Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Ways Ministry Slaps Back at Cardinal George

Catholic Caveman noticed that after Cardinal George issued his condemnation of formerly CCHD funded, New Ways Ministry, that the organization simply retaliated by publishing a list of gay-friendly parishes nationwide, but he doesn't think the Local Ordinary will do much about it. Actually, the Diocese will take measures against parishes that do not follow the rules, albeit slowly and often reluctantly in the case of the Archdiocese of St. Paul in Minnesota. Ultimately, we think the Cardinal is sabre rattling. Until he begins addressing the doctrine he was meant to teach in the first place, nothing will change, you'll only see half-measures and media decoration.

In the latter example, New Ways Ministry indicates that there are three such parishes friendly to gays: St. Francis Cabrini (whose pastor will "bless" same-sex unions, but off campus, since there are so many intolerant people at the Archdiocese who object to change.), St. Joan of Arc (Recently hosted a homosexual men's choir for a "Christmas concert" and St. Stephen's which got a conservative pastor the last year and provoked a mass exodus of the elderly and aging hippies and radicals to another "community". We might amend New Ways list to include the Basilica of St Mary's and disinclude St. Stephen's which seems to now be the home of mostly Latino folks. We also think these folks should include St John's Abbey at Collegeville as well, since they have a large number of homosexuals in their community and even go to great lengths to protect them when they break the law by preying on the students at the two schools they operate.

All in all it's a mixed bag. We think the abuses and heresy will continue because it's a social problem which has effected the Society as well, and you won't begin to address the homosexual problem until you start re-emphasizing moral theology and correct doctrine.

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