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Monday, June 6, 2022

Gänswein of Vatican: "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves"


Benedict's private secretary in the Vorarlberg "Kirchenblatt": "Mainly talking about gossip and scandals" - lack of priests: besiege God with requests for vocations.

Feldkirch ( KAP)

When talking about the Vatican, "then it's mainly about gossip and scandals." As Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI's private secretary for many years explained in an interview with the Vorarlberg "KirchenBlattes" (June 2nd edition), one can "read or hear a great many outlandish things originating the center of the Catholic world, which certainly inspire a flourishing imagination, but do not represent reality."  After 27 years in Rome, he answered the question about changes in the Vatican by referring to continuity: Vatican employees should primarily help the pope as the shepherd of the universal Church so that he can fulfill his ministry as the successor of Peter in the best possible way.

According to Gänswein, little has changed in concrete terms over the past three decades, "however, it is noteworthy that the workforce has become more international and the number of laypersons, both men and women, has increased". The exchange between the bishops worldwide and the Pope is of great importance. "It's about one faith, but it's about different tasks."

The Archbishop compared life in the Vatican to a large tree. Sometimes it's "hands-on" and the branches and foliage have to be trimmed "so that it doesn't run rampant," says Gänswein. "Some dry and rotten things fall off by themselves."

Vocations: Do not "water down" the priestly image

In order to awaken more spiritual vocations in Central Europe again, he does not know of any recipe. The words of Jesus "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" show that even in the times of the New Testament there was obviously a need for vocations. As he said, the curial archbishop considers the biblical postscript "pioneering and helpful": "Ask the Lord of the harvest, and he will send you workers." It is necessary to assail God with requests for vocations. "Pray, pray and pray again: this is the first and most important answer to the lack of spiritual vocations." How long the current dry spell lasts is uncertain, as Gänswein said. "But Christ didn't just take off, even if it sometimes seems like it."

At the same time, the archbishop warned against "watering down" the image of the priest. A young man on the path to the priesthood must know what he is getting himself into. "We have to have the courage to fully stand by the faith of the Church and to celibacy," emphasized Gänswein. This is "not an annoying obstacle, but a gift from Christ".

Archbishop Gänswein came to Maria Bildstein (Vbg.) at the invitation of the Benedictine brother Fidelis Ellensohn to celebrate an anniversary service: The youth movement for vocations in the Church, KIM (circle of young missionaries), set up by the Vorarlberg religious in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, celebrated its 50th anniversary.


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Monday, January 13, 2020

Benedict XVI Defends Celebacy in New Book

Edit: NPR mad. Thanks to Damian. Some bishops resent defenders of celibacy, because they want to perform a same-sex marriage on themselves.
[NPR] Retired Pope Benedict XVI, who promised to remain silent when he resigned as head of the Roman Catholic Church seven years ago, has stepped back into the ongoing debate over priestly celibacy with a new book defending the traditionalist view.
The surprise move is seen as a rebuke to Pope Francis, who is weighing the possibility of a revolutionary move to relax the strict celibacy requirement for ordination in some South American countries where the shortage of priests is particularly acute.
In the as-yet-unpublished book, whose title translates as From the Depths of Our Hearts, Benedict and his co-author, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, defend the "necessity" of celibacy in the priesthood. On Sunday, the French newspaper Le Figaro printed excerpts, which were also obtained by The Associated Press.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Maronite Cardinal Warns Against Abolishing Celibacy

Edit: this Cardinal expressed these views in 2012. His comments only appeared on back before it got shut down by the secret police for criticizing sodomites and saying that a celebrated German comedian, a kind of Benny Hill, was boiling in rotten sewage for eternity. As far as we know, the webmaster, whose identity was discovered a few years ago after a nationwide manhunt, is still at liberty, but we haven’t heard.

Philippe Cardinal Barbarin

Of all things the Greek-Catholic Bishops, whose clergy is married,  have warned against abolishing celibacy.

( On the 27th of Septemer Philippe Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon at the French magazine 'Paris Match' commented on the slow burning media issue of "celibacy".

"Don't squander this treasure"

The Cardinal recalled that Pope Benedict XVI had addressed this already in the first Bishops' Synod.

It was then that the former Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Cardinal Sfeir (92) spoke especially caustically about the abolishing of celibacy.

"Even with us, the Maronites, priests may marry"  -- explained the Cardinal:  "During the war in Lebanon, all of the married priests left with their wives and children."

No one blamed them for that: "Actually, the only ones remaining behind, were those who were married to their communities."

He continued: "Don't squander this gift".

"What do you want me to tell you?"

'Paris Match'  grasped desperately in the air, suggesting that supposedly twenty percent of the clergy live with a woman.

"A High statistic" -- cried Cardinal Barbarin:  "That is, as we would say, that thirty percent of husbands   betray their wives."

"What do you want me to tell you?" -- was the Cardinal's pugnacious reaction.

It would be natural to desire that people who are married are faithful:  "Even the Republic wants that."

