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Monday, June 4, 2012

Germany: Faithful Priest Cancels Nuptial Mass

"In such an atmosphere I can't celebrate Mass."

A pastor in the Diocese of Munster was not prepared to conduct a marriage  for a Godless public to play along with a show-Mass.

(  On June 1st a certain Irene Stock spread a blatant propaganda article against Pastor Heio Weishaupt.

Fr. Weishaupt is a pastor in a Catholic community of 38,000 population city Haltern am See in the Diocese of Munster.

In any event he celebrated his 25th priestly jubilee -- and was praised and celebrated by his community.

Emotions Instead of Facts

The emotionally drenched article by Miss Stock put emotions in the place of facts.

Fr. Weishaupt had "simply cancelled" a wedding Mass on the Saturday before last in the Sixtus Kirche.

This turned the "most beautiful day" in the life of a Halterner bride and groom into a "nightmare" -- howled the woman.

The pair were a Gladbecker grade school teacher with ecclesiastical responsibilities as a Catholic religious instructor and an active soccer player from Hamm-Bossendorf.

The priest refused the wedding party Communion and cancelled Holy Mass.

Erratic Allegations

Miss Stock's allegations against Fr. Weishaupt are erratic and chaotic.

The pastor supposedly "deliberately refused to use the microphone".  In that way he was hardly understood by community.

To start with the celebration by Fr. Weishaupt had been clearly "indignant",  because those present "were not participating".

The text for the marriage vows had been placed on the altar so that the bride could hardly read them.

The pastor announced "before the Eucharistic celebration" that he could not give out Holy Communion, "because she didn't go to Church".

He also -- supposedly -- gave no "concluding blessing".

"Very little interest"

Miss Stock didn't make any effort to hear the other side.

This was caught up on the website ''.

"I went to the celebration in a good mood and a sense of inner peace" -- said the clergyman concerned  according to the site:

"As I noticed the very little real interest in singing, responses and liturgical actions, my emotions were on a carousel."

Unnecessary Apology

For that reason he addressed the Godless present at the concluded wedding with the following words:

"The most important thing in this hour has happened, that the bride pair has received the sacrament of matrimony.  I also take it as true that what has taken place here is very unfamiliar to many here.  That isn't an accusation, that's the way it simply is.  I can not celebrate Holy Mass in such an atmosphere."

For that reason he concluded the wedding liturgy following the intercessory prayers, prayers for peace and final blessing.

Father Weishaupt has written the married couple in the mean time to apology -- it remains unclear why.

The pair has accepted his apology.