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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Benedict XVI: Resignation Was Valid -- End of "Confusion Game" or New Media Hoax?

(Rome) The Vatican expert Andrea Tornielli published two sentences by Pope Benedict XVI., which were allegedly from a reply to a correspondence.  In it he declared that his resignation was "valid", it had been for no other reason than his age. "Speculation  about this is "absurd."  He also confirmed the authenticity of statements attributed to him, that was written to the heretical theologian Hans Küng.  Does the Church have two popes? Benedict XVI. signed himself as pope and used paper with the letterhead “Pope Emeritus".  Francis describes himself as "Bishop of Rome" and signs only with "Franciscus". The traditional blog "Chiesa e post concilio”   looks beyond the alleged letter of Benedict XVI. and sees a transparent maneuver by  the ruling Church leadership, to cause widespread doubts and discomfort  and to silence the faithful. Tornielli has not printed the alleged the letter.  Above all, it does not come to him to deny or correct the place of the Holy See. Least of all with things of such magnitude. But above all Tornielli is not to be confused with the Acta Apostolica Sedis. In short, the message is reminiscent of another media  hoax  last summer, reported as a great  mystery"  of an alleged visit to Benedict XVI. and the fact that he was supposed to have said, the Holy Spirit  advised him to resign (see separate report Benedict's resignation: "God told me" - Media Hoax of the “Great Mystery"? ). Tornielli was merely instrumental in this action, probably even  the misused tool of others, said "Chiesa e post concilio". We document the comment as a contribution to the current debate in the Church.

Tornielli quotes Some Sentences of Benedict XVI., Which Belong to "a Letter"

Chiesa e post concilio
The news has already made the rounds around the world. Tornielli published a "letter" of Benedict XVI., in which the "Pope Emeritus" explains and confirms his resignation's validity  that there is no other reason than "advanced age." He is also to have  confirmed Hans Küng (!) with the oft-quoted words about the "identity of perception" and his wish to want to be until the end of his days nothing more than a "worshiper".

I'm Sorry for Orwellian Despotism

I'm really sorry. Sorry to be treated by the so-called "Catholic journalists", but above all by the hierarchy as an imbecile (in the literal sense of the word). I'm tired of being mistreated, judged to be (with "Mercy") and sentenced and to be impeded in the utterance of doubt by arrogant and constant aggression. I am  sorry for this kind of "Orwellian despotism," in which only "war galleys" are included, that  "dominate". For the "nice words" about "service and humility," they just sound like hot air.
Some believers, it may be that they are a minority, are simply ignored or attacked mercilessly. To them it seems to be permitted, what the "Pope Emeritus" said of himself to the reactions when he offered the bishops of the SSPX an act of justice: total and unjustified hatred. The hatred manifests itself in very different forms: one of these is the indifference (the highest form of detestation) compared to the spiritual life and the soul of the faithful. Whether it is a believer or a lot, does not matter. Shameful is the sound, the disgust and aggression are treated with the those who "doubt". The allegations go far beyond a normal judgment and generalizations  about the exalted letters from "the despot" . Each argument is minimized, delegitimized, no matter who it submits. Arbitrary labels are missed, sometimes vile, just as it suits.

To Refresh The Memory: The Works of Mercy

Obviously, this "humble servant" have forgotten that in the church not important WHO says something, but WHAT he says. In addition, they seem to have forgotten just what the spiritual works of fashionably acclaimed mercy are:
  • Teach the ignorant
  • Encourage the doubtful
  • Comfort the afflicted
  • Rebuke the sinner
  • Bear wrongs patiently
  • To those who insult us, sincerely forgive
  • To pray for the living and the dead
So if justified criticism and legitimate doubts are expressed, then this must be clearly and unambiguously be clarified and resolved. When the believers are in the confusion, it is really to serve the duty of the holy shepherds their salvation, and to restore the right path. Chatter is not enough.
What do the articles of Tornielli  change in current situation? Nothing. The "Pope Emeritus" wrote him two lines that we do not want to call into question, from which he creates a message. The problem does not dissolve  with a simple denial. The "Pope Emeritus" should clarify the doubts with the facts. In this sense, I make a pressing appeal to him.

