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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Korean Catholics Object to Irish Gay Bar in New York

He said many among the large number of Korean-American Christians in Queens felt similarly but feared that if they spoke out they would be demonized by a liberal majority. 

[New York Times] Molly Blooms, a Victorian-accented Irish bar in Sunnyside, Queens, recently raffled off a free same-sex wedding reception, with a three-hour open bar, a D.J., a photographer and a horse-drawn gilded carriage to deliver the winning couple to the festivities. The bar’s owner thought the idea would be good for business and for the largely working-class and immigrant neighborhood.

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Robert Stolarik for The New York Times
The owner of Molly Blooms, Ciaran Staunton, a heterosexual, said he wanted to support same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue.
Robert Stolarik for The New York Times
Larry Yang, the Korean-American owner of a hardware store next door to the bar, said he opposed its promotion of same-sex marriage.
Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times
Janice Velten, left, and Patrice Pfirman, a couple for 24 years, won the Molly Blooms raffle. They plan to hold their wedding reception there in October. 

But some in the community disagreed.

Neighbors said they would boycott the bar. Bloggers posted reports of past health violations there. Larry Yang, the Korean-American owner of a hardware store next door, said he resented such a public promotion of same-sex marriage. He said many among the large number of Korean-American Christians in Queens felt similarly but feared that if they spoke out they would be demonized by a liberal majority.
“If that horse-drawn carriage rides by my store, I will make sure my kids do not see it,” Mr. Yang, 45, said. “I am worried about what kind of message gay marriage is sending.”

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Father Martin SJ "Comes Out" Swinging at Homophobia

Editor: It's not clear whether the author of Crabby Roads is on board with the Catholic Church's position on homosexuality. He seems to understand the problem, but then, looking back over his shoulder as he leaves the city, he occasionally praises the architects of the disaster and wingdes when they are exposed. His recent post on the Ugandan Martyrs is very good and right on. We didn't know that they were murdered by the King because they refused the King's homosexual advances. It's truly a tribute to the spirit of Sodom, the vindictiveness that individuals disturbed with homosexuality, engage in insults, threats and even violence to promote their depravities as normal.

Like many of God's most beautiful creations, the Martyrs of Uganda were brutally slaughtered by vicious men.

The following essay is an interesting piece in that line. Once again, the editor of America Magazine breezily insults people who write letters to him complaining about the homosexuality rife within the Jesuit order, no doubt, they're sincere if not good at expressing themselves in writing. We know that Father Martin is a homosexual enabler. Only a homosexual enabler portrays the need for "homophobia awareness" month, and we'd ask Father, what's crazier, someone who is angry and wounded enough by the crimes of the Jesuit order to write halting letters, or someone who fundamentally disagrees with the Catholic Church's teachings on sexuality, but chooses to continue calling himself a Catholic, even drawing a salary from that Church, writing for a highly funded, glossy nationally circulated magazine that frequently betrays the Catholic Church as it has done at least since the twenties?

Who's crazier and more contemptible, you, or the "crazies"?

Gays and the Church: Two Stories from Today
Posted at: Friday, June 03, 2011 01:36:24 PM
Author: James Martin, S.J.

You won’t be surprised to discover that we get all kinds of crazy letters here. And I don’t mean simply letters that seem odd or strange, or even letters that I don't fully understand—I mean crazy. As a Jesuit friend told me last night, “No nut like a religious nut.” One fellow sends me (regularly) a packet of folded-up colored paper with instructions on how this can be used to communicate with angels. Another correspondent mails pages and pages of tiny, mostly illegible, scrawl covering every inch of several pages, with Gospel passages underlined three times. So one learns to discount the nuttier letters. And one learns to accept more easily criticism from "non-nutty" people as well, even when it's delivered with sarcasm and invective. One's skin gets thicker, I think.

On the other hand, some letters tend to stick out. This morning I was opening up yesterday’s mail and noticed an envelope without a return address (never a good sign). Inside was a copy of an Of Many Things column I had written about the beatification of John Paul II. In the article I mentioned that Blessed John Paul had, at one point in his papacy, removed Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the superior general of the Jesuits, from his post in 1981, a move that dismayed many Jesuits. The letter-writer had highlighted those few sentences in bright yellow. Next to it was a Post-it that read, in full: “But Jimmy, so many Jesuits were screaming fags that something had to be done, you know, to clean the filth out of the clergy.”

Not the pleasantest thing to read in the morning. And who knows whether this person is a subscriber or not. (He, or she, seems a bit cowardly though: the lack of a return address demonstrated a lack of resolve.) Odds are, though, if he's reading the print version of the magazine, he’s probably Catholic, and even if he's not a subscriber is likely reading it in a parish or a library. (We don’t sell on newsstands.) And he knew enough to quote Pope Benedict XVI on the “filth” in the church-- referring to pedophiles not gays, but no matter.

