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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

David Berger's Book Promoted by Fulda Diocese

The Demon in the Fulda Book Store by the Cathedral

The homosexually disturbed David Berger is officially cursing the official Church like one possessed.  Actually he's tucked with her under cover.  by Bonifaz Voigt.
The Fulda Cathedral Bookshoppe sells Berger's  Homo-book

( What the controversial ecclesiastical 'Weltbildverlag' isn't doing -- Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda completes.

In the Catholic book store in the shadows of the high Dome in Fulda there's the book by homo-swindler, David Berger, is on offer and overflowing on the showroom floor.

Berger is a homosexually disturbed person, who had taken his neo-Conservative friends for a year long ride as he led a double life.

He has betrayed his companions and patrons in this portrayal now under the title of his book "The Holy Glow".

That the Fulda Cathedral Book store promotes his homosexual propaganda is not a cause for concern.

Because last year Rotarian Bishop Algermissen announced that he would allow opposition to Church regulations and consecrate homosexually disturbed individuals to the priesthood.

In the meantime, the Cathedral in Fulda has taken place again with the blessing of four seminarians -- despite significant protests.

For that reason it is understandable and logical that the infamous Berger book is prized in the official bookstore of the Cathedral.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Being Relieved of his Parish Duties

There is a controversial Minnesota Pastor at the Parish of St. Edwards who's been flaunting the authority of his employers for a very long time, as long as he's been a priest. He is responsible for having women come into the parish and preach the homily, which is not acceptable. Despite being asked not to do this by Archbishop Nienstedt, Father Mike refused to obey, he said, with the Devil himself, non serviam. The Wild Reed of Australia's going to have a panic meltdown after this. The resident dissident in favor of marriages involving other than a man and a woman has been cheering on the sidelines for Father Mike Tegeder for a long while

We've heard from the usual sources that Father Mike will at least be reassigned and probably won't be doing parish work any more.

There's been no comment from the Archdiocese so far.

We told you Father Mike was paddling into "dangerous pastoral waters".

But Father Mike's not the only one with Lay Preachers in the house.