Sunday, October 21, 2012

Media Blitz Against Boy Scouts of America Has Raised Tempo

The most effective way of intimidating private organizations which don't yield to official narratives about human sexuality, science, politics and so on, will be systematically attacked.

Edit:  there's a significant amount of media pressure being applied to the Boy Scouts of America which has policies against homosexuals.   It's a standard pattern that anyone can detect as various organizations and blogs which don't toe the line with respect to accepted sexual and social norms, can face public humiliation and even criminal charges as is the case with the German Catholic site '' who is being accused of "inciting hatred" under German law. But it's not just religious organizations which refuse to conform like the Catholic Church but civic youth organizations like the Boy Scouts.  Neither Scoutmasters, the Scouts themselves, may be homosexual, for as the oath which Scouts take insists a Scout is "morally straight."

This amount of hysteria directed at a private, voluntary organization like this causes one to wonder about the rate of abuse in organizations which enjoy the approval of the media complex. (Girl Scouts, Brownies, Gay Straight Alliance, etc...)

Despite this welcome intransigence from the Boy Scouts, there is more than media pressure that can be brought to bear, as it was used recently to such great effect in the case of Father Guarnizo .  Even Catholic resources were brought to bear on a Catholic priest who had a legitimate cause and in fact, an obligation, to refuse a public sinner Holy Communion. The local ordinary, Cardinal Wuerl, even came down on the side of the public sinner and feelings.  Some might say that it shows that the Catholic Church is divided, but others, more well informed, should say that there are those in charge who have opposing agendas.

As is the case, the media is playing its usual manipulative cards invoking false charity in the name of an all-inclusive relativism.  It's similar to the accusations leveled against Father Guarnizo above, that he wasn't pastorally sensitive or acting beyond his authority.  It may be that Cardinal Wuerl would refuse Communion to Bill Clinton if he presented himself for the Sacrament, but we feel that not only is the Cardinal far afield in his understanding of the Sacrament, although for perfucntory reasons he may be willing to follow rubrics and canons,  a special interest victim group will always trump Catholic practice.

But this isn't the case with the Boy Scouts of America, and given that they are unwilling to bend to media pressure.  Other weapons are being brought to bear upon the somewhat isolated boys' organization, and it is incidentally, the abuse -hoax, which has also been very effective at intimidating, humiliating and even destroying Catholic authorities who try to resist the status quo.  Cardinal Law comes to mind.  As we're eager to point out, Cardinal Law was very outspoken about pro-life and insulted the Clintons during a politically charged homily at St. Patrick's Cathedral during the funeral of Joseph Cardinal O'Connor.    It's true that the Cardinal of Boston was not an ideally orthodox shepherd,  but the damage claims and sex abuse accusations against his Diocese were not significantly larger than those faced by Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles.    The only discernable difference is the fact that Cardinal Mahony was an Old Liberal, who favored homosexual causes and very much a darling not only of the media, but the Hollywood elites themselves.

The Boy Scouts aren't perfect, but they oppose the agenda by "discriminating" against those afflicted with the disorder of homosexuality.  as Canon 4358 of the Catholic Church reads is a "disordered state".   If the Boy Scouts fell in lockstep, does anyone believe that they would be facing the barrage of articles now appearing in the media, accusing them of covering up child abuse.

The media has been abusing children for years and the silence is almost deafening.

In any event, if an organization refuses to bend to media pressure, then it will have to be systematically discredited, and what better way of discrediting an organization than by showing how it is harmful to children and is less than responsible about how it handles sex-abuse. (Of course, ignoring the complicity of a certain unhealthy sexual "orientation" in all of this.)

Now, they're calling this attack "the perversion files", here, Psychology Today, here, coverups,  here,  more coverups,  5,000 expelled from Boy Scouts in Palm Beach since 1958, Telegraph, Fox, Overwhelming interest in abuse crashes website, Disturbing Instances of Abuse, even Al Jazeera is gloating,  and so on.

The data is forthcoming, but it's a pretty safe bet that your children are safer with a Scoutmaster than they are with the teachers in public schools.

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esterhase said...

It should be noted, that a disproportionate number of Mormons represent both the leadership and membership of the Boy Scouts. Just wondering if the libs will report that piece of information.