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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Second Chance for Cloister Weingarten? Fast Growing Community Wants to Move In

The decadent Benedictines have left the Monastery as of September 2009. In the meantime the priests, who are wearing in any case black habits, have come for a look around.

(, Weingarten) It's possible that the New Rite ironclad French Priestly Society ‘Communauté de Saint Martin’ will take over the abandoned Benedictine Cloister Weingarten in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Priests of the Society have already inspected the Cloister.

This was according to the speaker of the Old Liberal Diocese, Thomas Broich, of the ‘Schwäbischen Tageszeitung’.

The upper Swabian Benedictine Cloister Weingarten closed its doors at the end of September 2009.

The Cloister has one of the world famous Baroque Basilicas, which was founded in 1056.

Like Holy Water to the Devil

The neo-Conservative Priestly Society of St. Martin was founded by Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa († 1989).

The first members were refugees from France who were trying to flee the decadence of their homeland.

So they are active, besides France, only in Italy and Cuba.

The Society has shown powerful growth.

It has about seventy priests and deacons as well as about forty seminarians, who always wear Soutanes.

The group is strongly oriented to the New Rite and follow the guidelines like no one else.

Therefore there it is practically the de facto particular rite of the Society.

The talks have already been widely fruitful

Besides the large ecclesiastical political differences between the Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and the Priestly Society, the Diocesan speaker describes the talks as "intensive and good".

A positive outcome for the management of the Cloister would be conceivable --- says the speaker:

"Both sides need to take time for evaluation and thought."

In February Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Maria Renz (53) of Rottenburg-Stuttgart will travel to France for further discussions.

Perhaps the 'Society of St. Martin' will see the finger of God in that the location of the Cloister Weingarte is on the Martin's Mountain.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swiss Bishops Insintuate that the Cardinal of Cologne is a Homosexual

Editor: This is from this last Friday. Of course, some will remember the continuing saga of David Berger and his insinuations about the Holy Father and Traditional Catholics. Now he's lashing out with malice and apparently, the Swiss Bishops' mouthpiece is giving him a court of approval to air his hate for the Church. The article follows:

He covers the Church with homosexual filth and waltzes with himself in self-love.  The Old Liberal official Church and the decadent Bishops named by John Paul II  are serving him with a homosexual court of approval.

(, Zürich) Incredibly, the Swiss Bishops are offering the German homosexual and enemy of the Church, David Berger, a forum for his tirades and lies.

The scene of the crime was a video interview with the official Church website, ''.

The homepage describes itself -- without any contradiction of the Swiss Bishops -- as "the internet site of the Roman Catholic Church in German Switzerland.".

The Website is operated by an opaque "Catholic Media Service" in Zürich.

For that reason, it will never give a critical Journalistic treatment of the theme of homosexuality.

And still with the old lies

Berger, full of self-adulation, portrays himself as the victim of the scene.

Without cross-examination, he retold his lie that he wasn't the one who had brought his immoral life to public attention.

In reality Berger's immoral homosexual lifestyle alteration was discovered for the first time by in May of Mai 2007.

His neo-Conservative friends stood by him for another long three years, till his Gommorrism was finally too much even for the periodical 'Theologisches'.

Berger was an author with them at that point.

The publisher of the publication was forced in the face of ever newer revelations to withdraw his position.

Berger presents this indeed as a "voluntary separation" .

He had supposedly had broken the "taboo" of a "conspiracy of silence" in the Church, said the notorious liar, in which he portrayed himself in his shameless homosexual life as the hero.

Naturally, he employs the tired old homo-schtick, to portray every critic of homosexuality as one who is homosexually disturbed.

The Video by '' -- which is the last word for the Swiss Bishops -- superimposed a photo of Joachim Cardinal Meisner of Cologne.

In this infamous way, the Cardinal is insinuated into a degenerate morality.

Stupid Homosexual Propaganda

Berger has to admit that he didn't lose his license to teach because of his wormlike existence.

