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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A United Crusade of Public Prayer to Reopen America, the Church

By David Martin

While there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel with the coronavirus crisis, we shouldn't let down our guard too quickly.

In December, it was reported that Bill Gates in league with other globalists had put $4 billion into launching a "pandemic experiment" using COVID-19. Given the internationalist hatred against President Trump, we shouldn't rule out that the objective of this experiment was to first see how society would respond to government orders to shut down businesses and churches before moving on to the crux of their plan—an attempted presidential assassination—since foreknowledge of the public's response would be essential in enabling them to successfully carry out such a plan. Based on our response, the globalists now know that America would all too easily buckle under government pressure to close down shop in such a crisis.

We should note that it is deep-state radicals like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Andy Cuomo who are adamantly pushing the national lockdown over coronavirus and who are viciously attacking Trump over his attempts to reopen America. This in itself is a dead give-away as to the diabolical nature of the lockdown.    Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has even said he will pay people to report on businesses that violate the Safer at Home order.

 This is reminiscent of how people in Hitler's time were paid to report friends and neighbors who went against the Nazi regime.
Public Reparation and Prayer Needed

With socialist tyranny fast encroaching upon our nation, we should console ourselves in knowing that a united crusade of public prayer will foil this plan to take our country from us. If there was ever a time to set into motion a national crusade of prayer for our country and the president, it is now! Already, there is legal motion underway to try to get the churches opened again, so now is the time to fan the fire and open those churches so that Masses can be said everywhere. It is high time that priests and laity stop worrying about what bishops and governors will think. "Face fear and it will disappear."  Note that it was the interruption of Masses that strengthened this globalist plan to close down our country, so the opposite would contribute mightily to opening things back up for us.

In the meantime, Catholics everywhere should say the Rosary daily for the protection of President Trump because the danger to our country has not abated. Prayer is powerful against Satan and with Satan having generated this plan to bring down America we should take confidence in knowing that united prayer will bring the Blessed Virgin's heel upon the head of the global serpent.

A Chastisement from God

While we know that this year's Lenten crisis was permitted as a chastisement from God, let this chastisement bear fruit by our resolving never to take the Church for granted but by increasing our fever in the practice of our Catholic Faith. What the Lord expects is that we go upon our knees and make public reparation in the churches for the many crimes against Faith, e.g. Communion in the hand, ecumenism, socializing in Church, allowing women on the altar, the promotion of humanism and modernism through which the Church in our time has been profaned. If such reparation is made, there is no question that victory will be ours.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No One Goes to Confession in Germany

The  "Institute for Demography, General Welfare und Family" reports on statements by the ZdK President in a Slovakian church newspaper - the reaction of the newspaper: "That sounds quite unbelievable for us in Slovakia." For Demography, General Welfare and the Family", but on the other hand...

Bonn ( "In your ZdK, you don't know if anyone who goes to confession?" asked Slovakian Catholic internet site, " Postoj" of Prof. Thomas Sternberg, President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK). Sternberg replied: "No, I do not know anyone." Then he explained, "It is true that the connection between the Eucharist and confession is radically broken, it practically does not exist anymore." About the middle of Feburary "Postoj" published interviews on the "Institute of Demography, General Welfare and Family" (iDAF) in a detailed summary and translation of the interview.

Sternberg's observation led the internet news service to state that of the 24 million members of the Catholic Church in Germany, only a small minority practice. Sternberg responded and explained that more than half of the Catholics were "somehow connected with the Church." Catholics, "who attended Mass every Sunday." Sternberg replied that only 10 percent of the German Catholics, who are also Catholics who profess themselves to be pious," only visit Sunday Mass once a month. Whereupon the news site asked about Confessional practices.

Because of its importance, quotes the passage on the confessional practice of the understanding of the ZdK President from the presentation of the iDAF:

Postoj: "When I spoke to German priests in the past, whowere very surprised at what it means to be a practicing Catholic in Slovakia. That it doesn't just include ryegular attendance at Mass, but also sacramental confession. They then related to me that confession has disappeared in many regions of Germany. Is that so?"

Sternberg: "Germany is really quite different. The sacrament of penance has actually disappeared. And even the most pious Germans don't confess."

Postoj: "But how can the people who are no longer confessing receive the Eucharist?"

Sternberg: "We no longer see the connection between confession and the Eucharist."

Postoj: "But this connection is very close according to the Church's teaching. The question is the ol whether the Eucharistic celebration in Germany is still valid under these conditions."

