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Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Jesuit Church Taken Over by Traditionalist Order in Ireland

Edit: Sacred Heart in Limmerick was once a church run by the declining Jesuit order. Other orders, however, are growing and in a very symbolic way, the Institute of Christ the King is taking over the old church and restoring it to its proper use. Here we cite from Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association:

The prior of the Church of the Sacred Heart is a 38 year-old priest, Canon Wulfran Lebocq, choir-master of the Institute and permanently resident in the diocese since 2010. For the time being, the community in Limerick is composed of four members, whose average age is 32.

In Limerick, the Institute of Christ the King, supported by many local residents and a large group of friends in Ireland and abroad, intends to restore the Church of the Sacred Heart to its original purpose as a vibrant spiritual and cultural centre and a beautiful place of worship through a dynamic and open community life as a spiritual family. However, this will require a careful historical restoration before the Church may be opened once again to the greater public.
The Institute of Christ the King celebrates the classical Roman Liturgy, the Latin Mass, in its Extraordinary Form according to the liturgical books promulgated by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1962. This liturgy, promoted by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI in various documents, attracts today an ever greater number of people, especially young adults, students and families. The Institute is accustomed to see a lively family of faithful in its churches and wishes to bring the uplifting beauty of sacrality and genuine culture to all.

This beautiful church at the Crescent is still today a special architectural jewel, and many deplored its closing and long-term vacancy. The Institute of Christ the King, which has a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly desires to reopen this church for the benefit of all, in close collaboration with the local civil and ecclesiastical authorities. In this way, yet another sign of a brighter future will again come alive in Limerick.

Link to Conleth Catholic Heritage Association website...

 Here's a video and brief description complete with shots of the church:
This iconic building is situated at the Crescent, on O'Connell Street, Limerick, and was completed in 1868 and opened for public worship on January 27th 1869. The architect was William Corbett and the church is in the parish of St Joseph's. According to some reports, it was originally intended to be dedicated to St. Aloysius but when it was formally dedicated in 1869 it was called the 'Church of the Sacred Heart'. 
The façade of the church is Classical/Grecian in design and was renovated in 1900. There are no aisles in the church but the nave had two rows of pews. The nave was extended in 1919. The ceiling of the church is panelled with floriated ornaments in Stucco work. The high altar was designed by William Corbett and is made from 22 types of precious marble. On the floor around the high altar, there are the symbols of the four writers of the Gospels. The angel represents Matthew, the lion represents Mark while Luke and John are represented by the bull and eagle respectively. Some of the stained glass windows throughout the church show the letters 'IHS'. These letters are the first three letters of the Greek word for Jesus which is IHSOUS. In Latin the letters stand for Jesus hominum salvator which translates as 'Jesus, Saviour of men'. There are nine mosaics above the high altar. 
The central mosaic is of the Sacred Heart ascending in the presence of St Margaret Mary Alacoque and Blessed Claude la Colombiere. It is surrounded (from left to right) by depictions of St Francis Jerome, St Francis Borgia, St Francis Xavier, St Ignatius, St Stanislaus, St Aloysius, St John Berchmans and St Francis Regis. 
Sadly, the church (& residence) formally closed in 2006 and is currently for sale - again!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Pride" March in Croatia Put to a Halt by Locals

Editor: A mere 200 showed up, many from out of Croatia, to promote evil. Croatian politicians have shown themselves to be especially cowardly in the wake of Croatia joining the EU. Perhaps EU membership is something Croatia should not have entertained?

While Green Party leader, Aljoša Babic, blames Catholic priests and the Pope's visit on the Croatian people's reaction against a parade of degenerates marching through their city, local news is quick to repeat the Communist slur against Croatia's Blessed Aloysius Stepanic:

[The New Civil Rights MovementLink] Croatia, a deeply devout Roman Catholic country has historically had a nearly symbiotic relationship with with the Church that dates back to its darkest chapter during World War II while under occupation by the German Third Reich. Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, a known collaborator and supporter of the “Ustashe,” a Croatian nationalist movement that served as brutal proxies for the Nazis. Despite his conviction for war crimes in 1946, Stepanac [sic] was beatified by Pope John Paul II, putting him on th p ath to “sainthood” (more on the Ustashe later)
Locals Turned on Marxist Imports

They came to provoke an entire city with their shameless moral depravity. Actually, the locals didn't afford them the opportunity.