A letter by Cardinal Meisner only generally indicated that he had "over-strenuously criticized" the Church and had led his life in an irreconcilable way.

The tedious website '' tried to downplay Berger's decadent life with the formulation that he "lives with his partner".

Prayerfully and with folded hands

Bergers hatred for the Church became increasingly uncontrolled during the softball Interview.

To the question if he planned on taking recourse against the decision of the Cardinal within the Church he was quick to say:

"I'm not going to pursue it" -- and:

"I have too much honor to have anything to do with the faux legality of Church law."

The court of approval put the question to the homosexually disturbed if he will ever work again as a religious instructor.

Berger: "Perhaps we will receive at some time after the current Pope, one who publicly says: "I'm a homosexual mysef and that's good so -- even if I don't act on it."

Then Berger proceeded to hack down: "If celibacy is abolished, he can move into the Vatican with his husband."

And: "In case that happens, which naturally no one really believes in the Church, then I think I have a good expectation that I can teach again".

As he continued, Berger droned on with the famous palette of the homosexual's nursery rhyme.

The anonymous homosexual interviewer from '' nodded thoughtfully and folded his hands.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn to Announce "Restructuring" of Vienna Parishes

Now the Church has to be stuffed together, even in Vienna. Even the celebratory vocabulary can't wash away the sad reality.

( Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna won't be naming any more priests "till further notice" to parishes.

The was covered by the newspaper 'Die Presse' yesterday in connection to insider information.

The reason for the measure: The pastor has rights against his Bishop, which the latter must respect.

It is primarily through the respect of these rights that priests are protected from the arbitrariness of their Old Liberal Bishops.

In the lead on the way down

This step will prepare the way for the coalescence of 660 parishes and for "new forms of community leadership".

The newspaper calls the measures a "blow for freedom".

"The announcement is the kernel of an unpublished pastoral letter, which will be read in all the churches of the Archdiocese of Vienna" -- says the anti-Church newspaper.

With this the Cardinal is opening the next chapter, "to makes his church fit for the future" -- gushed 'Die Presse' in the high estimation of the leftist Cardinal.

Nowhere else in Austria is the ecclesiastical decline greater than in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The number of Catholics in the city of Vienna are estimated at about less than forty percent.

The left led Archdiocese is also in the lead for people leaving the Church throughout Austria.

Just before the End

The upcoming measures will lead to the situation where numerous parish churchs are transformed into filial churches.

"All alternations will serve a large number of living communities in their place" -- was the Cardinal's euphemistic way of putting it.

In any wise, he also describes the actual condition of the Diocese, destroyed by Old Liberal officials:

"There are fewer Church members, and even that number who participate in their parish, is even less."

And: "In most parishes children and young people are absent. Our financial and personnel resources are thin."

And with the Old Liberal Ideology in the Future?

Cardinal Schönborn is supposedly to direct the renewal under the motto, "mission first".

For that reason the three last Old Liberal Diocesan Assemblies have been implemented in the Stepensdom.

Actually, the Old Liberal Ideology is the opposite of an outwardly oriented, missionary Church.

They limit themselves to playing solitaire, inner-Church trench warfare and ecclesiastical solipsism.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

German Cardinal Calls Atomic Energy the Devil's Instrument

Editor: At least he believes there's a devil.

The Core Compentence of a Cardinal?

Germany.  There is "something to it" as far as describing atomic energy as a "tool of the Devil"  . The new Cardinal from Munich,   Reinhard Marx  said this to the 'Rhenische Post'.  The Cardinal pled for its abandonment as a principle energy.  The Conservatives are "More or less advised by the view,  which places all importance on technical progress".  It's the same with embryo science "we cross a boundary, if we want to decide between viable and unviable lives"  -- he said.  Finally the Cardinal criticized the incursion into Libya:  "A war led, to unseat a dictator -- then we could have many excuses for military interventions." 