Sternberg: "The Eucharist is not based on confession, because the Eucharist is the power to forgive sins. It is true that the connection between the Eucharist and confession is radically broken, It practically does not exist anymore. "

Postoj: "In your ZdK do you not know a person who would go to confession?"

Sternberg: "No, I do not know anyone."

Postjoj: "That sounds quite unbelievable for us in Slovakia."

Sternberg: "I can understand that this is very hard to believe, but other countries have this crisis also. Te only answer is to work to improve it."

Link to the original of the interview in the Slovakian Catholic "Postoj".

Pope Francis spoke to the Bishops at the Ad Limina. Pope: Erosion of the Catholic faith in Germany. He said: "In confession there is the transformation of the individual believer and the reform of the Church. I trust that in the coming Holy Year and going forward that this so very important sacrament will be more prominent in the pastoral plans of diocese and parishes."

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mario Palmaro's Last Essay --- "Kasper's Speech is Made From the Stuff of White Flags"

(Rome) "We do not need a Church that moves with the world, but a Church that moves the world." With these words, the legal philosopher Mario Palmaro quoted GK Chesterton a few days ago. On Sunday night, Mario Palmaro died after a long illness. Until the last moment, he remained a champion of his Catholic Church. On this occasion, we are publishing his last essay he wrote  together with Alessandro Gnocchi published on 5 March in the daily newspaper "Il Foglio".. 
It is not known if Pope Francis in his address to the parish priests of the Diocese of Rome held on 6 March, could be  understood as a response to the article by Palmaro and Gnocchi. An answer ante eventum. The picture shows Mario Palmaro, already haggard from the disease, with his wife and four children in May of 2013, when he received the "Faith &  Culture" award.

Language World's Crisis  Instead of Dogmatic and Supernatural Truth?

Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi
A field hospital, where one of the sick, injured and dying says they are fine just as they are. There's no talk of returning to the original state of health, and especially of those medicines that do not suit the palate, certainly not. If you want to Pope Francis such an effusive metaphor that has been received by media, chattering classes and retained in the collective Catholic memory, one can  not otherwise define   the meaning of the speech with which Cardinal Walter Kasper opened the consistory on the family. There can be no doubt, when he says, "but we must be honest and admit that a chasm has opened up between the Church's teaching on marriage and the family and the convictions of many Christians."  There is no doubt, because  all of his  considerations do not focus on, retrieving and returning the fugitive and lost sheep from the herd, and not on the reasons why they have been lost in the first place, but on the need to adapt to the new situation. The shepherd is not only to acquire the scent of his sheep, but especially those sheep who have gone.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

News Clips -- Planned Attack on Marriage at Bishops' Synod

Conspirators Handled as Advertised -- Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty ---- Settlers Storm an Abandoned Outpost -- Bad Comparison -- The Crimes of Syrian Terrorists

Plotters Handled as Advertised

Vatican.  The conspirer Bishop Felix Gmur of Basel stood in -- as it had been long planned before -- on behalf of adultery at the Bishops' Synod.  Msgr Gmur the specially drilled journalists, how the Church addresses people, who "live in other family forms".  He prated on of two divorced bigamists, who have lived for fifty years in adultery.  Bishop Gmur would like to know if fifty years of fornication "can't be really valid in our eyes".  The Church should recognize adultery -- demanded Msgr. Gmur.

Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty

Germany.  The British SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson has lodged a claim against the new German penalty.  The penalty was conformed to a non-existing sin, according to international legal standards, of "inciting hatred".  Another hearing will take place next year.

Settlers Storm an Empty Outpost

Occupied Palestine.  Dozens of Jewish settlers recently attack -- under the protection of heavily armed occupation soldiers -- in the abandoned outpost of the settlement Tarsala south of the 40,000 population city of Jenin in the northerly West Bank.  Witnesses reported that fourteen vehicles with bands of settlers stormed the place.  After that security patrols were led into the streets between Jenin and Nablus.  The inhabitants were threatened and insulted.

Poor Comparison

Germany.  The New Evangelization must be begun by individuals.  The Neoconservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner said this for the to the press official of the Diocese of Basel.  As Christianity received its freedom under the Emperor Constantine in 313, it didn't give Christian families and Christian schools:  "Then one began at point null and we appear to be again at that point."  Only:  Then, Catholics were highly motivated and anchored firmly in the faith.