Homophobia is still out there, no matter how much we would wish to think of ourselves as an enligtented culture, and exists in our church. Thus, the need for June as “LGBT month,” as just proclaimed by President Obama.

Link to original... before Martin changes it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Being Relieved of his Parish Duties

There is a controversial Minnesota Pastor at the Parish of St. Edwards who's been flaunting the authority of his employers for a very long time, as long as he's been a priest. He is responsible for having women come into the parish and preach the homily, which is not acceptable. Despite being asked not to do this by Archbishop Nienstedt, Father Mike refused to obey, he said, with the Devil himself, non serviam. The Wild Reed of Australia's going to have a panic meltdown after this. The resident dissident in favor of marriages involving other than a man and a woman has been cheering on the sidelines for Father Mike Tegeder for a long while

We've heard from the usual sources that Father Mike will at least be reassigned and probably won't be doing parish work any more.

There's been no comment from the Archdiocese so far.

We told you Father Mike was paddling into "dangerous pastoral waters".

But Father Mike's not the only one with Lay Preachers in the house.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David Berger Now Accuses Pope of Being Homosexual

Editor David Berger is up to no good. Since trying to ride the sex abuse scandal on anti-Church magazine Der Spiegel for all it's worth, he's now taken to attacking the Pope. Cardinal Meisner does nothing.

The homosexually disordered David Berger spits poison and gall in the ecclesiastical pot from which he eats.  Cardinal Meisner isn't bothered in the least.

( The scatological-theological plump-plump of David Berger, who's still employed by the Archdiocese of Cologne, has broken off again.

He is bad mouthing the Pope for a dirty magazine known as "Fresh".

The laughable little devotional book says that Berger is to be congratulated for being a "high Church functionary".

The homosexual Berger is "in and out of the Vatican" -- insists this magazine.

The garbage theologian serves the magazine with his fantasizes about a supposed "inner life of the Catholic Church".

In reality Berger's insider knowledge, which he has put in a still-born smear novel already, doesn't exceed the level of the readers' opinions at '', the largest Catholic news portal throughout all of Europe. [shameless plug]

He recalled for 'Fresh' his participation in a march, where he says he freely and finally let everyone know about his homosexual disorder.

That wasn't what happened.  Bergers holy sheen was revealed by ''.  [he was dumb enough or indifferent enough to publish his activities on Facebook]

The Usual Unproven Suggestions

The magazine did not ask Berger the not unfair question, why the Pope offered his "thoughts about Homosexual Prostitutes".

Berger answered that he finds the Pope's insinuated ideas "completely fantastic", that a prostitute in the Vatican would call the Vatican and ask if he could use a condom.

In another context Berger could have said that the sexual disease of AIDS is so furiously spreading is because the Vatican forbids condoms.

Then Berger projects -- as is usual with him -- his sexual disturbances, this time on the Pope.

This one supposedly has himself "a permanent fixation on the theme of homosexuality".

In truth the present Pontifex never brings up the theme in his personal work.

Berger relies on his back alley gossiping, supposed theologians -- that he's invented himself.

From Berger's fantasy theologians are "almost all" of the view that Benedict XVI is "naturally homosexually inclined."

The Holy Father comes though from an ecclesiastical culture, in which the homosexual disorder is "an absolute taboo":

"What he has himself, he projects and attacks it" -- projects Berger as usual.

The Gomorrhist is even setting rumors loose in the world, which can make him some money.

There are "earlier homosexual contacts of the Pope".

Face these unscrupulous calumnies the Cardinal of Cologne will not deal with much longer, as if Berger were not a Church contracted religion instructor in his Archdiocese.

Berger calls upon the conspiracy theoress Valeska von Roques to substantiate his slanders for 'Fresh'.

She has according to Berger, validated the "evidence" that the Pope had even in his time in Rome as Cardinal "attended regular homosexual contacts".

The problem:  Why is Frau von Roques telling these things to an inconsequential homosexual, instead of earning a pile of gold then -- if the allegations are true?

According to Berger's story, Mrs von Roques theories rely on the word of a Swiss guard and others active in the Vatican.

In any event Cardinal Ratzinger didn't live in the Vatican and would have been deprived of the prying eyes of the Swiss Guard.

Homosexual Berger is also slandering the Bishop Franz-Joseph Overbeck of Essen.

He's already criticized the homosexuals from Hell, in order to become the next Cardinal in Cologne.

Berger concludes:  If another Pope would promote the same underwear themes, "then [Msgr.] Overbeck would say the opposite".