Abuse-Bishop Leaves Belgium

Meanwhile,  the resigned homosexual predator and Old Liberal Bishop Roger Vangheluwe 74 of Bruges has left Belgium, according to "Deutsche Presseagentur".  Msgr Vangheluwe will resign himself to quiet prayer and begin his psychological treatment.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Viennese Cardinal Snubs Princely Family of Liechtenstein, and the Church

Editor: The Viennese Cardinal is no respecter of rank and privilege. He gives the runaround to everyone who's Catholic. At least someone is looking out for the education of children in Austria.

Erase it: The Austrian Bishops have been playing a game for a year with the spiritual health of minors using devilish religion books.

Prinz Gundakar and Prinzessin Marie von und zu Liechtenstein have, because of ecclesiastical bureaucratic decay, been sent from Pontius to Pilate, while Bishops and the Vatican turn diplomatic pirouettes.

The two marrieds are living in Lower Austria and are responsible for five school age children.

Diocesan Approved Deviltry

In October 2008 the married couple turned to the President of the Austrian Bishop's Conference, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.

They requested that he eliminate material hostile to the Catholic Faith -- with Episcopal approval -- being used in Catholic religious instruction.

It concerned:

- the "Graz Series" for Middle School. They contain the various parts "I am by you", "With you I can grow", "Travelling with you", "Together we'll make the world".

- the hand book "Joy for Faith",

- a series of writings of the Old Liberal Viennese Religious educator, Martin Jäggle, with the instruction text "You like me", "you make my life beautiful", "You lead me", "You trust me".

The applicants looked for the good advice of Gertrud Dörner.

With her help, it was demonstrated that the offensive texts falsify the Faith.

In April 2009 the Old Liberal Austrian Bishop's Conference struck down the appeal.

The Couple von und zu Lieschtenstein 2009 made an application for retraction of the judgment. This was struck down in July of the same year.

The Long Way to Rome

The couple weighed against the decision again, but this time with the Congregation for the Faith.

The appeal was sent back on November 2009 for formal reasons.

Prinz Gundakar reapplied his appeal to the Apostolic Signatura in November 2009.

This was remanded by the parents in February 2010 to the Congregation for Clergy.

Still the prince turned from this in the same month.

Incredible but true: In March 2010 -- almost a year and a half after first writing Cardinal Schönborn -- the appeal was received.

The Apostolic Signatura handed the problem down to the Congregation of Clergy. This office got down to business.

They asked Cardinal Schönborn for documents and information and a deep study of the recommendations of Frau Döner from the Congregation of Faith.

Cynical Bishops

Cynically, the Austrian Bishops Conference had already admitted in April of April 2009 that "in part" Frau Dörners observations on the faith unfriendly religion books were accurate.

And: "The corresponding hand books show, that these problems have their origin in questionable theological positions as well as in dangerous tendencies, to devalue the validity of faith".

These determinations are blank cynicism: For the episcopaly criticized books were considered by the Bishops to have been effectively used for Catholic religious instruction.

Pulling the Head from the Sling

The Congregation for Clergy called the Cardinal to address the situation.

The Cardinal explained November 2010 in a letter that the Austrian Bishops in the mean time had published a new lesson plan.

The incriminated school books were therefore no longer new, rather replaced in the whole by a new school book series.

Therefore it "is not meaningful" to correct errors contained, which the Congregation of the Faith had correctly ascertained, "for the short time frame for which this series of elementary school books are in use."

He will take efforts to explain the various errors concerned and inform the religion instructors in the use of these religion books so that they won't disseminate these identified errors --- joked the Cardinal.

Irresponsible Wolves

On 22. Februar 2011 the Congregation for Clergy explained that the reason for the conflict has been isolated, since the proposed concerns which were specified in the appeal were handled "in an acceptable way".

In other words: The Austrian Bishops have been risking the good of the souls of persons under age.

Now they've availed themselves of a hush-hush action.

