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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Luxury Apartments Instead of Churches in New York

(Washington) Fewer churches, more houses. Even luxury homes. Something like this could  be  the motto of estate agents in New York. The real estate market of New York is booming. Although the eight million inhabitants, only grows to a more modest degree, about 0.2 percent each year, but the demand for housing remains strong. More and more single households and higher demand will be satisfied. So real estate speculators eagerly spy for the churches of the city. Numerous churches are risking soon to be demolished to make way for luxury condominiums.
Some are already gone. Thus the Church of Saint Vincent de Paul of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. She was sold, according to USA Today, for 13.8 million dollars. Today there is a building there with 40 apartments. Each of them can be rented at the price of 4,250-5,500 dollars a month. Another example is the Church of Mary Help of Christians in the East Village. Soon the church of Our Lady of Vilnius in Lower Manhattan at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. For them, a $13 million price was paid. In their place, a 18-storey residential building is to be built.

Rising costs, declining demand

Church of Our Lady of Vilnius will soon be discontinued
In the Upper East Side, the Church of Our Lady of Peace should belong to the demolition of candidates. The Church was built in 1886 by the German-American community, and was later became the home of Italians . It is located in a historic part of the city. The church facade is a listed building. No problem for the real estate industry. The facade will be preserved behind a modern building with luxury apartments. The historic façade will bring  a special flair to the living space of future owners.
Just one kilometer away  the Church of Saint Thomas More could be demolished. It is the church which was visited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. There, the memorial service for her murdered husband, US President John F. Kennedy took place.
Reason for the feverish pursuit of  churches by the real estate industry is the announcement of the Archdiocese of New York, to merge parishes and close some churches  by year end. This is due to rising maintenance costs, shortage of priests and decline of practicing believers. Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Cardinal, announced that his archdiocese will no longer spend $ 40 million to maintain the parishes that do not need it.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Insider / Curbed NY (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yet Another Evil Old Liberal Cardinal Advocates Aberromarriage

Edit: Rorate Caeli says that the first Cardinal has been the retired Cardinal Daneels is the first to have expressed himself so openly on the subject of aberromarriage.  Of course, Cardinal Daneels employs a not very subtle equivocation, yet he isn't the first to have spoken so frankly.  The decadent Dutch enabler of sexual abuse isn't the first promoter of the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.  Cardinal Zollitsch did so last month in a very public statement largely ignore by the Catho-sphere, which opted instead to focus on his advocacy for women Deacons, a much smaller offense.

"He says to obey the law and not oppose gay marriage. 'We need to understand: The Church has never objected to the fact that there is a sort of 'marriage' between homosexuals – however  we're talking about a sort of marriage. This is not the same as the true marriage between a man and a woman, so we need to find another word for the dictionary. However, insofar as it is legal - that it has been rendered legitimate by law - the Church has nothing to say about it. (...) If a state opens civil marriage to homosexuals, then it the problem of that state.'

We reported ++Zolitsch's very damning statement on April 29th, where he advocated blessing these decadent unions:

Other reform proposals that Archbishop Zollitsch  would check and implement where possible, relate to Blessing Celebrations for same-sex couples and the possibility that women may preach in Sunday services.
Image borrowed from...Fides et Forma.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He's Lucky He's Not a Catholic Priest

Double Standard

The powerful are only horrified about child-abuse when it can drag the Church in the dirt.

(  Joris Demmink (64) is a high Dutch official.

Since 2002 he has been General Secretary of the Ministry for Security and Justice.

Homosexual Rapist?

Yesterday the US-website '' reported that Demmink will resign this week and be honored for his work.

Demmink has been charged for raping two male minors during  a flight in Turkey.

Witnesses Speak Out

On October 4th, witnesses spoke out before the Helsinki Commission at Capital Hill in Washington against Demmink.

"I was afraid to say no -- I was very young an innocent, " said one.

According to reports from '' there was an attempted murder against him, after his complaint became public.

He Finished in a Bordello 

The alleged victim left his family at the age of fourteen,  to seek work in decadent Europe.