Why did not Benedict XVI  Pass the Papal Dignity?

If his resignation is valid, then he would do it again without any form of error which are sufficient to make him canonically invalid, then he renounces the papacy and the papal symbols and insignia, then it was abandoning but especially on being Pope , then he has resigned really and completely. If he really is in "full compliance" with Francis, then he officially denies his teaching position in relation to  Tradition, including the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum , which has already proven to have done so much good in the Church and which is now being  so openly rejected.
It's time to stop with the dictation. This seems to be a realm of chaos, instead of the Church. The despotism of the "galleys",  the "you do not know who I am" and "you must blindly obey" is over. The shepherds shall feed the sheep entrusted to them. They must do them  justice.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Chiesa e post concilio
Trans: Tancred
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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Destruction of a Papacy? -- Gänswein: Benedict XVI. Watches "Kommissar Rex"

(Rome) A year ago today the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI by came into force by eight o'clock in the evening. The Catholic Church reflects gratefully on his pontificate. An open wound, however, is still his spectacular resignation, which is without precedent in the history of the Church in this particular context. Benedict XVI. was then expected to become "invisible" to   the World   and to lead a life of prayer. Literally, he said on 14 February in his last great speech, that he "will remain hidden to the world." Thus, however, it will not work so well. For Pope Francis, Catholic journalists and not least Curia Archbishop Georg Gänswein it is a concern. If so, it is humanly understandable. But who really wants to know that Pope Benedict XVI.  is starting to look like  "Kommissar Rex"? The dismantling of a pontificate has many faces.

Vatican Countermeasures to Ongoing Speculation

It is his successor Pope Francis, who always brings him back into the public eye and his closest collaborators who talk too much about him. All to provide continuity and unity between the two popes. This in turn depends obviously on incessant speculation surrounding the resignation and the unusual situation of two popes, a ruling one and an emeritus together. Above all, it is the leadership style of Pope Francis which is responsible for  continuing, which  irritates faithful Catholics.

In the Catholic Church one tries to counteract the discussions, in striking contradiction to the desire of Benedict XVI. to live "hidden",  by presently dragging him into the public eye. There are Church leaders and Catholic journalists and media who put him there. The most recent example is the daily Avvenire of the Italian Bishops' Conference.

The Public Spread Day in the "Hidden" Pope

They did an interview with Curial Archbishop George  Gänswein and reported in much adieu that the Pope now enjoys watching watching films from "Don Camillo" to the TV dog detective show "Kommissar Rex". Even so, it looks like trivialization. The prefect of the Apostolic House of Pope Francis and personal secretary of Benedict XVI. told the Avvenire about the"everyday" of the Emeritus Pope. It consists of "prayer, books, music and one evening one or the other the film of Don Camillo or episodes of the TV series Don Matteo or Kommissar Rex". The day will begin with Holy Mass, the breviary and breakfast. The circadian rhythm was "quite human, not a Prussian barracks". The rest of the day consisted of pray, read, receipt of occasional visits and answering the numerous letters he  has received. The only distraction was a walk in the Vatican Gardens, in which he prays the rosary. The Pope live in the midst of his beloved books of theology. But he also read history books and biographies of great personalities. He also reads German and Italian newspapers, watches the evening news on the TV and he personally tries to reply to letters. "You can not imagine how many would like to visit and see him. I submit to him in any case, all requests. He then decides. The waiting list is now very long."

Pope Benedict I listen to music "mainly classical music, especially Mozart, but also Bruckner, Liszt, Bach, Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms. But even religious music: Gregorian and polyphonic. Should not miss the shots of the cathedral choir of his brother George. "Occasionally he also play the piano itself, especially the" beloved Mozart ".

