Monday, December 27, 2010

He Was Released From Prison Four Months Ago Before Attacking Fulda Priest

The Priest is still under nursing care.  He is still dependent on a wheelchair and must be artificially fed and can no longer speak.
Prelate Winter Who Celebrated the Old Mass in Fulda, on His Website

( On last Tuesday the National Court in Fulda the trial began for the attempted murder of Prelate Aloysius Winter. (78).

The priest is the former rector of the theological faculty.

He was assailed brutally in his house on Haimbacher street in Fulda.

The alleged suspect David O. (31) was looking for money and valuables in order to finance his drug habit.

He knew his victim, because the priest had given him small jobs to do previously.

Cold Blooded Overall

On the evening of the crime the perpetrator broke through the closed bedroom door.

He broke through and was confronted by the priest who attempted to defend himself with a tazer.

David O. struck him brutally.  The prelate suffered life threatening injuries.

Upon noticing his absence at early Mass in the Cathedral, parishoners alerted the police.  They later found him seriously injured and unconscious.

The perpetrator stole 200 Euros and a small money case.

He was identified from the DNA traces left under the fingernails of his victim.

A Drug Criminal

David O is a trained steal worker. Already for a long time he has been dependent on alcohol and drugs and for that reason homeless and unemployed.

He has been punished previously for trafficking in drugs.  In the past, he has been incarcerated in the Adult Correctional Facility in Fulda.

Already at the age of 13 he began, according to his own account, smoking haschisch and later alcohol.
Because he had a disagreement with his mother's boyfriend, and for that reason he was sent to a home in Gersfeld in the County of Fulda.

At eighteen he returned to Fulda and fell into drugs.

He had has five previous convictions -- all for robbery -- and breaking and entering.

In the past he has served one two year detention.  This ended four months prior to his attack on Prelate Winter.

In prison he had withdrawal symptoms, says David O.  He still managed to come by heroin and haschisch.

Three other hearings are scheduled for the 11th, 18th and 19th of January.

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