[kreuz, Split] Split is a 220,000 population port city in the south of Croatia.

It is supposedly the first march of some 200 leftist homosexually disturbed in the Adriatic city.

Actually, angered citizens put a quick end to the shameless attempt of the sodomites.

The homosexual disorder leads, as is well known, to serious physical and spiritual danger.

 Persons with a homosexual disorder are inclined to violence and alcoholism.

The police had to keep the locals at pay with barriers and tear gas.

About 130 persons who heroically stood up against the homosexual depravity were subsequently arrested by the police.

The scandal: The police knew of the democratic measures of the locals against the leftist interlopers.

Never the less the criminal march was approved.

The police even trained for three months to prepare for the neo-fascist event.

Link to Kreuz...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Msgr Aloysius Winter is Dead

Editor: He said the Latin Mass for the local Diocese. He will be missed by many.

A Catholic Priest

The former rector of the Theological Faculty of Fulda, Prelate Aloysius Winter (79) is dead, according to the 'Fulda Zeitung' yesterday.

The story about his injuries was run on Saturday in Saarland which happened as a result of a robbery in his home in Fulda.

Prelate Winter was attacked on 25. June 2010 in his home in Haimbacher Street in Fulda by a then, 31 year old heroin addict.

The perpetrator broke the bedroom door of his victim down and struck like a beast against the clergyman.

A coroner at the University of Giessen has been directed in legal proceedings to report that the defendant had kicked and stomped his victim at least eight times on the head and trunk.

That had produced among other things, a hemorrhage. This is something from which the Prelate will not recover.
A few days after the accident he lay in a Fulda Clinic in a coma and had to have a stomach tube put in, sat on a wheel chair and was cared for around the clock.

Then he came to the rehabilitation center near Bernkastel an der Mosel.

"After that he started to speak in complete sentences, then his health came crashing down" -- said Brother Wilhelm according to Br. Wilhelm.

Since this time Winter can no longer communicate with his environment.

And in order to better serve his health his relatives decided to take him to a new convalescent home, placing him in the area of his birth area of Perl-Besch in Saarland.

"Thre we have visited him daily -- up to his last day. He is said to have died at five o'clock", explained his brother Wilhelm.

According to his own desire he will be interred at his birth place.

Prelate Winter was described by all of his acquaintances as someone with a good temperament but was also very ascertive.

Link to original...kreuz...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

63 New Blesseds -- Rolando Rivi Murdered by Communists at the Age of 14

Edit: Vere Surrexit Dominus, Alleluia!  New Beatifics!

(Vatican / Reggio Emilia) On Maundy Thursday Pope Francis approved the beatification of 63 Catholics, among them are also martyrs of the Spanish Civil War.  Along with those who will soon be beatified are included Rolando Rivi, a young Italian seminarian of Castellarano in the Emilia region,  on whom Giovannino Guareschi has also based his Don Camillo. Rivi was shot on 13 April 1945  because of the anti-religious hatred of Communist partisan in the province of Modena.
The young Catholic who had come from grade school to the small diocesan seminary, died at the age of only 14.  His killers had kidnapped him during the end of the civil war raging in northern Italy  in the mountains of Emilia during the Second World War. What now in the history books is usually glorified uncritically as the "Resistance," is presented as a resistance against the "Nazi-fascism", that the fight against the German occupation forces and against Italian fascism was in fact in some areas of northern Italy, a civil war in which it came to who would hold the power in the postwar period. The Communist partisans took up arms, not only against German troops and Italian Blackshirts, but for the establishment of a Soviet Republic with the dictatorship of the proletariat and thus against all non-communists, including especially the Catholics.

