Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weakland Appointed Seminary Rector Attacks Church's Teachings

The head rots from the fish down and bad appointments of Bishops yield bad results and this former Seminary rector is now in charge of a parish.  He was appointed by Archbishop Weakland..  Archbishop Weakland himself was a favorite of Paul VI.   Not only does the Seminary rector, Father Victor Capriolo suffer from deficiencies in theology, but he suffers from deficiencies in his knowledge of human nature as well:

  I am aware also that Saint Paul says the various distinctions we use to categorize and divide one another are not appropriate for the Church. “There does not exist among you Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female.” (Galatians 3:28).
 I’m sure women can relate well to their belonging to the Church as the bride of Christ; but, I wonder, how can men do that? As baptized members of the Church, men are part of the Body of Christ; but can they see themselves as the bride of Christ?
If the body of Christ is both male and female, I wonder … if there were both male and female priests as head of the Church, then that spousal image of Christ and his Church would make better sense for both men and women.

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