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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A United Crusade of Public Prayer to Reopen America, the Church

By David Martin

While there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel with the coronavirus crisis, we shouldn't let down our guard too quickly.

In December, it was reported that Bill Gates in league with other globalists had put $4 billion into launching a "pandemic experiment" using COVID-19. Given the internationalist hatred against President Trump, we shouldn't rule out that the objective of this experiment was to first see how society would respond to government orders to shut down businesses and churches before moving on to the crux of their plan—an attempted presidential assassination—since foreknowledge of the public's response would be essential in enabling them to successfully carry out such a plan. Based on our response, the globalists now know that America would all too easily buckle under government pressure to close down shop in such a crisis.

We should note that it is deep-state radicals like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Andy Cuomo who are adamantly pushing the national lockdown over coronavirus and who are viciously attacking Trump over his attempts to reopen America. This in itself is a dead give-away as to the diabolical nature of the lockdown.    Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has even said he will pay people to report on businesses that violate the Safer at Home order.

 This is reminiscent of how people in Hitler's time were paid to report friends and neighbors who went against the Nazi regime.
Public Reparation and Prayer Needed

With socialist tyranny fast encroaching upon our nation, we should console ourselves in knowing that a united crusade of public prayer will foil this plan to take our country from us. If there was ever a time to set into motion a national crusade of prayer for our country and the president, it is now! Already, there is legal motion underway to try to get the churches opened again, so now is the time to fan the fire and open those churches so that Masses can be said everywhere. It is high time that priests and laity stop worrying about what bishops and governors will think. "Face fear and it will disappear."  Note that it was the interruption of Masses that strengthened this globalist plan to close down our country, so the opposite would contribute mightily to opening things back up for us.

In the meantime, Catholics everywhere should say the Rosary daily for the protection of President Trump because the danger to our country has not abated. Prayer is powerful against Satan and with Satan having generated this plan to bring down America we should take confidence in knowing that united prayer will bring the Blessed Virgin's heel upon the head of the global serpent.

A Chastisement from God

While we know that this year's Lenten crisis was permitted as a chastisement from God, let this chastisement bear fruit by our resolving never to take the Church for granted but by increasing our fever in the practice of our Catholic Faith. What the Lord expects is that we go upon our knees and make public reparation in the churches for the many crimes against Faith, e.g. Communion in the hand, ecumenism, socializing in Church, allowing women on the altar, the promotion of humanism and modernism through which the Church in our time has been profaned. If such reparation is made, there is no question that victory will be ours.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Canon 915: Priest in South Carolina Refuses Joe Biden Communion

Edit: how dare this priest politicizes the Eucharistic Meal! Obviously, we need a conservative canon lawyer to explain why this priest is out of line.

.- A South Carolina Catholic priest denied Holy Communion to  presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday, because of the candidate’s support for legal abortion.
Fr. Robert Morey, pastor of St. Anthony Catholic Church in the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, denied Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Holy Communion at Sunday Mass for his support of legal abortion, the Florence Morning News reported Monday.
"Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden,” Morey said in a statement he sent CNA Oct 28.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bishops and Priests Stage Race Around "Communion for Everybody"

(Rome) To  emulate the Pope is in itself laudable, but not always appropriate. In some parts of the Catholic Church there is a race among priests and bishops which has begun as to who will be the first - to give Communion to divorced and remarried - on behalf of the Pope.
Cardinal Schönborn may lay claim to this unusual  primacy for himself. He was the first who already, at the launch of the Post-Synodal Exhortation Amoris laetitia,  announced that the world Church merely accept what he had been practicing already for "15 years"  in his archdiocese. He must have acted as a rather secretive practice because he was one of Ratzinger's students,  who  never ceased being criticized in the notoriously in "progressive" and "conservatively" divided church in Austria by the "conservative" side.
Similarly of Schönborn of Vienna  the church newspaper of the northern Italian Diocese of Bergamo also reports, that a Church praxis has been born of "local handicrafts." In other words, what had already been conceived on the spot without approval and against Rome, now receives official Roman blessing.  Msgr. Alberto Carrara, priest, editor of the church newspaper and even the author of the editorial, raised his glass to toast the fact that at last it could be done "in the light of the sun," which previously had to be practiced in the dark.
Amoris laetitia makes that part of the church show its the true face, which had apparently been well camouflaged in the past. This outcropping reveals how many have, half-heartedly or not, imparted and defended the doctrine of the Church. Rather, they have promoted it with their hidden parallel magisterium those who with receptive attitudes towards the Church to adapt the teaching to the current wishes of the people.
What is astonishing is the speed with which the "prophets" of a "new church" have come to light, pushing their idea that goes back long before the current pontificate.

