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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleazy Republican Senate Contender Rides Abuse Bandwagon in Wisconsin

Editor: Even cheesy Republicans are getting into the game by aligning themselves with the professional victims' group SNAP. Courtesy of Badger Catholic, here.

DE PERE — U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson has tried to comply with an advocacy group's request by urging the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay to be open in its investigation of alleged pedophile priests, but members of the group say that isn't enough.

The Republican asked the diocese on Wednesday to be transparent regarding decades-old allegations of child abuse among priests and particularly the Rev. John Patrick Feeney, who was sentenced to prison in 2004 for molesting two brothers in Freedom.

Johnson used to serve on the diocese's financial council and in January testified in Madison against the Child Victims Act — a Wisconsin bill aimed at making it easier for childhood sex abuse victims to sue their attackers — on behalf of the diocese, among other groups. Johnson's statements focused on the financial impact of the bill on nonprofits that serve minors.

Link to GB Gazette...