Gänswein: Relationship to Successor is "Excellent"

Benedict is attentively following says  Gänswein,  international developments and those of the Church. Of course, what his successor Francis is doing, but he is interfering in any way. "The appointments he reads, if they are published in L'Osservatore Romano." His relationship with his successor has been "excellent". The two popes talk to each other in various ways: they call, write, they meet, they eat together.  Pope Francis has already come to a lunch at the monastery many times. Once, after Christmas, Pope Benedict was also a guest in Santa Marta.

To maintain a contrast between the two Popes, "is a favorite game of some journalists. I resent that. I have the grace with which to live and work with both of them. So I can be allowed to say, to know both fairly well. I do not see them competing but complementary. It is clear that the style, the gestures and the way of the government of Pope Francis is quite different than that of Pope Benedict. But you can not just build on an opposition. To do things differently, does not mean to it becomes inconsistent. One must always keep present what the Pope Emeritus wrote to Professor Hans Küng  and which Andrea Tornielli repeated, as he wrote of 'conformity of viewpoints and the heart of friendship' regarding Pope Francis." 

This explicit naming and interpretation of two controversial documents of the past few weeks, that  were given to Tornielli was all announced  as recently as last Monday that was  amazing after all. The question is: Cui bono? It reinforces the impression that behind the recent events: the presence of Benedict XVI. the extraordinary consistory, the alleged Tornielli letter and now the Gänswein interview, there is a common language. The resignation of a pope, the life of a retired, "retired" Pope as normality? All very "human".

Various "Sensitivity for Liturgy" an "Objective Fact"

Some undeniable differences between the two should not be read maliciously. So they are different, for example, the sensitivity to liturgy: "This is an objective fact and it is not offensive to say so. But even in this case, I repeat, it doesn't mean it's  contradictory. "True to his announcement, Pope Benedict was not included to   mix in the decisions of Pope Francis:" He takes note of what is written, what is said, what is decided. Passively ad extra and ad intra in an active way. He hears and reads what you could hear on the Consistory or the questionnaire that was sent out by the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops. But he doesn't call anyone "up" to give advice or tips. He has retired. He no longer takes part in the government of the Church. That was not said once and then forgotten. It applies and will apply in the future. "

That Benedict XVI. also announced he would remain "hidden from the world", doesn't only seem to have been forgotten by Curia Archbishop Gänswein.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, December 30, 2013

"Pope Francis Just Abolished Sin" --- Scalfari's New Christendom, Where God is Replaced by I

(Rome) In his usual Sunday sermon, the atheist Eugenio Scalfari returned in his personal "wire" to Pope Francis, who last summer wrote the well-known left-wing journalist of old Masonic family a letter and granted an interview (see separate reports There is no Absolute Truth? - Pope's Letter Misunderstood by Atheist Eugenio Scalfari and Truth and Belief - The Case of Misunderstanding in Dialogue with Non-believers and Christ is Not an Option Among Many, and Certainly Not for his Deputy on Earth - Why We do Not Like this Pope ). Scalfari claimed yesterday in his commentary once again that Pope Francis had 'de facto abolished sin'.

Scalfari: "Pope has De Facto Abolished Sin With Evangelii Gaudium"

The founder of the daily newspaper La Repubblica refers back not to the direct contact with the Pope, but to his recently published Apostolic Letter. The "abolition of sin," says Scalfari, was included in Evangelii Gaudium. An "abolition", which was done by means of two instruments: on the one hand by equating the revealed Christ,  the Christian God, with love, mercy and forgiveness. And then by granting people complete freedom of conscience.

Pope Francis had raised conscience as the last instance of human action already in his letter to Scalfari and this statement was confirmed in his interview with Scalfari later. The Pope's answers were indeed formulated by Scalfari himself, but the writing was just the Pope's words again. The interview, was initially published on the website of the Vatican, as if it were part of the papal Magisterium, though it has since been removed, but a distancing from the highly controversial, non-Catholic statement has not occurred to date.