Pope says "Yes and Period" and appears annoyed by journalists

On the flight back from Lesbos, Pope Francis was asked for the first time to  answer  the question whether the divorced and remarried are now to be admitted to communion or not: "Yes, and period". This is how he could respond, said the Pope, but it would be too short a response. He referred therefore to Cardinal Schönborn and his idea of Amoris Laetitia. There it is, in addition to the description given by Pope, a  summary of response the longer version.
When another journalist inquired, Pope Francis was a bit annoyed and criticized the media. This would reduce the double-synod to a referendum on Communion for divorced and remarried. Considering the ecclesial reality, the Pope would have all the more reason to be upset with priests and bishops, who aren't quick enough to sound their willingness give Communion to divorced and remarried  (and who knows what else ).
Finally, it was Pope Francis, who had convened the Synod and Cardinal Kasper is to have provided direction for remarried divorcees, and not the media. Everything comes to admission to the sacraments and the doctrine of the sacrament of marriage, the Eucharist and the sacrament of penance has happened and is happening, is homemade. The media has so little to do.

"Proud they've been doing it  for 40 years"

Shortly after the release of Amoris laetitia a priest active in Rome. Giovanni Cereti, gave an interview to the newspaper Quotidiano NazionaleHe stated emphatically  with pride that he has been giving the divorced and remarried Communion for 40 years. Don Cereti belongs to the circle of Old-68ers, who presented even then the book on "Divorce, Remarriage and Penance in the Early Church,"  which was reissued in advance of the second Synod of Bishops in 2015, in order to support the position of  "communion for all." 
In the Philippines  the same goes for  the Bishops' Conference. "Charity can not wait," they explained to the faithful of the archipelago. It would be followed by "concrete guidance" by the bishops. Until then, "bishops and priests are already prepared to open their welcome arms towards those who've kept away from church out of a sense of guilt and feelings of shame.  The laity have to do the same. "
As said, the Pope should rather be annoyed over his closest associates, who pressed at every opportunity the question of Communion for divorced and remarried   for two years to journalists. Since it is difficult to believe that the closest of the Pope's confidants have done so against the will of the pope, the papal words against journalists have less to do with his response to the Communion question, but now that outbreak has happened, the pope no longer want to be bothered with it. In short,  everything necessary has been said and the progressives have understood the message. When one speaks  for too long on details, then the last "conservatives" could still get the idea to go behind the scenes and throw light on  the operation, which took place under his eyes, but did not recognize his  transfigured view of the papacy, and unintentionally supported the pope's justifications. 

How certain clergy deal with the Sacraments

The above-mentioned Msgr. Carraro expressed surprise that his article caused such a fuss. In his reply, he reported on his discussions with divorced and remarried. It is worthwhile to reproduce his description, in order to understand the significance  certain clergy attaches the sacraments.
I met people who had entered into a new marriage many times. With them I had something like this conversation: "Your marriage, the first which failed, is indissoluble. This is written in the Gospel. You have not managed to live it to the last detail: to live as a united flesh is no easy matter. I know this because many I speak to  do not separate, and so to live a whole  lifetime is hard."
" It was he, however, who has run away with his secretary ... " she answered me. "But living together had become a hell."  "We would have been forced to do the whole life as if ..." I listened. Often tears flowed.
I continued: You are protesting because the Church excludes from the sacraments. If you give to that the Church has some decision making problems with this Gospel in its hand? Look at you. You can live your faith without confession and  without communion, you are a Christian, you're all Christian in every respect.
"Excuse me, why do you persist then so much on the Eucharist?" I listened. I could not answer, because I myself made ​​this objection, which the Church,  as I was seen as its  official representative at this moment. I felt like two parts, both accused and accuser.
I continued: "But, according to me, you can also opt to receive Communion. I give you absolution.This does not mean that the problem is solved. It remains in limbo. It's just outside my conscience as a priest, it seems to me that I can not tell you that you are sentenced for life. You take the responsibility to ask the absolution, I take the responsibility to give it to you. And then we wait with confidence."
After I give them absolution, I always felt extremely quiet. I always thought: If I'm going to hell, then at least not because of these absolutions. Maybe I'm being immodest, but it seems to me that my Church has been vindicated in the end.

