics  and certainly not for non-Catholics. The Pope again avoided explaining the Church's teaching on homosexuality and homosexuals. Another missed opportunity.

Homosexuality: Enlightenment would be necessary, but is not necessary

That's just how this this issue, where a strong lobby supported by numerous Zeitgeist Knights operates a general brainwashing, longs for enlightenment  (Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Laun recently spoke about "brainwashed" Christians). It's a challenge that Pope Francis rather evades, knowing that he would thus forfeit some sympathy from the media. The pope prefers prefer to remain silent, and he provides the model for many bishops and priests who are silent. But who then proclaims the saving truth and warns of the deadly dangers of sin?

So homosexuals must manage on their own, and just as the Catholics and Christians must orient total on the merits. How many are geared wrong because they do not take the catechism, but the daily press on hand, or can be homosexualisieren own thinking of radio, television and the Internet, will remain an oppressive secret.

What good will the topic of homosexuality to misunderstanding, is to a preceding homo-correct representation or an open Homophilic propaganda showed the coverage of the Pope's statement on Sunday in the German language.

Pope Francis took on the flight back to numerous important questions raised. Among other things, he demanded nothing more and nothing less than a "new EU" and "more independence and more freedom" for the Member States. With a colleague I bet that the mass media, however, would take the issue of homosexuality as a headline, and so it was.

The headline read in slight variations: "Church should apologize to homosexuals". This is exactly what the Pope had not said.

"Church to apologize to homosexuals"? - No, because "the" Church "is holy"

The pope agreed to the "Marxist" Cardinal [Reinhard Marx], but stated that, "the" Church "is holy" but that Christians were "sinners." In other words, sin and guilt are always personal. If Christians had therefore been guilty, it's Christians who to apologize, but not "the Church".

The Pope carried out a considerable clarification and thus also corrected the influential [and evil] President of the German Bishops' Conference and his understanding of the Church.

However, the clarification did not help, because not even the Catholic media were able or willing to quote the Pope properly. Kath Press, the news agency of the Austrian Bishops' Conference headlined as assiduously as secular media: "Church Should Apologize to Homosexuals".

The pains to verify what was allegedly printed exactly by whom, should not be made here. Unless it is easy to verify that - to stay with the example of Austria - Kathpress first media spread the hoax. Previously, the AP has been one of the "three big sisters" among press agencies.

In the media sector, it runs known as, and usually at the expense of a comprehensive and in-depth information: If an international and a national press agency write the same thing, there has hardly been  an editorial examination for veracity. Rather, then,   all of the relevant media of a country write the same content exactly. The result is that it is perceived by citizens as an oppressive "standardized opinion" whether from Neusiedl to Bregenz, Kiefersfelden to Flensburg or from Davos to Basel.

One should be able to expect a correct story  from a Catholic news agency. Otherwise, the question arises as to whether they made a deliberate "misunderstanding". Interestingly,  the misunderstanding in the mass media and agencies fell promptly and reliably within the meaning of the mainstream. The subscribers and fee payers are then a herd of cattle fed propaganda, so that it thinks "correctly".

Text: Martha Burger Weinzl
Image: Les Patriotes de Bonnet (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

I keep a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator for the moment that there is an emergency news report that Pope Francis has died.

Steve said...

Don't forget to check the "Best if used by" date every once in awhile.

CJ said...

@ Anonymous

I would be tempted to celebrate also, but we have to pray that he converts before he draws his last lutheran breath. Naturally repugnant I know. But I am quickly reminded of how God is surely repulsed by my sins yet He gives me His loving mercy. Can I do less than that for others? I would not want to be like the unforgiving debtor of Matthew 21. I would not want to see Jesus' eyes turn towards me should He have to send a soul to Hell or hear that soul say "Why did not someone pray for me?"

Yeah. I hate everything about Francis and I would tell him so to his face. But we should not fall into a loss of holy charity because of the temptations of the Devil which are our natural hatred of evildoers. We do evil too at times.

Fight the Devil and his ways. Pray most sincerely for those you rightly despise. And uh...pray for me too. Thanks.

Not impressed said...

This papacy is deeply troubling, but your comment is unworthy. Robert Mickens of the disgraceful British rag The Tablet was rightly dismissed from his position for saying something similar about Pope Benedict.

JBQ said...

@Not impressed: Even at this date way after the fact, I'm still not impressed.