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Aberrosexual "Secret Society" in the Vatican? Colonel Elmar Mäder Describes Security Risk

(Vatican) The gay lobby outside and inside the Vatican is getting the headlines again. On 6 June 2013 it was Pope Francis himself who spoke of a homo-lobby in the Vatican. Now it is the retired Colonel Elmar Mäder, who was the commander of the Swiss Guard from 2002 to 2008.
In June of the previous year Pope Francis received the board members of the Latin American and Caribbean Conference of Religious CLAR  in audience. From participants a memory log of the Pope's statements was published subsequently without consultation.
"And, yes .. it is difficult. In the curia there are also holy men, really, there are holy people. There is talk of a gay lobby, and it's true, it's there ... We have to see what we can do. Pray for me ... that I should make as few mistakes as possible. "

"Homo network in the Vatican"

Last Sunday the article appeared in the weekly newspaper  Switzerland on Sunday,  "Ex-Guard Chief Warns of a Secret Society." This contained the published testimony of the former Guards Commandant Elmar Mäder.  The 51-year-old Mäder knows the Vatica very well. Initially he was four years from 1998, the Vice-Commander, then six years commander of the Swiss Guard. The scandal and horror stories that are often told about the Vatican, he denied: these "cock and bull stories obviously lack any factual basis." The existence of a homo-lobby in the Vatican, he does not deny, however: "The claim that there is a gay network, I can not refute. My experience speaks for the existence of such."
From Mäder is said that he expressly warned his young guards against certain clergy and intervened against homo-machinations directly and in writing to the Curia. This had contributed to his departure as a commander.[!]
"To work in an environment where the large majority of men are unmarried is, per se, a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek consciously or unconsciously to follow an urge,"   said Switzerland on Sunday  citing the Colonel. "The Roman Curia is certainly the type of such an environment. Just as it comes as little surprise that pedophiles can be found in many   environments with children such as schools or sports clubs," says Maeder.

"Gay Lobby" as a "Secret Society"

The former Guard Commander sees the existence of the homo lobby in the Vatican as a danger to the security of the Pope. "I have also learned that many homosexuals tend to be more loyal to each other than to other persons or institutions. If this loyalty goes so far that it is a network or even a kind of secret society, I would not tolerate it in my area of responsibility. In the Vatican,  people who make decisions now seem to think alike."
Had Pope Francis spoken of a "gay lobby",  Colonel Mäder speaks of a homosexual "secret society".
Maeder's statements are consistent with those of a former Swiss guard in the previous week in Switzerland on Sunday of having reported experiencing personally  overtures by a representative of the State Secretariat and a Cardinal years ago.
The spokesman of the Swiss Guard, Urs Breitenmoser, tried to smooth the waves in a first reaction   after  Mäder's statements: "votes on a homo-network in the Vatican are not our problem. The concerns of our men are exclusively of a religious and military nature. "

Round-Up of Aberrosexual-associations Against Colonel Mäder

Mäder's statements caused  homo-associations to a gather in a sweeping blow to the plan, they polemicized against the former Guards Commander. Except for provocations and propaganda, however, little was heard.  In a flood of words, the homosexuals categorically stifled all objections as victims of  "homophobes". The Chairman of the homo-association Equality compared Mäder's statements about homosexuals to the Nazi persecution of Jews and accused Mäder of being "homophobic" like  Russia's President  Vladimir Putin.
The key question remains: What's with this gay lobby in the Vatican itself? Their existence was confirmed by the words of Pope Francis from the highest authority. Colonel Mäder speaks of a "danger" and "security risk".

Pope Francis: "Gay Lobby" Ricca-appointment, Controversial Statement on Homosexuality

Just a few days after the encounter with the CLAR representatives Pope Francis appointed Msgr. Battista Ricca, the Director of the guest house Santa Marta, his personal representative and House Prelate of the Vatican bank IOR. The  pederastic [One of his victims was an underage prostitute. This is invariably overlooked.] past of the Monsignor was uncovered by Sandro Magister. Nevertheless, Pope Francis never wavered on the appointment.

