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Friday, August 16, 2013

Prosecutors Find No Criminal Incident Involving Seminarians Kicked Out Over "Anti-Semitism"

(Würzburg) The "right-wing extremist incidents" [What about left-wing extremist incidents?] in the seminary of Würzburg are proven what they were: a soap bubble. The prosecutor stated that she saw "no reason" for the initiation of an investigation. This was reported by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Würzburg Dietrich Geuder. All three of the prosecutors reported there was "no criminality" in the "incidents". (on the events in Würzburg see Report ). Thus, the diocesan leadership of Würzburg has some explaining to do, but the prosecutor's announcement comes too late for the two dismissed seminarians.

Katolische Nachrichten's hysteria led several major media including the Süddeutsche Zeitung to blast headlines such as "right-wingers in the Church" or "Brown Network in the Seminary", the diocese to have an immediate internal "investigation commission", which included both the Bishop of Würzburg and the Archbishop of Bamberg. In addition, in the name of perfect "transparency" there was also called an external inquiry commission under the chairmanship of former top state judges. The piquant thing was that the former judge sits on the Board of Donum Vitae Bayern and thus actually is contrary to the Catholic Church.

The spokesman for the Diocese of Würzburg has now declared quite rightly that the findings of the prosecutors of no criminal activity has nothing to do with the Church internal review of the suitability of a seminarian for the priesthood. Würzburg's Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann had specifically convened a press conference on the 31st of July and told them that two seminarians were dismissed by him and Archbishop Schick, because these are "serious" incidents showing they would not have the necessary "human maturity and pastoral competence" to the priesthood.

What remains is a tempest in a teacup, a genuflection before the secular media, probably an internal church intrigue and two seminarians whose path has been sacrificed to the priesthood to political correctness. In Germany it is not easy to become a priest.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wurzburg Germany: Porno For Children

Blasphemy in Wurzburg Dommuseum
The Diocese is resourceful, when it then essays to root the Faith already in the hearts of children.  by Gunter Annen.

(  The ridicule of the Last Super of Christ in the Wurzburg Cathedral Museum has taken its opportunity.

The main instrument of it is the pornographic work of ridicule "Super and Twelve Companions".  It is arranged there permanently.

Portrayed as "Art"

The maker of the insult to God is the Munich painter Henning von Glerke (64).

He is an artist of a special rank.

Because he has manage to portray his  blasphemies to the official Catholic Church as "art".

Porno for Kids

The chief Wurzburg Church functionaries -- above all Bishop Friedhelm Hofmann (69) -- have been openly enthused.

On May 26th, they even invited children to look upon this pornographic work.

One would like to draw the hapless away that there won't be a "surprise" waiting for them.

A Poisonous Seed

It would be interesting to see how one will explain the pornographic masterwork to fine feeling children.

The seed, which is planted in the hearts of children, may grow in years to come.

It will effect what the enemies of the church themselves hope:  the destruction of the Catholic Faith and the disintegration of the Catholic Church.

We would like to ask you, Bishop Hofmann, to recall your special responsibility and recall Mathew 25:40.

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