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Friday, October 19, 2018

Sardinian Priest Joins Lodge -- Cagliari Diocese Doesn't Care

An unusual case 

October 19, 2018

Freemasonry: priests as Masons

(Rome) On September 30, the inauguration of Don Giancarlo Dessì as the new pastor of Segariu in the Archdiocese of Cagliari. It is worth noting that a relationship between the Don Dessì of today and his relationship to Freemasonry has not been satisfactorily clarified. Can a pastor also be a Mason?

In the past, first rumors, then documents about an alleged lodge membership of the pastor appeared. Shortly before the arrival of the priest in his new parish a Sardinian lodge brother confirmed: "It's true: he was initiated in 2014".

Lodge excursion with pastor

In the Archdiocese of Cagliari, nobody wants to get to the bottom of the matter. The Internet newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ) researched the matter and encountered a wall of silence from archbishop's office.

For some time, the Sardinian priest has been suspected of belonging to a Masonic lodge. "That Freemasonry is a secret society is no secret. The fact that the Church of Cagliari practices the same secrecy as a priest is being suspected of being a lodge member is curious, if not ambiguous," said NBQ. Last July, as usual, the Archdiocese announced changes in the See. The list of transfers included Don Dessì. During his time as a pastor of the city of Mandas, there were accusations that he had entered a Masonic lodge. Specifically named was the lodge Armando Corona No. 5 of Cagliari, which belongs to the Grand Lodge of the Old and Accepted Scottish Rite of Italy.

Armano "Armandino" Corona (1921-2009), after whom the lodge is named, was a Sardinian doctor and contractor. He was a member of the left-liberal Republican Party of Italy and was President of the Regional Assembly of Sardinia. Corona, a member of the Lodge since 1969, was, above all, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1982-1990.

"Brother Freemason, by profession priest"

In 2016, compromising photos of the priest emerged with the aproned brothers. The pastor denied and spoke of "photomontages" and "slander". At first it was said that the Archdiocese would initiate a canonical case against the priest, but then it became quiet. For two years no one in the Archdiocese wants to talk more about the matter, not even about whether an investigation was carried out or not.

A local blogger wrote:

"For the Church, the matter is clear: A bishop or priest who belongs to the lodge must be tried before an ecclesiastical court and laicized. Was Don Dessì subject to a canonical process? And if so, was he acquitted or convicted? Nobody knows anything, not even in Rome."

It would have to be the interest of the archdiocese to dispel any suspicion or clarify whether Don Dessì is a 'lent' borrowed from the church, NBQ said, and sent a request to the Ordinariate last July to refer to the Vicar General, who was unavailable. After a few days of futile attempts, the newspaper turned to the editor-in-chief of the diocesan church newspaper, who referred to the Diocesan Press Office, which referred to the Vicar General, who - now available - briefly referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The result of several days of research? It was not possible to get a clarification from the Archdiocese about Don Dessì.

New documents
Last September 20, ten days before the inauguration of Don Dessì in Segariu, new documents appeared. The aforementioned blogger published several documents of the Lodge Corona No. 5.

Lodge Membership of Don Giancarlo Dessì

This includes an invitation and agenda for the Lodge meeting on 21 July 2014. The document is signed by the Secretary of the Lodge, who invited the chair, Gian Luigi Piras, for "temple work" on behalf of the Master. Each lodge brother had to appear in the "dark suit, white shirt, black tie, white gloves, insignia of his degree." The temple work on that summer evening provided above all for the initiation of a new lodge brother: "Dr. Don Dessì Giancarlo, a priest by profession."

The priest was also introduced in other documents as a lodge brother. For the temple work of 21 October 2014, he is described as a "speaker."

On one of the invitations is added in a handwritten note:

"I, undersigned Guido Asuni, former secretary of the Lodge Corona, confirm that the priest Don Giancarlo Dessì, pastor of Mandas, was initiated on July 21, 2014 as a Masonic brother."

NBQ contacted Asuni, who confirmed the information after initial reluctance. "It is true. I confirm that Don Giancarlo Dessì was initiated that year as a Masonic brother. At that time I was secretary of the Lodge Corona, but I left that year. So what I can confirm is that Dessì was at least part of Freemasonry in 2014. What happened then, I can not say, because I have changed obedience."

Asked how the priest justified his entry into the lodge at that time, Asuni answered evasively:

"Someone asked him about it, but he was vague, that's all I know, and there are situations that are secret."
NBQ wants to know from Asuni if ​​he has been contacted by the Archdiocese to provide information.

Asuni: "I was never called. Nobody ever asked me about it. One thing is certain: should Don Dessì in the meantime have left Freemasonry, he would have the duty to say this publicly, to clarify his position."

NBQ then again contacted the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cagliari, but they responded just as curtly as a few months earlier.