But there were more problems for Ricca when he was attacked in a cruising ground that year, and soon after firemen had to rescue him from a broken lift, in which he was trapped with a youth [!] known by local police. The weekly news magazine L’Espresso claims that Msgr Ricca was able to get the position as IoR prelate because the supposedly powerful “gay lobby” in the Vatican airbrushed his colourful CV.
On the flight back from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro Pope Francis was asked about his statement about the existence of a homo-lobby. The Pope then tried to downplay his statement without taking it back. He differentiated between homosexuals and the lobby. Among the homosexuals, it fell apparently  to refer to  Msgr Ricca, without mentioning him by name, with the controversial sentence: "Who am I to judge him."  The gay lobby, however, he condemned. However, only because it was a  lobby since the formation of lobbies is "always bad".
When visiting the Salesian parish of Sacred Heart in Rome   Pope Francis assured on Sunday: "He will also forgive sins even those which it would require trucks to transport them. But if we do not call the wounds by name, they can not heal. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: tempos / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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Anonymous said...

Active homosexuals are a cancer on society and especially the Church. But given the lax attitude of our Church Authorities these last five decades regarding our lex orandi, lex credendi, nothing will be done about such perverts. Truly these times are dark and I know there have been other such times in history. But....the current dark times also carry a disgusting odor. Is there no one in Authority who has the faith and guts to clean out the stables?

Anonymous said...

There is no way that this pope is unaware of the infestation of queers. Same goes for his last two predecessors. It is just not reasonable to believe otherwise. Paul VI earns my suspicions too. On more topics than just this one.

Pope Francis seems to be just a little too sympathetic to this sin that cries to. Heaven for vengeance. He also seems to try a little too hard to appear ignorant of the obvious. In fact the great Oz tries to appear to be alot of things he is not.

The deceptions continue.

James the Portly said...

Why is it that Rorate Caeli must always bleat "You read it here first!", "We knew it before anybody else!", "Neener, neener, neener!", "Blah, blah, blah!"? It is very unbecoming, especially of a Catholic blog.

There have been many times when a pertinent news story was first reported and translated right here at Eponymous Flower. I have yet to hear a single bleat out of Tancred. I thank him for that.

Unknown said...

The problem for Rorate Caeli is after pulling their blog they must be down on hits so they have to sound-byte their presence somehow. Frankly, I almost never go there now - they are a victim of the neo-con lobby which mistook Pope Benedict XVI for a traditionalist which he was never even remotely & they had some very irrational reactions to any negative airwaves about Zionism. In fact, one word amiss on Jews and they were over 9 on the Richter Scale.

Unknown said...

The gay lobby must have enhanced its position considerably under the homosexual Pope Paul VI. Also, during 27 years of administrative neglect under the virtually absentee papacy of itinerant John Paul II who managed to make quite a few significant appointments for a more liberal episcopate, the rhythm was well-established by the time Benedict XVI arrived. Having spent many years covering up for their aberrant post-conciliar politics little wonder the modernist church of love has become a whore-house of sexual perverts, secular careerists and money-laundering criminals. The sooner all of this sinks the better. While I am no supporter of any liberal pope if Francis I does the cleaning up as he trumpets he will, then he'll go a long way towards turning my utter scepticism and cynicism about anything that slithers its way out of a hierarchical episcopal mouth these days.

Anonymous said...

Francis will do nothing. Remember the infamous Monsignor Ricca, who is a proven homosexual predator and yet he still remains in office. The army of homosexuals who infiltrated the Vatican began under John XXIII and his relaxed policies, but accelerated under the probably homosexual Pope Paul VI. There were very many rumors that Paul VI (then Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini) was a homosexual. He was rumored to have a gay lover or at least a companion, in a young Italian actor of the 1950's. This actor appeared in the USA movie "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn(1953). He played the part of the barber who cut Audrey Hepburn's hair (if anyone has seen the movie).
Even then, in the 1950's, he was rumored to be a companion (gay) to Monsignor Montini. And he was seen slipping into the Vatican many, many times.
John Paul II might as well not even have been Pope, in that he neglected his work almost from day1, and delegated it to his army of yes men. John Paul II turned a blind eye to the homosexuals in the Vatican, and across the episcopate and priesthood world wide. He let them run rampant. And he let the corruption grow like a cancer. And they are going to make him a Saint....LOL!!! And they are talking about starting the process to beatify Paul VI?? HAHAHAHAHA!!
When people like that are made saints, we know how low the Catholic Church has sunk.
Francis is probably the worst of all. He's already in nearly a year and has much to degrade the papacy and the Church. Let us pray he does not last more than another year or two. Many more than that, and it'll take 100+ years to restore both the Papacy and the Church after the disaster of Vatican II, and the past five Popes!