Cardinal Barbarin recalled then that even civil servants officiating civil marriages in the mayor's office use the words "respect" and "faithfulness".


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Bishop Oster: “The Danger is a Split is Greater”

Passau Bishop skeptical about possible changes in sexual teaching by DBK: "We might then be out of the media focus, but at the same time religious indifference would grow.”

Passau ( The Passau Bishop Stefan Oster has commented on his blog once again at the spring plenary meeting of the German Bishops' Conference in Lingen and once again addressed the painful topic of "abuse.” Oster recalled that the phenomenon of abuse of children and adolescents naturally also existed in the rest of society. In the case of the victims, however, the ratio of girls to boys is around 4: 1, whereas in the Church it is usually the other way round, that is to say rather 1: 4. So he asks himself: "Who is drawn to the ‘Church system’ here - and how do we deal with it? How does priestly life today succeed under such radically changed social conditions? What role does the phenomenon of same-sex orientation play, even among priests?”

Oster once again praised celibacy, stressing that he considers life in the example of Jesus to be a great spiritual treasure in our Church, while he considers a farewell to priestlycelibacy “a great spiritual loss". "Our way of life already points to the actual, life completely filled with Him in the reality of God, in which one is loved not less but more and more deeply loved - but just not married anymore (Lk 20,35) .. Successful celibate life testifies to a fertility which comes from the Lord, and which exceeds purely biological fertility, contributing to the birth of new children of God (cf Jn 3: 3),”  writes Oster. His option is therefore that one must try everything to preserve the way of life of Jesus as a way of life for the priests. But one must also look honestly.

He also saw a direct connection between the "spiritual substance of a believing people" and the "spiritual substance of priestly life" and thus also the number of priests the Lord gave to the people. For Easter, therefore, a change based merely on structural "needs" was much too short. In a free election of celibacy for priests, according to the bishop, the celibate form of life among the diocesan priests would disappear rather quickly and be confined to the monasteries.

He was also skeptical of Cardinal Marx's promotion of sexual morality. It is necessary to justify here why what was previously sin is now no longer sin and now perhaps even should be blessed. These questions also touch upon the doctrine of faith and ethics so much that at the same time there must be a development on the world Church level. "Some hope for an impetus from us in Germany, which would then be so intense and convincing that it could prevail  in the world Church or just could apply to us because of regional differences. I think both ideas are not realistic,” said Oster.

The bishop also criticized the fact that in Lingen reference was made to "new human scientific insights" without actually putting them into practice. He did not really hear anything substantial here. "Rather, I am convinced that the theology of the body developed by Pope John Paul II unveils the constitution of human beings as a personal, relationship-oriented, sexual being in a well-grounded way. At the same time, it does justice to our biblical tradition and, in my opinion, also addresses the heights of humanistic sciences," emphasizes the bishop, while there are all too many of the “reform minded” that rather want to “dampen further development”  in the area of sexual morality, since otherwise the frustrations afterwards would only be all the greater and likewise offers the danger of a split. With this topic, however, Oster is focused upon the trust in the Lord and that this can actually change and deepen the ability to love. This always includes and does not exclude the dimension of sexuality and, in his view, leads to a sexual morality as the Church teaches.

Oster also points out that, even if there were a possible change in the Church's sexual morality, the Church would not be implicitly less the Church nor would the teaching somehow be more humane, more forgiving, and more acceptable to all. The situation of Protestant cousins makes this hope seem deceptive to Oster. "Maybe we would be out of the media focus, but at the same time, religious indifference would grow with not a few - when the Church is finally like a liberal society would like to have it. But I hardly see growth opportunities for the Church," said the bishop

In conclusion, the bishop believes that many faithful believers simply want to be Catholic and receive and live the faith as delivered and celebrated by the apostles, scripture, tradition and liturgy. He himself just wants to be Catholic and let himself be changed anew. I want to do that too, and I have repeatedly promised in my ordination as deacon, priest, and bishop that I will stand up and fight for this very belief with complete conviction, and I am sure that the Lord will bless all and anyone can also experience joy, who embarks on this path - no matter how challenging the times are,” writes Oster.

Diocese of Passau - Bishop Stefan Oster on the Church code of conduct (Vatican Codex) in the face of the sexual abuse scandal

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Tossati: "Priest Shortage? This Pope Gives no Incentive for Young Men"

(Rome) The question of the lack of priests, the abolition of celibacy as a prerequisite for the priesthood, and the admission of married men to the ordination of priests are now again discussed with particular insistence. In yesterday's edition of the La Vanguardia newspaper, their correspondent in Rome, Eusebio Val, published two full pages of an extensive report entitled "The Hour of Married Priests?" A reportage that allows interesting voices to be heard.

