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Monday, April 30, 2018

Cardinal Marx Attacks Bavarian Cross Proposal -- Calls Söder "Divisive"

The head of the German Bishops' Conference attacked the Bavarian Prime Minister. "If the cross is only seen as a cultural symbol, it has not been understood," says Reinhard Marx.

Hard criticism of Söder: Cardinal Reinhard Marx Photo: dpa / Sven Hoppe

[Tagesspiegel] The head of the Catholic German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, has criticized the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder for his cross-decree. It was encouraging "division, unrest, against each other," said Marx in an interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".
"If the cross is only seen as a cultural symbol, it has not been understood," said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising. "Then the cross would be expropriated in the name of the state."

It was not up to the state to explain what the cross meant, said Marx. It was "a sign of opposition to violence, injustice, sin and death, but no sign against other people." Marx considers the social debate about the cross to be important, but everyone should be involved: Christians, Muslims, Jews and those who are not really religious.
The state must ensure that religious beliefs can be articulated. But it can not determine what the content of this religious belief is. It could do something to make those values ​​live.  "And this is what the state does with us." The Gospel can not be translated one-to-one into practical politics, Marx said. "From a Christian point of view, however, it should be a guiding principle for politicians to respect the dignity of every human being, especially the weak. He who hangs a cross must be judged by these standards."

more on the subject

New Prime Minister Crusader Söder and self-confident Bavaria

Here I am: Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister (CSU)
Patrick Guyton
The Bavarian state cabinet had decided that from June a cross must hang in every office of  state. In the view of the state government, this should express the "historical and cultural character" of Bavaria and be "a visible commitment to the basic values ​​of the legal and social order". The decision was controversial throughout Germany. (AP)

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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Ecclesiastical "Illuminati" -- List of Catholic Conspirators

(Rome) The fog lifts and the list of participants in the secret meeting, which took place on Whit Monday at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, completes itself. The list is a who's who of the spearhead of Kasperians (Kasperistas) in the Catholic Church. whose declared aim is a new marriage and morality. The secret meetings of the "Enlightened Ones" was used to define the strategies with which the overthrow of the Synod of Bishops next October can be achieved.
One striking aspect was a list published by  Rorate Caeli  is that it is strongly overweighted with Germans. It makes it clear who is the driving force behind the coup attempt in internal Church matters on divorce and homosexuality. Strikingly, the strong presence of the Jesuits in the circle of "Illuminati" is obviously because they are  considered  as more "enlightened", as opposed to the rest of the Church.
Unlike initially suspected,    La Repubblica J ournalist Marco Ansaldo was y no means the only media representative present.   Ansaldo was only the first who was allowed to write about the meeting. Ansaldo is a journalist, in the Italian daily newspaper founded by Eugenio Scalfari  La Repubblica . He comes from a  family  with a long tradition of masonic atheists.  Scalfari was the preferredd interlocutor of  Pope Francis  and author of controversial Pope interviews bringing him  international fame. Ansaldo was the only Italian journalist who took part in the secret meetings.
Crushing, however, was the presence of media representatives from the German-speaking world. In addition to the Jesuits' Hagenkord, head of the German section of Vatican Radio, only secular media were represented, but only of large "caliber". The same applies for Switzerland. From France, however, only media representatives  financed by the Catholic Bishops' Conference  were invited to Rome.
The presence of media representatives indicate that far-reaching operations are planned to be supported media to influence public opinion. The scheme is reminiscent of the Second Vatican Council and the strategically planned approach the Rheinisch alliance that has come together again with a largely new cast.
How is Pope Francis to respond to the secret meeting? Was he informed about the secret meeting? Questions that will probably  find a response in the coming weeks and months.
Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, President of the German Bishops' Conference
Archbishop Georges Pontier, Archbishop of Marseille, President of the French Bishops' Conference
Bishop Markus Büchel, Bishop of St. Gallen, President of the Swiss Bishops' Conference
Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabruck, Germany
Bishop Heiner Koch of Dresden-Meissen, Germany
Bishop Felix Gmür from Basel, Switzerland
Bishop Jean-Marie Lovey Sion, Switzerland
Bishop Bruno Ann-Marie Feillet of Reims, France
Bishop Jean-Luc Brunin of Le Havre, France
Father Hans Langendörfer SJ, Secretary General of the German Bishops' Conference (Germany)
Father Hans Zollner SJ, professor of Psychology, Vice-rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (Germany)
Father Achim Buckmaier, priestly community of KIG, Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Academy for the Theology of God's People of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, Consultor of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization (Germany)
Father Andreas R. Batlogg SJ, professor of Philosophy and Theology, chief editor of "Voices of Time" (Austria)
Father Alain Thomasset SJ, Professor of Moral Theology, Centre Sèvres (France)
Fr. Humberto Miguel Yañez SJ, Professor of Moral Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (Argentina)
Eberhard Schockenhoff, Professor of Moral Theology, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)
Philippe Bordeyne, Professor of Theology, Catholic University of Paris, (France)
François Xavier Amherdt, priest of the Diocese of Sion, theologian, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
Prof. Thomas Söding, professor of New Testament exegesis, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
Prof. Werner G. Jeanrond, theologian, Master of St Benet's Hall, Oxford in England (Germany)
Prof. Erwin Dirscherl, dogmatists, University of Regensburg (Germany)
Prof. Monique Baujard, director of the National Service Famille et Société of the French Bishops' Conference (France)
Prof. Eva Maria Faber, Dogmatikerin, fundamental theologian, rector of the Theological College of Chur in Switzerland (Germany)
Prof. Thierry Collaud, theologian, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
Prof. Francine Charoy, moral theologian, Catholic University of Paris (France)
Prof. Anne-Marie Pelletier, Old Testament exegesis, Institut Européen des Sciences of Religions IESR, Paris (France), Ratzinger Prize winner 2014
Msgr. Markus Graulich SDB, prelate auditor of the Sacra Rota Romana, undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts (Germany)
Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Community of Sant'Egidio (Italy)
Father Bernd Hagenkord SJ, director of the German section of Vatican Radio (Germany)
Simon Hehli, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)
Tilmann Kleinjung, ARD (Germany)
Michael Bewerunge, ZDF (Germany)
Joerg Bremer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)
Frédéric Mounier, La Croix (France)
Antoine-Marie Izoard, I-Media (France)
Marco Ansaldo, La Repubblica (Italy)
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Il Timone
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Australian Courts Open up the Flood Gates for Sex-Abuse Claims

