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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Priest and President of the Rotary Club Rhön Presents a Cheque to a Forbidden Organization

The Fulda professor of Pastoral Theology and Homiletics Dr. Richard Hartmann has in his capacity as President of the Rotary Club Rhön, presented the President of the Regional Group of Donum Vitae, Ms. Hohmann, a check for 3.000, - €, reports Osthessen-News. 
So it is that the elected representative of the Catholic Church has supported a group officially banned by the church.
Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda, has been a member of Rotary International for a long time.
In the so-called service clubs, including Rotary International is one, there is a strict duty of confidentiality about memberships and internals.
"Under the premise of this secrecy is there not the substantial risk  that an organization insinuates itself in the Church, which has expressly excluded the religious from their program, e.g. the appointment of bishops and the spiritual orientation," asks the Zusammenschluss Papstreuer Vereinigungen.. [Consortium of Associations Loyal to Rome]
Google search shows, incidentally, that many bishops are moved to  cultivate association with Rotary Clubs. The question is asked: who influences whom. Are the Rotarians becoming Catholic, or the bishops Rotarians? 
Text: Linus Schneider
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bishop Fellay Will Miss Fulda Pilgrimage this Year

The General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X can't come to the most important yearly event of the German District.  Was he expected in the Vatican?

(, Fulda)  Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Pristly Society of St. Pius X was expected to participate in this year's Fulda pilgrimage of the German district.

This was reported by the site ''.  The yearly pilgrimage of the German District has taken place nine times.

This year it is being held under the motto, "The Church -- our joy, our love, our pride".

The pilgrimage will renew the consecration of Germany to the Mother of God.

Is he being drawn to Rome?

Msgr Fellay has refused by reason of "other important obligations".

It is unclear which short term meeting is more important than the most important annual event of the German District.

The Bishop Celebrates in the Hotel

Instead of the General Superior, the French Society Bishop Tissier de Mallerais will appear instead.

He has proven himself an opponent of a diplomatic solution being reached without clarification of the dogmatic questions.

Msgr. De Mallerais is to celebrate the Mass in the large feast hall of the Orangerie in Fulda.

The celebration in a Fulda church would clearly not be allowed by the Old Liberal Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fulda Bishop Slapped

Even in Turkey those guilty of assault against Catholic dignitaries are gladly described as "mentally ill".

( Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda was attacked around 1pm on the Pauluspromenade in Fulda.

This was reported by the website ''.

A Shock

The female attacker (52) accosted the Bishop on the Pauluspromenade -- a street directly in front of the Cathedral square.

Then  she struck him with the flat of her hand in the fact.

This cause the gtlasses on his face to fall and break.

Msgr Algermissen was not injured.  He suffered a shock, though.

Attacker arrested

Witnesses of the attack immediately informed the police.

She was arrested shortly after -- with the help of employees of the Diocesan General Vicarate --- in the vicinity of the Cathedral.

It was -- according to official reports -- a mentally ill Fulda woman (52).

She claimed that she had long wanted to get the "attention" of the Bishop.

The woman was arrested and found herself free in the mean time.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bishop Algermissen: Backup or no Backup: That is the Question

Bischof Heinz Josef Algermissen
© Pressebild Bistum Fulda
(  In September 2010 Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda expressed himself to the 'Fuldaer Zeitung' about so called reforms in the Church.

The time is ripe for a new Council -- he said and complained about the backup in the Catholic Church.

He argued in favor of the ordination of homosexually disturbed persons as priests although eighty percent of the abuse cases in the Church are due to the same tastes.

What Now?

Actually as a proper Conciliar Bishop, Msgr Algermissen said everything and the opposite of everything.

In his "current Bishops' word"  for the coming Sunday he prattled on the concept of "barriers".

This is a sign of the worldliness of the Church.

Therefore it's only a catch word

In his own words, Msgr Algermissen:

"In secular institutions it is always the situation that there are necessary reforms.

Some in our communities accept the catchword "backlog" for the Church, unreflectively.

