Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Legal Counsel of Fulda Diocese Threatens Catholic News Service

Edit: the Lack of professionalism on the part of these German attorneys is really astonishing.

Letter by Dr. Post from the diocese of Fulda:  He threatened KATH.NET with legal consequences because of a request to the bishopric of Fulda (!). Detail: Dr. Post is one of the eight members on the board of 'Die Welt'

Fulda (kath.net)  The sex scandal surrounding 'Weltbild' Group and information on pornography at various bookstores reported by Kath.net,  has now led to a very bizarre reaction from the Diocese of Fulda.

Background: On 25 October kath.net had written in a report on 'Weltbild': "KATH.NET readers have informed KATH.NET that the Cathedral Book Store in Fulda has sex and porn items in there. So you can easily get films like "Porn for Couples" or  "The Porn for Couples -- oral sex" and many other relevant articles.  KATH.NET then asked the Cathedral Book Store and the Diocese of Fulda for an opinion. The bookstore's statement was clear.  It came promptly,  and was fast and friendly, while the opinion of the Diocese did not come at all.

This week, KATH.NET was reached by mail  with one letter from Dr. Albert Post, the General Counsel of the Episcopal Vicar General of Fulda, where he threatened KATH.NET with legal consequences  because KATH.NET addressed  and reported a request (!) regarding a case which was reported to the appointed representative of  the Diocese of Fulda. In addition to an allegedly factual statement claiming that the diocese has nothing  to do with the Cathedral Book Store,  the letter contains the  following response:.. "We therefore request your Catholic online newspaper omit in total its unworthy action in consequence  and in relation to the bishopric of Fulda.  We ask at this point whether kath.net  doesn't live in the same glass house at the moment, as you throw stones, considering your own on-line internet offers.  Perhaps you should mind the plank in your own eye."  It is not clear at present whether this untrue allegation has been agreed upon by the Diocese of Fulda.  KATH.NET has in this respect requested clarification from its press office. Regardless, KATH.NET is also considering current legal action against Dr. Post at this point.

It is clear that there is something else that touches on the back ground of 'Weltbild' itself. A look at the board in the world should suffice: Albert Post is one of the eight members of the board of directors and thus responsible for the 'Weltbild' scandal, where there are currently still thousands of relevant erotic and illicit works on offer and where currently, still via the 'Welt'  daughter company,  Droemer-Knaur, various anti-Church products are still produced and distributed. The diocese of Fulda is involved in "Weltbild' for 6.8 percent. Other members of the Board of 'Weltbild' include Klaus Donaubauer, Chairman of the Finance Director of the Diocese of Augsburg and Father Hans Langendörfer, the secretary of the German Bishops' Conference.

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