Strained Mercy

The renewed insistence by the well-known journalist outrageously appear in the polemics about the authenticity of the papal statements. Scalfari does not give up on the issue of freedom of conscience, he was actually jubilant about the basic message of the papal interviews. In fact, it would have been a historical sensation, if the papal statement had been done. This means that the Pope would make of the past 300 years of his own Church, which with good reason rejected and fought against basic tenets of Freemasonry.

"What can I say except that it's a real mess?" Today writes the daily Il Giornale . "It is pure chaos, if you want to discuss about Christianity, by placing Jesus Christ in parentheses. Scalfari recognizes that the central argument of the Magisterium of Francis is mercy and divine forgiveness. Good: but what need there should be for this mercy, when sin would be abolished? What would God forgive if there is no more sin?"

Scalfari lets the Pope Live, but Christ Abolishes Christ

Scalfari's interpretation, which is regarded to be relevant and most especially raises many questions to the most influential of those distant from the Church who interpret the pontificate of Pope Francis. Most Vaticanists, including Andrea Tornielli, only dare to ask some of the questions in criticizing Scalfari. So says Tornielli that Scalfari, in order to abolish sin would equally abolish the entire teaching of the new pope: "The Pope has referred to himself many times as 'sinner' and very often speaks of the mercy and forgiveness of sins. To know the mercy of God, a merciful God, who is never tired of forgiving, one must be aware of his own limitations, our sin, our weakness, our evil and our need for salvation, forgiveness, love and mercy. Therefore, it requires the awareness that we are sinners, and therefore the exact contrary of that 'abolition' of sin that Scalfari effects to ascribe to the Pope. "

Scalfari's Appeals to Pope Francis - Consent by Silence of the Vatican?

But that only addresses one side. Implicitly, the questions remain to Pope Francis, which Scalfari - by reason of the criteria - had chosen, to write him a letter. In this letter is already the controversial redefinition of freedom of conscience included as a kind of absolute standard. Scalfari reinforced the message in the Pope's interview, which was indeed formulated by him, but previously submitted by him to the Pope for approval. A permission that has been expressly granted by the Pope. Also after criticism of the statement, which is very heavily weighted against a pope in the Church context, to date, no correction was made. Can Scalfari properly invoke to Pope Francis? He does it and as long as the Vatican does not oppose this, it must be assumed that this invocation is done with the consent of the Pope. But this would raise questions of principle of enormous dimension. Because then the question would be standing in space, what Pope Francis ever meant by sin. Similarly, the question of how the apparent contradiction between the statement on conscience with the Pope's actual assertions to reconcile is to proclaim what is laid down in the Catechism of the Church.

Replace God by I

But above all is the frightening abyss taking place in the ambivalent relationship between the Pope and Francis Eugenio Scalfari. To accuse a Pope of heresy is no less abysmal as Scalfari speaks with real and fictional appeal to the Pope about religion and there nothing left but exclude Christ. Both areas are "dangerous", as well as Il Giornale noticed. The atheist Scalfari seems here, "to house a tailor-made, fluid and relativistic Christianity," said Il Giornale. But why does Pope Francis let him act freely. After all, the Pope again declared recently to be looking forward to the next meeting with the Doyen of Left journalism in Italy. Yet in Scalfaris' way God will ultimately be replaced by the ego. Since there is not a God of the atheists, then the I will be deified and the word and the connected idea of God and divinity will be redefined. And what does the Pope say to that?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Tempi Trans:

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Edit: a world where journalists attempt to authoritatively interpret and rule on the Magisterium.  Listen closely to them, they are more anxious about what Catholic doctrine means than most clergy, and are deeply upset that people are still believing Catholics.  Didn't Vatican II do away with people like you?


Monday, September 16, 2013

Cardinal Cipriani: "Müller is a Bit Naive" -- Impulsive Clelia Luro: Has Liberation Theology Really Changed?

Ripping my Collar Off to do some "Real" Theology!