The responsibility for this outrageous scandal doesn't convince anyone.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swiss Bishop Fires Seminary Rector over Disagreement on Old Mass. Swiss Bishop Goes to Congregation of Bishops.

Editor: The traditional friendly Bishop of Chur is attempting to defend his position against the counter diocese, the bureaucratic councils that control the Church tax. He's going to Rome to defend the firing of a controversial his seminary rector. According to, one of the flash points between the two Bishops was the Old Mass. +Huonder is a strong advocate for the Mass of All Ages.

Will the Bishop Himself Resign?

The explosion of the Chur resignation has reached the Congregation of Bishops.  There one learns: The slightest problems make Bishops who can't stop the decline.

( Yesterday morning Bishop Vitus Huonder (68) of Chur directed comments to his fellow bishops, priests, deacons and pastoral assistants in an e-mail.

The letter stands in connection with the most recent resignation of the Rector of the Chur Seminary and General Vicar for the Canton of Graubünden. 

"I sense there is great sense of dismay regarding the events of the last days in the entire Diocese"  -- explained the Bishop:  "I agree with that at this point too".

There have been different levels of "injury" that have taken place in the last months which had at once resulted in dismissal.
Msgr Huonder maintains that the Diocesan leadership has not succeeded in giving a "picture of unity" in this situation.

The Bishop did not mince words:  "In the current hour I ask myself, what is to be done."

He has already contacted the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Francesco Canalini (74) and asked for advice.

He has even received an appointment in Rome:

"I will then have the opportunity to come to together with the Prefect of the Bishops Congregation in order to discuss the situation."

Msgr Huonder has pointed out that this is "not for the expediency" of the Chur "Old Liberal" priest council or the not more precisely "Council of Lay Female Theologettes, Lay Theologians and Deacons" to use this as an opportunity to engage in a palaver.

He wants to solicit the Roman Council in this case:

"I wanted to consult antecedently with the Congregation for Clergy about what I have undertaken in the given circumstances and will make known then about any further actions."

In conclusion he cited a word from Pope John Paul II († 2005)from his book, "Memory and Identity":

"What does forgiveness mean, if it does not call on the good which is greater than any evil."

Msgr Huonder invites everyone, "to see the good that is always and manifold and to appreciate the
the interconnectedness."

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Capitulation Bishop to Take Major Diocese in Wales

Editor:  Thompson at the Tablet has just reported that we're going to get a really poor appointment for Wales. Thompson says it's business as usual, which from our perspective is chaos as usual.  We'll see. Thompson says he's a good pastor, but he looks more like an Old Liberal.  When you accept the assumptions of your enemies, you play by their game.  So,  if you want the kind of guy who's paid to take a fall, this is the kind of hireling you want to put in place.  He recently said that Traditionalism promotes pedophilia.  Of course, if you're guilty of something, redirect people's attention to someone small and relatively defenseless.

Capitulation Bishop Tom Burns

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardinal Lehman Attacks Cardinal Brandmüller's Letter in Defense of Celibacy

Cardinal Lehmann attacked Cardinal Brandmüller in his own paper "Glaube und Leben" and shamed himself with an open letter to the Cardinal -- no critical word for the CDU-Politicians -- see the Survey on Lehman  -- speak out!
The Face of Germany's Bloated Hierarchy

Mainz  ( Cardinal Karl Lehmann, the former President of the German Bishops Conference had sharply attacked the Roman Curial Cardinal Brandmüller, because he had criticized a provocative assertion about celibacy by some CDU-Zdk politicians.  The politicians had made an appeal to the German Bishops advocating for a change in the practice of celibacy.  In this, they posed the question, "how can the growing priest shortage be managed?"