Downside of outings : Hunt for faithful priests

The "outing" of priests and bishops, who "always" gave public adulterers communion  or wanted to give it, is only one side of the coin. The other side is the hunting, which has now been opened against those priests and bishops, who oppose this "opening". The framework is already established: A priest holding a sermon, a catechesis or a marriage preparation seminar and someone starts to complain about  the "backward-looking" and "ruthless" ideas of the priest with reference to Pope Francis. The priest will demonstrate and defend the doctrine of the Church and therefore stand as an "enemy" of the Pope. Because whatever he says, he will raise the impression in his opponent  or must allow that it is  possible  from this that he thus claims, that the Pope is not Catholic. Is it possible to defend the Catholic doctrine against the Pope? It is possible, yes, but also a very difficult task. Aside from that, journalists who will give the "suffering of (the priest) discriminated" a fair hearing are few. The priest will be lynched by the media in no time. His own bishop will  let him down quickly in many cases. 
The experience of Father Maurizio Vismara, vicar of the Diocese of Pistoia Montemurlo, is already in the making. In a preparation for First Communion, usually a family event, the Chaplain told the parents that he could not give them Communion, who are in an irregular situations. One of those present felt insulted and the case ended up in the media. The daily newspaper Il Tirreno gave him an entire page, in which the priest was attacked who had dared to call to memory the doctrine of the Church,  because the "mature" Catholic knows only rights but no duties, at least none that he does not want to know.

And the next target is the priest celibacy?

"That's just a taste. In the coming months we will live to see everything. And maybe even the official announcement of the next target: priestly celibacy. Maybe it is just an unattainable ideal, which is too heavy a yoke for many priests?" said Riccardo Cascioli, the editor of the Catholic Internet newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana .
Schönborns gradualism theory would,  if applied to celibacy, just mean that while everyone should strive for the ideal, it is not given to everyone to achieve the ideal in the same rate and to the same extent. Therefore, various levels reached would need to be recognized and appreciated. Or this, then, might be the justification for lifting the celibacy priest.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Sant'Alessandro (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cardinal Müller: "Remarried Divorced? The Teaching of the Church is Clear -- There Will be no Division Among the Cardinals"

(Rome)   The Church proclaims what has been entrusted to her by Christ, the indissolubility of marriage. New Ways? But it is not against the word of Jesus Christ.  The problem is not the issue of remarried divorcees, the problem is the divorce. Many Catholics do not adhere to the Magisterium? That is reprehensible. Briefly summarized here are the statements of Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, as he made them in his recent interview, a few days after the speech by Cardinal Walter Kasper on "new ways" for remarried divorcees before the College of Cardinals. Here is the full interview of the Prefect of the CDF.
Last Saturday Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig  Müller of the CDF, raised by Pope Francis to the cardinalate,  presented in Rome his most recent book "Poor for the Poor. The Mission of the Church " (original title Povera per i poveri ). Published in the Vatican publishing house it was addressed by Pope Francis in the foreword. The volume contained several articles of the German Cardinal, and not least by the "father" of liberation theology, Gustavo Gutierrez, a personal friend of the Prefect of the Faith.
The book was presented by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.The Archbishop of Tegucigalpa and coordinator of the C8-Cardinal Council recommended recently Müller via the German media to be "flexible" in terms of the sacrament of marriage. Therefore, the book launch presented an interesting combination.
In the context of the book presentation  Cardinal Müller answered some questions for Vatican Insider about the current discussion on the family and the sacrament of marriage. These issues will be the focus of the upcoming Synod of Bishops in October and were the focus of the ordinary cardinal consistory on Thursday and Friday last week. There, another  German Cardinal Walter Kasper held the only lecture on the discussion and formulated a yes to Catholic teaching on marriage, but. The doctrine entrusted by Christ would not change in the Church and the Church could not change, but ... And this "but" that had previously inspired and demanded by German bishops, now the whole discussion revolves around this. Can there ever be a "but", there should be such, if so, what content should this "but" have. Cardinal Kasper spoke of a second marriage being impossible in the Church, because the indissolubility of marriage according to Jesus, is considered. But he could but imagine the re-admission to Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried after a season of penance.  In contrast, this already excited pages of other strong objections at the Consistory of Cardinals, starting with the observation that for the Church "remarried divorcees" do not exist. The criticism prompted Pope Francis on the morning of the second day Consistory to pronounce unusual praise for Cardinal Kasper. The head of the Church was not bending to Kasper's points, but described it as fundamentally a "theology on its knees" and thus signaled special benevolence.
Can this happen to grant remarried divorcees Communion?
The divorce is not a way for the Church. The Church is for the indissolubility of marriage. I have written a lot, and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has written many documents, the Second Vatican Council has said a lot about marriage and the teaching of the Church is very clear.
So you conclude from that that remarried divorcees can be readmitted to Communion?
It's not about my opinion. We have the teaching of the Church, which is also expressed in the Catechism, in the Council of Trent, in the Vatican Council, in other explanations of our Congregation. Pastoral care can not have a different orientation than  doctrine. Doctrine and pastoral are one and the same. Jesus Christ as Shepherd and Jesus Christ as Master with His Word are not different people.
The Pope spoke of an intelligent, creative family ministry full of love: Can there be new ways?
New ways yes, but not against the will of Jesus. The mercy of God is in no way contrary to the righteousness of God. Marriage is a sacrament that creates an indissoluble bond between the two spouses. New ways need to deepen the knowledge of doctrine. Many  do not know this and think that marriage is a festival only celebrated in the Church. However, the spouses give their word, to live completely  together, in body, sexuality, in spirit, in Faith and God's Grace. We need to help those people who are in a very difficult situation, but if the marriage is indissoluble, we can not dissolve the marriage. Divorce is not a solution, because the dogma of the Church is not any theory of some theologian, but the teaching of the Church is nothing other than the word of Jesus Christ, which is very clear. I can not change the Church's teaching.
The questionnaire prepared by the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops has been sent to all dioceses of the world, which brought to light that many Catholics in various countries, do not follow the Magisterium of the Church in many things: birth control, marriage ...
It is reprehensible that they do not know the teachings of the Church. We can not reduce the revelation and words of Jesus Christ not  because Catholics, and were there many, who do not know the reality. There are many who do not participate in Sunday Mass because they do not know what value it has for their lives and often do not know that there  is even a duty. But we can not say that  for that reason the Mass is less important! It would be paradoxical if the Church would say, because many do not know the truth, that in the future, the truth is no longer binding.
Can it come  to a split among the cardinals on these themes?
No, the Church's teaching is clear. We must strive to provide pastoral care for marriage, but not just for the divorced and remarried, but for those who live in matrimony. We can not always focus on this single question ourselves whether they are allowed to receive communion or not. The problems and the wounds are the divorce, the children who no longer have their parents but have to live with other than their biological parents: these are the problems.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Concilio e-mail Concilio
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archbishop Zollitsch Says Protestants are "Church"

