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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cardinal Müller and Cardinal Marx Join Forces Against the SSPX in Germany

[Katholisches] We document here a letter from Reinhard Cardinal Max, expressly forbidding the marriages conducted by priests belonging to the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

To the
Members of the Permanent Council of
the German Bishops' Conference
To the
Highly Honorable Members of
the German Bishops' Conference
and the Vicars General
Most honorable gentlemen,
The Cardinal Prefect of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, Cardinal Gerhard Müller had addressed my letter of May 11, 2017,  delivered to the consideration Permanent Council in which I expressed my concern about the possibility of granting authority to the priests of the Priestly Brotherhood of St. Pius X. on (on June 1, 2017). It expresses in its reply an understanding of our concern about the "still ongoing ecclesiastical illegality of the Society of St. Pius and the situation which has not yet been clarified" and stresses that it is "in the competence of the respective local ordinarius" to whom it grants the authority to conclude a marriage. He explained that the decisions taken by Pope Francis in favor of the pastoral needs of believers are determined by the consideration that the Priestly Fraternity is on its way to full communion.
Since we are able to meet the pastoral needs of the faithful who request a marriage in the liturgy of the Vetus ordo (extraordinary rite), by applying our guidelines for the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum for the German dioceses of 2007, the Permanent Council of 19 June, 2017 reaffirmed its decision of April.
In order to promote uniform handling in the German (Arch) dioceses, the Permanent Council has decided to make a corresponding text proposal available to members of the Permanent Council for publication in the Official Journal ( Annex ).
In this way, in agreement with the Cardinal Prefect, we take appropriate account both of the pastoral requirements and the church circumstances.
Oremus pro invicem.
Yours sincerely,
Reinhard Cardinal Marx
Annex to the letter of the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference (PA V 3044)
In agreement with the Cardinal Prefect of the Pontifical Commission, Ecclesia Dei, the Permanent Council of 19 / June decided:
Appeals from the faithful requesting a marriage in the liturgy of the Vetus ordo (ritus extraordinarius) are to be passed on to the respective ordinaries. This will ensure that the request is taken into account and that a priest is entrusted, according to the guidelines for the Summorum Pontificum of 2017. The marriage preparation, the preparation of the marriage protocol and the registration of the marriage are carried out according to the ecclesiastical provisions. There is no provision for granting power to priests belonging to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X.
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Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cardinal Kasper's Mental Gymnastics and the Media Catholic With a Drained Battery

(Vienna / Berlin) Austrian Radio broadcast on Thursday about the subject of religion, two separate reports on its the website. They are a perfect cross-section of how newsrooms in secular media, including those that are subject to special public order, thinks about religion and especially about the Catholic Church. The selection of topics and their treatment reveal what kind of person is attracted to the opinion threads. In this specific case it comes to Cardinal Kasper's panning for the camp of the rebels within the Church on the subject of remarried divorcees. The Cardinal offers mental acrobatics while talking about the church that can amaze you. Add to that the comment of a Catholic Women's Representative, which belongs to those quotable Catholics tolerated in the secular media who wished to express themselves as "critical of the CHurch" and especially anti-Catholic.

Kaspers Mental Gymnastics that Henry VIII wa Made a Victim of Church "discrimination" ...

In the German-speaking world, there are voices being raised that want to let it get into open confrontation in the Church. Due to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. and the election of Pope Francis a climate was created that have given the aging Progressives a whiff of morning breeze. It seems like they wish to gather for a final battle in which it is all or nothing. After a first groping on various topics such as women priests, female Cardinals, lifting celibacy, the struggle is now focused on the question of admitting remarried divorcees to the sacraments. The entire progressive agenda is trying to put itself through the breach.

After the Cardinals Marx and Lehmann and the bishops Zollitsch, Ackermann and Purst, Cardina Walter Kasper now stands on the side of the rebels. The already retired, over 80 years of age and former of Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said, according to the Hamburg weekly newspaper, Die Zeit, on the subject of remarried divorcees: "I think that changes and openings have become necessary." The paper presents the former German Cardinal as a "confidant" of Pope Francis (see also the warning to Benedict XVI about a ... Kasper -. Anti-Ratzinger Papacy in Planning ).

.... and the execution of Saint Thomas More for self-defense

The Cardinal gave to understand that he was also expecting and wishes for a "change of course" in Rome, because it must be possible for remarried divorcees, says the Cardinal to "participate fully in the Christian and ecclesial life again." The Cardinal addressed the radical intervention in the Catholic doctrine of marriage was concealed with a regard to "mercy": "What is possible with God, namely forgiveness, that should succeed even in the Church." The doctrine must not be misused to "discriminate" against individuals Österreichische Rundfunk quoted the Cardinal.

