Friday, May 10, 2013

EWTN Personality Flies Into Anti-Semitic Tirade

Edit: people have been asking about what it is about EWTN that might make them anti-Semitic.  We suspect that it has to do with certain EWTN personalitys' demonic hatred for fellow Catholics who truly are Semites.  We shudder to think what these alleged champions of Catholicism at the Network Gone Wrong, would say of Arab Catholics who are not only Semites, but are suffering terribly in Palestine till this very day at the hands of the Israeli state.

Kevin O'Brien is an EWTN celebrity who is most well known for his portrayal of a profoundly disturbed fruitcake theology professor named Stanford Nutting who not only claims there is no truth, but is also deeply interested on punishing those students of his who believe there is.

Ironically, here he is in a real-time conversation on Facebook, seemingly his real self, Kevin O'Brien.  Unless he's lost his grasp of reality, and we suspect he has,  he presumably is not in character.   Art imitates life.  He has certainly taken it upon himself to defend a group of people that probably doesn't hold him in high regard (Israelis) and might be a little offended too at his misplaced zeal, but here he is.  The following is a discussion between Paul Moeller and Kevin O'Brien which took place in mid-April in a public forum, where Mr. O'Brien loses his composure and became verbally abusive and frankly, slanderous, and worst of all, anti-Semitic.

We've censured his bloopers but felt it was necessary to portray the kind of person EWTN has working for them.  Here he is denying the holocaust... of the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese during World War II:

  • Paul Martin Moeller Unnamed 

    Kevin O'Brien: Well, I just shared your Kissinger quote from your FB wall. Good one. What do you object to in Simcha's article?

    Paul Martin Moeller: I think it is horrible.

    Kevin O'Brien: Yes, it's horrible. But funny.

    Paul Martin Moeller: I guess I'd ask what you like about it.

    Kevin O'Brien: Everything. Spot on. Now, Paul, stalking your FB page to try to find out who you are, this is an interesting post ... 
    “On Holocaust Remembrence Day, please remember:
    1. You are Catholic. You *are* Israel.
    2. 2. Christ was "the Holocaust".”
    Both 1 and 2 are true.

    Paul Martin Moeller : Absolutely.

    Kevin O'Brien: But ... WTF?

    Paul Martin Moeller: wtf what?

    Kevin O'Brien: I mean, is this not a way of denying the actual historical fact of the Holocaust of the Jews? On Holocaust Awareness Day? Of all days???

    Paul Martin Moeller: Is there a Nanking awareness day?
  • Paul Martin Moeller Unnamed exFBfriend: "a Nanking" - what do you mean? Nanking?

    Paul Martin Moeller: Well, this is where it helps to know your history. Why isn't there a Nanking awareness day?

    Kevin O'Brien: F&^% you.

    Paul Martin Moeller : I thought you were Catholic.

    Kevin O'Brien : Jew hating bastard. You're out of here. I am Catholic, mother f*&^3er.

    Paul Martin Moeller: Falsely accusing someone is a sin.

    Paul Martin Moeller : When did I ever say I hated anyone? I don't. I have seven kids, a wife, and pray my Rosary every night. I say the chaplets of mercy every day.

    Kevin O'Brien: I'll say one for your miserable rotting soul.

    Kevin O'Brien: He's blocked.

    Paul Martin Moeller: He's copied the whole convo.

    Kevin O'Brien: This is a vile demon that stirs up this kind of stuff.
  • Paul Martin Moeller Paul Martin Moeller: And I'm going to post it to my page

    Kevin O'Brien: I thought you were blocked. Post it, s*&^% wad.


beagle said...

I'm not following this very well. It looks like Moeller is the one being 'anti-semitic' (just to use the term the neocats like to toss around). At least I think that's what's going on?!? I think the Moeller guy is being pretty reasonable, unless this is all part of some weird stunt.

beagle said...

Ok, sorry; I think I see what you mean by going over the article, i.e. Middle Eastern Christians and such. Don't know anything about this guy, so have no opinion.

