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The German Bishops Ally With Child-sex Advocate Volker Beck to Destroy ""

Wants Decriminalization of
Sex With Children, Volker Beck
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The Antifa-Comrade Volker Beck stands for everything that God has forbidden -- and the German Bishops stand behind him.

( The Old Liberals have aligned themselves with those who despise the Church, in order to badger Europe's largest Catholic site.

Today the German homosexual-broadcaster '' of the Diocese of Cologne has insulted ''.

It maintains that the German Breakaway Bishops have "prepared a quick end" for the popular site.

These measures have created a free-advertising effect for the internet bastion ''.

Tell me, who are you going with?

The '' article cited a letter from the Secretary of the German Bishops' Confrence, Father Hans Langedorfer, to the homosexual, church-hater, college dropout, Comrade Volker Beck.

The Old Liberal priest affirmed the church-hater: "It must be a common goal to bring a quick end to this site."

Comrade Beck hates '', because the site regularly pillories his inhuman politics.

Father Langendorfer and his Child Murdering Friend

In 2007, Father Langendorfer's new friend insulted the current landlord of '' -- Joachim Cardinal Meisner -- repeatedly as a "self-justified preacher of hate".

First, on October 1st he accused the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Reinhold Cardinal Marx of "shamelessness" and "inhumanity", because he had defended marriage.

In 1988 Comrade Beck argued for a "partial decriminalization" of child molestation.

On the German lockstep direction Stalingrad

Another enemy of '' is the lapsed Catholic and abortion politician, Comrade Claudia Roth (57).

She demanded according to information from '' a widening of the manhunt for the "man behind the site".

The Old Liberal Bishops the one who hates Bishops to take up "reinforced internal researches".

Matthias Kopp, the speaker for the Church-tax Bishops, saluted the Antifa-Neonazi-Comrade:  Such outcries shouldn't be required.

They Covered up the Pedophile

Comrade Roth hates '', because the site has exposed her Church-hate and her inhuman politics for years.

The Church-hater is a consultant with the infamous association 'Humanistische Union'.

In the past she has denied the pedophile intrigues in this group.

You May Not Criticize the Antifa-Neonazis

In September of 2006, Comrade Roth insulted the Pope for his apparent association with freedom of speech.

It is not acceptable, "if Benedict XVI" wants "to take away the freedom of speech from critics of religion"  -- he heckled.

Because for Comrade Roth, freedom of speech ends when left homoseuxal- and abortion parties are criticized.

"Faschistoid Move"

In February of 2007 Comrade Roth described the former Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg as a "cold warrior".

In October of the same year he insulted him as a "crackpot, separatistic hyper-fundy from Augsburg".

A speaker of the Diocese of Augsburg accurately described these abuses as "fascistoid moves".

Comrade Roth's selection of words recall "in a horrifying way the propaganda campaigns of the National Socialists against the Catholic Church."

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One knows the quality of a person by his enemies. Now if the German bishops were known for their Catholic should worried. But since they are not...carry on.