Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fulda Bishop Slapped

Even in Turkey those guilty of assault against Catholic dignitaries are gladly described as "mentally ill".

( Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda was attacked around 1pm on the Pauluspromenade in Fulda.

This was reported by the website ''.

A Shock

The female attacker (52) accosted the Bishop on the Pauluspromenade -- a street directly in front of the Cathedral square.

Then  she struck him with the flat of her hand in the fact.

This cause the gtlasses on his face to fall and break.

Msgr Algermissen was not injured.  He suffered a shock, though.

Attacker arrested

Witnesses of the attack immediately informed the police.

She was arrested shortly after -- with the help of employees of the Diocesan General Vicarate --- in the vicinity of the Cathedral.

It was -- according to official reports -- a mentally ill Fulda woman (52).

She claimed that she had long wanted to get the "attention" of the Bishop.

The woman was arrested and found herself free in the mean time.

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Anonymous said...

When can we send the new prefect for the CDF to visit Turkey??