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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Anti-Catholic Media Watch: 800 Children Were NOT Dumped in a Septic Tank

What has upset, confused and dismayed her in recent days is the speculative nature of much of the reporting around the story, particularly about what happened to the children after they died. “I never used that word ‘dumped’,” she says again, with distress. “I just wanted those children to be remembered and for their names to go up on a plaque. That was why I did this project, and now it has taken [on] a life of its own.” - Catherine Corless

Edit: the news is awash with the completely mendacious story of a Magdalen home in Tuam Ireland where fallen women and their illegitimate children were housed, and given a chance on life, as opposed to being preyed upon by pimps.  The story claims that 800 children were "dumped" in a "mass grave" in a "septic tank".  The story was an emotional one and conjured up the usual misogynistic images of cruel faces of doughty sadistic nuns in medieval cowls overseeing a mass murder.

The story was based on the work of an independent researcher, Catherine Corless who is horrified that her story has taken on such macabre dimensions and is being used to unfairly malign the Church, which is covered by the Catechesis of Caroline Blog.  We came by this at the comments at Father Ray's blog.

In fact, we find out that the image of the mass grave was false.  The septic tank contained not 800 but 20 infants.

When considering this story about the number of poor babies dying from malnutrition and "neglect".  We don't know the budget the nuns had to work with, but we are sure it wasn't unlimited.  It's also important to remember that during the time period covered from 1925-1961, that the world was undergoing an agricultural revolution where crop yields quintupled and food prices dropped.   Not surprisingly, many of the deaths from malnutrition occurred in 1944 when a world conflagration and German U-Boots made commerce risky and rationing was strictly enforced.  People were hungry during the war!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Australian Courts Open up the Flood Gates for Sex-Abuse Claims

In the spotlight ... The commission will investigate all institutions and was sparked by allegations of abuse and cover-up by the Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley. Photo: AFP

Edit: A friend just sent this in the e-mail. Let's hear it for objectivity in reporting by Austrialia's gloating and malignant Syndney Morning Herald as it heralds what will be a colossal and unjust blow against the Church in Australia.  Listening to some of the Australian bloggers, they seem absolutely demoralized.  These demonic media campaigns are very effective at causing despair in some circles.  We hope those effected by them do not give up hope.

Remember, priestly abuse is actually rare and the ones who are largely responsible for it (but also get away with it) are Leftists.

We've also noticed the unequal treatment in the media.  The anti-Catholic media bosses don't give as much time to the protestant churches, Sesame Street, Jewish rabbis or atheistic university professors.

[Alleged] VICTIMS of sexual abuse would be able to sue the Catholic Church for compensation as a result of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, legal experts say. 
And any victim of sexual abuse would be able to give evidence, if they wished. A discussion paper released late on Monday by the commission secretariat says the commission's findings ''may extend to ensuring that there are no obstacles to the making of claims and that there is sufficient support for victims of abuse in pursuing those claims''.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lawsuit Against Conservative Archbishop Flounders

Edit: a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of conservative Archbishop Finn owned a computer with child pornography on it.  That's a fact.  Yet there is no description or understanding how they got there.  Like many other priests accused of such things, he was assumed to be guilty and suffered immediate consequences, and his superiors who were in the process of investigating the claim, were likewise accused of negligence. The appearance of digital images on a computer without demonstrable proof that it got there for this priest's "enjoyment" should not be enough to destroy a man's reputation, let alone a Catholic Archbishop's reputation.

There are a lot of questions, which are never posed in any of the coverage we've seen so far in this case.

How did the knowledge of the images' presence find their way to the Diocesan authorities?  Who sent them?

Apparently, the Judge has more sense than Anderson and Associates.  This case and others like it coming to light are an indication that this current assault on the Catholic Church, to the general exclusion of other institutions in society, on behalf of rare cases of child abuse, is starting to provide diminishing returns.

Also, most of the accusations stem from the years of moral relativism's triumph in 1968 when trendy revolutionaries were taking over and gutting Monasteries, Seminaries and churches for their own self-gratification and lust for power.  Many lefty j(There are now few Catholic religious in positions of authority, since they've been virtually hounded out of education) ournalists chaffed at the suggestion when the Pope made it, but it's absolutely true and those who scoff at it are unwilling to look at the actual data which justifies the claim.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Liberal Irish Archbishop Continues His Quest for Church "Reform"

Edit: When he's not campaigning for  global warming hysteria, he's campaigning for moral panic, and the severing of the Irish Church from Rome.

He still doesn't have a Cardinal's hat, either.
After going to Wiki, there were all kinds of questionable statements from this man.   One of the more indicative points of view he suffers, is that he ignores that eighty percent of the cases of clerical abuse in the Catholic Church were homosexual in nature. The Archbishop basically covers his politically correct bases, from the delusional:

In 2005 Archbishop Martin, said that being gay should not prevent a man becoming a Catholic priest. "You don't write off a candidate for the priesthood simply because he is a gay man,
And the patently false:

But, he noted, "you cannot identify homosexuality with paedophilia". He said that paedophilia is "not the result of homosexuality, nor is it a result of celibacy"[2][Source

On Civil  Unions:

" He also said that while the Catholic Church favoured marriage, "it is not against other forms of intimacy" [Source]".

He is basically in the same boat as Cardinal Schönborn, "helping" with the priest shortage by promoting lay involvement, soft-peddling homosexuality if not pedaling for it.