Tancred said...

I mean that Catholics are Semites, and these EWTN types are completely anti-Semitic by attacking Catholics like Mr. Moeller.

PJMULVEY said...

I know Paul. He is 100% devout Catholic. He like many others are tired of false "catholic guilt' which is imposed upon us Catholics for supposed 'sins' against the Jewish people throughout the ages. However, the Jews are not the only ones who have suffered genocide - Irish and Armenians, for instance had losses in the millions plus and Catholic and Orthodox Ukrainians suffered terribly under communism in the millions by primarily Jewish bolsheviks. Mr. O'Brien is a good person and unfortunately feels that it is his 'duty' to combat those Catholics who believe that the ultimate and only important holocaust was Our Lord's and while sympathetic to Jewish suffering do not at the same time elevate it to pseudo-religious status. We Eastern Christians see the suffering of our fellow Christian brethren and wonder where is the outrage and compassion at people being forced to live in concentration camp conditions on the Gaza Strip because they have democratically elected an objectionable government to the Israelis. Why the double standard? Why must Catholics feel ultimate guilt but others get a free pass?

Aged parent said...

Good grief. It's hard to believe Mr O'Brien was writing the way he did. Catholics who write in public should strive, at least, to comport themselves like ladies and gentlemen.

As to the issue at hand it is good to bring these things out into the open for discussion. Catholics especially need to take the high ground here and not cower and slink around like mere worms underfoot. My poor efforts on my own blog at discussing what is really happening in Palestine is how I am doing my bit to create a little understanding of the situation there. We have been hearing only one side of the issue for far too long.

Thank you, Tancred, for bringing this subject up.

Aged parent said...

Please know my friend that there are a number of people who are outraged at what is going on in Palestine, and I am one of them.

Anonymous said...

There is no group in the world who have been elevated as have the Jews. It is insane that others have let the Jews impose this tyranny upon the whole "Civilized" world.
Every day of the world (civilized) is Holocaust Remembrance/
Awareness Day. These people have had a large role in the degradation of the "civilized" world. Anyone(s) who have not Awareness of this really should look into it Now. And join the Remembrance/Awareness of Jews Society to Save the
Catholic Church and the World... without delay.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has not seen Tancred's post "Careerists and Climbers are doing "Great Harm to the Church" from a couple days ago, should. Included in those doing great harm are people like Kevin O'Brien and the Higher Profiles spreading this false theology throughout the Church. And in the world
collaborating in the fear, hatred and perpetual war.
Now before someone comes around here calling me a jihadist sympathizer I'll save time and answer now. I am not. But as you see I'm not a Jew sympathizer either.

Tancred said...

Speaking as a person with Jewish ancestry from both my paternal grandparents, I think it's disgusting the way people who lack Khazar blood want to jump on the bandwagon to dramatize themselves and their causes as if they were fighting some kind of holy war.

It's my opinion that cowards like this would have collaborated with the Nazis even against their own kind. They are the worst kind of parasites.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't get it. The short clip appears to be some kind of joke. As for the conversation - it looks like it's actually Mr.Moeller, who seems to be mildly anti-semitic (his objection to Holocaust remembrance).

Anonymous said...

Tancred, Bless !

Tancred said...

You'obviously believe Khazars are more important than Chinese. Sounds racist to me. What do you have against Chinese people?

Anonymous said...

??? I still don't get it..Khazars??!!!! What are you talking about? Oh, and it's nice to know what I believe in or not. A true knowledge of heart granted to only few obviously must be one of them.

Tancred said...

I think someone ignorant of the Khazars should exempt themselves from any judgments on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kevin O'Brien calls people names like coward. People who aren't afraid to speak some truths he calls cowards. He shows himself as rather a coward. His feeble weapon is not much more than name calling and shouting vulgarity in the public square. Everyone should inform EWTN. They really must. Oh..Oh never mind.

Dolorosa said...

First off, there is no need to curse and use foul language, that is not charity! Second, history is full of lies and we know that from what they say about the Catholic Church. Third, be careful what you post and especially on Facebook because everyone will read it or post it somewhere else like on here.

