Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Last REAL Mass in Melbourne

Edit: according to the local blog, the sixty year old Lord Archbishop is running things into the ground and nobody goes to the Bugninine Mass.

150 were participating at this “last” Mass, although it took place at a side altar on a weekday.

Think of how those Irish settlers brought a thriving faith with them, and what the last generations have done to kill it.

[Catholic is Pure] The Roman Mass on 12th June, a Wednesday evening, was attended by over 150 faithful, even though it was a weekday Mass and celebrated on a side altar (pictured).

The Latin Mass Parish of Melbourne ( continues to celebrate Mass at St Aloysius Church in the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield North.

The Archdiocese of Melbourne is being run into the ground by Archbishop Peter Andrew Comensoli, 60. [Comment: “Want to know more? Then find out who appointed him.”]



Anonymous said...

That guinea bastard bishops can kiss my ass.
But, 150 is pretty pathetic.

Marc Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Most NOs are 50 even in the main church, at best during the week.

Anonymous said...

My question is: Who are the 150 people hurting?
The Catholic population of Melbourne is over one million.
The 150 must be a real threat to them.

Anonymous said...

Er, no, it was celebrated at the High Altar and the cathedral was 3/4 full. Estimates of 850+

Tancred said...

Catholic Arena says the Cathedral was “packed to the rafters” and does indeed show the main altar being used.

Not sure why that other blog got the details wrong. He wasn’t there?

Thank you for the correction.

Anonymous said...

They’re hurting the feelings of precious modern Liturgists, people like Wherepeteris, and the Devil.


I was there and would have said over 800 people.

Anonymous said...

With the Melbourne Catholic population over one million, you 800 must be a formidable army.
My sympathies are with you. My hope is that this situation is rectified in your favor.

Anonymous said...

Considering the small number of Catholics who attend the NO, I’d have thought some people would welcome the TLM.

What’s next, are these demons going to ban the Syro-Malabar Rite?