In the spotlight ... The commission will investigate all institutions and was sparked by allegations of abuse and cover-up by the Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley. Photo: AFP

Edit: A friend just sent this in the e-mail. Let's hear it for objectivity in reporting by Austrialia's gloating and malignant Syndney Morning Herald as it heralds what will be a colossal and unjust blow against the Church in Australia.  Listening to some of the Australian bloggers, they seem absolutely demoralized.  These demonic media campaigns are very effective at causing despair in some circles.  We hope those effected by them do not give up hope.

Remember, priestly abuse is actually rare and the ones who are largely responsible for it (but also get away with it) are Leftists.

We've also noticed the unequal treatment in the media.  The anti-Catholic media bosses don't give as much time to the protestant churches, Sesame Street, Jewish rabbis or atheistic university professors.

[Alleged] VICTIMS of sexual abuse would be able to sue the Catholic Church for compensation as a result of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, legal experts say. 
And any victim of sexual abuse would be able to give evidence, if they wished. A discussion paper released late on Monday by the commission secretariat says the commission's findings ''may extend to ensuring that there are no obstacles to the making of claims and that there is sufficient support for victims of abuse in pursuing those claims''.
Read more:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Liberal Irish Archbishop Continues His Quest for Church "Reform"

Edit: When he's not campaigning for  global warming hysteria, he's campaigning for moral panic, and the severing of the Irish Church from Rome.

He still doesn't have a Cardinal's hat, either.
After going to Wiki, there were all kinds of questionable statements from this man.   One of the more indicative points of view he suffers, is that he ignores that eighty percent of the cases of clerical abuse in the Catholic Church were homosexual in nature. The Archbishop basically covers his politically correct bases, from the delusional:

In 2005 Archbishop Martin, said that being gay should not prevent a man becoming a Catholic priest. "You don't write off a candidate for the priesthood simply because he is a gay man,
And the patently false:

But, he noted, "you cannot identify homosexuality with paedophilia". He said that paedophilia is "not the result of homosexuality, nor is it a result of celibacy"[2][Source

On Civil  Unions:

" He also said that while the Catholic Church favoured marriage, "it is not against other forms of intimacy" [Source]".

