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Friday, May 29, 2020

Jewish Rabbi Attacks Viganò's Appeal

Edit: usually, the Catholic Church has gatekeepers who attack those voices who challenge the present regime who want to use the fame of the Catholic Church to bring their New World Order into being.

Vigano Appeal.


Monday, February 13, 2017

ADL Calls the Shots in Vatican?

Edit: as if there were really any question. Real Catholicism is to be squelched and undermined at any cost.
[Tablet] On Thursday, a delegation from the Anti-Defamation League met with Pope Francis at the Vatican; ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt said the pope’s “moral voice is so needed today.” In a speech to the delegation at the Hall of Popes, Pope Francis, who has spoken out against anti-Semitism numerous times, and has visited Auschwitz, showed his respect for the ADL while denounced anti-Semitism in all its forms.
Here is a large chunk of Pope Francis’ powerful speech, which should be read in full:
Whereas the culture of encounter and reconciliation engenders life and gives rise to hope, the “non-culture” of hate sows death and reaps despair. Last year I visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. There are no adequate words or thoughts in the face of such horrors of cruelty and sin; there is prayer, that God may have mercy and that such tragedies may never happen again. To this end let us continue to help one another, as Pope John Paul II so desired, “to enable memory to play its necessary part in the process of shaping a future in which the unspeakable iniquity of the Shoah will never again be possible”: a future of genuine respect for the life and dignity of every people and every human being.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two Seminarians Dismissed Over "Anti-Semitism"

Würzburg (kathnews/RV). "Anti-Semitism has no place in the Catholic Church." This conviction moved the Bishops of Bamberg and Würzburg, Ludwig Schick and Friedhelm Hofmann, who share a seminary to dismiss two seminarians. The information was released in Wednesday. The charge was that seminarians had celebrated the birthday of Adolfo Hitler and told anti-Semitic jokes, according to a commission employed by the Bishops. According to their recommendation, two seminarians were dismissed, a third is still awaiting a definitive decision. The Bishop of Bamberg Ludwig Schick explained to Cologne Cathedral Radio, that this misconduct was unacveptable. "It is thus in our society, that there are jokes like this, and that are incline people also to racism. The Church is as ever a part of this society. We want to do everything, so that such anti-Jewish and racist ideas are not present in our entire society and if so, they don't go unremedied. There we must begin with ourselves. Whoever wants to go into a humanistic society as a priest, must be completely free of racist ideas."

Against charges by the initial media reports of a "rightist network" that these are considered unfounded, said the Bishops in Wednesday in their statements, they found that alleged birthday celebrations for Hitler had no basis. On the contrary, the seminarians not concerned were hurt to be put in a right radical light, spiritual and educational efforts are necessary here, said Bishop. Archbishop Schick stressed again the basic principles which are valid for the Catholic Church. "We have clear expressions in Nostrae Aetate, the Decree of the Second Vatican Council, on non-Christian religions, where what clearly relates to Judaism, we repudiate the mistrust, violence, persecution of our bretheren, the Jews, and work with each otherfir a world, in which all may live, diversity in unity."

At the end of May Norbert Baumann, Judge of the Superior Court of Bamberg, and three other external consultants of the Bishops were engaged in an investigation. All seminarians were heard, In addition to appropriate education. The concluding report had over 200 pages and detailed the "completely unacceptable" racist statements of anti-Jewish jokes, and in addition, the attempt at trivializing and promoting misunderstanding of both both concerned.

Friday, May 10, 2013

EWTN Personality Flies Into Anti-Semitic Tirade

Edit: people have been asking about what it is about EWTN that might make them anti-Semitic.  We suspect that it has to do with certain EWTN personalitys' demonic hatred for fellow Catholics who truly are Semites.  We shudder to think what these alleged champions of Catholicism at the Network Gone Wrong, would say of Arab Catholics who are not only Semites, but are suffering terribly in Palestine till this very day at the hands of the Israeli state.

Kevin O'Brien is an EWTN celebrity who is most well known for his portrayal of a profoundly disturbed fruitcake theology professor named Stanford Nutting who not only claims there is no truth, but is also deeply interested on punishing those students of his who believe there is.

Ironically, here he is in a real-time conversation on Facebook, seemingly his real self, Kevin O'Brien.  Unless he's lost his grasp of reality, and we suspect he has,  he presumably is not in character.   Art imitates life.  He has certainly taken it upon himself to defend a group of people that probably doesn't hold him in high regard (Israelis) and might be a little offended too at his misplaced zeal, but here he is.  The following is a discussion between Paul Moeller and Kevin O'Brien which took place in mid-April in a public forum, where Mr. O'Brien loses his composure and became verbally abusive and frankly, slanderous, and worst of all, anti-Semitic.

We've censured his bloopers but felt it was necessary to portray the kind of person EWTN has working for them.  Here he is denying the holocaust... of the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese during World War II:

  • Paul Martin Moeller Unnamed 

    Kevin O'Brien: Well, I just shared your Kissinger quote from your FB wall. Good one. What do you object to in Simcha's article?

