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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lou Ferrakhan Comes to Dissident Priest’s Chicago Parish

Edit: last week we noticed that the unstoppable Father Micheal Pfleger of Chicago had invited Louis Ferrakhan to his parish for an interfaith gathering on March 1st.  There is no sign of the ACLU or the SPLC and the usual professional whiners. Cardinal George at least has tacit approval of this event.   He wrote the following report in his usual understated way on his Facebook page:
Woke up just thanking God for His Goodness and Mercy this Morning! Minister Farrakhan gave such a Beautiful Message of Unity and Love last Night! He challenged us to come together and be made New in Christ! To lay down our weapons and use the gift of our Minds and Hearts. He reminded us of the Power of Light! I am so grateful for his friendship. He is my friend, my Brother and Mentor. I pray that the World will embraces his message and that we come together! 
Famous quotes:

"White people are potential humans - they haven't evolved yet.”
 Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2000

"They [the Jews] are the greatest controllers of black minds, black intelligence. They write the scripts - the foolish scripts on television that our people portray. They are the movie moguls that feature us in these silly, degrading, degenerate roles.

"The great recording companies that portray our people in such a filthy and low-rating way, yet they would not allow such a man as Michael Jackson to say one word that they thought would besmirch their reputation, but they put us before the world as clowns and as purveyors of filth. No, I will fight that.”
Meet The Press interview, October 1998

"The Jews have been so bad at politics they lost half their population in the Holocaust. They thought they could trust in Hitler, and they helped him get the Third Reich on the road." Saviours' Day speech, Chicago, February 1998

"Of course, they [the Jews] have a very small number of people but they are the most powerful in the world, they have the power to do good and they have the power to do evil ... Now what do the Jews do best? Well, they have been the best in finance that the world has ever known …

"They finance a lot of stuff in the world, and there's nothing wrong with that, but they are not good politicians, they are the worst politicians because they don't recognise really their friends and as well their enemies ... " Saviours' Day speech, Chicago, February 1998

"It seems like being gay or whatever sin you wish to be a part of is okay ... but I have the duty to lift that gay person up to the standard to ask if they want to live the life that God wants them to or live the lifestyle that they want to live." Boston speech, August 1997

"I believe that for the small numbers of Jewish people in the United States, they exercise a tremendous amount of influence on the affairs of government ...Yes, they exercise extraordinary control, and black people will never be free in this country until they are free of that kind of control ... " Meet The Press interview, April 1997

"I don't own Hollywood. Who depicted black people? Who writes the books? Who writes the plays, the songs that make us look less than human? Do you mean to tell me that Jews have never done any evil to black people? …

"Were they not involved in the slave trade? Yes, they were ... and to the extent that they were involved, somebody has to bring them to account. And I believe that has fallen on me." Interview with New York Amsterdam News, January 1994

Quotes stolen from the Guardian…

Lou Ferrakhan Photo...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal George Encourages Innovation of Liturgical Deaconesses

Women Readers Are Also an Innovation
Edit: despite the evidence to the contrary and the well-established fact that accommodating women in Liturgical roles like Reader [women are still not ordained as Readers although there have been suggestions to make it so], and has a negative effect on new vocations and is wholly an unprecedented innovation, Cardinal George is encouraging a woman to enter into the Deaconate.  He's saying that he will bring up the issue on his visit to Rome.

One nun, however, is discouraging this mistaken notion.  This notion that ordaining women to the Diaconate will ease alleged discontent over the issue is a fatuous one, for when have revolutionaries ever been satisfied with merely a concession.   What's lacking here is an understanding of reality.  Women were never legitimately functional in the Liturgy and they never will be.   A nun from Mundeline puts it this way.

Sister Sara Butler, a professor of systematic theology at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary, said the role of women deacons in the early church was never the same as that of male deacons. Female deacons had separate duties such as ministering exclusively to women, and they received their ordination in separate rites, she said.

"I don't think there's any precedent for inviting women into the form of permanent diaconate," she said.

Women with ministerial roles also never completely disappeared, she said. Butler believes women deacons morphed into abbesses or leaders in monastic communities.