(Rome) on 11 September, Pope Francis received the "Father of Liberation Theology," the Peruvian Gustavo Gutierrez, in audience. Gutierrez had been invited to Rome by his friend, the new Prefect of the CDF Gerhard Archbishop Ludwig Müller. Müller presented with Gutierrez the recently published Italian edition of a book jointly written by the two. There was very little enthusiasm about it given by the highest representative of the Peruvian church, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima. He described Müller's pretense toward the topic of Liberation Theology as, "a bit naive". The Papal reception for Gutierrez, was also announced by the impulsive-progressive "Bishop's Widow" Clelia Luro, according to her own definition describing herself as a "Pope-friend".

Cardinal Cipriani Behind Cardinal Bergolio

Cardinal Cipriani Criticizes New "Courting" of Gutierrez and Liberation Theology in Rome

Cardinal Cipriani was critical in courting the new Liberation Theology in Rome. It is a purified form of Marxism and Liberation Theology that has become quite toothless, but the word still evokes bad memories, as the "Liberation Theology" in the 70s and 80s, worked as a Marxist idea-gate into the Catholic Church. To those who have concerns, include the Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne. As a Latin American and a Peruvian, in particular,  he really knows exactly  the left slogans that reinterpreted a liberation from sin into a liberation of "social oppression". The South American cardinal is therefore also curt to the Roman "approach" to the theology of liberation, at least on Gutierrez. When asked about Archbishop Curia Müller the archbishop of Lima said, he is "a good German, a good theologian, a little naive." Thus, the unflattering commentary by Cardinal Cipriani last Friday on RPP radio .
"Bishop's"  Widow.

About the audience between  Gutierrez and  Pope Francis, the Cardinal said: "My reading is that he [Müller] wanted to do a favor for his friend [Gutierrez], who is dear to him, wanted to do a favor, and wants to help him in any way, to correct himself and incorporate him in the Catholic Church." According to Cardinal Cipriani, the Pope had only received Gutierrez at the request of Curial Archbishop Müller and not officially.

Francis Pope (front), Cardinal Cipriani Thorne (rear) Cardinal Cipriani: Liberation Theology Caused the Church "Great Harm"

The Cardinal is of the opinion that the unofficial audience was abused last Thursday in order to gain recognition of a theology which has done "great harm to the Church". The cardinal recalled that Gutierrez was never actually found guilty of that in the first half of the 80s by the then Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith,  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, but he asked him, to "correct two of his books", one of which was the book "Theology of Liberation" which was to give the whole movement  the name. Whether Gutierrez is now "corrected, I do not know," said the Peruvian Cardinal.

The Church, says Cipriani Thorne, had never been closed to the social question and the misery of the people. It belongs to the distortion of liberation theology, claiming to have such an impact, in order to present itself as being the only truly "evangelical" theology. In fact, the liberation theologians, however, have swapped basic truths of the faith.

Pope Francis Has not Forgiven Gutierrez a Discourtesy

The Vatican expert Sandro Magister noted that Pope Francis, has truly received Gustavo Gutierrez but that the position of the Pope nevertheless is clearly distinct from that of the Prefect of the Congregation, Curial Archbishop Müller. As Latin Americans know, Pope Francis is very well aquatinted with Liberation Theology and its seduction. As a Jesuit provincial and even as a bishop in Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio sharply criticized  Liberation Theology. In addition, still playing into a personal touch, there is that the distant relationship to the head of the Catholic Church with Gutierrez, says Magister.

Just the fact that Gutierrez does not appear in the official audience schedule of the Vatican and the Holy See after the meeting with the Pope, issued no opinion as to whether there is evidence of a benevolent attitude that the Curial Archbishop has toward his friend Gutierrez is shared by Pope Francis.