Dressed for Disobedience

Edit: Archbishop Zollitsch has already been challenged by the Papal Nuncio, but he's angling in the German anti-Catholic media for an agenda not unlike the one at work in Austria. His latest howler would confuse the utterly decadent and dying Protestant Communion in Germany, with the Catholic one, only because they think they're "Church". 

The President of the German Bishops' Conference has vomited yet another of his sacrilegious theses regarding the reception of Communion for divorced.  He denies that there is a divide in German Catholicism.

(, Freiburg) "Benedict XVI is not the hardliner he is often presented as being" [Ain't that the truth.]

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said this in Freiburg for an interview with the German newspaper 'Die Welt'.

Understanding for the Satanic Sleaze

Those who are against the Papal visit, the narcissistic human dreck of the Godless and the Gommorrhists have a "right to demonstrate" according to the Archbishop. He even hopes that the Satanic sleaze will respect "the person of the Pope". Among the personages will be found, for example, the fallen Catholic and homosexually disturbed David Berger, who denounced Benedict XVI in the past with his wild tirades.

Apostates Generally Deny the Division

The schismatic Archbishop denied any "evidence" for a schism in Germany.

There is "a Catholic bandwidth on many questions in positions that are at odds."

Yes, but that's apparently not a question of schism. The Archbishop only sees "various perspectives, and that's justifiable, and also self-evident".

Dogmatic Smoke Grenade

When Benedict XVI visits the Augustinian Cloister in Erfurt, where the Apostate Martin Luther lived, Msgr Zollitsch hopes for a a mandate with the Protestants, "to work out some of the things which still divide us".

As he has recalled already in the 'Augsburger Allgemeine" news, Pope John Paul II. encouraged Germany, regarding the reconsideration of alleged commonalities on the doctrine of Justification in 1980.  

What is Church?

The Archbishop is acknowledging protestants, in contradiction to the clarification of the CDF 'Dominus Jesus' of August 2000, as "Church".

The Evangelical Church understands itself as Church -- so says Msgr Zollitsch. He respects that and doesn't want to fight about concepts.

At the same time the question wasn't spared, "who is it that belongs to this 'Church' that understands themselves in this way".

The Catholic Creed explains the belief that there is only one Church.  

The Serious Solution is Turning Away from Divorce

The giving of Communion to the divorced is a "pastoral" consideration for the Archbishop.

He draws from that that there will be no concrete explanation from the Papal Visit. There is still "some analysis which has to take place. We are working on it."

Msgr Zollitsch wants to clarify the question "not shoving it to Saint-Nevers-Day, but we need the right amount of time, in order to seriously consider it."