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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sacrilegious First Mass With Theatrically Naked Erotic Dancing Man in Augsburg

Edit: there you go. I fixed the title and made it better. It looks like he was wearing a flesh colored skin tight garment while he liturgically danced. Anyway, whatever some lefties might try to make of it, a local priest elicited his enthusiastic approval of it on the radio later.

In the Augsburg Moritzkirche ("City Pastoral Care") it last Saturday an Aberro-embarrassment took place at the First Mass (Primiz) of a priest of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart - With documentary photos

Stuttgart ( Last Saturday in the Moritzkirche in Augsburg ("City Pastoral Care"), there was a clear liturgical abuse that caused a shakeup of Catholics in the diocese of Augsburg and beyond. As part of the first Mass of the new priest Fabian Ploneczka the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, held a so-called triduum in the Augsburg Moritzkirche. According to observers on site, a dancer dressed only in skintight boxer shorts danced the "theme" of the Vesper service and tried to depict the "Jeremiah Passion of a Prophet" with a ballet insert Church space became a dance floor, even the altar area, according to church visitors attending the event, where the dancer picked up the gospel, humped the ambo almost naked, and lasciviously lolled in front of the altar.

Following a performance by the dancer, the Stuttgart radio pastor Thomas Steiger spoke on the subject of "eroticism of the faith." He praised observers who received an alleged grace and especially of the male body, which, he says, spoke of a "sensual love for Jesus".

Worshipers told that there was a clearly homophile, yes, homoerotic event in a consecrated church.

The "event" led to the bizarre reaction that a churchgoer shouted loudly that then everyone could undress. He then partially undressed and stood up half naked in the church.

Some visitors left the service prematurely in which also children participated.

Augsburg is the original home diocese of the new priest, but has changed to the neighboring diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Trans: Tancred AMDG

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Muslim Interrupts Mass in Augsburg Shouting "Allu Akbar"

A Lectoress in Dillinger Studienkirche (Diocese of Augsburg) had to interrupt the reading briefly -  church service visitors afterwards said that they had been frightened.

Dillingen ( In the Dillingen Studienkirche (diocese of Augsburg) there was a disturbance  last Sunday during the Sunday Mass. According to the police, a man shouted out during the first reading with slogans like "Convert to Allah" and with spread arms "Allahu akbar" (God is great). This was reported by the "Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung". The lectoress had to interrupt the reading briefly. According to the newspaper, various faithful said afterwards that they felt frightened. The  sacristan and two other men led the non-violent man out of the Church and informed the police. They took the 38-year-old Turkish man in the county temporarily and brought him to a hospital because of mental disturbances. It is still unclear whether the pastor will report the incident.

 'Diocese of Augsburg'

According to the Augsburger Allgemeine, last September, the 38-year-old had already damaged several costly statues in a different church, and he also kicked several cars outside. The man was temporarily arrested and then sent to the hospital.

Trans: Tancred

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will Green Party Chief Apologize to Bishop Mixa?

Mixa's "controversial" statement hit the mark! We recall what happened in February 2010 when a hysterical outcry in the media land, after the then-Bishop of Augsburg Walter Mixa had declared: "The so-called sexual revolution, in the course of particularly progressive moral critics is also certainly not innocent attempting the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors,” the Catholic Shepherd mentioned not only the actual connection between sexual revolution and pedocriminal abuse, he also criticized the dubious dealings of many in the media with sexuality." We have in recent decades just in the media, witnessed an increasing sexualisation of the public that where abnormal sexual inclinations are also promoted rather than limited.” With both statements the Bishop of Augsburg hit the mark, but in the press was running in circles - and also the “Spiegel" turned out as expected against Mixa's statements. The most audacious was and not for the first time, was the Green Party leader Claudia Roth, who likes to agitate for their lives against the Catholic Church. (Roth had insulted Bishop Mixa previously as a "wacky, divisive Oberfundy" because - says Roth - he has denigrated women as "breeding machines." In reality, he behaved exactly the opposite.. Had the then Catholic Chief Shepherd of Augsburg in the context of Kita debate declared mothers were not breeding machines, which is why they should not rush to give their babies to in-home care.)

