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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Will There Be a Visitation at Melk After Apostate Drewermann's Retreat?

(Rome) Pope Francis is making strong inroads in Latin America, especially Argentina dioceses. However, what about Austria abbeys?
Pope Francis appears to be settling, according to the opinion of some Latin American observers, old scores with bishops. Specifically, this means the "reassignment", "retirement" or "visitation". According to Sitio Andino, the bishop of the Argentine diocese of Puerto Iguazú now suggests that y Zarate-Campana is being "targeted the Pope". "Not very merciful," said the Catholic blogger Francisco de la Cigoña of the papal operation. "There are other bishops who are much worse without anyone intervening,"  says the church historian. "Will you take action against them too? Then I would not mind. Or is it only those who are not well aquatinted with Cardinal Bergoglio? Is this mercy or revenge? Let us hope that this is just the imagination of a few."

Drewermann Retreat Makes Melk a "Casus"

Among  "others" where a visitation of Rome would be more urgent is the Melk Abbey and the local Abbot Gerhard Wilfinger. After the scandal became public knowledge recently, there seems little stir. Abot Wilfinger had commissioned ex-priest, Eugen Drewermann to direct the annual retreat at the Benedictine monastery.  Drewermann cashed in for 8,000 euros. The result of his "spiritual instruction" can at best be fruitless, but is probably more subversive.
The Benedictine Abbey of Melk is renowned as the  "Austrian Escorial", but less famous, however, is the spiritual radiance of the monastery in its surroundings. After the Drewermann retreats were made public by, informed believers complained to the Apostolic Nuncio and the Congregation of the Faith in Rome about the abuses. Abbot Wilfinger denounced the monks who dared to criticize the Drewermann Invitation with sharp tones.

Abbot's Clique Mainly Engages in Zeitgeist's Criticism of the Church

Wilfinger belongs to a glorious little clique of Austrian abbots, who distinguish themselves especially by criticism of bishops and priests who are more precise with the truths of faith and church order than themselves. The battles which were waged by the late Bishop Kurt Krenn of Sankt Pölten, who passed away in February,  against some abbots of his diocese, threw an unpleasant shade. This clique also includes the newly elected Speaker of the Men's Orders of Austria, Abbot Christian Haidinger of the Benedictine Monastery of Altenburg. In his monthly statement he calls for a "change in the Church's sexual morality," which is "the abolition of priestly celibacy" or the "admission of women priests," while the Church's doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage is for Abbot Haidinger a "disaster".

Abt Wilfingers Fashionable Lifestyle Tolerates Monkish Vices

That Abbot Haidinger has become spokesman, demonstrates that his dissenting opinions are in a majority in the Austrian Orders. Wilfinger Abbot of Melk is an example of this. He nurtures the suggestion of the little beloved Pope Benedict XVI. for  "detachment from the world" and the expectation of Pope Francis to court a "low church" despite a sophisticated baroque lifestyle. At the same time he tolerates the scandalous behavior of some of his monks.  Recently a milker monk was known to live without any embarrassment with a woman in concubinage. Yet he has little to fear from Abbot Wilfinger. In the Austrian Church.  In their zeal to be critical of the Church there is little awareness among Austria's abbots that  their conduct and that of their monks may affect the  credibility of the Church and of Christianity.
Will Rome act? A Visitation of Melk Abbey would be a startling signal having an effect far beyond the Danube monastery, since Melk is not an isolated case. [Collegeville?] So far,  the visitation efforts were successfully repelled. In Benedict's Rome  the highest ecclesiastical office in Vienna  warned before each intervention, that this would result in "schism". This is a myth that has caused serious damage in the past 20 years the Church. [Longer, for good or ill, Collegeville and other Benedictine Monasteries were never reigned in for their questionable liturgical practices and doctrine, see the Liturgical Movement of Parsch, Michel and Beauduin.]
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: tempos / Vebidoo
Trans: Tancred

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dissident Ex-Priest Gives Retreat at Melk Austria for 8,000 Euro

Ex-Catholic and Ex-Priest Drewermann
Edit: Stift Melk is more than 900 years old with a dwindling number of monks.   Truly a decadent community as caretakers of one of the most beautiful churches in what’s left of Christendom.  So this doesn’t come as a surprise.

(Melk) every year in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Lambrecht in Styria there is a so-called annual retreat for the entire convent of the famous Benedictine Abbey of Melk, set in Lower Austria. For several days, all the monks of the Austrian "Escorial" take spiritual exercises at St. Lambrecht.
This year, the retreat took place from 2 July to  29 June.  The guidance of the retreat, which will serve as spiritual exercises a deepening and renewal of faith of the monks was entrusted to the former priest and psychotherapist Eugen Drewermann in 2014.
Eugen Drewermann left the Catholic Church in 2005 and had been suspended in 1992 as a priest after he  had been deprived from his  teaching and preaching  license by the bishop of Paderborn. The starting point were the measures in 1986 by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who expressed his concern about Drewermann's increasingly radical departures away from the Catholic doctrine. For his 65th birthday, Drewermann announced his withdrawal from the Catholic Church.

What Brings An Ex-priest and Ex-Catholic and Benedictine Monks Together?

What might the Melk Benedictine in "spiritual exercises” learn exactly in spiritual exercises from an apostate priest as beaten from the Church?  Certainly not the Catholic Doctrine and the  Catholic Faith, anyway.
Eugen Drewermann is to have received an 8,000 euro fee for the four days of "retreat" from Melk Abbey and celebrated the Eucharist at the daily services in the Abbey of St. Lambrecht. The ex-priest and ex-Catholic was hired on behalf of the Melk of Abbot Georg Wilfinger by Father Jeremiah Eisenbauer who is also a psychotherapist and is also involved with Helmut Schüllers Pfarrer initiative of dissident priests.
A reaction of the Diocese of St. Pölten where the Melk Abbey is located, and the Apostolic Nunciature in Vienna is not yet known.
Text: Martha Weinzl
image: Wikicommons (assembly
Trans: Tancred
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