Left  historical misrepresentations are addressed and overcome

The "Resistance,” was  understood by many Communist brigades as the spark for a communist revolution, also in Emilia. Therefore Rolando Rivi  only  a 14 year old boy, had to die, and with him, dozens of priests and religious, who were brutally murdered in the "death triangle" of Emilia.  Not because they were suspected to have been fascists or had fascist friends, as Leftist historiography and "partisan tradition” would like to tell it, but because they defended the Catholic faith, which the Communist revolutionaries wanted to eliminate.
Rolando Rivi was a young lad of Catholic parents, whose greatest desire was to become a priest. He would rather die than take off his cassock as his killers had asked of him. [How many Communists in modern seminaries today want their young men to remove their cassocks and wear street clothes!]
The beatification process had entered eight years ago into the decisive phase after two dioceses, those of Modena, where the martyrdom took place, and that of Reggio Emilia, the home diocese of Rivi, completed the preliminary investigations.  In 2005  the two dioceses promoted the cause from a joint committee, in order to promote the causa.

His greatest desire was to become a priest - grown reverence among believers in the Pacific

The admiration for the young seminarian was in the religious people has grown over the years after the war during the peace. Publicly it was by grace, miracles and healings, whose testimonies were collected from the two dioceses.  From different countries today, the faithful flock to the hills of the Apennines to the Romanesque church,  in which  Rolando Rivi lies buried.
Pope Francis recognized with his signature on Holy Thursday, that the young seminarian was not murdered by the Communist partisans for political reasons, but in odium fidei, out of hatred for the faith.
A decision that is to challenge in those events and help to ensure greater attention  in the post-war period "canonized” by Leftist historical misrepresentation. It is therefore an important signal that the first choices of the new Pope's beatification of Servants of God were killed by  two different totalitarian ideologies which were yet opposed to God, which rocked the 20th and persecuted the Church.

Martyrs of totalitarians, Godless ideologues, raised to the altars

Among the 63 Catholics whose beatification Pope Francis signed, there is also the Dominican, Father Giuseppe Girotti, who was killed in 1945  in the concentration camp at Dachau.
Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara said after learning of the beatification: "The meeting with Rolando Rivi meant in my life, the encounter with the experience of a radical adherence to Christ and to the Church, which dominates the boy's age and state wide. A faith in granite, a simple but robust faith that allowed him to stand faithfully and firmly even before the outbreak of the wildest anti-Christian hatred, with humility and realism.  Evidence which is also aimed at the youth of today and certainly not unheard of today”  says Monsignor Negri for the Nuova Bussola Quotidian.

Archbishop Luigi Negri: "Rolando Rivi is the St. Aloysius Gonzaga of the third millennium"

Archbishop of Ferrara compared the soon to be blessed Rolando Rivi with another great young saint. "I believe that Rolando can be the Saint Aloysius Gonzaga of the third millennium, because in him the same faith freshness and the same size of the witness of faith which shines forth"
Rolando Rivi is in fact already beatified with the papal signature. In the coming months, however, a solemn Rite of Beatification will take place in Modena, where the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will read the decree of the Pope.
Rolando Rivi is the first Italian Blessed, who was in a junior seminary and the first among the 130 priests and seminarians who were killed during the Civil War with Italian Communists.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Modena diocese

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Austrian Cistercians Restore Monastery in Brandenburg

The Cistercian monks entered the Brandenburg monastery on Monday - the celebration of the Latin liturgy of the hours and the daily Mass has begun - VIDEOS

Neuzelle ( The monastery Neuzelle in Brandenburg has been resettled. The first four Cistercian monks from the Heiligenkreuz monastery moved in on Monday. They will live first in the Catholic parsonage on the abbey grounds. Görlitz Bishop Wolfgang Ipolt greeted the religious and said in a speech: "A monk is there to remember God." About 100 people had gathered to greet the new arrivals, children gave flowers to the monks. The four religious men have already begun the regular celebration of the liturgy of the hour. Mass in Latin language.

