Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lawsuit Against Conservative Archbishop Flounders

Edit: a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of conservative Archbishop Finn owned a computer with child pornography on it.  That's a fact.  Yet there is no description or understanding how they got there.  Like many other priests accused of such things, he was assumed to be guilty and suffered immediate consequences, and his superiors who were in the process of investigating the claim, were likewise accused of negligence. The appearance of digital images on a computer without demonstrable proof that it got there for this priest's "enjoyment" should not be enough to destroy a man's reputation, let alone a Catholic Archbishop's reputation.

There are a lot of questions, which are never posed in any of the coverage we've seen so far in this case.

How did the knowledge of the images' presence find their way to the Diocesan authorities?  Who sent them?

Apparently, the Judge has more sense than Anderson and Associates.  This case and others like it coming to light are an indication that this current assault on the Catholic Church, to the general exclusion of other institutions in society, on behalf of rare cases of child abuse, is starting to provide diminishing returns.

Also, most of the accusations stem from the years of moral relativism's triumph in 1968 when trendy revolutionaries were taking over and gutting Monasteries, Seminaries and churches for their own self-gratification and lust for power.  Many lefty j(There are now few Catholic religious in positions of authority, since they've been virtually hounded out of education) ournalists chaffed at the suggestion when the Pope made it, but it's absolutely true and those who scoff at it are unwilling to look at the actual data which justifies the claim.

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