But we warned two years ago that this Archbishop's crocodile tears were about another agenda.  Actually, we're pretty certain it has to do with an eventual Schism of the Irish Church, abetted by Enda Kenny and an assault on the Altar.

We won't deny that there's a cabal in the Vatican and other parts of the Church as he suggests, but it is more than obvious that Archbishop Kenny has more interest in forming a more independent, lay run, state sponsored establishment than he has in representing the truths of the Catholic Faith itself.  He'll continue to pretend to be the good guy, and the anti-Catholic press will continue to support him.

Sunday September 04 2011

The Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has admitted that "a cabal" protecting clerical sex abusers may be operating at the highest levels in the Catholic Church.
Dr Martin said: "There may be a cabal in Cloyne. They may have friends in other parts of the Irish Church. They may have friends in Irish society. There may be friends in the Vatican."
Asked yesterday who was preventing the protection of children, he said: "The numbers that are involved in this are few. The damage that these people cause is horrendous. It's for all of us to see where they are, but in the long term I have to take the responsibility that in Dublin there are not cabals who reject our child protection

Link to article, here...

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Salesians In Rome Are Talking About Punishing Dutch Salesians Over Legalization of Pederasty Remark

UPDATE: We were told that the Salesians have relieved both men from their positions as of 17:45 GMT.

Editor: what a terrible breach of trust that not only one of the rank and file, but the leadership itself is thoroughly corrupt, shiftless and morally numb. It's even more horrifying when you realize that the order of Dom Bosco has a mission to care for young boys and educate them. At least someone in Rome has a moral sense. Frankly, this is why the Inquisition should be restored. Such shameless monsters should be hurried to trial and given punishments all the way up to death, for their heresy and perfidity. This should put the Inquisition in proper perspective for those who still believe the Black Legend.

Incidentally, this is something which the left has long been promoting both in Europe and the United States, here. It just might be that people might not want to have to travel to far away places to enjoy forbidden pleasures.

Disciplinary measures urged against Dutch Priest, who has suggested the liberalization and decriminalization of Pedophilia.

Rome-Utrecht ( Salesian Order has decided to distance themselves because of the statements and demeanor of a Dutch colleague's statements on the subject of pedophilia. The Order's Headquarters has strenuously condemned the deportment of Father B and suggest disciplinary measures, it was said in a statement on Monday.

The 73 year old religious has outed himself as a member of the militant organization "Martijn" for the liberalization and decriminalization of pedophiles. The Roman Headquarters of the Order criticized the statements of the Dutch Salesian Superior, P. Herman Spronck, who referred with sympathy for the behavior of Fr. B and said "certain relationships are not necessarily punishable".

Members of such organizations as Father B. is, are "absolutely unacceptable" with the principles, values and traditions of the Salesians, the General Procurator of the Order, P. Francesco Maraccani, was heard to a signed statement. The Congregation has distanced itself from the conduct of a single colleague. You complain that with this announcement that we've injured a lot of people: "WE understand the pain and offer our apology in the name of the Order of Dom Bosco".

The Salesian Order will stay true to the pedagogical tradition of Don Bosco and to the teaching office of the Church, it said in the text. "The complete and total respect toward children, adolescetns and youth remain for us a fundamental and unalterable position", said the Order's Administration.

Copyright Katolische Presseagentur, Wien, Österreich.

Link to original,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catholic Property Sold for 10 Million: These Are The Fruits of Liberalism

[Burlington Free Press] The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington has completed the sale of its headquarters at 351 North Ave. to Burlington College for $10 million to help pay for the recent settlement in about two dozen sexual abuse lawsuits involving priests in Vermont.

The diocese and the college finished signing the final paperwork late Friday, according to a statement from the Most Rev. Salvatore R. Matano, bishop of the statewide diocese.

With the sale of the central administration building, the diocesan offices will move into leased space at 55 Joy Drive in South Burlington at the end of May. The property is owned by Pizzagalli Properties and has been offered “at a very reasonable rate,” Matano said in a two-page statement. The property abuts Rice Memorial High School, one of two Catholic high schools left in Vermont.

Rad further, here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Francisco Condemns Catholic Church

In Minnesota, they try to be more covert about their anti-Catholicism, but now, all three branches of government, including the fourth estate, feel emboldened to attack the Catholic Church. It's not a hyperbole to say that they share a certain commonality with another government of the Twentieth Century.

It shouldn't be necessary to remind people that many Communists in German and Austria joined the Nazi party. There just isn't that much difference, but they shared other common pursuits and interests as well, including hatred for the Catholic Church and the manipulation of moral panic for political purposes. Here it is again:

By Kathleen Gilbert

SAN FRANCISCO, October 26, 2010 ( - The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has shakily allowed to stand a resolution by the city government of San Francisco that lambasted the Vatican as "meddl[ing]" and "insult[ing]" for reaffirming its teaching against homosexual adoption, and which urged Church officials to disobey the Magisterium.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2006 had issued a statement clarifying that Catholic Church agencies, in line with the Church's moral teaching on sexuality, should not hand over children to homosexual couples seeking to adopt. The statement was prompted by Catholic Charities branches in Boston and San Francisco choosing to cooperate with homosexual couples seeking adoption.

As a result, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors later that year issued a nonbinding resolution that personally attacked Cardinal William Levada, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and former archbishop of San Francisco, and his directive as "discriminatory and defamatory."

Photo: Canari Visioni.
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