Lehmann spoke in connection with the provacative letter of "eight serving CDU-politicians in the Federal and National level", who recalled "one such inexhaustible theme" that has been discussed in the Church well "over 40years long".  Then the Mainz Bishop spoke of a "climbing priest shortage"  -- a contention, which appeared elsewhere in the last days in "Focus" --which was disproved by editor Alexander Kissler -- if one did not ordain priests "men who've proved themselves in families and occupations".  Lehmann recognized then that he had always took pains so that the Church is also "open to new ways of thinking" with an afterthought about the priesthood, "without that the discussion was already identical with an answer on these difficult questions".  For the Cardinal was also "expectant", that these questions about the "viri probati" [responsible men in families and marriages] would come again in the order of the day, if one were invited to a "Dialog Process" over today's questions.

Then Lehman attacked Cardinal Brandmüller's open letter and opines:  "I'm very ashamed of the tone taken by this open letter, and in all sympathy for the powerful objection of the letter by eight politicians for I have  worked for years as Bishop, active for a long time in Germany.  One must really not compare, if one touches on the subject of 'viri probati', speak of wanting 'another Church',  to put 'the German experience' in play, which 'leads to the path of the schism of a national German church.'"

Beloved by the Media
Lehman showed himself "deeply disappointed", as here for example the sitting Bundespresident, in any case after the Bundespresidents, the second authority in the land, a serving Bundesminister and three highly esteemed Ministerial Presidents are "attacked", who have worked in the Church for decades.  "This is not the style with which we go about our differences of opinion in this country."  For the Mainz Bishop, these opinions are "extreme", and even the opinions of the "Süddeutschen" he regards as "extreme".  "The Dialog Process must seek a new middle, without drifting into lazy compromises.  Hopefully we can come out of this stalled double dialog," he finally concluded.

Parts of Cardinal Brandmuller's letter, Celibacy Originates with the Time of Jesus, here translated from

You can participate in a poll on if you want, make the first selection if you think that Cardinal Lehmann should be ashamed of himself for attacking Cardinal Brandmueller.  Most of the readers of feel that Cardinal Lehman should be ashamed of himself at the bottom of the article, here.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cardinal Ranjith is Talking about the "Elimination" of the New Mass

In Old Liberal Vienna, a Pius-Priest may not enter any ecclesiastical buildings. Thirty Diocesan Priests from Catholic Italy have spoken against this.

(kreuz, Paris) Dated, 13. January 2011: A very large part of the post-Conciliar love-Church "hates" the Society of Pius X.  The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X., Msgr Bernard Fellay, said this the Sunday before last in Paris.

He explained that in the current discussions with Rome, discretion is very important.

The Society will go very intelligently with the negotiations.  They must make no false concessions.

The Bishop is pleased that Rome is generally prepared to discuss the non-dogmatic Pastoral Council.

Longing for the Catholic Teaching

In the lecture he mentioned that he was able to speak with almost thirty Italian Diocesan priests in the Diocese of Albano near Rome.

He is said to have asked the priests what they expect from the SSPX and figured they would say "the Mass".

Actually, the priests wanted "the Doctrine" from the Society.

Msgr Fellay is convinced that priests  who return to the Immemorial Mass of All Ages, will also come back to the Catholic doctrine -- but "from far away".

For they knew despite years of academic study nothing of God.

The "New Mass" has Outlived Itself

In Rome Bishop Fellay also met "very good people" -- priests, even Bishops and apparently Cardinals.

The Bishop named none.

Msgr Fellay cited however a word from Cardinal Malcom Ranjith of Sri Lanka.  He said to him: "one can not eliminate the New Mass with one stroke."

It takes more levels and will require twenty years, a whole generation.

As a step in the direction of improvement Bishop Fellay indicated the Motu Proprio, 'Summorum Pontificum'.

Not all is good with that, already: "But, a beginning has been made."


Even Here the Celebrated Abuse-Hoax is Instrumentalized

The Old Liberal decline nibbles at the tradition rich Munich Benedictine Abbey of St. Boniface. Translated from Lukas Meisner's German.