You do not notice that in this particular way of conception make they make the Church more worldly and it no long is  >>in Christ in the same way as Sacrament, that is called a sign and a tool for the innermost unity with God as well as unity with all people<<."

The citation used by Msgr Algermissen came from the Church Constitution of the Pastoral Council.

The best reform measures

Bishop Algermissen does not deny that there is a need for reform: "Only it falls on us."

For that reason he writes:  "We begin immediately to remove the barriers to reform from our own doorstep."

The regular participation in Holy Mass will help the most to remove the "barriers".

He loses the way

In Fulda it is known that Bishop Algermissen doesn't have a personal opinion.

That's why he doesn't contradict himself very often.  Correspondingly, he doesn't travel in a straight line either.

Msgr Algermissen doesn't have the courage to assert himself against the homosexual promoters and Rector of the Seminary, Fr. Cornielius Roth or against his Rotarian-General Vicar Gerhard Stanke or against Liberal priests.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Legal Counsel of Fulda Diocese Threatens Catholic News Service

Edit: the Lack of professionalism on the part of these German attorneys is really astonishing.

Letter by Dr. Post from the diocese of Fulda:  He threatened KATH.NET with legal consequences because of a request to the bishopric of Fulda (!). Detail: Dr. Post is one of the eight members on the board of 'Die Welt'

Fulda (  The sex scandal surrounding 'Weltbild' Group and information on pornography at various bookstores reported by,  has now led to a very bizarre reaction from the Diocese of Fulda.

Background: On 25 October had written in a report on 'Weltbild': "KATH.NET readers have informed KATH.NET that the Cathedral Book Store in Fulda has sex and porn items in there. So you can easily get films like "Porn for Couples" or  "The Porn for Couples -- oral sex" and many other relevant articles.  KATH.NET then asked the Cathedral Book Store and the Diocese of Fulda for an opinion. The bookstore's statement was clear.  It came promptly,  and was fast and friendly, while the opinion of the Diocese did not come at all.

This week, KATH.NET was reached by mail  with one letter from Dr. Albert Post, the General Counsel of the Episcopal Vicar General of Fulda, where he threatened KATH.NET with legal consequences  because KATH.NET addressed  and reported a request (!) regarding a case which was reported to the appointed representative of  the Diocese of Fulda. In addition to an allegedly factual statement claiming that the diocese has nothing  to do with the Cathedral Book Store,  the letter contains the  following response:.. "We therefore request your Catholic online newspaper omit in total its unworthy action in consequence  and in relation to the bishopric of Fulda.  We ask at this point whether  doesn't live in the same glass house at the moment, as you throw stones, considering your own on-line internet offers.  Perhaps you should mind the plank in your own eye."  It is not clear at present whether this untrue allegation has been agreed upon by the Diocese of Fulda.  KATH.NET has in this respect requested clarification from its press office. Regardless, KATH.NET is also considering current legal action against Dr. Post at this point.

It is clear that there is something else that touches on the back ground of 'Weltbild' itself. A look at the board in the world should suffice: Albert Post is one of the eight members of the board of directors and thus responsible for the 'Weltbild' scandal, where there are currently still thousands of relevant erotic and illicit works on offer and where currently, still via the 'Welt'  daughter company,  Droemer-Knaur, various anti-Church products are still produced and distributed. The diocese of Fulda is involved in "Weltbild' for 6.8 percent. Other members of the Board of 'Weltbild' include Klaus Donaubauer, Chairman of the Finance Director of the Diocese of Augsburg and Father Hans Langendörfer, the secretary of the German Bishops' Conference.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

David Berger's Book Promoted by Fulda Diocese

The Demon in the Fulda Book Store by the Cathedral

The homosexually disturbed David Berger is officially cursing the official Church like one possessed.  Actually he's tucked with her under cover.  by Bonifaz Voigt.
The Fulda Cathedral Bookshoppe sells Berger's  Homo-book

( What the controversial ecclesiastical 'Weltbildverlag' isn't doing -- Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda completes.

In the Catholic book store in the shadows of the high Dome in Fulda there's the book by homo-swindler, David Berger, is on offer and overflowing on the showroom floor.