Impulsive "Bishop Widow" and "Pope friend" Clelia Luro Speaks Again

Clelia Luro appears with the picture of her husband Jeronimo Podesta, a former priest, ex-bishop, Marxist Liberation Theologian and probably excommunicated. The rudeness, that the Pope believes Gutierrez to be guilty of, according to Magister, is a grudge, which is admittedly a bit confused because it plays on a very personal level. The source is again, the impulsive Clelia Luro, who, however, shall not be the only one since the election of Pope Bergoglio who was used as a media tool, will call attention to their own interests. In early July, the Argentine widow received a certain noteriety in the German speaking world when the Austrian newspaper, Die Presse quoted her as saying that - in her opinion - Pope Francis will "soon" abolish priestly celibacy. It's a hobby horse of Luros' that has to do with her own personal flaw. A battle the now 87-year-old woman has led for decades. She proudly says that she had called the current Pope as Archbishop of Buenos Aires every Sunday. It's a practice that apparently arose after the death of her husband. Also, since his election as Pope, he had already called her several times, most recently on the 7th of September.

Clelia Luros message was not treated with disinterest. She is primarily a crusader on her own behalf or that of her late husband, around whom everything revolves with her ​​and seeks the "honor" to defend it. Luro is immediately, not only the widow of a former Catholic priest, but a bishop. Her husband, Jose Jeronimo Podesta (1920-2000) was ordained a priest in 1962 and bishop in 1946. As the Diocesan Bishop of Avellaneda, located as a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Podesta mixed heavily in politics. The President Juan Carlos Ongania, who gained power through a military coup in 1966, urged his removal. In order to avoid a diplomatic clash, Podesta was led to resign as Bishop of Avellaneda in 1967 and appointed a titular bishop. Podesta continued his political activities, including the Union Christian Peace Conference  (CFRP) steered by the Soviet Union. His political and religious radicalization led to an increasing distance from the Catholic Church. In 1971 he returned back to the Church back and in 1972 he married his secretary Clelia Luro that coincided with his anti-Church, Marxist political and religious struggle in the name of Liberation Theology.

"Bishopess" Mayr-Lumetzberger Received "Apostolic Succession" from Luros Mann

In old age, Jeronimo Podesta was discovered in all sorts of strange circles. These included the Austrian Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger from Linz and the German, Gisela Forster in Munich, both of whom happen to be for women priests in the Catholic Church. They were ordained by a "bishop" Romulo Braschi to become "priestesses" and consecrated "bishops". Braschi maintains for his side to have been illicitly but validly ordained by "Bishop" Podesta. But this in turn is contested by Podesta's widow, Clelia Luro, however. Besides the fact that the "apostolic succession" of would-be bishops is on thin ground, all parties, "consecration" and "sanctified" received excommunication anyway.

Podesta died in 2000 in poverty, but, the tradition, that the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had hurried to his deathbed, who was the only one of the ecclesiastical hierarchy to do so. It is not known whether Podesta had died reconciled with the Church. Clelia Luro anyway confirms in Bergoglio, this gesture as an example of great humanity. From their previous battle positions, however, they have moved little.

Pope to Call Luro on the 7th of September? - Liberation from Liberation Theology?

Clelia Luro made this event public in a letter to Gustavo Gutierrez.  Her letter was published on the progressive Catholic website Redes Cristiana. Luro writes this that she had received a phone call from Pope Francis on the 7th of September. The Pope told her he had not forgotten the impoliteness Gutierrez had shown to her husband, Podesta.

As Gutierrez was to have held a lecture at a meeting of the Association of Priests of the Third World in Cordoba, which also included the former Bishop Jeronimo Podesta, the Peruvian Liberation Theologian was invited to speak, but he refused to give his presentation, "if Jeronimo would have remained in the hall." Gutierrez only began to speak as Podesta had left the room.

In the same letter, Clelia Luro, makes accusations against Gutierrez but also equally against other famous Liberation Theologians, and also ex-priest Leonardo Boff. "If liberation theology brings us to be the judge our brothers, then we would also need liberation from this theology," this was what the "bishop's" widow wrote, utterly moralizing about the ideologues, as she still seems to have militant Liberation Theologians close by her. [Divide et Impera?]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Iglesia Descalza / Marco Longari / Triregnum
Trans: Tancred

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"A Minority Doesn't Want the Old Mass Any Longer" -- Franciscans of the Immaculate and Roman Opponents of the Vetus Ordo

Edit: many want them to go quietly into the oblivion shared by those religious orders that have not remained true to the vision of their founders, but they don't intend on going quietly.

