Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Does the Media Despise Breast Cancer Awareness?

Edit:  It's interesting to see the government news media monopoly go into full swing in defense of what is a criminal organization with a Nazi past and present.

Apparently, some of the zealous defenders of Planned Parenthood have also seen fit to hack Komen's website as well.

There are now numerous articles that have been written attacking Komen's Breast Cancer Awareness organization with Planned Parenthood.  What do they have against breast cancer awareness and women's health?  What is taking place has all the earmarks of an orchestrated state media campaign designed to defend the principles of revolution and attack any departure from party orthodoxy.

What's interesting about all of these articles is that they all associated Planned Parenthood with women's health.

What's more interesting is how they are attempting to link women's health in terms of breast cancer with women's health in general by defending a mendacious and criminal organization, [like when Kathleen Sebelius destroyed evidence] like Planned Parenthood with its own National Socialist past and present?

According to Jeff Goldberg, concerned citizens have rallied behind the criminal organization with Nazi ties to replace the money Komen would have given.

Well, that's less money that can go to fund other things that Liberals love besides abortion and National Socialism.

Rachel Madow...

Huffington Post... gloating about Komen losing support in wake of decision.

NPR... describing the feeding frenzy.

Top Komen Official Resigns....

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Abortion is a sacrament for the secular class.