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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Death After Papal Mass in Philippines

Strong winds at the airport broke anchorages and caused a serious accident.

Tacloban ( KAP)   Pope Francis' visit in Tacloban has been overshadowed by a death. After the Papal Mass, strong winds knocked over the moorings for one of the enormous loud speakers that were built at the airport, as Vatican Radio reported. It fell on a woman who succumbed to her injuries later. Philippine bishops assured the local media that Pope Francis learned her name, and pray for them.

Here's footage of Pope Francis leaving Tacoblan in a storm.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sharp Criticism of the Media by Cardinal Tagle After Bishop Synod

Edit: don't blame the media, blame the German Cardinals.

Filipino Cardinal Tagle: "Some people have the feeling that only the subjects that were discussed during the Synod were divorce and homosexuality" - Cardinal is disappointed with the preferred reporting of "Western" themes.

Rome ( Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (photo), Archbishop of Manila, criticized the Western media in sharp tones for their one-sided reporting of the Family Synod in favor of the "rich countries". This report from "Vatican Radio" from the  presentation of the Asian Catholic news agency Misna. The problems of poorer countries and developing countries were little discussed in the media. "Some people have the feeling that the only subjects discussed were divorce and homosexuality during the Synod," said the Archbishop of Manila as one of the three Synod Presidents to the Philippine media. Among other important questions discussed by the Synod Fathers  the Cardinal mentioned were domestic violence, pornography, poverty or immigration.

About the report, he said that the media's reporting was "fair", but he was extremely disappointed that the journalists focused exclusively on "Western" focused, namely, divorced and civilly remarried,   and homosexuals. Tagle commented on this as an unconstructive practice. He also denounced the fact that the press is clearly dominated by the West, because there was not "a single Asian or African journalist among the hundreds of journalists present," said the Cardinal.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

New Foundation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in the Philippines?

Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Arguelles
(Rome) In the Philippines, there seems to be an attempt, for the reincorporation of the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in a new guise, but with its old charism. This seems to explain the angry reaction of the Apostolic Commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi with the suspension of several priests.
The news of the suspension a divinis of six priests of the Franciscans of the Immaculate by the little "merciful" Commissar of the Order, has attracted international attention. The reactions have forced the acting head of the Order to an opinion, which can only confirm the critics of the punitive actions against the Order in their opinion, in their mocking tone about "ultra-traditionalist" circles. One of those critics described Father Alfonso Bruno,  who was imposed by the Commissioner and is the Secretary General and spokesman of the Order, as "Mr. Nobody". The charges against the six priests remain vague in Father Alfonso Burno's  description. Compared to the poor reproaches, the penalties seem excessive. Bruno's anger was directed  chiefly against the American website Rorate Caeli , which had dared to point out that disproportion.

Disproportionate Actions

Since August 2013, a public smear campaign against the Franciscans of the Immaculate of Father Manelli  has taken place, including fake Facebook profiles. [And here in the comment box] The fact is that there is neither an investigation nor an indictment against him and not even any concrete evidence of misconduct. Given the appalling libel, distributed under pseudonyms against him, which seems to be quite an indictment of the Apostolic Commissioner and his minions in the Order, and even more for the  Congregation of Religious that ruled the disproportionate action with papal approval.
More than that, it begs the question, how can Father Alfonso Bruno spread the word in such an insolent manner in secrecy against the Founder in all places? How can it be that an Apostolic Commissioner tolerated such an arrogant attitude? And that still forces  another question: What exactly is it that the Apostolic Commissioner for the Order, except impose disproportionate penalties, prohibitions and penalties and, it seems, while also violating church law?

New Foundation?

This is exactly where the hook of the  critics of the sanctions against the Order  speak of an "ideologically" motivated approach, because the Order discovered  tradition in doctrine and liturgy for itself and accepted it.  At the beginning of the punitive measures,when asking for specific allegations and evidence, there are still mysterious rumors of "misconduct", which have the dismissed leadership of the Order is allegedly guilty. But fifteen months later no one is convinced by cryptic talk.
More interestingly it appears that in the Archdiocese of Lipa in the Philippines, a public association of the faithful was recognized on June 28, 2014, as the French site Riposte Catholique reported. This could be the precursor to a reestablishment of the oppressed Order of Franciscans of the Immaculate. Archbishop Ramon Cabrera Arguelles of Lipa gave the five suspended Filipino Franciscans of the Immaculate, a celebret . Apparently  a new foundation on the horizon looming in his area, is the reason he therefore reacted so sharply. Perhaps the Order of Father Stefano Maria Manelli will soon arise anew in his mind.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blasphemous Pop Singer Condemned in Philippines

Edit: Philippines Bishop shows how to guard his flock from ravening wolves.