The Cardinal also played the tune, weighting Jesus' mandate against God's mercy, the mercy canceling the command as such. A new slip of the tongue, to the Pope Francis himself is not innocent in his "pastoral approach" with its focus. If you follow the thinking of Cardinal Kasper, then the Catholic Church has "discriminated" for 2000 years against the people with the sacrament of marriage. King Henry VIII was, therefore, no dissenter and the executed Thomas More and John Fisher are neither martyrs and nor saints. Henry VIII was rather the victim of a "discriminatory" Church, resisted in self-defense against his Lord Chancellor and the Cardinal, of the faithful who wanted to discriminate against him further.

Media Catholics with Batteries Drained of Catholicism

Thus, there is the second message: undereducated and mere label Catholics appear on behalf of the Catholic Church and largely determine the "Catholic" image in the secular media. Christine Haiden, the chief editor of the Church tax-financed World of Women [Welt der Frau], published by the Catholic women's movement in Austria, has once again given proof. Haiden asked in a commentary for a daily newspaper, for the "equality of men and women in all areas of the Church." This hasn't happened, so her condescending admonition with which she rose up at the same against the Pope, that all "attempts at reform" of Pope Francis would remain "superficial". "Many structural problems of the current Church - even those like rampant clericalism, of which the Pope takes note - are related to the separation of the sexes", Haiden claims to know.

In secular daily newspapers, weekly magazines and on public broadcasting only the "usual suspects" appear as guest commentators to speak on the subject of Church, except for rare exceptions. Self-declared Catholic "experts" appearing on behalf of the Church, whose testimony is mainly characterized as comprising that their Catholic battery seems to be empty all the time. So also with Haiden, who invites you to one of the usual, mindless "thought experiments": "What if a woman were Pope of a church ...". At least at this point a still reasonable Catholic has the healthy Catholic sense that to go any further is a waste of time. The author advocates for all sorts of things, just not for the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church.

Got Uppity "thought experiments" She Approaches the Apostles as a Know-It-All

The rest is just Haiden's boldly pretentious lecturing with the ever-tearful outraged, demanding, arrogant tone. And you can well imagine the many Jewish, pagan, sectarian know-it-alls during the time of Jesus and the apostles, even then, yet wanted to explain to him and to his disciples that it was all very different. How it ended for Jesus and for almost all the Apostles, we also know: And if you're not willing, then I'll use force.

Each day that such a chief editor stays longer in office with church funds and such a newspaper is published, is a day lost for Christ and a loss for the Church.

Intellectually Honest Decision Necessary: ​​Those Who do not Want to be Catholic, Should Leave

Pseudo-Catholics like Christine Haiden would do well to summon the bishop and to present a clear, accurate and above all intellectually honest alternative: either they want to be Catholic, then they have become a believer to submit to the Church's teaching, which should presented to them by the bishop with generosity and with patience, because maybe they really do not know them; or they do not want to be Catholic, then you should let them go their own free will according to their ways Le Loi, c'est moi may be a household word of the powerful, yet there are no La foi, c'est moi, neither for Haiden, nor for theologians a là Paul Zulehner or Hans Küng, nor for Cardinals as Marx, Lehmann and Kasper, not even for a pope. How to make Haiden sail under false colors to spread a poisoned propaganda to non-Catholics, is a crime before God and the faithful. It helps no wife and no family to be Catholic and to gain eternal life.

Where the contents fade and will is is obviously no longer even believed what Mother Church has taught for 2000 years, as handed to her by Christ, "structural reforms" come in the foreground and dominate the scene. But the first and only "structural" reform, which urgently addresses the misery of the Church, is to ensure that all are Catholic within who says they are "Catholic", who are in diocesan offices, associations, media, schools, seminars. Where this is not possible, the corresponding organization should be dissolved. In other words, the biggest mislabeling of all times is preparing an end, that has crept in all levels in the Catholic world. Here follows no remedy, no one should be surprised when at last competent diocesan bishops, who are in the greatest of confusion about what actually is Catholic and why the Catholic voice in the world is to weak or distorted to be heard.

Text: Martha Weinzl / Giuseppe Nardi
 image: Messa in Latino / Diocese of Linz
Trans: Tancred

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