The Heiligenkreuz Abbot Maximilian Heim had given the four "pioneers" the blessing for the journey and the beginning of the resettlement project. Father Simeon will be prior to the small community, Father Kilian will take care of the economic concerns of the monastery and do pastoral work, Father Philemon will be employed as a teacher in the local schools, and Father Aloysius will provide for the household and sacristy. The Heiligenkreuz penitentiary writes in a press release: "For us, it is difficult to let four confreres move, but at the same time it is a joy and a hopeful sign, which in our time a monastery is re-populated and a spiritual center is revived. If everything goes well, more monks will be sent to Neuzelle in the coming months, and - according to God's will - the "Priory Neuzelle" will be solemnly and officially erected in September 2018."

The monastery was founded by the Cistercians in the 13th century and secularized in 1817 and is now owned by the state of Brandenburg. The monastery complex is considered to be the northernmost example of South German and Bohemian baroque in Europe; it is largely preserved. The former convent church had remained catholic in an environment which had turned to Protestantism. 

Trans: Tancred


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Notable "Catholic" Convert Decides to Join Church of England: Not a Big Surprise

Coren Selling His Literary Prowess and Reputation to the Anglican
Edit: interesting point.  Some people are going to be surprised by this, but I'm not sure how.  Do these Literary Catholics really embrace the true religion sincerely, or is this an opportunity to appear on EWTN, Catholic Answers and, in order to sell books. Michael Coren has recently left the Catholic Church again (the first time was in 1993), and returned to the Anglican Communion. He's written quite a lot about CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and Ronald Knox.

We'd say it was pretty obvious just what he was back in 1992 when he was scandalized by the then Archbishop of Toronto saying things like "fricken" from Wikipedia:
In a 1993 book review he said "Can anyone imagine a detective priest? Regrettably, it is easier to conjure up the image of a priest being questioned by secular detectives over abuse charges." Also in 1993, Michael Coren had a falling out with the Catholic Church over an unflattering profile he wrote of Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic for Toronto Life magazine[citation needed]. The bishop, who made Coren a "Knight of the Holy Sepulchre" in a ceremony in October 1992, was quoted using words including "friggin" and "bitch", and said that Francisco Franco was a "conservative Roman Catholic and not a bad fellow." Coren defended himself, saying "He's an archbishop and he was vulgar...obviously what thousands of Roman Catholics expected me to do was lie. I still get hate mail about the article."
Although he was born in a Jewish family, Coren has found various temporary homes in various different Christian denominations where he's found plenty of opportunities to be nasty and polemical, to put it mildly. More recently, Coren has been a champion of the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

It certainly does bring to mind the almost programatic way in which other professional Catholics spirit themselves into Church circles to spread their "wisdom", but what can you expect from a spiritual and moral vagabond like this?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Bishop of Liege Celebrates "Old Mass" After Appointment

(Brussels) On the 31st of May Pope Francis appointed Monsignor Jean-Pierre Delville appointed bishop of Liege, who then celebrated a High Mass few days after his appointment in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. The new bishop of the diocese, which also includes the territory of the German-speaking community in the area of eastern Belgium, Eupen and St. Vith, has already celebrated the "Old Rite" several times in the as the blog Belgicatho reported.

The consecration of the new bishop will take place on the 14th of July in the Cathedral of Liege. The Bishop was born on the 29th of April, 1961 in Delville in the capital of his diocese. In 1980 he was consecrated as bishop of his home diocese. He succeeds Bishop Aloysius Jousten. Link to katholisches...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

China: Bishop Aloyisius Jin Luxian

Shanghai (AsiaNews) - Msgr. Aloyisius Jin Luxian, official bishop of Shanghai died today at 2.46 pm local time. The prelate, one of the most important personalities of the Chinese Church, was 97 years old and had been ill for a long time. In recent months he had been hospitalized and no one was allowed to visit him.

A highly controversial personality, often accused of being "too patriotic" and friendly with the regime, Msgr. Jin, who was a Jesuit, contributed to the development of the Church in a decisive way. Several years ago he was reconciled with the Pope and the Holy See considered him the "auxiliary" bishop of Shanghai. The ordinary bishop was Msgr. Joseph Fan Zhongliang, who is also very old and sick.