MANILA, Philippines—Religious groups on Friday urged that the Manila concert of American pop singer Lady Gaga be banned to prevent her from influencing young Filipinos.
Catholic leaders called on followers of the Church to boycott Lady Gaga’s concert, which, they said, would promote godlessness.
“Her attitude seems to promote godlessness, offensive to any religion,” Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes, a member of the Permanent Council of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, told reporters.
Bastes said some of Lady Gaga’s songs were blasphemous. “People have the duty to discern the quality of entertainment,” he said. “Christians must exercise self-censorship to avoid shows that are harmful to their faith.”
Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo called on the government to follow the leads of South Korea and Indonesia and ban Lady Gaga’s concert.

Photo credit....Wolf Web

Sunday, March 25, 2012

President of Philippines Bishops' Conference Celebrates Old Mass

Philippines. On 26th of March the President of the Philippine Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu, is going to celebrate a Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite. The assistance of the Liturgy is to be undertaken by the traditional religious community of the Franciscans of the Immaculata. The Pontifical Office will be celebrated in the church Maria Coredemptorix in Cebu.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Philippine Senate "Proves" Illicit Govt Donations to Bishops

Editor: go figure, after the Bishops tried to reign in the contraception and abortion cult of Philippine's rulers, they retaliate. Coincidence? It actually brings to mind the time when Cardinal Law publicly embarrassed the Clintons at Cardinal O'Connor's funeral. Retribution might not be swift, but it comes by and by.

By OLIVER TEVES, Associated Press – 13 hours ago

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine lawmakers began investigating allegations Wednesday that some Roman Catholic bishops may have illegally received donations from the government's lotto operator in exchange for political favors.

The chairman of the state-run Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, Margie Juico, told senators in a hearing that an audit showed that at least 6.9 million pesos ($158,600) in charity funds were used to buy five vehicles upon the request of several bishops.

Juico said one bishop asked former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for a brand new car on his 66th birthday in 2009 and received a 1.7 million pesos ($39,000) sports utility vehicle.

Link to AP, here....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Phillippine Bishops Support SSPX Rosary Crusade

Edit: Father Albert Ghela of the SSPX in the Philippines receives a kind of endorsement from the Church there. Let's hope this kind of collaboration continues with benefit for everyone, including the sheep.
Here in the Philippines the SSPX organised a 1 Million Rosary Crusade for the Defense of God's Law on Life and Family. This Rosary Crusade is supported and endorsed by the Philippine Episcopal Commission on Family Life (CBCP). President Aquino accepted $500 million in aid from the USA that had the "Family Planning" strings attached and now the Catholic Church is the only force to truly oppose him. It is heartwarming to see the local Bishops here in the Philippines supporting the SSPX, under the banner of Our Blessed Mother, in the defense of life. St. Lorenzo Ruiz, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Lazo, pray for us!

In this first video Fr. Onoda, rector of the SSPX's Our Lady of Victories Church in Manila, hosts Archbishop Paciano Aniceto who is the chairman of the Philippine Episcopal Commission on Family Life (CBCP).

In this second video Fr. Albert Ghela SSPX, hosts Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu.

H/t: Hawaii5O

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Holy Family -- The Model For Every Family

After violent attacks against Christians in Nigeria and the Philippines the Pope called for peace and forgiveness.

Rome []  This year the Feast of the Holy Family fell on the first Sunday after Christmas on today's feast of St. Stephen.  In his address before the traditional prayer of the Angelus, Pope Benedict expressed the unity of the Holy Family, which must be a model for every family.

After the Angelus the Pope discussed the episodes of violence which occured in the Phillipines and in Nigeria against Christians,  which in the Philippines claimed 32and in Nigeria a dozen lives.  Benedict XVI renewed an urgent call for peace and reconciliation and explained his sorrow for the victims of this "absurd act of violence".