Snapshot at a priest's consecration: "Pray for priestly vocations"

La VanguardiaCatalonia 's largest daily newspaper, also reported on the positions of two leading Vatican officials, Sandro Magister and Marco Tosatti, both of whom are critical of the pontificate of Pope Francis. Both argue that the Argentine pope really insists that the abolition of celibacy is "not a solution" for the priestly shortage, but at the same time, in his own environment, a way of overcoming the priestly shortage which forsees the abolition of priestly celibacy.
The daily newspaper cites the Vaticanista Sandro Magister statement to Pope Francis:
"He always speaks in an ambiguous way. We should not be surprised. This is his style. The ambiguity opens a gap in order to discuss something, and then, in the end, to decide in the end. "
No less critical was Marco Tosatti. Pope Francis did not contribute to the promotion of priestly vocations and correcting the priestly shortage:
"It seems obvious to me that this pope is not providing an incentive for young men (towards the priesthood). The numbers say that, and you can not discuss numbers."
Religious orders and communities, such as the Franciscans of the Immaculate or the Priestly Society of the Holy Apostles, have many vocations." But this is exactly why they "are today attacked by their bishop or the pope."
And further:
"If young men join them [communities and orders], and you have one thing over their heads, then you can not expect vocations to arise in other places."
For both Vaticanistas, says La Vanguardia , the question of how the priestly deficit can be remedied is not about "liberalizing or relativizing the doctrine of the Church, but the exact opposite." The young people who have a calling feel serious and want to be taken seriously. They do not want the same thing in the Church that they can find elsewhere. They commit themselves for a lifetime. They must do this for what is worthwhile and not merely for a general discourse of goodness and solidarity. They are looking for more and they do not find it at the moment. That seems obvious to me."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / Blog do Fernando (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Militant Bishop's Widow and Pope Friend, Clelia Luro is Dead

(Buenos Aires) Clelia Luro, the militant widow of former Catholic bishop Jeronimo Podesta is dead, the former bishop of the Diocese of Avellaneda, Argentina turned to the end of the 60s to Marxist Liberation Theology and the Soviet paradise of the workers and peasants. In 1967 the Vatican had urged him to resignation as diocesan bishop and made titular bishop. In 1971 Podesta turned his back on the Church and married his secretary, Clelia Luro. As "Tabernacle Bolshevik" Podesta worked, flattered, as a former Catholic bishop, in the Soviet-directed Christian Peace Conference (CFRP). In this medium, the Catholic left two fought for the abolition of celibacy, and for the "general" priesthood instead of the "ministerial priesthood" and a rebuilding of the Church in base communities.

Luro: "Bergoglio called me every Sunday"

As Podesta died in 2000 in great poverty, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the only member of the Argentine episcopacy who visited him. Since then, there had been a cordial relationship between the Archbishop and current Pope, with Podesta's widow. The two phoned each other once a week. A habit that Cardinal Bergoglio at least partially retained as Pope Francis. Luro, however, could not make friends with Pope Benedict XVI.. Luro wrote him several letters, even in her own name, other times in the name of this or that progressive "base community". However, she ran to Benedict XVI. with her demands for the abolition of celibacy, approval of remarried divorcees to the sacraments and the "democratization" of the Church and that does not open doors.

Clelia Luro died in hospital in Buenos Aires. She got to know Bishop Jeronimo Podesta in 1966. The then 39 year-old mother of six children lived separated from her husband. She went along with the bishop in a new relationship that caused Podesta after a long double life to give up the priesthood and episcopacy. Under Pope Paul VI. thousands of priests turned away from their calling, and were transported back to the lay state. Luro, meanwhile, had divorced. In 1972 they married. In one of the letters to Pope Benedict XVI. she emphasized that the known liberation theologian Archbishop Helder Camara of Olindo and Recife had "blessed" their marriage.

Podesta was Especially Important to Bergoglios Upon his Death 

A few days before the election of Pope Francis, Luro said in an interview: "A month before his death Jeronimo said to me, 'Clelia, I will speak with the Archbishop.'" The woman asked him why he wanted to do this since the predecessor of Bergoglio had refused any conversation. "He is a very intelligent Jesuit, he will listen to me," replied her Podesta. "The two spoke two hours together. Jeronimo was very happy then," so went Luros' story.

As Podesta was dying in San Camillo Hospital, Archbishop Bergoglio prematurely ended a commitment and rushed to the hospital. He gave Podesta Extreme Unction. The former bishop was no longer conscious, "but he held my hand firmly," Archbishop Bergoglio said according to her.

"I know what it meant for Jeronimo to be near Bergoglio at his departure from this life," said Luro. The Archbishop had told the nurses in the hospital. "Don't send Clelia away, let her be there with him to the end." "Before I was allowed to stay with my husband only 15 minutes. Since then sympathy and gratitude for Bergoglio has grown in me ... He is a man of gestures, and some believe because of these gestures," said Luro.

Luro "Prophecy": Pope Francis Will "Soon" to Abolish Priestly Celibacy

Luro was a crusader for her own right. But the Pope also served in this. In early July, Luro was spoke to the German-speaking world, as she told the press a few months after the papal election of the Austrian daily, Die Presse to be sure that Pope Francis will abolish celibacy priest "soon." As the widow of a former priest and bishop, the fight against celibacy was a hobbyhorse for Luros, as previously also that of her husband, which she rode up to her death.