Crimes of the Syrian Terrorists

"The refugees from the terrorist infested part of Aleppo report of abortion, kidnapping, abuse and burned from their homes and their cars stolen.  'My son was shot by a sniper of the [so-called] Free Syrian Army', shouted a father infuriated in an abandon school functioning as a refugee camp.  The boy has a cast on his foot and metal rods in his bones after an operation.

From an article on the online-edution of 'Springer' daily news 'Welt' about the foreign terrorists inciting a Syrian civil war on the 25th September.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adulterers Marry In Vienna's Minoritenkirche

Edit: no word what the Cardinal thought of this, but he's been trying to smooth the way for those who are divorced and remarried.

Was this Habsburg-comedy Catholic? Or old-Catholic? Or Protestant? Or Orthodox? Or Buddhist? In any case there's a scandal taking place in God's house -- complete with television cameras.

(, Wien) On Saturday in a Franciscan, Minoritenkirche, a Catholic Church in Vienna's Old City, a marriage between two adulterers was organized.

An Honorable Professoress of Theology

The principle actors were adulterer Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen and adulteress Herta Margarete Öfferl.

The comedy appeared for 700 guests.

Mrs. Öfferl is the founder and President of the obscure "Union for the Promotion of Peace".

She has the academic degree of "Professor of Theology honoris causa" from a protestant grouping which calls itself "High Church Austria".

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen is the organization's Vice President. He is also honored by "High Church Austria".

Flower Pedal of the Buddhists

The concubine appeared in a creme colored wedding dress with a green mantel in the style of a mountain girl.

Upon her dramatic entrance into the Franciscan Church she was accompanied by soldiers of the Austrian Army.

In the church the church rector, Father Wojciech Szczepanski, greeted them as reported in an edition of the "Lower Austrian News".

The former Reichsender Vienna [What ORF was called when it served Hitler] (ORF) participated described the participants of the abomination as members of the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches. Additionally, there appeared members of the Old Catholic, Protestant and Romanian Orthodox Churches.

Apparently, the Old Catholic cult leader simulated the act of giving the vows.

Both divorced people exchanged rings, putting them on the finger and swearing, "till death".

That was an apparent parody of the vows of their existing marriages.

After the laughable ring-ritual a Buddhist Abbot appeared and strewed flower peddles in the direction of the wedding parody couple.

The holy Franciscan church has been used for almost sixty years by the Italian community in Vienna.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPhone App is Invalid for "Confession": Hate-media Strikes Again

Once again, the Church hate-media publishes untrue things that ridicule the Catholic Faith.  Confessions by telephone are already invalid, so this report is exaggerated and untrue.  Of course, those who are willing to believe this non-sense are of two types and you all know who you are.

The Catholic Church is the most maligned religion in the world.

Link, here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marrying in Church is a right only for those who believe in Christian marriage, says Pope

Marrying in Church is a right only for those who believe in Christian marriage, says Pope
The importance of the canonical and pastoral preparation for marriage focus of words addressed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Roman Rota. The bride and groom should be aware of and want this act that ultimately aims to holiness of life. This also to avoid future annulments.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - Getting married in church is a right only if you believe in "true marriage” that is, an act for the realization of the “integral good, human and Christian, of the spouses and of their future children, ultimately projected towards the holiness of their lives".  From here, follows the importance of preparation for Christian marriage, also to avoid annulments, which were at the heart of Benedict XVI address delivered today to members of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, received at the beginning of the judicial year.

"The canonical dimension of marriage preparation – began the Pope - is perhaps not an immediately perceived element" both because the preparation phase holds "a very modest, if not insignificant, place ", and because "there is a widespread mentality that the examination of the spouses, the publication of banns and other appropriate means to carry out the necessary pre-marital investigations, of which marriage preparation courses are a part, are purely formal obligations. In fact, it is often assumed that, in admitting the couples for marriage, pastors should proceed with speed, as it regards the natural right of people to marry".

The fact, however, is that "there is no marriage of lives and another of law: there is only one marriage, which is constitutionally a real legal bond between a man and a woman, a bond based on the true dynamics of conjugal life and love. The marriage celebrated by the spouses, the marriage that is dealt with both pastorally and in canonical doctrine, are one single natural and salvific reality, the wealth of which certainly gives rise to a variety of approaches, however without ever losing its essential identity. The legal aspect is intrinsically linked to the essence of marriage. This is understandable in light of a non-positivistic concept of law, but considered from the perspective of relationality according to justice.

H/t: Pete F