There he ended -- not completely unexpected -- in an Amsterdam bordello.  Fro this place of inhumanity he met Demmink.

Already after two meetings, he wanted to take the young Turk with him home in Den Haag.

"Completely Baseless"

The attorney of the victim -- Adele Van der Plas -- explained that Demmink's high position has made it difficult charge him:

"We may have beautiful laws in Holland -- but these don't help, if people from he upper classes abuse children and are not prosecuted."

The Dutch Government has taken the position that the complaints against Demmink are "completely baseless".

Straight to Jail?

A representative of the Dutch Embassy -- H.P. Schreinemachers -- criticized the results of the hearing.

The internet site '' has appeared.

Its operators also want to impede the honoring Demmink on his retirement.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

German Greens Spearhead New Pedophilia Campaign

This child and anti-family decadence-party may claim the right for itself to be called the historical defender for child abuse.

(  The youth organization of the Antifa-Neonazis want to legalize sexual depravity and pedophilia within the family.

This was reported by the Berline weekly "Junge Freiheit" on April 13th.

Thus, "sex beetween parents and their children" should be allowed.

The Defense of Children is Old Fashioned

The antifa-neonazis are justifying their pedophile campaign with apparently overhauling and "old fashioned moral standards" of Germans:

"The prohibition on incest in Germany is a crass imposition by the state in the private sphere and of people to determine their own manner of life"  -- explained the Green Antifa-Neonazis.

With a view to the significant handicaps of children from incestuous relationships the comrades state:  The state doesn't have to be concerned with the "purity of the people's heritage".

With Vehemence

The comrades of decadence of the Green Bundesfraktion are supporting the proposal.

The speaker on legal issues, Comrade Jerzy Montag (65) explained it this way, "the legal persecution of sexual relations between relatives and siblings" is an "anachronism".

The previously convicted terrorist defender and Green official, Comrade Hans-Christian Ströbele was vehement on this point, to allow sexual relations between siblings:

"Two grown men should be able to decide between themselves, if they want to have sexual intercourse."

The Sexually Depraved Antifa-Neonazis

The Board of the so-called "Green Youth" is:

- The speaker Sina Doughan (24) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The speaker Karl Bar (26) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The political business manager Freia Then (19) from Berlin
- Treasurer Jens Parker (23) from Frankfurt

Co-Chairs are:

-Dimitra Kostimpas (20) from Nurnberg
-Felix Banaszak (22) from Duisburg
- The Nepalese Timeela Mandhar (19)
-Felix Deist (26) from Essen

Original, here....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Muslims Are Fast Outpacing Believing Christians in Europe

Edit: St. Bernard of Clairvaux said that the Mohamedan was a punishment from God.  Look at the way they spread throughout the world, and look at the way the West is enrapt in debauchery and decadence, stuck in the slavery of sin.  Well, the master of sinful peoples is within the gates of your city.

by Soeren Kern
[Gatestone Institute] Muslims in Europe are increasingly converting empty Christian churches into mosques.
 The proliferation of mosques housed in former churches reflects the rise of Islam as the fastest growing religion in post-Christian Europe.
 There are now more practicing Muslims than practicing Christians in many parts of Europe, not only in large urban centers, but also in smaller towns and cities across the continent.

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H/t: Stella Borealis

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Avoid Witchcraft or X-rated Films for Your Kids

[California Catholic Daily] The following was prepared by the California Catholic Conference [of bishops] education committee (July 2010) and posted on the bishops’ site this summer.

Most of California's Catholic families with school-age children choose to enroll them in the state's public schools-rather than in Catholic or other private schools. However, many families are unfamiliar with the laws that govern what their child will be allowed to do-or asked to do-and unaware of certain ideas and information their child will be taught while at school.

WHAT THE CHURCH TEACHES: As Catholics, we strongly believe that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. The Catholic Catechism states that families are the "privileged community" where children are meant to grow in wisdom, stature, and grace (# 2206-2209). The Church counsels us to work with public authorities to ensure and protect the rights of parents.

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