Back to the topic of sexual abuse of children and minors: In an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine" of February 2, 2010, Bishop Mixa was accused by the Green Politician in an absurd "logic” according to which he "makes a mockery of the victims” in an almost “unprecedented” way. The newspaper introduced her interview by saying, “The Church leader taunts the victim if he would give a sexualization of society as the blame for the incident, said Green Party leader Claudia Roth in an interview with our newspaper." The politician really said: "It is not only outrageous, but also an unprecedented insult to the victims of sexual abuse, if others are to be blamed for this scandal within the Catholic Church.” With his "unfortunate comments” instead the bishop called into question, adds Roth, "to what extent is there a credible interest in the Catholic Church educate and be relentlessly self-critical about the terrifying level of abuse cases." The Greens leader then called upon the Catholic Church in Germany, "to distance themselves in the strongest was from these rationalizations of their bishop." How about now, if the cheeky Roth finally distance themselves from their unwarranted attacks on Bishop Mixa and would apologize to him as fairness and moral responsibility require? Or has the months-long debate about the Greens share of responsibility for pedosexual crimes passed her by without a trace? - That would be even more devastating!

Source: Christian Forum
 Photo: Reichstag in Berlin - Picture source: Marcela Commons, CC
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dissident Pfarrer's Initiative in Augsburg Draws Almost No Young Priests

The new Augsburg priest initiative have enrolled hardly any young priests.  Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics, described this as a revealing fact.

Kaufering (  "It's a revealing fact that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the Initiative."  Prof. Hubert Gindert, President of the Forum of German Catholics  in the statement about the newly formed Priest Initiative in the Diocese of Augsburg.  The 43 priests who had signed among other things stated, that the "many re-married and divorced"  receive Communion, Gindert advised: "It is widely known that these pastors, that not only repudiate against the canon law, but also against the unambiguous teachings of Jesus."

The statement of the Forum of German Catholics about the Priest Initiative of Augsburg

An initiative of 43 priests in the Diocese of Augsburg have advertised themselves with the motto "Mit brennender Sorge".  This motto is stolen from the famous encyclical on National Socialism.

The Priest Initiative wants a discussion with the Diocesan Bishop to "bring reforms into action".  They do this primarily by going first to the public, in order to lend pressure to their demands.  Is this an appropriate style and preparation for a discussion?"

The Priest Initiative wants "alienation of the Church of impeding the faith" and is for that reason against "fatal large scale planning", that means they are against the education of parish communities.   This has its justification in the falling number of priests.  Have the 43 priests in their communities ever once pointed out that the priests the community needs must come from the families?  Have they talked to young people and encouraged these in a priestly vocation?  Or should the priest shortage be dealt with  by imposing priestless sevices on Sundays?

The Priest Initiative wants to allow re-married and divorced to Communion.  "In our Diocese there are many pastors who give Communion to re-married and divorced."

These pastors know that this is not only against church law, but also against the clear teachings of Jesus (Mt 5,31/2;19,3/9; L16,18;Mk 1o,,4/9).  Marriage is not as "the Augsburg Allgemeine" of  10/20/12 thinks, "according to Catholic law" indissoluble, rather according to the word of Jesus.

The Priest Initiative offers a solution to the problem through "synodal structures". "The Evangelical Church can be an example there throughout."

But only he who is resistant to experience can overlook how the Evangelical Church has not prevented the alienation of their faithful with synodal structures.  In the last decade significantly more faithful have turned their backs than in the Catholic Church.

The revealing fact is that there are hardly any young priests enrolled in the initiative.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Augsburg: Fr. Oblinger Gets Promotion from Bishop

Edit: thinks he is still being treated unfairly by his Bishop and insists that loyalty at the expense of the truth is not Catholic.

"As far as the loyalty I have to my Bishop, I haven't allowed a single doubt This is the central point of lived Catholicity," said Pastor Oblinger.

Augsburg ( Bishop Konrad Zdarsa has assigned Alois Oblinger, who received ban from writing for "Junge Freiheit" a few weeks ago, to a new pastoral assignment. Pastor Oblinger, who has since 2004 been Pastor and director of the Parish Community of Ichenhausen, will be moving 1. September 2012 to Bodensee. In Lindau he will take over from Monsignor Ortwin Gebauer the only parish community in the Diocese of Augsburg which includes and island, the Parish Community Lindau. As Parish Community Lindau, there are two Parishes, Basilica of Our Dear Lady in Linda, Maria Queen of Peace in Lindau-Zech and St. Josef in Lindau-Reitin.

Pastor Oblinger is overjoyed over the new assignment, which Bishop Zdarsa had assigned him and regretted a message from the Diocese that the Bishop had caught fire over an "internal personnel" decision in some circles. "It is a shame that in the past weeks, various sides have attempted to put a wedge between Bishop Zdarsa and myself. As far as the loyalty I have to my Bishop, I haven't allowed a single doubt," he said in a message.