Link to Monteray County Herald.... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radio Vatican Slanders Cardinal George

The time to rise from sleep is now:  thus, Benedict XVI can no longer continue to muddle through, otherwise the Vatican really will become the throne of the anti-Christ. 

(  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has withdrawn a "derogatory comment" about a homosexual demonstration.

Radio Vatican -- which is supposedly the Pope's broadcaster -- made this defamatory comment from the homosexual perspective about the Archbishop's statement on the 21st of December.

The Cardinal had compared the anti-Catholic tirades and marching homosexual fanatics to the anti-Catholic racist organization Ku Klux Klan.

 What Radio Vatican described as a "homosexual demonstration" is in reality a desolate, exhibitionist and anti-child mob scene.

They were limited to marching in the morning by authorities in order to stem the customary abuse of alcohol.

A Homosexual Propagandist as Authority

The broadcaster cited a certain Anthony Matinez, portraying him as a "Director of a group for the rights of homosexuals".

With his "apology" the Cardinal was "exemplary" -- explained Martinez according to the news service.

Martinez is the director of 'The Civil Rights Agenda', authoritatively cited by them.  It's not more than two years old.

Martinez was active as a a propagandist for the introduction of the recognition of homosexual unions in the State of Illinois -- which was condemned by the Vatican.

An Aggressive PR-Campaign

'The Civil Rights Agenda' is a propaganda organization antagonistic to morality.

It fights for the spread of homosexual disorder, the destruction of the family and the infiltration of homosexuals in religion.

Last June Radio Vatican described a demonstration of 108 homosexuals in a mass pairing to simulate marriage.

On their website they are supposed to have directed a "aggressive PR-Campaign" against Cardinal George.

Radio Vatican failed to report on these details.

They have been an established reputation

That Radio Vatican has attempted to profile itself as an agent for homosexuality is new.

Otherwise, they have an established reputation as broadcaster of scandal.

In the middle of December Father Bernard Hagenkord SJ (43), the director of the German speaking section confessed that his broadcaster undermines the teaching of the Church:

"Critical voices get their say from us."

Last October the scandal broadcaster described known abortion activist, Cherie Blair as a "pious Catholic".

In February 2009 the Old Liberal Father Eberhard of Gemmingen -- the former Chief Director of the German section of the broadcaster -- attacked the Pope. He wrote:

"Many Catholics are disappointed by Pope Benedict, because they have gotten the impression that he has gone too far on behalf of a fascistic group."
In Jaunary 2007 the broadcaster insulted the Old Mass, which was then rehabilitated by Pope Benedict a half year later.

The only blessing: the gold hungry broadcaster won't have any more listeners with any luck.

Link to original...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cardinal George Compares Gomorrist Parade to KKK

Edit: In a welcome demonstration of courage and wit, the Chicago's Cardinal compared the individuals associated with a Gomorristic parade to the KKK in their anti-Catholic rhetoric.  As if to confirm the Cardinal's well chosen words, a comment firestorm can be witnessed on Huffpo that demonstrates profound ignorance and bigoted anti-Catholic venom.

The parade has been moved to Sunday and it is legitimately feared that the throng will prevent people from getting to Mass.

Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, this week told a Chicago news station that he agreed with a local Roman Catholic church’s objections to the city’s recently-adjusted Gay Pride Parade route passing by its doors and warned that the parade could “morph into the Ku Klux Klan.”
George made the comment Sunday on Fox Chicago when asked about Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s complaints that the parade passing by its Belmont Avenue location would force the church to cancel its morning mass. The church recently launched a petition urging the city to force parade organizers to adjust their plans.
“I go with the pastor,” George told Fox. “He’s telling us that he won’t be able to have services on Sunday if that’s the case. You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.” [more]

Friday, June 3, 2011

Archbishop Finn Removes Dissident from Parish: Other Bishops, not so Good

Editor: Archbishop John Neinstedt, the neo-Conservative prelate of Minneapolis, removed his problem priest and put him someplace else. Cardinal George removed the problem, got scared, and put it back. Archbishop Finn just removed the problem. Father Tegeder has been a dissident in the Archdiocese, opposing its policies and openly challenging the Archbishop's authority. Apparently, his predecessor, the homosexual enabling Father Tibesar, will be retiring, happily, on the Archdiocesan dime. We'd earlier reported that Father Tegeder was being removed from his parish, that's true, he's also being reassigned somewhere else. Heaven forbid if Father Tegeder were to want to say the Traditional Latin Mass, he might be put on restriction and quarantined from any contact with the laity at all. As it is, "peace and justice" and campaigning for homosexuality in one way or another, will get you reassigned to a new parish more suited to your strangeness. Father Tegeder is being reassigned to a much more liberal parish, where scarcely a Catholic doctrine or discipline is heard or obeyed.