The diocese of Shanghai has not yet set a date for the funeral. According to AsiaNews sources the government has been long preparing for such a ceremony, especially from the point of view of who should preside. For the Holy See, in fact, the liturgy by right should be celebrated by Msgr. Thaddeus Ma Daqin, ordained on July 7. But after having decided to leave the Patriotic Association, Bishop Ma was put in solitary confinement in Sheshan seminary. According to unconfirmed reports in recent days Msgr. Ma has been removed from the diocese, perhaps to impede his participation in Msgr. Jin's funeral.,-official-bishop-of-Shanghai,-has-died-27775.html

Monday, June 13, 2011

German Politician Criticizes Turkey's Treatment of Christian Minority

Religious freedom shouldn't just be on paper.

Konstanz ( idea) The President of the CDU/CSU Factino in the Bundestag, Volker Kauder, effected a criticism of Turkey's relations with its christian minority. The recognition of the Turkish government, that all religions should have their place, must follow from deeds just as before, said Kauder to Konstanz's "Südkurier". According to his observations Turkey is continued unaltered a "politic of pulling Christian roots". Thus, there is no priestly formation allowed.

A one hundred year old Monastery like Mor Gabriel, the spiritual center of the Syriac-Orthodox Church in the area of Tur (Mountain of the Servant of God)in the Southeastern part of Turkey, is having its land put in dispute. "That doesn't work", says Kauder. Religious freedom shouldn't just be on paper. The politician continued that there are few lands in which Islam allows other religions to freely develop. The reason is that cultures imbued with Islam have no meaningful separation between religious community and the State.

The Power of Religion

As to the question why he is insisting on religious freedom, Kauder answered that a politician, for whom the Christian conception of man's image is a model, must involve the concern for human rights as well. As a Christian, says Kauder, he feels a special duty to stand by his fellow Christian brothers and sisters. He was shocked about reports of persecuted Christians who were put in stifling containers because of their faith.

At the same time he wonders at the courage of these people to sacrifice for their faith. As an example Kauder described the Catholic Bishop in the metropolis of Shanghai, Aloysius Jin. The over ninety year old Priest described his painful suffering during the Cultural Revolution's oppressive surveillance. Despite their power, the Chiense government fears the Pope in distant Rome. "That makes me conscious about what power religion can have", said Kauder.

Read original....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Croatia, pope to pray at the tomb of martyred Cardinal Stepinac

Editor: There is a Marxist professor out there who claims to know that Blessed Aloysius Stepanic was a Nazi collaborator, repeating the Marxist propaganda he absorbed when he went to Yugoslavia as a boy.  First of all, comparing someone to Nazis is a really tired old slur.  Who knows what kinds of compromising interrelations went on there, but it's a strong indicator of one's political affiliations, especially Marxist ones, when they repeat certain lies.   

In Croatia, pope to pray at the tomb of martyred Cardinal Stepinac

H/t: Pewsitter

Friday, May 6, 2011

Martyr Cardinal, Aloyisius Stepanic

Editor:  Here is a man who bore the indignities and torments of the Passion.  He was beatified by John Paul II on October 3, 1998. In honor of his birthday which is May 8, the feast of St. Victor Maurus, we present a piece written in 1947, defending this great man against his Communist persecutors.  We personally recall a University professor who taught at a Midwestern College who lamented the Beatification of this great Saint, repeating the vicious calumnies against the Cardinal repeated by his Communist hosts in Tito's Yugoslavia during the sixties.  We hope that we can do a small part in making reparation for that by this small work.  Our age needs more heroes like him. Maybe you can help Our Lord carry his Cross?

 THE PRISONER: Martyr Bishop

by Richard Grinder

This is No. 10
in Pamphlet Series on Communism
published by the Catholic Information Society

a.D. 1947

Aloysius Stepanic [Croatian: Alojzije Viktor Stepinac, 8 May 1898 –10 February 1960] is a Croatian peasant, Archbishop of Zagreb and spiritual chief of all Catholics in his native land.