(Rome) Following the exposure of Vatican Insider as the mouthpiece of the rebel group in the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, it is aptly trying to limit the damage for the sake of balance. This includes an interview with the only official spokesperson of the Order, Father Procurator General Alessandro Maria Apollonio. Father Apollonio expressly rejects the attempts to reduce the provisional government of the Order by the Congregation of Religious to "internal tensions" that have nothing to do with the traditional Roman Rite.

From the interview it appears that there is a small minority in the Order, which is known to be led by Father Alfonso M. Bruno, but that this alone would not have been able to be effective. The input of six brothers in the Order to the Vatican Congregation offered but others obviously can find, against better judgment, a welcome pretext to act against the Order.

The interview also reveals a certain weakness of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, whose significance seems limited. The Commission had previously approved the procedure of the General Council of the Order with the introduction of Vetus Ordo. However, this official confirmation had no relevance for the Congregation of Religious.

Some things the matter of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, are so fundamentally different, the two questions are reminiscent of the final stages of officially frozen unification talks between the Society of St. Pius X., and the Holy See. The Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay, spoke in the fall of 2012 that "signals" had come from Rome, which made ​​an agreement seem possible. Indeed, such was already virtually certain at Easter 2012. But then everything changed. The "conflicting signals" were interpreted as a synonym for a power struggle back in Rome back ( see separate report ).

Some seem to suggest that the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate constituted an example to be directed against the Old Mass. Still unclear are the exact relationships, such as whether it would deter other orders, also to discover for themselves the traditional form of the Roman Rite, or whether the examples were even targeted against Ecclesia Dei communities. In tradition-bound circles, the scope of the attack quickly organized a protest that has been recognized and grown, which does not seem to have unimpressed Rome.

The interview was conducted by the Vatican expert Andrea Tornielli.

Why was an Apostolic Visitation of the Institute approved by authorities in the Vatican?

Because it was demanded by a minority among the brethren who no longer share the leadership of Founding Father and General Minister and the desire to promote the Vetus Ordo next to the Novus Ordo in the institution, as required by the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum and the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae.

How important was the question of the old Missal in connection with the apostolic visitation?

It had great importance because said group of brothers accused the founding father to have imposed the Vetus Ordo on the entire institution. The accusation is absolutely false, but it was believed, and all our attempts to convince the proper authorities that it is false, were to no avail. Meanwhile, the false assertion by various media and news agencies became more widespread to cause serious damage to the reputation of our founding father and the institute.

Websites related to tradition interpreted the message of the provisional administration and the decision to stop the use of the old Missal's permission, as undermining the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI. Do you share this view? How do you comment on the appropriate decision?

Father Lombardi has clarified that the measures do not undermine us regarding the Motu Proprio. However, we are waiting for an authentic interpretation of the liturgical rules of the Holy See that affect us. Indeed, it is not clear, for example, who the "competent authorities" are, of which the above authorizations may be granted: the Commissioner, the Congregation of Religious, the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, the local bishop, one or the other or all together?

We hope that this is a temporary disciplinary action, and that we will, as soon as possible, again allowed to celebrate in the Vetus Ordo, as we have always done, and that without the current restrictions that rob us of that, even though the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum and the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae have higher universal force.

In the corrections to our articles you have always stressed that the use of the old Missal was not exclusive and that all decisions were made in accordance with the provisions of the Motu Proprio. Is it true that the Ecclesia Dei Commission had asked the Franciscans of the Immaculate to exercise prudence in the Apostolic Visitation, regarding the manner in which the use of the old Missal will continue?