Anonymous said...

" Let us pray he does not last more than another year or two"

Seriously, you are praying that Pope Francis dies quickly? What a twisted perversion of Catholicism you practice.

Tancred said...

You never know who's posting when it's anonymous, although you can get some ideas.

Might not be Catholic at all. Maybe someone from the staff of Catholic Answers?

Tancred said...

C.S. Lewis also has something interesting to say about welcoming the death of a relative one has to endure. Maybe I should dredge it out in the face of such a rush to judgment on your part?

Anonymous said...

Better read Luke 19. Even Our Lord ordered the murder of His enemies. No matter what kind of interpretation or spin one puts on His words it is obvious that God would not use words that encouraged sin. just like when He said it would be better to have a millstone put around the neck and be thrown into the sea being better than the committing of the evil of hindering His little ones from coming to Him. I would say that popes are not exempt. All this commenter did was pray for what will come anyway...the pope's death. And if an early death prevents him from committing what would send him to Hell then it is a prayer of mercy as well as for those souls he is destroying even now. The commenter could have also said May his reign be short. I do not see the sin in praying for someone's early death. You are being silly.

Tancred said...

Bible > DRB > Psalm 109

◄ Psalm 109 ►
Song of the Slandered
1Unto the end, a psalm for David.

2O God, be not thou silent in thy praise: for the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful man is opened against me.

3They have spoken against with deceitful tongues; and they have compassed me about with words of hatred; and have fought against me without cause.

4Instead of making me a return of love, they detracted me: but I gave myself to prayer.

5And they repaid me evil for good: and hatred for my love.

6Set thou the sinner over him: and may the devil stand at his right hand.

7When he is judged, may he go out condemned; and may his prayer be turned to sin.

8May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take.

9May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

10Let his children be carried about vagabonds, and beg; and let them be cast out of their dwellings.

11May the userer search all his substance: and let strangers plunder his labours.

12May there be none to help him: nor none to pity his fatherless offspring.

13May his posterity be cut off; in one generation may his name be blotted out.

14May the iniquity of his fathers be remembered in the sight of the Lord: and let not the sin of his mother be blotted out.

15May they be before the lord continually, and let the memory of them perish from the earth:

16because he remembered not to show mercy,

17But persecuted the poor man and the beggar; and the broken in heart, to put him to death.

18And he loved cursing, and it shall come unto him: and he would not have blessing, and it shall be far from him. And he put on cursing, like a garment: and it went in like water into his entrails, and like oil in his bones.

19May it be unto him like a garment which covereth him; and like a girdle with which he is girded continually.

20This is the work of them who detract me before the Lord; and who speak evils against my soul.

21But thou, O Lord, do with for thy names sake: because thy mercy is sweet. Do thou deliver me.

22for I am poor and needy, and my heart is troubled within me.

23I am taken away like the shadow when it declineth: and I am shaken off as locusts.

24My knees are weakened through fasting: and my flesh is changed for oil.

25And I am become a reproach to them: they saw me and they shaked their heads,

26Help me, O Lord my God; save me according to thy mercy.

27And let them know that this is thy hand: and that thou, O Lord, hast done it.

28They will curse and thou will bless: let them that rise up against me be confounded: but thy servant shall rejoice.

29Let them that detract me be clothed with shame: and let them be covered with the their confusion as with a double cloak.

30I will give great thanks to the Lord with my mouth: and in the midst of many I will praise him.

31Because he hath stood at the right hand of the poor, to save my soul from persecutors

Tancred said...

I also recommend those bits about haughtiness and rash judgment.

Unknown said...

While Pope Francis I is alive there is hope in that as anti-liberal modernist as I am, I still believe Christ is watching for the most favourable moment. One factor strikes me above all others - this 50 year hiatus has certainly divided the wheat from the chaff. If t'were God's doing then t'was a fine thing. I pray for another 20 years of it. Let's drive out all the frauds and the fakes.