In October, 1946, he was condemned by Joseph Tito, communist dictator of Yugoslavia, to sixteen years of forced labor, on the score of political activity against the State.  At this writing he is still in prison, despite the pleas and protests of millions, literally, of those who know him not as a politician but as a saintly humanitarian, the indomitable palladium of all that is best in Croatian culture.

Stepanic fought as a youth in the Austrian-Hungarian Army.  He was twice decorated by his government for valor on the Italian front.  As a Second Lieutenant on the Salonika Front, he was awarded the highest Yugoslav military decoration.

Read further, here.

Monday, December 27, 2010

He Was Released From Prison Four Months Ago Before Attacking Fulda Priest

The Priest is still under nursing care.  He is still dependent on a wheelchair and must be artificially fed and can no longer speak.
Prelate Winter Who Celebrated the Old Mass in Fulda, on His Website

( On last Tuesday the National Court in Fulda the trial began for the attempted murder of Prelate Aloysius Winter. (78).

The priest is the former rector of the theological faculty.

He was assailed brutally in his house on Haimbacher street in Fulda.

The alleged suspect David O. (31) was looking for money and valuables in order to finance his drug habit.

He knew his victim, because the priest had given him small jobs to do previously.

Cold Blooded Overall

On the evening of the crime the perpetrator broke through the closed bedroom door.

He broke through and was confronted by the priest who attempted to defend himself with a tazer.

David O. struck him brutally.  The prelate suffered life threatening injuries.

Upon noticing his absence at early Mass in the Cathedral, parishoners alerted the police.  They later found him seriously injured and unconscious.

The perpetrator stole 200 Euros and a small money case.

He was identified from the DNA traces left under the fingernails of his victim.

A Drug Criminal

David O is a trained steal worker. Already for a long time he has been dependent on alcohol and drugs and for that reason homeless and unemployed.

He has been punished previously for trafficking in drugs.  In the past, he has been incarcerated in the Adult Correctional Facility in Fulda.

Already at the age of 13 he began, according to his own account, smoking haschisch and later alcohol.
Because he had a disagreement with his mother's boyfriend, and for that reason he was sent to a home in Gersfeld in the County of Fulda.

At eighteen he returned to Fulda and fell into drugs.

He had has five previous convictions -- all for robbery -- and breaking and entering.

In the past he has served one two year detention.  This ended four months prior to his attack on Prelate Winter.

In prison he had withdrawal symptoms, says David O.  He still managed to come by heroin and haschisch.

Three other hearings are scheduled for the 11th, 18th and 19th of January.

Read original...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Attacker of Traditional Priest in Fulda is Caught

[Fulda, Germany from] A priest who offered the Immemorial Mass in Fulda is in a natural comma still, a month after the brutal robbery and assault he endured in June. Father Aloysius Winter (78) was in the Fulda Theological faculty and is in stable condition but can not talk.

The suspect has been captured and detectives find the DNA evidence against him to be solid. Father had helped the drug-addicted perpetrator previously.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Traditional Priest Assualted in Fulda, Germany

German. [] Last Friday in the night a Fulda Priest Aloysius Winter (78) was assaulted in his home. The suspect left the priest tied up in his bedroom and ran away. Nothing was stolen. A parishioner noticed in the morning, that the priest was not at Mass and alerted police. Since an emergency operation, Fr. Winter is in a coma. He is very hovering close to death.

Father Winter is the former Rector of the Theological faculty in Fulda and began in 2003 with the authorization of the Bishop of Fulda, Msg Heinz Joseph Algermissen to celebrate the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Glasgow Headmast Laments Loss of Catholic World

The Scotsman

THE head of one of Scotland's leading Catholic schools has said the religious world he and others grew up in "is gone".

John Stoer, headmaster of St Aloysius' College in Glasgow, said it was quite painful that a joined-up "Catholic world" of school, parish and home was no more.

He said Scottish Catholics needed to "re-invigorate" the Church and adults needed to avoid the "Ladybird" version of religion.

The Scotsman....