Wreckovated Benedictine Chapel

( Benedictine Cloister of St. Boniface in the center of Munich has been a bulwark of filthy Oldliberalism for decades.[In German]

The decline began with the former Abbott Odilo Lechner who was praised highly in anti-Church circles.

The Cloister directs the parish of St. Boniface.

There is usually on Sunday, taking place around 11.30, the so-called "Weisswurst" Mass.

The Priest loves to abuse the Mass, to engage in polemics against the Church hierarchy, which secures for him a living.

In a recent Pastoral Letter Fr. Benedict was praised as "Art Replacement Man" for the recently deceased in July, tie-Jesuit, Fr. Albert Keller or for the Philosopher of Religion, Fr. Eugen Biser (91).

Both were active year around as anti-Church agitators in Munich.

Useful Abuses

The Pastor of St. Boniface, Fr. Korbinian Linsenmann, was in high spirits in the introduction of the new Pastoral Letter about the abuse-hoax:

"The overriding theme of the last year was naturally the discovery of the various cases of violence and sexual abuse by clergy and employees of the the Church."

In reality, according to the abuse report of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, from 1945 to 2009  there have been only 26 priests who were credibly condemned for reasons of serious sexual sins of varying degrees of severity.

Among the condemned there isn't a single living Diocesan priest.

The Archdiocese found that in a total, 159 had been "conspicuous".  It is in any case difficult to determine what that means.

There the complete number of priests in the time covered was not named, so it is impossible, to estimate its relationship to the abuses.

It is, however, possible to estimate that over 99 percent of those priests active in this time period were not guilty.

There is where Fr. Korninian used the abuse hoax to promote the Old Liberal ideology, which is the first basis for abuse itself:

"We may perhaps still hope that there will still be more consequences in the Church, than only paper from the Bishops Conference."

The Benedictine would like to use the abuses, in order that "much" can be reconsidered - as one  the Bishop considers, who determines the suitability of priests or who undermines the office of the priest. German

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Prefect of the Congregation for Consecrated Life: Old Liberal

 Editor: expect that the Visitation of Women Religious ongoing in the United States to be toothless, unless there is an intervention by Pope Benedict forcing his man's hand.

Erzbischof João Bráz de Aviz
© Cristina Gallo/Agência Senado

The Church in Brazil is on its last legs.  Actually, now a Brazilian bankruptcy is on the way that will also drive Rome into bankruptcy. 

(  Pope Benedict XVI. has named a new Archbishop João Bráz de Aviz (63) of Brasilia to be the new Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.  This was on the Vatican Press site.

At the same time, the Pope accepted the resignation of the current Prefect, the Slovenian Franc Cardinal Rode (76),  who had already reported to the Italian media the intended change at the beginning of the Dicastry.

The new Curial Bishop is himself not a religious.  He was in ordained in 1972 in November for the Diocese of Apucarana in south east Brazil.

More Diocese Driven into the Abyss

 Msgr Aviz saw the light of the world  in the southern Brazilian town of Mafra.  He studied Old Liberal Theology in Brazil and Rome.

On 6. April 1994 John Paul II named him as auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Vitoria.

Four years later he was asked by the Pope to become Bishop of Ponta Grossa.

In July 2002 he was named by John Paul II as Bishop of Maringa and at the end of January became the Archbishop of Brasilia.

In the last year the Old Liberal Archbishop organized the 'Eucharistic Congress' in Brazil.

Enemy of the Old Mass

The newly named is a declared enemy of the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.  He has never supported its celebration in his Archdiocese.

The Traditionalists will be immediately persecuted under his regime.

The present Traditional Mass in Brasilia is celebrated with much resistance by the Archdiocese.

The emeritus auxiliary Bishop of Brasilia, Msgr João Evangelista Martins Terra SJ (85) has put his private chapel as the disposal of the Traditionalists.

Mons. Bráz de Aviz is also close to the Sillonist, Neocatechumenate organization.

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