In the beginning of early 2012, he published an interview book with his friend, the Rabbi of Buenos Aires, Abraham Skorka, "About Heaven and Earth" (the German edition was not published until after his election to the papacy), the then Cardinal Bergoglio said about priest celibacy: "It is an issue that will be discussed in Western Catholicism at the insistence of some organizations. Currently it holds fast to the discipline of celibacy. Some say with a certain pragmatism that we lose workers. Suppose western Catholicism would reconsider the issue of celibacy, so I think it would do it for cultural reasons (as in the East) and not so much as a universal option. At the moment I am in favor of maintaining celibacy, with all the pros and cons that it brings with it, because there are ten centuries with more positive than negative experiences ... The tradition has its weight and validity. The Catholic priest chose celibacy gradually. In 1100 some elected to, others were not ... it's a matter of discipline, not of faith. You can change it. Personally, I never came to mind to marry."

"Repent, Observe Celibacy" and Not a Double Life - Archbishop Bergoglio and Celibacy

What the Archbishop of Buenos Aires did not brook, was a priest living a double life. "If someone comes to me and tells me that he has impregnated a woman, I listen to him, I try to calm him down and slowly, slowly I make him understand that the natural law comes before his right as a priest. Consequently, he must give up his priesthood and to accept his child, even if he should decide not to marry the woman. For just as this child has the right to have a mother, so it also has the right to have a father with a face. I take care of his papers in Rome, but he must give up everything. Now, if a priest tells me that he was carried away that he made a mistake, then I will help him to deal better with passion. There are priests, some better, but not others. Unfortunately, some won't even to say it to the bishop. "With the better," said Cardinal Bergoglio, "repent and observe celibacy. The double life is not good for us, I do not like, it means yielding to falsehood. Sometimes I tell them, 'If you are unable to tolerate it, then make a decision,'" said Cardinal Bergoglio in his conversation with Rabbi Skorka in the book.

So was Clelia Luros' assertion last summer merely wishful thinking? How Pope Francis responded in telephone conversations with the window, of the particularly joyful interview after his election, is not known, nor when the Pope called for the last time. The two telephoned anyway on the 7th of September according to Luro. It was then she accused Gustavo Gutierrez, the "Father" of liberation theology, of having treated her husband poorly in the 90s once (see own contribution Cardinal Cipriani: "Müller is a Bit Naive" - Impulsive Clelia Luro: Has Liberation Theology Really Changed? ).

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Picture: Priest Renta
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Murder Plot Against Pope Francis? The Mad World of Paul Zulehner and the Austrian Media

Pope Zulehner
(Vienna) A neutral statement of the interview appointed new Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin, should trigger a new celibacy debate. At least, it is desired in progressive Church circles. The Austrian pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner is sure that Pope Francis wants to abolish priestly celibacy and hopes that the Pope is not killed before he can by his enemies. In the tangled, cabaret plot world of Zulehner the possible perpetrators are also certain: There are, of course, "conservatives".

Two days ago an interview took place with the future Secretary of State of the Holy See, Monsignor Pietro Parolin. Compared to a business newspaper in Caracas, Venezuela, where Parolin is currently still Apostolic Nuncio, the Archbishop appointed number two in the Vatican Curia by Pope Francis, said that the priest celibacy was "no dogma". Which is really no stretch. The need for a purely "formal-technical" response to Parolin is controversial. The new Secretary of State responded to a question from journalists, including several inquiries, but without expressing a personal opinion. Numerous media made of it a sensationalist presentation of readiness for the abolition of celibacy. An intention which can not be seen from Parolin's words like that, but grist to the mill for progressive Church circles that are promoted by the mass media of the unchurched with special fondness. Celibacy is an eyesore to the world.

ORF and verbeamteter churches Definer Zulehner play each other for the ball

Various "tenured" Church officials with progressive soundbites immediately jumped on the media train. In an especially colorful way, it was motivated by the Austrian pastoral theologian, Paul Zulehner. The priest and university professor emeritus, who was from 2000 to 2007 Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna, is not representative of the Catholic Church, but so aptly represents the state of the Catholic Church in Austria. This also means that in questions about Church, Zulehner is a permanent resident in the ORF [Formerly Reichsender Radio during WWII]. Through his glasses, he explains for Austrian state radio to the Austrians, how things should run in the Church.

Since the wish is father to the thought, and the desire surprising celibacy abolition is also in the ORF religion Editorial little, was promptly re Paul Zulehner asked by the ORF into the studio to tell the Austrian public, what used to think it about celibacy.

Zulehner has reliably fulfilled all expectations and more. In the words Parolins himself gave, the pastoral theologian is "optimistic" that priestly celibacy could fall soon. He assumed the new Secretary of State, who had personally expressed no opinion, just that he would actually loosen celibacy. But that's not enough, he transferred from Parolin, a desire easily subordinated to Pope Francis. The time is "ripe to consider the abolition of celibacy for Catholic priests," said Zulehner, who wants to say something out of his mouth, that the priestly celibacy should have been abolished long ago. Zulehner's position is already known on that.

