Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Pope Will Not be Saying the Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite

Edit:  at least the new CDF doesn't have to sign the Preamble.

Since the publication of 'Summorum Pontificum' the Pope has limited himself to writing mid-range books and promoting preachers of homosexuality and teachers of error into key positions. -kreuz.net
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(kreuz.net) On November 3rd thousands of pilgrims from all over the world are coming to a Pontifical High Mass in the Old Rite in St. Peter's.

The one to celebrate the High Mass is still not known.

The usually well-informed blog 'messainlatino.it' indicated in mid-September that the pilgrimage would go down in the history of the Church, if the rumors about the celebrant were true.

Observers indicated to this with the allusion  that Pope Benedict XVI -- whose "Reform of the Reform" had some sand in the gearbox -- could use this opportunity to say his first Pontifical Mass in the Old Rite as Pope.

The time will be moved

 On November 3rd Benedict XVI will celebrate the New Mass for the deceased Cardinals and Bishops from the course of years.

With that it is clear that he will not be the celebrant at the High Altar, which will take place on the same day in the afternoon.

At least he won't come

The planners must at least have no fear that the Pope will not command his teacher of error and Prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith, Archbishop Ludwig Müller to say the High Mass that afternoon.

Because Msgr Müller -- who doesn't understand the Liturgy any more than Dogmatic theology -- would not be in a position to celebrate the Mass in the Rite of the Roman Church.

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Inquisitor said...

The title should say "The 'Pope' Will Not be Saying the Pontifical High Mass in the catholic Rite"

Tancred said...

arr arr

Fr Alessandro Brujn said...

Is it not believed Benedict XVI is the Pope and Vicar of Christ here on Eponymous Flowers?

Tancred said...

Who else would be Pope? Micheal Bawden?

Geremia said...
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Geremia said...

He's already prayed the hours in the Ambrosian Rite, so why not do a Tridentine Mass, too? And, as a cardinal, he's already done priestly ordinations and episcopal consecrations in the Usus Antiquior, hasn't he?

Tancred said...

Yes, but he hasn't at last said the Immemorial Mass in public, which many observers feel would be the ultimate seal of approval and legitimacy.

I think I'm right there.

Unknown said...

To be exact, four Pontifical Masses (and no ordinations) in the Usus Antiquior, of which two were according to the modified versions used by Traditional Benedictines.

Easter 1990 -- FSSP Wigratzbad
1995 - Le Barroux
1999 - Weimar with the ICRSS
2001 - Fontgombault

Aged parent said...

Like many here I would be delirious with joy if the Holy Father actually said the ancient rite Mass - as Pope. But I hold out no hope that he will. He is too afraid, it seems, to do so. Why he is afraid, I cannot say.

Fr Alessandro Brujn said...

He is afraid of a Liberal schism or at least of an even more tenuous grip of Liberals to Communion with the Holy See. Traditionalists at least desire that Communion and understand its significance, the nature of Liberalism is that it does not.

The Pope seems increasingly to be afraid of the wolves, I suspect not for himself but for the many badly formed Catholics who can so easily be led astray by the many wolves within the Church today.

A common cry of "the Pope is schism with we the Church" is actually at least partially believed by many Catholics today. Celebrating the Traditional Mass would become a totem for those many bishops, priests and lay people who peddle this nonsense. The Pope has to keep the barque of Peter together and as many souls in it as possible for the sake of their salvation. It cannot be lightly taken decision.
Pray for the Pope.

Still praying for every pope. said...

Popes of the past have not feared schism when they proclaimed the truth of Catholic Teaching. This one should not either. Christ did not fear schism when he spoke about eating His body and drinking His blood. He knew that many would leave. That did not cause Jesus to suppress the saving truth. None of us are to be concerned what men think, only doing God's will. How much more so a pope???!!! Jesus called the first pope "Satan" and a scandal to Him for alot less than what this pope and his recent predecessors have done.

Unknown said...

Read his works and note he has not changed at all - he will not say the Latin Mass of Ages. That is that!