George Alois Oblinger was born in Saarlouis in 1967. In 1995 he was ordained a priest and was active till 1997 as a Chaplain in Donauwörth. Coincidentally he was assigned a benefice in 1999 in Immenstadt and also active since 1999 as Pastor in Bliensbach tätig. In 2004 he was the Pastor of Oblinger and director of the Parish Community of Ichenhausen.

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  Loyal Pastor Persecuted

  Bishop's Cousin Connected with Junge Freiheit

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bishop Mixa Pipes Up

German Media Mafia: "Sadly, the media only partly reports the truth, when they are not reporting in a contrived manner".

[] On July 27th the user 'Miriam' published a letter to the dismissed Bishop of Aubsburg, Msgr Walter Mixa on the Social Networking Site, ''

'Miriam' reports: "A little while ago there was an address where someone could write Bishop Mixa to congratulate him on his fortieth jubilee as a priest."

That's what she did: "Today I found in my mailbox a letter from Bishop Mixa."

Augsburg, in July 2010

Bishop em. Dr. Walter Mixa

Dear Frau Frie...

may God heartily reward you for your congratulation on my fortieth priestly jubilee and especially for the prayers in what has been for me a very trying time!

The past weeks were personally very difficult to endure; this was only possible through the prayers of many true believers and through the tangible help of God.

The media have only report part of the truth, when they haven't just reported in a contrived manner and thereby not only knowingly damage my own person, but also the reputation of the Church.

We are here in a time, in which we must be afraid as Christians, must show and live in faith in the help of God in the truth of the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Only through Jesus Christ, through his human trials, through his bitter suffering and death on the Cross and through his Resurrection could we find in various situations of our life a true help and power for our existence in life and in death.

As a community of Catholic Christians we must be supported and stand together in the truth of our traditional Faith and in the celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist!

With all good wishes and tender blessings I am,

Dr. Walter Mixa
Bishop em. of Augsburg

The thank you letter contained the following text:

Lord Jesus Christ,
You Shepherd and Head of Your Church, stand by our Bishop
with the power of Your Blessing,
that he will be inflamed with zeal,
to us an example through his transforming,
to us borne through his love,
to us strengthened by his patience,
to us held in the joy of the Holy Ghost,
to us we receive knowledge from his teaching,
and he unites us to be Your Holy People
and to acclaim at the Liturgy
in the spirit and in the truth

Johann Maria Sailer

I ask for your prayer
for your support
in my service.

Your Bishop +Walter

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Newly Ordained Augsburg Priest Struck by Streetcar

The benediction of God has left the Diocese of Augsburg. There should be a one year fast for everyone -- not only Bishop Walter Mixa.

[] Last Monday the newly ordained Augburg priest, Fr. Marcel Frölich, was the victim of a street car accident.

The Diocese of Ausburg is now asking for prayers from its website.

The priest lives, but drifts still close to danger of death.

Dragged for A Number of Meters

The accident occurred on Monday night in Augsburg. Fr.Frölich was struck by a street car and suffered life threatening injuries.

The priest had guests, who had taken part in his ordination, whom he had brought to the train. Then he walked in the Augburg mall area over the tracks.

At 1100pm the street car seized him and dragged him a number of meters.

A priest with high ideals

"We are deeply shaken and very, very shocked" -- explained the Pastor of Wessenhorn.

The minister described Fr. Frölich as a man with high ideals and goals.

He was unfortunate at his ordination.

Tomorrow, Fr. Frölich should have celebrated his first Mass in his home parish Neckartenzlingen -- 25 km from Stuttgart.

The Diocese of Augsburg hopes for his participation, that the first Mass "can soon be made up."

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Telegraph Makes Unfounded Accusation Against Bishop Mixa

The UK Newspaper joins attacks on Bishop Mixa of Augsburg. Although the news story contains no new information, it claims that there is a new round of accusations against him while he waits at his mansion for the decision on his resignation.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Archbishop Zollitsch and Bishop Marx have stepped out of their way to feed him to the wolves. One thing this story is really showing up is how things are shaping up in the Church as Liberal Prelates become increasingly aggressive against Catholic Prelates, using the press corp as an effective bludgeon to destroy the credibility of the Church and the ongoing reform.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has agreed to cooperate with Italian authorities regarding the charges of corruption against one of its Cardinals. Sounds like this was the reason behind the Carabineri (Italian Federal Police) evesdropping "accidentally" on the Pope's phone conversations as reported earlier this Month. Speaking of scandal, wasn't it Damian Thompson who said the other day that we needed an outside to clean up the Italian dominated curia? The cleanup may well go on without the Australian Cardinal Pell who was said by various sources last week to have been bypassed for promotion to the powerful Congregation of Bishops owing to a smear campaign against him.

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