"We are not interested in this at the moment." 
And hung up.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Picture: Il color Porpora sbiadito / NBQ
Trans: Tancred

Friday, April 4, 2014

Swiss University of Freiburg Introduces Course for Imam

(Fribourg),  University of Fribourg founded in 1889 in the Swiss canton of the same name was born of the desire of Swiss Catholics to have their own university in the Catholic Switzerland. Catholic predecessor institutions go back to the 16th Century. This Catholic oriented, though never officially Catholic University, plans to set up a course of study for Islamic Imams in next autumn.
The project is promoted mainly from the Egyptologist Antonio Loprieno, the Rector of the University of Basel and chairman of the Protestant Waldensian Church  of Basel. Loprieno chaired the multi-faith working group for further training  of imams and Islamic religious education teachers, which was established by the federal government. In an interview he said of the project: "The idea came from a dialogue which was conducted at the federal level for several years with the existing in Switzerland Islamic communities and organizations. It is an attempt to create a course that promotes on one hand the Integration of Muslims in the increasingly multi-cultural and Swiss society and on the other hand advancing a high quality theological debate on European Islam in general and Islam in particular the Swiss. "

Swiss Muslims 'Satisfied' - Paid for by the Taxpayer

Liked shows the Islamic community. According to a survey by the University of Zurich is a majority of Muslims living in Switzerland for a training of imams and Islamic religion teachers in Switzerland. Hicham Maizar, the person in charge of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland and chairman of the Swiss Religious Council said: "I am happy to note that a great step has been made. There are Muslims living in Switzerland for more than 50 years. We need to build bridges between them, society and the state authorities. We have established and shown that there can be Swiss and Muslims at the same time to dialogue  from the beginning. "
Hicham Maizar said that the cost of the participation of Muslims living in Switzerland  the cost is "unrealistic". The courses are financed therefore by the Swiss taxpayer, specifically by the Swiss Federal Government and the Canton of Fribourg.The long-term sponsorship is still unclear, as the rector of the University of Freiburg said. Discussions between the university and the federal government are underway.

Threat of Islamist Infiltration?

The project also sparked strong doubts and protests. First of all deputies of the Swiss People's Party (SVP) and the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland (CVP) of the Canton of Fribourg warn of potential hazards with Islamist infiltration. MEPs want with their initiative received the Christian character of the university. They have asked the Great Council of State of the Canton to dissuade the University from setting up the controversial courses. Antonio Loprieno is convinced, however, that the courses will be a sure success: "It is impossible that Islamism penetrates to the university, which has a strong liberal tradition." Freiburg Rector Guido Vergauwen sees in the project, however, a "chance"  to strengthen positioning of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Freiburg, "even as a location for interreligious dialogue."
In the Federal Republic of Germany comparable courses of study have been established recently at four locations. The background is an increasing penetration of Islamic religious instruction in public schools. The Swiss project approximately follows the German national project.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radio Vatican Slanders Cardinal George

The time to rise from sleep is now:  thus, Benedict XVI can no longer continue to muddle through, otherwise the Vatican really will become the throne of the anti-Christ. 

(  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has withdrawn a "derogatory comment" about a homosexual demonstration.

Radio Vatican -- which is supposedly the Pope's broadcaster -- made this defamatory comment from the homosexual perspective about the Archbishop's statement on the 21st of December.

The Cardinal had compared the anti-Catholic tirades and marching homosexual fanatics to the anti-Catholic racist organization Ku Klux Klan.

 What Radio Vatican described as a "homosexual demonstration" is in reality a desolate, exhibitionist and anti-child mob scene.

They were limited to marching in the morning by authorities in order to stem the customary abuse of alcohol.

A Homosexual Propagandist as Authority

The broadcaster cited a certain Anthony Matinez, portraying him as a "Director of a group for the rights of homosexuals".

With his "apology" the Cardinal was "exemplary" -- explained Martinez according to the news service.

Martinez is the director of 'The Civil Rights Agenda', authoritatively cited by them.  It's not more than two years old.

Martinez was active as a a propagandist for the introduction of the recognition of homosexual unions in the State of Illinois -- which was condemned by the Vatican.

An Aggressive PR-Campaign

'The Civil Rights Agenda' is a propaganda organization antagonistic to morality.

It fights for the spread of homosexual disorder, the destruction of the family and the infiltration of homosexuals in religion.

Last June Radio Vatican described a demonstration of 108 homosexuals in a mass pairing to simulate marriage.

On their website they are supposed to have directed a "aggressive PR-Campaign" against Cardinal George.

Radio Vatican failed to report on these details.

They have been an established reputation

That Radio Vatican has attempted to profile itself as an agent for homosexuality is new.

Otherwise, they have an established reputation as broadcaster of scandal.

In the middle of December Father Bernard Hagenkord SJ (43), the director of the German speaking section confessed that his broadcaster undermines the teaching of the Church:

"Critical voices get their say from us."

Last October the scandal broadcaster described known abortion activist, Cherie Blair as a "pious Catholic".

In February 2009 the Old Liberal Father Eberhard of Gemmingen -- the former Chief Director of the German section of the broadcaster -- attacked the Pope. He wrote:

"Many Catholics are disappointed by Pope Benedict, because they have gotten the impression that he has gone too far on behalf of a fascistic group."
In Jaunary 2007 the broadcaster insulted the Old Mass, which was then rehabilitated by Pope Benedict a half year later.

The only blessing: the gold hungry broadcaster won't have any more listeners with any luck.

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