Berger is a homosexually disturbed person, who had taken his neo-Conservative friends for a year long ride as he led a double life.

He has betrayed his companions and patrons in this portrayal now under the title of his book "The Holy Glow".

That the Fulda Cathedral Book store promotes his homosexual propaganda is not a cause for concern.

Because last year Rotarian Bishop Algermissen announced that he would allow opposition to Church regulations and consecrate homosexually disturbed individuals to the priesthood.

In the meantime, the Cathedral in Fulda has taken place again with the blessing of four seminarians -- despite significant protests.

For that reason it is understandable and logical that the infamous Berger book is prized in the official bookstore of the Cathedral.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Msgr Aloysius Winter is Dead

Editor: He said the Latin Mass for the local Diocese. He will be missed by many.

A Catholic Priest

The former rector of the Theological Faculty of Fulda, Prelate Aloysius Winter (79) is dead, according to the 'Fulda Zeitung' yesterday.

The story about his injuries was run on Saturday in Saarland which happened as a result of a robbery in his home in Fulda.

Prelate Winter was attacked on 25. June 2010 in his home in Haimbacher Street in Fulda by a then, 31 year old heroin addict.

The perpetrator broke the bedroom door of his victim down and struck like a beast against the clergyman.

A coroner at the University of Giessen has been directed in legal proceedings to report that the defendant had kicked and stomped his victim at least eight times on the head and trunk.

That had produced among other things, a hemorrhage. This is something from which the Prelate will not recover.
A few days after the accident he lay in a Fulda Clinic in a coma and had to have a stomach tube put in, sat on a wheel chair and was cared for around the clock.

Then he came to the rehabilitation center near Bernkastel an der Mosel.

"After that he started to speak in complete sentences, then his health came crashing down" -- said Brother Wilhelm according to Br. Wilhelm.

Since this time Winter can no longer communicate with his environment.

And in order to better serve his health his relatives decided to take him to a new convalescent home, placing him in the area of his birth area of Perl-Besch in Saarland.

"Thre we have visited him daily -- up to his last day. He is said to have died at five o'clock", explained his brother Wilhelm.

According to his own desire he will be interred at his birth place.

Prelate Winter was described by all of his acquaintances as someone with a good temperament but was also very ascertive.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

WANTED! Bishop of Fulda Seeks Priests for 'Old Mass'

Heinz Josef Algermissen to priests:  "I would be grateful, if one or more of you could learn this Mass, in order that the faithful who wish it can enjoy the celebration of the Eucharist in the extraordinary form."

Fulda ( Heinz Josef Algermissen, the Bishop of Fulda, has encouraged the learning of the extraordinary form of the Mass through a current letter to the priests of his Diocese.  "In order to meet the desire of the faithful  with the celebration of the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form, I wish to request something of you:  I would be thankful, if one or more of you could learn this mass in order that the faithful who wish it, to hear the Mass in the extraordinary form," wrote the Bishop in a recent correspodence to

Algermissen recalled the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of 7. July 2007, with which Pope Benedict XVI had freed up the celebration of the "Old Mass" and also, that the Holy Father who was concerned for the unity of the Church, who also lifted the excommunications which were incurred when Society of St. Pius X Archbishop Lefebvre engaged in forbidden consecrations in1989.

Algermissen wrote then, that there has been an "Old Mass" Indult allowed in his Diocese since 2003 and that presently it is being celebrated in the Diocese of Fulda and in Kassel as well.  For that reason six priests are needed some of whom will serve as replacements for various reasons  (Age, health) for those priests who can no longer say the Mass.  "Please understand this proposal as an opportunity to help fulfill the desires of the Holy Father", wrote Algermissen at the end to his priests.

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FSSP Mass on EWTN.

Monday, December 27, 2010

He Was Released From Prison Four Months Ago Before Attacking Fulda Priest

The Priest is still under nursing care.  He is still dependent on a wheelchair and must be artificially fed and can no longer speak.
Prelate Winter Who Celebrated the Old Mass in Fulda, on His Website

( On last Tuesday the National Court in Fulda the trial began for the attempted murder of Prelate Aloysius Winter. (78).