Bishop Robert Finn has removed a priest from his duties as pastor of Christ the King parish in Kansas City and from all other public ministry, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph announced tonight.

In a statement released at 7:48 p.m., the diocese said that its review board, which is charged with assessing sexual abuse allegations against priests, had received “credible reports alleging sexual misconduct with minors by Father Michael Tierney in the early 1970s and 1980s.”

One person making a complaint recently met with the review board, the diocese said.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Chicago Archdiocese Monsignor: Ron Santo's funeral was not a Mass but a "prayer service to appeal to all religions"

Monsignor Dan Mayall

Approximately 1,000 people filled Holy Name Cathedral this morning for Cubs legend Ron Santo’s funeral. Among those in attendance were all four Ricketts siblings, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, Pat Hughes, the Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr., Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, Glenn Beckert, Fergie Jenkins, Don Kessinger, assorted family members and various Cubs staff.

The service, as explained by Monsignor Dan Mayall, himself a diabetic since his teen years, was not a mass but prayer service to appeal to all religions. Spiritual readings were offered by John J. McDonough from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and John F. McDonough formerly with the Cubs and now with the Chicago Blackhawks.

View full article here:

Monday, April 5, 2010

USCCB Head Honors Two Heretical Comrades

Rather than running, stumbling to honor heretical Communists who pose as champions of Justice and Truth, how about using this national podium you've created for yourself at the USCCB to do something constructive? Antonio Gramsci much?

Link to Flyer...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Ways Ministry Slaps Back at Cardinal George

Catholic Caveman noticed that after Cardinal George issued his condemnation of formerly CCHD funded, New Ways Ministry, that the organization simply retaliated by publishing a list of gay-friendly parishes nationwide, but he doesn't think the Local Ordinary will do much about it. Actually, the Diocese will take measures against parishes that do not follow the rules, albeit slowly and often reluctantly in the case of the Archdiocese of St. Paul in Minnesota. Ultimately, we think the Cardinal is sabre rattling. Until he begins addressing the doctrine he was meant to teach in the first place, nothing will change, you'll only see half-measures and media decoration.

In the latter example, New Ways Ministry indicates that there are three such parishes friendly to gays: St. Francis Cabrini (whose pastor will "bless" same-sex unions, but off campus, since there are so many intolerant people at the Archdiocese who object to change.), St. Joan of Arc (Recently hosted a homosexual men's choir for a "Christmas concert" and St. Stephen's which got a conservative pastor the last year and provoked a mass exodus of the elderly and aging hippies and radicals to another "community". We might amend New Ways list to include the Basilica of St Mary's and disinclude St. Stephen's which seems to now be the home of mostly Latino folks. We also think these folks should include St John's Abbey at Collegeville as well, since they have a large number of homosexuals in their community and even go to great lengths to protect them when they break the law by preying on the students at the two schools they operate.

All in all it's a mixed bag. We think the abuses and heresy will continue because it's a social problem which has effected the Society as well, and you won't begin to address the homosexual problem until you start re-emphasizing moral theology and correct doctrine.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bishops Prefer PR to Prayer and Orthodoxy

Claims against 70 Boston priests under the charge of Cardinal Law who paid out less than $157 Million was eclipsed by the $660 Million figure being paid out to victims in the Los Angeles Archdiocese headed by Cardinal Mahony at the same time; but Mahony is still fighting with the crimes of his youth. The numbers of victims and priestly predators involved are comparable, the only difference being that Cardinal Mahony was more friendly to homosexuals and dissidents in his See where Cardinal Law was perceived as a "conservative".