"I renew again my outcry to leave the way of hate, for peaceful solutions for these conflicts, and to create security and peace for these dear people," said Benedict XVI.  "On this day, when we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family, who survived the dramatic experience of beimg pursued by Herod's murderous anger into Egypt, remind us also of everyone and especially families who are forced to leave their homes because of war.  To flee violence and intolerance.  I invite you, therefore, to join me in prayer, to ask the Lord that He could touch the hearts of men and instill hope, reconciliation and peace.

On the feast of the Holy Family the Pope asks the faithful, to consider this "Ikon", in which the small Jesus in the midst of affection and concern of His parents.  Every child has something of this mystery within.   People don't only experience the procreation of children solely as a pure act of reproduction.  They "take its richness for real and understand that every person, who comes into the world, comes as a sign for the prominence of the creator and the Father in Heaven."  For this reason it is important that every child that comes into the world should be received in to the warmth of a family.

Extraordinary luxuries are not important, said Benedict XVI rather just the love of the father and the mother.   This gives the child security and places him in their care, to discover the reason for life.

The Holy Father greeted the pilgrims from Germany with the following words:

A Christmas Greeting for the pilgrims and visitors in the German language.   Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family.  The word of God has become man and has grown in a family, which had protected him from the storms of the time.  Jesus Christ also blessed our families and left the gift of his divine love shining in them.  For you and your loves I wish you a Grace filled Christmas time.

Read original, ...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Serving Prelate from Philippines Dies

Philippines, on 18. Oktober, the rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Prelate Melencio De Vera, at 86 passed away. This is according to the lay movement, "Una Voce Philippines". The Prelate is numbered among the few priests, who never once stopped celebrated the Immemorial Rite of the Mass.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Death and the Connivance of Cremation

It's time for autumn and time to reflect on the last things, heaven, judgement, purgatory and hell. We have many obligations, but above all we need to obey the commandments as we prepare for death. One meditation might be to take some time and think about your funeral arrangements. Don't let Father Flapdoodle get involved and mess things up, and don't let your relatives send you to a crematorium where your body, which has received many benedictions and graces in itself, will be tossed into an enormous blender. It's one of those situations where you have to hold your nose and pretend that no one has said it's ok to be cremated. It's never been a Christian custom to be cremated, it is for pagans to do that, and more important, it's not all that expensive if you avoid the state-mandated vault or get put in a family crypt, or better yet, get buried inside the church itself. This article, by a secular journalist in the Philippines, asks his countrymen what they think. Thank God that the Philippines is still Catholic.

Belonging to a Christian nation, Filipinos have been accustomed to burying their deceased loved ones the traditional way because of the belief that the soul of the departed will continue to be with them even after death.

Aside from this, Filipinos believe that the burial site is a corporeal link between the departed loved one and the family members left behind.

That's why many Filipinos still prefer traditional burial since a buried body means the physical presence of the person they would love to cherish and remember.

However, over the years, traditional burial has been overshadowed by the growing number of people preferring to cremate their loved ones as a way of honoring their dead because of financial consideration. For them, cremation is also “more economical” in the long run.

We Respond:

Cremation was once forbidden by canon law, and like a lot of things that have changed in the last 40 years for arbitrary and unreasonable reasons, we don't understand it, and it doesn't seem that anyone is going to explain it to us either. We do believe that those in charge have done a poor job of explaining things. But we like how the journalist tries to give significance to the rite of burial by referring to local and presume ably pre-christian attitudes about burial.

For your perusal, here's the old canon law of 1917:

Canon 1203: "The bodies of the faithful must be buried, and cremation is reprobated. If anyone has in any manner ordered his body to be cremated, it shall be unlawful to execute his wish."

But, in line with the proper feeling of a Catholic conscience and the previous canons and customs of the ancient Church, the best answer is given by this interviewee

Stephany Andem, 22, of Quezon City, said she wants her body to be buried the traditional way also because of her Catholic faith.

The rest of the article is here...

Of course, Gary North gives good advice, he's recommending that you buy an inexpensive coffin and do whatever you can to make your funeral inexpensive so as not to provide too large a burden on your heirs. The average American funeral runs at an exorbitant price, around $14,000 and that's if you don't want to fly people out to come and be part of it.

One cost-cutting gesture, in addition to not embalming if it's legally permissible, is to find a cheap coffin which you can get here at Trappist Coffins.