Monday, November 26, 2012

The Former Cathedral of Wurzburg is Now a Provincial Art Gallery!

Left: Picture of what was onceWurzburg Cathedral
Rechts: Der verwüstete Dom.
© POW, Pressebilder Bistum Würzburg
The Abomination of Desolation

Satan reigns:  The Wurzburg Cathedral has become refashioned as a horrifying tomb of the Catholic Faith.

(, Würzburg)  On the first Advent Sunday a Wurzburg Cathedral made desolate by 3.1 million Euro will be reopened.

This was reported by the Diocese of Wurzburg in a press release.  The destructive work on the Cathedral lasted sixteen months.

12,000 Cubic Meters of Dead White

The colorful decoration on 12,000 cubic meters of wall and ceiling have been erased.
How much??

Fifteen painters painted the interior space bare white.

A Cathedral as a Galerie for Pseudo-Art

The place on the former high alter -- where once the tabernacle stood -- was ripped out by the Bishop to nail in his throne.

The brushed white Cathedral is now arranged like a provincial museum.  There have been 26 so-called art works displayed.

Some of the installations are made of smeared colors or from unrecognizable portrayals of Christ.

Old Figures Artistically Butchered
So Ecumaniacal!

In the Cathedral some of the neighboring rooms were made, which have been designated as "chapels".

In the new crypt there stands -- like an exhibit piece - a beautiful Marian figure from the 16th century is on a metal rod.

Otherwise there is a Pieta- representation inviting to prayer.  Unfortunately it will be slapped against a giant gold wall in the back ground.

One of the 26 figures removed

A sculpture -- which bears the title "The Victim" -- is going to be missing as it makes the rounds for journalists on the 13th November.

The figure shows an oppressed naked torso -- which clearly doesn't represent Christ.

It doesn't have any authorization from the Cathedral Chapter -- explains the Diocesan speaker its absence.

The prepared niche is still empty.  The Diocese is now seeking a suitable place for the naked figure.

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