Saturday, January 22, 2011

Even Here the Celebrated Abuse-Hoax is Instrumentalized

The Old Liberal decline nibbles at the tradition rich Munich Benedictine Abbey of St. Boniface. Translated from Lukas Meisner's German.

Wreckovated Benedictine Chapel

( Benedictine Cloister of St. Boniface in the center of Munich has been a bulwark of filthy Oldliberalism for decades.[In German]

The decline began with the former Abbott Odilo Lechner who was praised highly in anti-Church circles.

The Cloister directs the parish of St. Boniface.

There is usually on Sunday, taking place around 11.30, the so-called "Weisswurst" Mass.

The Priest loves to abuse the Mass, to engage in polemics against the Church hierarchy, which secures for him a living.

In a recent Pastoral Letter Fr. Benedict was praised as "Art Replacement Man" for the recently deceased in July, tie-Jesuit, Fr. Albert Keller or for the Philosopher of Religion, Fr. Eugen Biser (91).

Both were active year around as anti-Church agitators in Munich.

Useful Abuses

The Pastor of St. Boniface, Fr. Korbinian Linsenmann, was in high spirits in the introduction of the new Pastoral Letter about the abuse-hoax:

"The overriding theme of the last year was naturally the discovery of the various cases of violence and sexual abuse by clergy and employees of the the Church."

In reality, according to the abuse report of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, from 1945 to 2009  there have been only 26 priests who were credibly condemned for reasons of serious sexual sins of varying degrees of severity.

Among the condemned there isn't a single living Diocesan priest.

The Archdiocese found that in a total, 159 had been "conspicuous".  It is in any case difficult to determine what that means.

There the complete number of priests in the time covered was not named, so it is impossible, to estimate its relationship to the abuses.

It is, however, possible to estimate that over 99 percent of those priests active in this time period were not guilty.

There is where Fr. Korninian used the abuse hoax to promote the Old Liberal ideology, which is the first basis for abuse itself:

"We may perhaps still hope that there will still be more consequences in the Church, than only paper from the Bishops Conference."

The Benedictine would like to use the abuses, in order that "much" can be reconsidered - as one  the Bishop considers, who determines the suitability of priests or who undermines the office of the priest. German


Dan said...


I am in complete agreement with you about the sensationalist aspect of the scandals in the Church as reported by an irresponsible and viciously anti-Catholic press.

At the same time, I'm not sure how helpful it is to refer to this whole thing as a "hoax". You can legitimately call it "overblown" or "exaggerated" or "over-the-top" but using the term "hoax" for an obvious homosexual scandal is only going to open you up to needless criticism. We here in Milwaukee, having suffered for decades under the revolting Rembert Weakland (and the fellow queers he brought into the Chancery - many of whom are still there by the way), and are now undergoing full bankruptcy because of this homosexual problem, would not react too patiently to being told that what we are suffering from is a hoax.

By all means continue to show the other side of the ledger to give the crisis balance; but don't, out of your obvious charity and kindness, ignore the real damage that is being done by these homosexual monsters...and their Roman protectors.

Tancred said...

Rare abuses overwhelmingly linked to homosexual priests would be significantly curtailed if homosexuals were simply barred from the priesthood altogether and not permitted nowadays with a wink and a smile.

Tom Patrick Kiser said...

resembles the St. Benedict chapel in central Minnesota