Zulehner's Antipathy to Celibacy is Nothing New - So He Adds an Assassination Plot

So, if there nothing new under the sun, not even for all the opponents of celibacy, Zulehner was best permitted by ORF to give his opinion, and not a defender of celibacy, and thus the official Church teaching and discipline.

But in order to secure, despite his too-familiar position on celibacy, Zulehner has to put some attention on a log. And pretty brazen at that. Pope Francis would fundamentally reform the church and finally eliminate just like the priest celibacy. Zulehner hopes that the Pope will push through his reform plans, which of course the pastoral theologian is pretending to know exactly, but only he, because the Pope has made known no specific "reform plans". Not all. Because of the alleged intention to eliminate celibacy, he, Zulehner, has fears for the Pope. The pastoral theologian said he hopes that Pope Francis would not previously killed by his opponents.

The Invention of a Rumor - Mythical Applause for a "Different" Church Zulehner literally told ORF Vorarlberg: "Some people also fear that the Conservatives are too many and that some also considering to kill him [the Pope]. There are such rumors. "Rumors, which of course in turn, only Zulehner knows. In other words, ORF viewers were witnesses as a rumor was invented and brought into the world.

The ORF also interviewed the head of pastoral care for the diocese of Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Walter Schmolly, who applauded the abolition of priestly celibacy, who was "delighted" by Archbishop Parolin's utterance. He also mentioned the lack of priests and celibacy debate in one breath, as there is a "need" to lift priestly celibacy and as could be that the lack of priests, the expression of a far deeper crisis, namely a crisis of faith and radical demographic shifts is to be "structurally" solved.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred AMGD

Monday, February 25, 2013

Damian Thompson’s Fangs Come Out : Celibacy

The Fourth Estate Continues its Assault on Behalf of Powers and Principalities.

Edit: noting the increasingly and unsurprising hostility of the Telegraph in recent times is interesting, especially in reading Damian Thompson’s diatribe against priestly celibacy.  The boyish, single and industrious editor is now insisting that something which has worked for centuries no longer works.  Like the most annoying heathen media personality, he’s taking a very censorious tone indeed.

We’ve noted earlier that he’s been slyly pushing the envelope on the Gomorrah front for a while.  Did Damian Thompson receive Holy Orders recently?

Thompson insists that having a married clergy was an ancient tradition of the Church, but what he fails to note is that clerical celibacy is of Apostolic origin, as Cardinal Levada himself insists.  Indeed, the Apostles, though married, took up their staffs and followed Christ, leaving their families behind.

He writes:

Yesterday, Cardinal O’Brien was in the headlines for a different reason. He has been reported to the Vatican for alleged “inappropriate acts” with three priests and one ex-priest of his diocese. The papal ambassador to Britain, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, has forwarded the allegations to Rome.

It’s important to say that the Cardinal has not been charged with an offence. But the juxtaposition of these allegations with his claim that universal celibacy is an unrealistic ideal illustrates the sexual tension that is pulling apart the Catholic priesthood. To put it bluntly, the new Pope must confront the suffocating hypocrisy of the Vatican and Bishops’ Conferences on this subject. For example, I’ve never heard a bishop acknowledge what is obvious to so many of us: that in certain large cities in the Western world, a majority of Catholic priests are gay, albeit celibate. If the Vatican were to enforce its current ruling that homosexuals per se are unsuitable for the priesthood, then it would have innumerable empty urban churches on its hands. And furious parishioners, too, since discreetly gay men often make wonderful priests. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a homophobe to wonder whether it’s healthy to have such an imbalance between the sexual instincts of priests and their flocks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Father Jolie Takes German Colleagues to Task

Editor: Father Jolie is head of the German Network of Catholic Priests, which has a wide membership. It supports initiatives coming from Rome, particularly concerning the new translation of the Mass which contains the words "pro multis" for the Consecration. He was also a signatory of the petition which is now being presented to the German Bishops in a room at a Hotel where they are meeting. Never mind that.

Why Celibacy Looks Rigid, Anachronistic and Bizarre.

Father Hendrick Jolie: In sex-crazed Germany priests are viewed with a mixture of consternation and sympathy.

The German battle against celibacy always leads back to the laicization of the country's clergy. This was according to Pastor Hendrick Jolie (47) at the beginning of February in an interview with the Catholic portal ''.

Today a priest in sex-crazed Germany is viewed with a "mixture of consternation and sympathy".

Father Jolie warns that this expression appears to be exaggerated:

"I experience it on location where it happens and I tell it factually firmly and without a trace of self-pity."

The Old Liberals Gentrified

The clergyman maintains that many priests are not convinced of the holiness and value of their station:

"You could recognize that already in the outer manner of many priests."

Most don't want to be "anything special", let people call them "Mr. XY" and lead average lives that can be hardly distinguished from an unmarried single burger bachelor.

Fr. Jolie tallies it off: "Home, car, vacation, free time, television, hobby -- most are into sports or a trendy hobby."