Perhaps it was Cardinal Mahony's mob connections through film moughul Lew Wasserman who engineered the box office failure, "Last Temptation of Christ", or perhaps it was the luxuriant high-profile Sitrick PR man he was able to pay for that tipped the scales? It's always seemed incredibly unfair to us elsewhere, but Cardinal Mahony, who was just as much a problem in protecting homosexual priests, never had to resign his office and go back to Rome.

The unequal treatment meted out between conservatives and liberals will no doubt continue, but even a few evil Bishops in Ireland are now being forced into retirement; one wonders if they are the only ones who deserve to be thrown out considering the lack of religious education in their country as demonstrated by three priests interviewed recently on Irish Television who either didn't seem to know their Faith, or were eager to subvert it out of malice.

Still, even if you don't know the Faith, there's still a lot of real-estate out there and it's a nice gig. So in order to protect this valuable spiritual benefice, the Bankrupt Diocese of Wilmington, like Cardinal Mahony in LA, has ordered up its own http://PR company to enable it to blunt the ire of the public in the face of the scandal caused by homosexuals and exploited by the Marxist media and government.

Perhaps PR saves the day and will save the day this Christmas as the Chicago Archdiocese shells out almost a $1 Million dollars to lure fallen away Catholics, most of whom "just drifted off" over the years, to return back to their places on Sunday, praying. If they just drifted off, perhaps it is thanks to the poor catechesis by area Lavender Dons like Cardinal Bernardine and Archbishop Weakland?
Well, if you can't get them by praying, at least you can lure them by snazzy marketing gags and hiring expensive PR firms.

We think Bishops would have better PR if they actually gave some demonstrable proof that they believed in what they taught, rather than hiring spin-doctors to make them look believeable. Unfortunately, it's hard to justify the process of PR, encouraging people to mechanical compliance to your point of view through emotional appeals is going to get anyone to heaven. We don't know, but it seems unlikely that anyone will learn the fundamentals of Catholic doctrine, and judging from recent Pew polls on Catholics who view Catholicism as a spiritual smorgasboard, it seems unlikely to change.

We also think things would change if Cardinal George were to be publicly whipped by traditional Saxon monks on public television like Peter O'Toole in his portrayal of Henry II in Beckett.

Sun Times

ELGIN -- Carrie Rauch has been active in the Catholic Church since she was a child. Her devotion continues to this day as director of evangelism at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

Yet she understands how someone can become a lapsed Catholic. It could be due to anger, personal difficulties or a struggle with the church's teachings, she said.

Parishioners at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Hampshire hold a candlelight vigil in 2007. A new initiative is encouraging Catholics to reconnect with their local parish.

What Rauch hopes is her fellow Catholics will come back to the church and sort out those issues.

"It's in God's hands to move people. We will provide the hospitality and warmth to come back," she said.

Rauch is at the forefront of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockford's new campaign, Catholics Come Home, an initiative to draw lapsed Catholics back to the church.

This week saw the launch of the initiative in northern Illinois. A series of TV commercials, which began airing last week, will run throughout the Rockford and Joliet dioceses and the Chicago archdiocese until Jan. 24.

Catholics Come Home is an invitation to people who once filled the pews but now stay home on Sunday morning. It encourages them to reconnect with their local parish and participate in a program that will re-orient them to the church and its teachings.

The number of those Catholics is high, according to a recent study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. One in 10 American adults is a former Catholic, the study found. There are more lapsed Catholics in America than there are affiliated Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Presbyterians combined, according to Pew's breakdown of religions in America.

Local churches are hoping the marketing blitz will help them fix a problem that prayer hasn't [who says anyone's actually praying? Fasting might not hurt either.]

"It's scheduled to be on every cable system that serves northern Illinois, and it will even bleed into southern Wisconsin and the Quad Cities," Rockford Diocese Communications Director Penny Wiegert said. "We figure that the average person will see the spots 12 times."

Exposure like that costs money. The Rockford and Joliet dioceses each are paying $250,000 for the commercials. The Chicago archdiocese is paying $850,000.

