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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Father Schmidberger: There Isn't Much More to be Expected From the Pope

Father Franz Schmidberger: Volte Face in the Vatican

"What use is the Motu Proprio to the Old Liturgy if a year thereafter, one of the worst opponents of this Liturgy is given a key position?"

(  There are rumors that in the case of the regulation of the Society of St. Pius X that a certain western European country will have its ambassador to the Holy See threatened with resignation.

This was explained by Father Franz Schmidberger, Mathematician and German District Superior of the Society in an interview with the Catholic monthly 'Kirchliche Umschau'.

The Vatican Appeared Satisfied with the Answer

The clergyman recapitulated the most recent history of the negotiations of the Society with the Vatican.

On the 16th of March the CDF attempted to give an ultimatum to Society General Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, to accept the Dogmatic Preamble of September 14th.

Thereupon Bishop Fellay published a dogmatic text, which stressed the persistence of the Society in the Catholic position:

"The proposal of Msgr. Fellay went as far as we could, to satisfy the side of the CDF's position, and on the other side not to give up any of our positions."

The text found, according to Schidberger, "clearly the approval of the Holy Father and also the agreement of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith".

Pressure Was Put on the Pope

Then there came an unexpected change of position: Bishop Fellay received a new text on June 13th frot he CDF.

The new demands contained within were described by Father Schmidberger as "very surprising".

 The Pope was not made happy happy, according to the CDF, with a subsequently specified interview, which Msgr Fellay gave on the recognition of the the Society.

At the same time, there was probably pressure put on the Pope.

Not Acceptable

The new demands bound the recognition of the legitimacy of the New Liturgy.

That was not acceptable according to Father Schmidberger: "How can one recognize a Liturgy as legitimate, which flees from the Catholic Faith and not to it?"

The second demand touched upon the Pastoral Council: The Society many only still discuss particularities of the Council.

They must then -- against their convictions -- attempt to reconcile it with the continuity of the earlier Magisterium.

Bishop Fellay had answered this text according to the statements of Father.

The Pope Speaks and Negotiates With a Forked Tongue

Father Schmidberger believes that the appointment of the heterodox Archbishop Gerhard Luwig Müller as guardian of the Catholic Faith was responsible for a change of course toward the Society in the Vatican.

He also criticized the appointment of Archbishop Arthur Roch as Secretary of The Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments:

"What is the point of a Motu Prorprio about the Old Liturgy, if you appoint one of its worst opponents to a key position, which will counteract the Traditional Mass?"

Catholic, Roman Catholic

However, Father Schmidberger decisively rejects any separation with Rome.

He cited the founder of the Society, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: "Neither Liberal nor Modernist, nor schismatic, rather Catholic, Roman Catholic!"

This devise of the Archbishop called for almost a daily tightrope walk for the society in view of the Church crisis.

A Pilgrimage for Lefebvrists?

The future of the negotiations with the Vatican would be dependent upon Archbishop Augustine Di Noia and his scope of negotiations.

Father Schmidberger discerns then that the Society still has to remain in its current position of misunderstanding.

He appealed to the faithful, not to be bitter toward the Holy See, rather to preserve love.

Some prelates in and out of the Curia have pleaded for the Society:  "They have recognized how important the effect of the Society in the official area would be."

Father Schmidberger thinks:  "Would the consideration not have value, if it meant the pastoral care of a pilgrimage or another seminary?"

The Errors Are Finally Discussed Openly

Father Schmidberger can't imagine a renewal of the Excommunication of the Society.

At the same time he insists that Msgr Muller is "really not our friend".

He demands the acceptance of the the errors, which have led to the Conciliar and post-Conciliar decline.

The recognition of the Society would mean for the ecclesiastical confession, that certain expressions are to be corrected and requires the Traditional Mass for the healing of its members.

Father Schmidberger expects little of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.:  "Humanly, since his last personal decisions in Rome, there is not overly much to be expected."

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