The address "Reverend" is painful to most priests:

"One of my colleagues, who upon seeing, for example, that I wear the soutane, makes a deep bow and insists on taking every opportunity to joke about it."

Just Not Priestly

The worst allegation in priestly circles is calling a colleague "clerical" -- "whatever that might mean".

Today a Catholic priest can be anything: "Homosexual, a masher [lecher], an apostate, a bird of paradise or a fantasy priest, just not: clerical."

Fr. Jolie continued: "Then they are socially complete."

In Liturgy he becomes fawning and takes great pains to avoid all appearance of distance or Sacrality:

"The more human, worldly and -- as people say amongst us -- "more charming" the priest's appearance the more beloved and folksy he is supposed to be."

Not a few priests go on vacation in the most common areas without the daily celebration of the Mass and not bringing priestly clothing.

What Father Jolie says then is conclusive:

"In the back ground of this manner of life celibacy appears in fact as extremely rigid, anachronistic and close to bizarre.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Theology Professors Are Completely Irrelevant: Celibacy Memorandum

Manfred Lutz about the Theology-Memorandum: The great intellectual debate in German takes place without Theology professors in place.

Rome ( The famous psychiatrist and Catholic theologian Manfred Lutz rejected the suggestion in an interview with "Radio Vatican", that he had encouraged the authors of the controversial Theology Memorandum to leave the Church and become protestants. "That really didn't happen. What I -- psychologically actually -- found very interesting: I wrote an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung in the beginning of February which was intentionally unpolemical in an admittedly polemical debate and finally made the impression, that really wasn't the case. The people understood even an unpolemical article in a polemical debate, polemically."

Lutz insisted during the interview that the Theological Memorandum is about power and powerlessness. "I believe that theology professors in Germany have a lot of power -- if they really are at once professors, they could actually do, what they want, and teach, what they want. They don't know anything else. On the other said there is the problem that these professors, that theology professors are not taken seriously an more. They are completely irrelevant. The great intellectual debate in Germany is taking place without theologians present. They are not being cited in the big papers and in talk shows either, the talk shows want Catholic positions and so they invite the Bishops."

For the theologians, it is certain that themes in the Church do not appeal to young people, but here we have an entire generation always bringing up the same concern. Lutz said of this: "I think this is the conservatism of the progressives in the Catholic Church". For the psychiatrists there are two conservative milieus in the Church. The one conserves that which they call "the Catholic". "And the other is always against, but always has proposals which the people well know they won't eke through. Then one can be hardened in
conservatively in a complaining ritual, and nothing changes."

For Lutz it is clear that everyone who has signed, actually knew that celibacy won't be overthrown by the debate. "And thus that we are now thoroughly angry about this, that which can't be overthrown, things aren't going to get better. Everyone knows that. One can hardly hardly exchange more arguments in the hope that the other side will take that as a real argument and not an attack. If they looked through the Memorandum once, psychologically: then the discussion would be worked out and pummeled into the Church, which isn't very fun, then to speak with such aggression." A dialog always begins on one side. Always begins with one speaking to another person, and the more meaningfully he does it, the more respectful he does it, the more the other will have the desire to answer. So begins the dialog", concluded Lutz with certainty.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardinal Lehman Attacks Cardinal Brandmüller's Letter in Defense of Celibacy

Cardinal Lehmann attacked Cardinal Brandmüller in his own paper "Glaube und Leben" and shamed himself with an open letter to the Cardinal -- no critical word for the CDU-Politicians -- see the Survey on Lehman  -- speak out!
The Face of Germany's Bloated Hierarchy

Mainz  ( Cardinal Karl Lehmann, the former President of the German Bishops Conference had sharply attacked the Roman Curial Cardinal Brandmüller, because he had criticized a provocative assertion about celibacy by some CDU-Zdk politicians.  The politicians had made an appeal to the German Bishops advocating for a change in the practice of celibacy.  In this, they posed the question, "how can the growing priest shortage be managed?"

Lehmann spoke in connection with the provacative letter of "eight serving CDU-politicians in the Federal and National level", who recalled "one such inexhaustible theme" that has been discussed in the Church well "over 40years long".  Then the Mainz Bishop spoke of a "climbing priest shortage"  -- a contention, which appeared elsewhere in the last days in "Focus" --which was disproved by editor Alexander Kissler -- if one did not ordain priests "men who've proved themselves in families and occupations".  Lehmann recognized then that he had always took pains so that the Church is also "open to new ways of thinking" with an afterthought about the priesthood, "without that the discussion was already identical with an answer on these difficult questions".  For the Cardinal was also "expectant", that these questions about the "viri probati" [responsible men in families and marriages] would come again in the order of the day, if one were invited to a "Dialog Process" over today's questions.

Then Lehman attacked Cardinal Brandmüller's open letter and opines:  "I'm very ashamed of the tone taken by this open letter, and in all sympathy for the powerful objection of the letter by eight politicians for I have  worked for years as Bishop, active for a long time in Germany.  One must really not compare, if one touches on the subject of 'viri probati', speak of wanting 'another Church',  to put 'the German experience' in play, which 'leads to the path of the schism of a national German church.'"