    Paul Martin Moeller: I think it is horrible.

    Kevin O'Brien: Yes, it's horrible. But funny.

    Paul Martin Moeller: I guess I'd ask what you like about it.

    Kevin O'Brien: Everything. Spot on. Now, Paul, stalking your FB page to try to find out who you are, this is an interesting post ... 
    “On Holocaust Remembrence Day, please remember:
    1. You are Catholic. You *are* Israel.
    2. 2. Christ was "the Holocaust".”
    Both 1 and 2 are true.

    Paul Martin Moeller : Absolutely.

    Kevin O'Brien: But ... WTF?

    Paul Martin Moeller: wtf what?

    Kevin O'Brien: I mean, is this not a way of denying the actual historical fact of the Holocaust of the Jews? On Holocaust Awareness Day? Of all days???

    Paul Martin Moeller: Is there a Nanking awareness day?
  • Paul Martin Moeller Unnamed exFBfriend: "a Nanking" - what do you mean? Nanking?

    Paul Martin Moeller: Well, this is where it helps to know your history. Why isn't there a Nanking awareness day?

    Kevin O'Brien: F&^% you.

    Paul Martin Moeller : I thought you were Catholic.

    Kevin O'Brien : Jew hating bastard. You're out of here. I am Catholic, mother f*&^3er.

    Paul Martin Moeller: Falsely accusing someone is a sin.

    Paul Martin Moeller : When did I ever say I hated anyone? I don't. I have seven kids, a wife, and pray my Rosary every night. I say the chaplets of mercy every day.

    Kevin O'Brien: I'll say one for your miserable rotting soul.

    Kevin O'Brien: He's blocked.

    Paul Martin Moeller: He's copied the whole convo.

    Kevin O'Brien: This is a vile demon that stirs up this kind of stuff.
  • Paul Martin Moeller Paul Martin Moeller: And I'm going to post it to my page

    Kevin O'Brien: I thought you were blocked. Post it, s*&^% wad.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mellow Out Subcaths: Making Unfounded Accusations of Anti-Semitism

Edit: Seems to us that Subcaths can’t help themselves. We’ve already determined that they can’t be Vatican II, really, because they’re against free speech, and really despise Catholics who are exercising their rights as adults to have an opinion. They have to use their paid positions of authority to shout down people who have true and legitimate concerns about what’s happening within the Church and hierarchy.

These anti-Catholic bigots have launched an attack on Catholics in recent days by misrepresenting them, accusing them of committing crimes punishable in highly advanced and profoundly moral countries like Germany, France, Denmark and Holland. Let’s say never again, and speak out whenever you see a friend exhibiting this hateful bigotry and call them out on their anti-Catholic bigotry. When they’re not busy ignoring the wholesale and unavanged slaughter of Catholics worldwide in places like Indonesia and Nigeria, they’re attempting to pull a diversionary maneuver on concerned Catholics by slandering them.

On a slightly more serious note, in the last few days there has been a mounting campaign of character assassination by the approved bloggers of the National Catholic Register, book end to the National Catholic Reporter, being launched against certain persons because of a report against Marcelo González, an Argentine Catholic who’d made a report, later confirmed and apologized about by Father Ray Blake and the hermeneutic of continuity blog , on traditional blog Rorate Caeli.

Apologies are not forthcoming from other bloggers, however, who have not only refused to apologize, but have piled on further accusations as well against Mr. González in particular, and Traditionalists in general. Initially, a woman named Dawn Eden (Goldstein), is maintaining the familiar libel against Traditionalists and politically unprogressive individuals in general, as “Holocaust Deniers”. Not only did she cast some unfair accusations about Rorate’s coverage of the issue, and mistakenly associated them with the SSPX, but hadn’t even read the original document she’d used to accuse Mr. Gonzalez of being evil in its original language, since she doesn’t speak Spanish and read a google translation instead.

Furthermore, a hysterical Simcha Fisher utters a demand that there ought to be some kind of public outcry against the evils of anti-Semitism. We’ve noted in the past here on this blog that it’s difficult, if impossible, in great part because official mouthpieces don’t help much, that violations of Catholic doctrine, liturgical rubrics, veritable insults against Christ Himself, go unpunished and unanswered by those in positions of authority time and time again, while faithful priests are punished in turn, sometimes at the urging of people like NCR and Patheos bloggers. We expect that even if there is an official concern about unfounded charges of anti-Semitism by Neoconservative journalists, we’re not sure how they would enforce a principle which isn’t part of the deposit of faith or if a canonical proceeding could handle such a thing. In any event, many real violations of doctrine take place virtually every day and go unpunished, so we can’t imagine how this charge of anti-semitism could be enforced even if it were the problem the often emotive Simcha Fisher insists it is. .

If you wish to complain about the rude and frankly, libelous behavior of bloggers in various states of employment with the Catholic Church, we’d invite you to contact EWTN and National Catholic Register to lodge your complaints. (800) 421-3230.