He is basically in the same boat as Cardinal Schönborn, "helping" with the priest shortage by promoting lay involvement, soft-peddling homosexuality if not pedaling for it.

But we warned two years ago that this Archbishop's crocodile tears were about another agenda.  Actually, we're pretty certain it has to do with an eventual Schism of the Irish Church, abetted by Enda Kenny and an assault on the Altar.

We won't deny that there's a cabal in the Vatican and other parts of the Church as he suggests, but it is more than obvious that Archbishop Kenny has more interest in forming a more independent, lay run, state sponsored establishment than he has in representing the truths of the Catholic Faith itself.  He'll continue to pretend to be the good guy, and the anti-Catholic press will continue to support him.

Sunday September 04 2011

The Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has admitted that "a cabal" protecting clerical sex abusers may be operating at the highest levels in the Catholic Church.
Dr Martin said: "There may be a cabal in Cloyne. They may have friends in other parts of the Irish Church. They may have friends in Irish society. There may be friends in the Vatican."
Asked yesterday who was preventing the protection of children, he said: "The numbers that are involved in this are few. The damage that these people cause is horrendous. It's for all of us to see where they are, but in the long term I have to take the responsibility that in Dublin there are not cabals who reject our child protection

Link to article, here...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aussie Bishop Wards off the State's Manipulation of Abuse Hysteria and Defends Confession

Edit: this is simple, but it's courageous and edifying. The message is, "hands off the Church, you vulgarians."

Ballarat bishop says confession is sacred


BALLARAT’S Catholic bishop has rejected calls to force priests to report admissions of child sexual abuse taken during confession, to police.

South Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon this week called for priests to be required to report all admissions of child abuse to police, breaching the confidence of a priest and his parishioner.

Bishop Peter Connors called on law makers to respect the sacrament of confession...

Link to original...

You may also read the letters being written in Ireland about this orchestrated dog and pony show, thanks to Father Levi, who doesn't approve of everything we're about here, but provided us with the link, thank you very much. Here's a sample:
Sir, – In the maelstrom of criticism directed at the Catholic Church and some of its hierarchy, we should not forget that it is the State that has ultimate responsibility for the protection of our children. It is right to criticise the shortcomings of the church and set to rights the appalling wrongs that have been perpetrated by some clerics against children. We must not forget, however, that the problem of child sexual and physical abuse is as big (in fact, bigger) in the lay community than it is in the clerical community.

I am no apologist for the shortcomings of the church, but the almost exclusive focus on those shortcomings fails to address the overall problem. I would now like to see an equally powerful light shone on the issue of state protection of children. I have very little doubt that another appalling vista of inadequate procedures, dereliction of duty, protection of self-interest and inadequate resources will be revealed.

No doubt our politicians feel a certain sense of moral gratification in wrapping the knuckles of the Vatican and basking in the political dividends of doing so. The overall problem will not be solved,however, until our politicians are prepared to examine the failures of the State in this area with a similar intensity. – Yours, etc,


Fitzwilliam Place,

Dublin 2.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guardian Gloats Over the End of Confessional Ireland

Editor: the Guardian would never enable elements hostile to Catholicism, would it? The Irish Republic continues to dismantled and put away the remnants of an Irish confessional state with the blessing of a people saturated with media hysteria.

[Guardian] There are two parallel revolutions taking place on either side of the Irish Sea that will radically alter the relationship between government and non-state institutions that exercise major temporal power.

In Britain the ongoing revelations of wrongdoing within the Murdoch empire and the public humiliation of a media baron and his son may result in re-alignment in the relationship between politicians and the press, with the former becoming less supplicant to the latter.

One of the most important by-products of the last few incredible weeks has been the end of fear. Specifically, fear of media tycoons who used to boast that some of their newspapers had "won" elections and had left the prime ministerial ambitions of party leaders in ruins. The humbling of Murdoch Senior and Junior this week marked the end of that fear.

Link to Guardian...

Catholic Cartoon blog, here.