Beloved by the Media
Lehman showed himself "deeply disappointed", as here for example the sitting Bundespresident, in any case after the Bundespresidents, the second authority in the land, a serving Bundesminister and three highly esteemed Ministerial Presidents are "attacked", who have worked in the Church for decades.  "This is not the style with which we go about our differences of opinion in this country."  For the Mainz Bishop, these opinions are "extreme", and even the opinions of the "Süddeutschen" he regards as "extreme".  "The Dialog Process must seek a new middle, without drifting into lazy compromises.  Hopefully we can come out of this stalled double dialog," he finally concluded.

Parts of Cardinal Brandmuller's letter, Celibacy Originates with the Time of Jesus, here translated from

You can participate in a poll on if you want, make the first selection if you think that Cardinal Lehmann should be ashamed of himself for attacking Cardinal Brandmueller.  Most of the readers of feel that Cardinal Lehman should be ashamed of himself at the bottom of the article, here.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celibacy Originates From the Time of Jesus and the Apostles: Cardinal Brandmuller

Cardinal Brandmuller: "It is a secure fact of science that at the beginning priests and Bishops were orained, but these from the day of consecration on family life continued, but not, however, the bond of marriage."
Photo of Cardinal Walter Brandmuller from the site ''

(, Vatikan) The Bavarian Church historian and Cardinal, Walter Brandmuller has challenged Anti-Celibacy politicians of the German CDU.

"What makes them legitimate as politicians, to take positions on internal-Church themes, when they have neither the office nor the knowledge?"

This question was put by the Cardinal in an open letter which appeared in the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung'.

Cardinal Brandmuller commented on a writing which was published last friday by eight politicans of the German homosexual and abortion CDU party.

Within there were arguments for the allowance of priestly marriage.

The Faith has failed, Not the Priest

In their writing these politicians made a connection between the priest shortage to the lifting of priestly celibacy worldwide.

Actually Cardinal Brandmuller refuted them.

He pointed to "the increasingly lower number of Mass goers and faithful, who receive the Sacraments."

The Union politicians were made to look like fools because for them "it wasn't only   celibacy, but the first steps back to an 'other Church'".

The German National Church is Shattered

The promotion for the German special way may lead to schism -- warned Cardinal Brandmuller:

"Are you aware that you are only part of a campaign that has been engaged since the beginning of the 19th Century -- and which is failed today.?" -- the Cardinal asks the politicians.

The CDU-functionaries have put a way of life in question, "those who are the overwhelming number of priests who are convinced and are living truthfully of their own free will."

Cardinal Brandmuller also informed these Union politicians that they are insulting Jesus Christ with this campaign:

"Priests who are living unmarried like the young Jesus do nothing else, besides making their manner of life like that of the Master."

The Priests of the Early Church Were Already Living Celibate Lives

Furthermore, the Prince of the Church explained to the anti-Celibacy politicians that the priestly celibacy is an apostolic tradition:

"It is surely scientifically proven that in the beginning married men were certainly ordained as priests and bishops, but from the day of consecration on, probably the family life continued, but not, however, the married bond."

That also goes for the researchers that even  an ecumenical Council itself couldn't ignore:

"It is therefore urgent  to express that this discussion, which we have already exhausted to tedium and  harmed and thoroughly multiplied the confusion of the faithful, be brought to an end."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Priestly Marriage Will Bring No Flowers

The new Bishop of Eisenstadt has in any case aligned himself more or less against Priestly marriage and the theologically non-existent women's ordination.

[ Eisenstadt] For the new Bishop of Eisenstadt, Msgr Zsifkovics, there are three points which are especially important: the proclamation of the Gospel, new missionary initiatives and to emphasize the vocation of all.

He said this in an interview with his Diocesan Paper 'Martinus'.

Speaking about celibacy and theologically non-existent woman's ordination, the Bishop is trying to engage in a "respectful disposition in the discussion".

"Respect for this reason, because behind there are one or several concrete persons, with their life and faith story" -- he chirped in old liberal-sentimentalist style for the position of the enemies of the Church.

First as second he calls for respect for the teaching of the Church.

A Married Priesthood will Never fill the Church

Msgr Zsifkovics turned against a pragmatic view of Celibacy.

Priestly marriage will not bring with itself "a flowering of pastors".

Celibacy would only be understood by the faithful.

It is a "high ideal", his life composed "complete and whole on the existence of God".

"Not without further" changeable?

In the theologically non-existent woman's ordination the Bishop said that there is a long tradition, which could "not without further alteration".

At the same time he pointed to the writing 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis' by Pope John Paul II in the year 1994. This document explained that the Church can not approve woman's ordination under any circumstances.

This had the status of a document formulated Dogmatically which the Bishop described as having "high binding character".

The Bishop doesn't want to stir any hopes, "from which I must basically suppose that they must lead some to disappointment."

Msgr Zsikovics explained quickly about his thankfulness for women, who've played an enormous roll in the Church.