Link to Chicago Sun Times article...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cloudy, USCCB Study on Clerical Sex Abuse

An impressionistic but very extensive and expensive study indicates that the abuse of [homosexual] clergy dropped off after 1985 and that it was most prevalent beginning with the Age of the Big Baby Boomer. It indirectly points the finger at that popular post-war generation, but shouldn't it also include "homosexuals"?

It's unclear why the Bishops had to spend all of this money to determine what the problem was. Referring to the historical nature of the problem, they would have disclosed that it was not foreign to the Middle Ages or the Ancient World and was often seated, along with homosexuality, in the actual practice of Witchcraft and the consequent diabolism or insanity, if you wish. The methods for dealing with these individuals, who in some cases murdered and raped children, as what the case with the a friend and companion of Joan of Arc, Baron Gilles de Rais and his friends, was burning at the stake.

Would that the Bishops would spend more time being environmentally as well as economically conscious and spare us the time of moving such individuals from parish to parish to escape the long arm of the law by simply handing them over to the secular arm for due punishment after an admissible ecclesiastical trial.

Strangely, the report also offers a solution, in terms of formation, related to a mysterious "human formation preparation". It sounds like something that might have caused the problem in the first place.

We don't know, but perhaps if they spent as much time affirming the truths of the Catholic Faith as they did avoiding it out of what, embarrassment (?), they might have an easier time helping people understand whether or not they're useful in the first place.

Link to spero article...

USCCB promises to set a new Course for Catholic Education

There was no mention of Land O'Lakes or the veritable wasteland that Catholic Education has become, but perhaps, putting an unimposing silk folding dividing screen with cranes and pastoral scenes from Chinese romances, between the laity and the public, the USCCB intends to "handle" the situation by waiting for the legion tenured heterodox to die and replacing them by enthusiastic orthodoxesque like Christopher West. Meanwhile, we perhaps can try to imagine ourselves in a kind of Gothic, ivy covered paradise where Dominicans sit with their students in gardens, explaining St. Thomas Aquinas without the usual attempts to bring things up to date with the latest in philosophical, post-post modernism.

Cardinal Newman Society

At a subsequent press conference, Cardinal George declined to name specific universities that the bishops have in mind, although he added “if any institution… calls itself Catholic,” it is the moral responsibility of a bishop to assure that it is Catholic, according to the National Catholic Reporter. Cardinal George said this offers the bishops “a chance to clarify the relationship” and see if the entity in question is operating within the bonds of Catholic communion. He said that it is the bishops’ responsibility, when institutions or organizations call themselves Catholic, to sort out what that means in each case.
Also highlighting their support for a university that became a model for reform, the bishops gave a standing ovation to Very Rev. David O’Connell, C.M., president of The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Delivering a farewell report as he prepares to retire next year, Father O’Connell said that “the greatest progress the university has made in the past 12 years is in its Catholic identity.” He contrasted that to the “antagonism and cynicism that was present on the campus the day I arrived.”

Link to article...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cardinal George advocates strong Leadership

"Your submission to your bishop, who is in the place of Jesus Christ, shows me that you are not living as men usually do but in the manner of Jesus himself," Antioch wrote in a citation noted by Cardinal George.

That elevated view of the bishop's authority guided George's remarks. For example, he made it clear that even the recent years of crisis would not cow the bishops in their effort to reassert their authority and relevance.

This is good news that he wishes to affirm the role of Bishop quoting St. Ignatius of Antioch, but what does it mean? He makes it clear that he will not only attempt to quell the progressive voices, but also those that are more Ultramontane and Traditionalist. How often has anyone heard the familiar cliche about turning back the clock?

"There are some who would like to trap the church in historical events of ages long past, and there are others who would keep the bishops permanently imprisoned in the clerical sexual abuse scandal of recent years," George said. "The proper response to a crisis of governance, however, is not no governance but effective governance."

If Bishops were more about teaching the Catholic Faith rather than engaging in Inter-faith and social justice, they would have an easier time asserting their authority when it comes to those dissident liberal groups who undermine the Bishop's authority not infrequently and seem to feed at the trough of social justice and religious indifferentism. If Catholics are ignorant of their Faith, they are so because American Bishops have worked so hard in the past to minimize those things, like the authority of Bishops, in favor of liberal ideas like false ecumenism, religious liberty and indifferentism.