Tancred said...

The worst thing about this isn't O'Brien's foul language, but the sheer incompatibility of what he's saying, and servicing, against the Catholic religion. I would have thought believing that one race deserves a preference over all the rest was a thing of the Old Testament. The fact that OBrien isn't Jewish makes it as idiotic as it is presumptuous.

Anonymous said...

Why do you mention half forgotten tribe in connection with jews? How relevant is it? Oh sorry, i forgot...personal attacks are more important than facts.

Anonymous said...


Tancred said...

I don't think it's out of line to question someone's mental competence to carry on a civilized discussion, when they've demonstrated they lack both the knowledge and decorum to do so. You, like Mr. O'Brien and his creation, Professor Nutting are clearly subrational and incapable of meaningful discourse on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Interesting..instead of explaining point by point my questions (rationally) you explode with this irrational rant! Tancred, up to this point I thought you are a good man. I'm sure you would reply to my questions in different manner if I would use my usual nickname (I admit, I am a lazy sinner). On the other hand, it was a good lesson for me. Even among traditionalist there are few bad apples.

Tancred said...

You sound like Kevin O'Brien to me.

Anonymous said...

I dare say this O'Brien fellow has a potential bright future as a neocath / neocon blogger. I'm waiting for some praise or defense of this irrational discourse from a certain corpulent Catholic blogger who seems to love hurling accusations of "anti-semitism" as well as trad bashing.

Anonymous said...

Are you really waiting for that? Aren't you real sick of him too? I know you are.

Kevin O'Brien said...

This is Kevin O'Brien - the Anonymous commenter above was not me. I am not proud of the language I used in that Facebook post. But I am less proud of my fellow traditionalist Catholics who hate Jews and cover this hatred with a strained theology. Feel free to read my blog posts on this subject, one of which Tancred here strongly objects to ... .

Tancred said...

Your slander of Paul Moeller is more typical of the kind of character assassination the National Socialists used against Catholics before the war than your self-portrayal as some kind of heroic voice calling out in the darkness.

Are you sure you haven’t become possessed by Stanford Nutting?

schmenz said...

Mr O'Brien:

That is quite a libel you have just hurled at Catholics who have a deep sympathy for the ancient traditions of the Church, namely: that they "hate Jews". Perhaps you might wish to modify that one day soon.

Obviously I cannot speak for anyone other than myself but if you will, allow me to offer a few thoughts.

Every Catholic who is worth his salt should be against Jewish naturalism, that concept which seeks to obliterate Christ from everyday life and has as its especial target the Catholic Church. The very survival of the Church depends upon this. But having to fight Jewish naturalism and the revolutionary spirit that characterizes many Jews is a far cry from hating someone who is of the semitic race. Semites come in all flavors: Syrian, Iranian, Jewish, Iraqi, etc. and anyone who hates these people merely because of their race commits a sin. But if a particular semitic tribe or tribes, in this case revolutionary Jews, are actively working for the destruction of the Catholic Church then it would be suicide for the Church to merely ignore this.

Any Catholic worth his salt is also praying and working for the conversion of the Jews because that Catholic knows that it a Jew dies, as a follower of the synagogue, he will not see God and he will not enter Heaven. And since the Catholic Church is the natural birthright of the Jews their rejection of it constitutes a grave crime in the eyes of God. This is not a new concept I am introducing; itis the perennial teaching of the Church. We, all of us, have to stop reading modern dicey theological opinions and begin going back to the Fathers, the Doctors and the Saints, all of whom understood the Jewish problem quite clearly.

My advice to you, if you will permit me, would be to be more tolerant of those who are wary of the machinations of certain Jews who are very clearly doing everything they can to undermine the reign of Christ the King. They have been doing this for 2,000 years now and, barring a miracle, they will be doing it to the end of time. Catholics who fight this evil are not haters. Quite the contrary. It is love for the Jews that wants to see them save their souls by becoming Catholics.