The True Link

He rejected a link between celibacy and those rare occurrences of homosexual-violations.

"It is neither a purely Church problem, nor fundamentally linked with an unmarried state."

The real -- not mentioned by the Bishop -- link exists between the Sodomy-Clergy tolerated by the official Church and those perpetrated homosexual violations.

Adultery is a Mortal Sin

For the question of giving communion to adulterers, the Bishop said that he knows supposedly the "Suffering" of this shameless sin out of Pastoral experience.

"It can and may without out a doubt be said that the Church agonizes over the answer that is given."

As an answer the Bishop named neither contrition, nor penance or confession.

He only said that, "the fundamentals, model and ideal must hold."

Men do not use the dismissing of these ideals, rather their conservation.

"I am however also certain that in connection with the separated and remarried, the Church has much concern, it will not be patronizing toward them, rather offer them real help."

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Liberal German Bishop Promotes "Discussion" About Celibacy

The Catholic Church must discuss issues such as priestly celibacy, said the head of the church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, who also confirmed compensation would be paid to victims of clerical sexual abuse.

[DW] The Catholic Church must be prepared to confront and discuss taboo topics such as sexual morality and the celibacy of priests, the head of the church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, said on Friday.

Speaking at the conclusion of the two-day autumn plenary assembly of the German Bishops' Conference in the central city of Fulda, Zollitsch said "the issue of the ... personal, spiritual and sacramental life of our clergy has long been pressing."

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Celibacy is not the Ballast of History

Editor: Archbishop Marx got his head handed to him when he attempted to destroy the career and reputation of the Abbot of the Traditional Monastery of Ettal. Now the embattled Archbishop offers some hopeful words more in line with his the original assessment of the man as a conservative.

Germany. [] the first half year of this year was the worst time of his life. Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich confessed this during an interview with the regional newspaper 'Munnich Merkur'. The Archbishop had been advised like a forensic expert "in a bitter decision" during the abuse hysteria. [When he tried to railroad the Abbot and Prior of Ettal on charges of Sex Abuse] At the same time he held it absurd, that it's always promoted: "now the priesthood must introduce women and celibacy must be abolished." That is superficial and will go nowhere. Celibacy is no "superfluous ballast of history" and must be rediscovered like a priceless treasure.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Divisive Liberals over Celibate Priests

In what could be a scene from a Lasse Hallstrom film, a 50 year old Irish priest in an romantic locale, falls in love and tells his congregation who respond with a heartfelt standing-o. He breaks with tradition, like a man who turns his back on the tumult and chaos of a tired but loyal wife and riotous children for another woman, he's turned his back on the priesthood to which he was commited for 20 years.

It would be easy to spit on him in print. Could those who've met his departure with the cheers in the closing scene of an adolescent feel-good coming of age film really understand what this man has done? Do they understand the priesthood?

What is greater in scope in the treatment of this story is that there are others, mostly comfortable elitist journalists and liberal priests, who want to make this issue and others like it, with its subjective emotional mental states, self-realization and betrayals, into something else. These men, many of whom aren't actually Catholic, want to determine how the Church is run. Their spite is palpable and it's what has always given us an inkling of the truth of the Catholic Church's claims to be what She is, "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic".

They say that celibacy is a ridiculous rule and that the new incoming Anglicans will call all of this into question. The only thing that's certain is that any avenue of attack will do. Like the crowd that mocked our Lord at Calvary, a diabolical tumult will sound from the electronic media whose malice and desire to corrupt can reach unto every hearth and twist men's minds and make them unwhole; make them unwholesome.

The decision of Londonde cleric Fr Sean McKenna to leave the priesthood because he is in a relationship with a woman has raised again the issue of celibacy within the Catholic Church. It is obvious from the reception given to Fr McKenna by his congregation when he broke the news to them on Sunday that he was much admired as a priest and that that admiration follows him into his life as a lay person. The sadness that many people feel is that he had to choose between his vocation and his new relationship.

The Catholic Church has for centuries held the view that priests must be celibate. That, like its strict views on issues such as abortion and divorce and the ordination of women, is one of the attractions of the Church to those seeking certainties in their lives. However, others see celibacy as an outmoded restriction on the lives of priests.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vatican Holds Line of Celibacy for Anglican Rebels

by Ruth Gledhill

The Vatican today held the line on priestly celibacy as it published the document which opens the door for hundreds of thousands of disaffected Anglicans to become Roman Catholics.

Pope Benedict XVI has made it as easy as possible for traditional and “continuing” Anglicans to convert to Catholicism while retaining key elements of their ecclesiastical heritage, observers commented.

The Apostolic Constitution even allows for married Anglican bishops to be granted the status of retired Catholic bishops, to become members of the local Catholic bishops’ conference and to be granted permission to use the “insignia” of episcopal office, such as the mitre, pectoral cross and staff, by the Holy See in Rome.

But after a hard-fought battle within the Holy See former Catholic priests who left the Church to marry and subsequently became Anglican clergy will not be permitted to return.

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