The priest is the former rector of the theological faculty.

He was assailed brutally in his house on Haimbacher street in Fulda.

The alleged suspect David O. (31) was looking for money and valuables in order to finance his drug habit.

He knew his victim, because the priest had given him small jobs to do previously.

Cold Blooded Overall

On the evening of the crime the perpetrator broke through the closed bedroom door.

He broke through and was confronted by the priest who attempted to defend himself with a tazer.

David O. struck him brutally.  The prelate suffered life threatening injuries.

Upon noticing his absence at early Mass in the Cathedral, parishoners alerted the police.  They later found him seriously injured and unconscious.

The perpetrator stole 200 Euros and a small money case.

He was identified from the DNA traces left under the fingernails of his victim.

A Drug Criminal

David O is a trained steal worker. Already for a long time he has been dependent on alcohol and drugs and for that reason homeless and unemployed.

He has been punished previously for trafficking in drugs.  In the past, he has been incarcerated in the Adult Correctional Facility in Fulda.

Already at the age of 13 he began, according to his own account, smoking haschisch and later alcohol.
Because he had a disagreement with his mother's boyfriend, and for that reason he was sent to a home in Gersfeld in the County of Fulda.

At eighteen he returned to Fulda and fell into drugs.

He had has five previous convictions -- all for robbery -- and breaking and entering.

In the past he has served one two year detention.  This ended four months prior to his attack on Prelate Winter.

In prison he had withdrawal symptoms, says David O.  He still managed to come by heroin and haschisch.

Three other hearings are scheduled for the 11th, 18th and 19th of January.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bishop Fellay: If Bonifatius Had Followed the Spirit of Vatican II, There Would be No Catholics in Germany

Pius Believers are Unfortunately Not Anglicans

The Superior General of the Society of Pius X made the point: If Saint Bonifatius had followed the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, there wouldn't be any Catholics in Germany.

[, Fulda] On the past Sunday 1500 Traditionalists made a Pilgrimage to the grave of St. Bonifatius (+754) in Fulda.

It is the seventh national pilgrimage of the German District of the Society has undertaken to the tomb of the Saint.

The Pontifical Office was celebrated on Sunday by the General Superior of the Society of Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

He consecrated the entire German District and the whole Society to the Mother of God.

An article on the website '' complained that the Fulda Cathedral was closed to the Pilgrims.

The courtesy of the Bishops in Germany has failed.

Better Protestant than Catholic

In his sermon Msgr Fellay declared: "We are Catholics, we want to simply remain that way."

Today one makes the Society an object of reproach to show itself as Catholic. Therefore that is the reason why you were refused at the church.

The Old Liberal Bishop of Tarves and Lourdes in Southern France, Msgr Jacques Perrier (73), let Anglicans in the Church, the Society of Pius X, however, not.

For that reason he declared to the Society of Pius X: "You insist that you're Catholic"

Bishop Fellay concluded upon this, that the Society could celebrate in the Church, if they denied they were Catholic:

"A complete confusion. This contradiction is everywhere, the situation not simple. Confusion on all sides".

Critic of the Spirit of the Pastoral Council

The Society lives in the truth of that which the Church has always done -- says Msgr Fellay.

"If St. Bonifatius had followed the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council, there would be no Catholics in Germany."

Currently, they are abolishing the Church. They are dissolving it:

"She disappears in a religiosity without boarders, where one has now expressed, the modern Catholics are more protestantic than the Protestants."

In German, his talk at Fulda:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Traditional Priest Assualted in Fulda, Germany

German. [] Last Friday in the night a Fulda Priest Aloysius Winter (78) was assaulted in his home. The suspect left the priest tied up in his bedroom and ran away. Nothing was stolen. A parishioner noticed in the morning, that the priest was not at Mass and alerted police. Since an emergency operation, Fr. Winter is in a coma. He is very hovering close to death.

Father Winter is the former Rector of the Theological faculty in Fulda and began in 2003 with the authorization of the Bishop of Fulda, Msg Heinz Joseph Algermissen to celebrate the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.