Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wurzburg: Blasphemy on Display Reveals the Modernism

The Conciliarism leads to this: it attempts to lead the world to believe, that our Savior Jesus Christ has no place in it.
© Markus Hauck (POW)

( The Diocese of Wurzburg is displaying in its Cathedral museum  a mockery of the Last Super on a permanent basis.

The Diocese of Wurzburg reported that today,

The abomination was born of the Munich painter and stage builder, Henning von Gierke (64).

Faces from the Familiar

The faces on the figures of the Last Supper mockery have been borrowed from his immediate surroundings.

So it is that on this picture his wife, both of his children and his mother are depicted.

Christ is Absent

The male and female pictures of the Last Supper parody are partly clothed and partly unclothed.

A naked man lies under the table.

The place of Christ in the Last Supper mockery is empty.

In the mean time a projector will play the face of the current visitor, even as he sits on the bench before the abomination.

Ivory Tower Bloviating

The art director of the Diocese of Wurzburg, Jurgen Lenssen, dutifully praised the representation.

They present existential questions -- he blundered on.

The naked figures were allegedly meant to represent "the woundedness of people".

Whoever steps into the room will be drawn into the "stage of life" and must find a place there:

"The Last  Super to me, everything, where the celebration of life happens" --  Lennssen dissolves the core even of Christianity into nothing.

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