As it is, they are "prisoners of the sexual abuse scandal" because they recruited wicked men and women to run their schools, parishes and poor relief programs. Cardinal George still seems to have a problem with this himself. Despite talking tough about dealing with the problem, the Cardinal didn't follow through as this NPR report will indicate.

He also housed a priest from Delaware who had these problems and denied knowing anything about the man's problems and is accused of dishonesty by Justice Anne M. Burke of Illinois at NPR.

San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer, chairman of the committee on Catholic media, told reporters after Monday's opening session that in recent years the political and media landscape has sprouted so many organizations and websites and lobbies using the Catholic label -- and advocating competing agendas -- that churchgoers are confused.

"Catholics will approach us, and approach their pastors in their church, and ask us, 'Well, I hear this outfit is called Catholic and it says this and another says this and another one something else. Can they all be Catholic and disagree so vehemently with each other?' That does challenge us to makes sense of it and to speak as bishops," said Niederauer, who is widely regarded as a media-savvy prelate with a moderate temperament.

This confusion is in no small part the responsibility of Bishops like Niederauer whose glowing admiration for the film "Brokeback Mountain" was evident, but he did after all, apologize for giving Holy Communion to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Mass. All of this wouldn't have been possible without all of those "outfits" that reported the event on the internet. One wonders if anything would have been done at all if the story had only been aired in the centenarian publication, The Wanderer.

Link to article...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cardinal George advocates Medical Wealth confiscation

Cardinal George at CNS is quoted here describing the priest's role as a conduit for Democratic Party talking points and Socialist wealth redistribution programs. It's well nigh impossible to imagine what expertise this Cardinal has in the health care field, but he has a large captive audience and is good at uttering soothing words of encouragement. It would be understandable if not a few people are more confused than ever about the role of a priest.

Recently, he noted, "we have tried to be such a leaven in the debate about health care. It is not for us to speak to a particular means of delivering health care; it is our responsibility, however, to insist, as a moral voice concerned with human solidarity, that everyone should be cared for and that no one should be deliberately killed."

Read entire article...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Curious Cardinal

As providence would have it, there was an recently published interview in NCR about the aforementioned Cardinal George whose statement on interreligious dialogue with the Jews leaves us in little doubt that he has a very circumscribed notion of the Church's mission to the world, including the Jews.

John Allen's soft-ball interview leaves some questions unanswered, but does admit a blithe admonition to an indeterminate and perhaps fabled duality in the American Church, those elusive Liberals and Conservatives. Incredibly, the Cardinal accuses the mythical polarity of focusing too much on Bishops, assuming that they have more power than they have and an obligation to correct and on the other hand wishing they didn't have too much power. He admonishes both of these legendary antognists to focus more on Christ, but doesn't fail to relinquish responsibillity for the problems he identifies, feebly, like Catechesis, the sorry state of Catholic Charitable institutes, and Liturgy.

Considering the Cardinal's more recent "clarifications" on Interreligious Dialogue with the Jews, he's talking about himself when he describes Liberals. Wishing he had less authority than he does, perhaps, or still worse, wishing that since, "the conservatives wish to descend into sectarianism" that all of these distinctions between the beliefs of various religions are meant to be ignored. Somehow, our focus on Christ and work among with poor with a leftist missionary organisation like St'Egidio will cause us to forget those petty doctrinal problems and the poor showing so many priests make when it comes to the Liturgy. In all of this, he strikes me as a less potent, understated, and therefore perhaps more dangerous version of his sulferous predecessor, Cardinal Berardin.

What this all amounts to, more than a fawning softball interview by a bootlicking journalist, is the Bishop telling the laity that things will continue basically as they have and that they need to keep giving and obeying.

Moreover, by the end of this interview, I was still in the dark about what His Lordship meant by improving Evangelization. I think he's implying that we need to be less Catholic and more Universalist, that we can leave behind this implausible sectarianism as the dusty relic of a bygone age and other such cliché. Perhaps his "plant" is that there is no plan, or at least not one he's going to tell anyone else.