Yes, and we have acted with utmost restraint and in complete respect of our particular law, which confers the General Chapter "the highest authority in the Institute" (Constitutions, § 81). It was just the most recent General Chapter in 2008, which stipulated that the General Council (i.e. Father Stefano M. Manelli and his five consultants) to create a detailed protocol for the introduction of Vetus Ordo in our communities. This introduction was performed with the letter dated 21 November 2011. The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei was invited in advance as a precaution d to examine the letter, and they realized that it was equivalent to the mens Holy Father Benedict XVI. This official assessment took into account in any way for the further development of our affairs. The thing seems inexplicable to us and it hurts us a lot. We have confidence in our cause the heavenly Advocate, Queen of the Seraphic Order.

Interview: Vatican insider
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corsiadeiservi
Translation: Tancred


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Monday, August 5, 2013

"They Knowingly Lie" -- Franciscans of the Immaculate Defend Themselvesin Official Statement

(Rome), the Franciscans of the Immaculate seem to have caught on after a first moment of shock. The Order has now responded with two official clarifications to a number of false reports that were apparently and deliberately circulated in connection with the decree of the Congregation of Religious. Both explanations are directed against Vatican Insider . The Order has precisely recognized, that this news platform are some Vaticanists, from which emanated the article with false reports. "They are lying and know that they are lying," said Messa in Latino about the behavior of some journalists. Unaudited reports were adopted by Catholic media and broadly disseminated. In recent days, it has been repeatedly claimed that it was not about the Old Mass in the whole thing. In reality, it is first and foremost on the Old Mass.

Vatican Insider as a Smoke Screen against the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the Old Mass

Even the report of the commissarate over the Order of Alessandro Speciale on July 30th was a smoke screen. Speciale reported on the actions of the Congregation of Religious, but also mixed a number of false reports in the article that were to serve to justify the extraordinary measures. For this purpose, he presented a supposed "spokesman of the Order," which he had cited in detail, thus giving the false impression that these were official statements. In reality, it was a leading representative of the "rebellious, progressive minority" (Roberto de Mattei). The statements of the alleged "speaker" was a single ignition out of smoke grenades, which were taken as stated by many Catholic media.

The supposed "spokesman" justified the Roman intervention allegedly because the order had been "exploited" as a "mediator" in the unification talks between the Holy See ands the SSPX (lie 1). He also described the ominous internal "poll" (lie 2) as the first in circulation, and even an "overwhelming majority" (lie 3) of the members of the order report that they would reject an "exclusive" celebration (lie 4) Tridentine Mass "especially in pastoral care in the parishes."

So it went on 2 August at Vatican Insider with the article about the unconvincing attempt by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi to placate in the matter of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. This time the article was no longer marked by name.

Slanderous allegations against the founder of the Order and the Old Mass

The statement by Father Lombardi was clearly then apparently much for the order. Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate contemplative branch . Now the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have a first official clarification. That an order which is under provisional control, is not necessarily a given. The Order concluded with the statement that the only speaker of the order continues to be Father General Alessandro Apollonio alone. This is a finding which clearly goes against the false statements of the alleged "speaker" spread by the media.

In the declaration of the order states that the product of Vatican insider "includes defamatory statements against our Founding Father Stefano Maria Manelli, assertions that we must reject. The article also contains false or inaccurate information. "

The Premise for the Decision is "not the truth"

Vatican Insider claimed that the "decision of Pope Bergoglio" was justified by the fact that the "Father General Stefano Manelli has forced all communities of the Franciscans of the Immaculate to exclusively say the extraordinary form of the Roman rite in the liturgy."

In contrast, the official statement of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception says: "This is not true. It is our duty to respond to the best of our knowledge and belief, Father Stefano has never imposed exclusive use of the Old Rite on all communities. "Rather, he celebrates himself in both forms of the Roman rite. It is important to know that the official explanation that, before, during and after the Apostolic Visitation (July 2012-July 2013) as well as today, that the Old Mass was used following a promotion by the Father General with the General Council was "completely legitimate" and advanced "the Vetus Ordo in Respect to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (2007), in respect of the decisions of our General Chapter of 2008 and in respect of the instruction Universae Ecclesiae (2011)".

By letter dated 21 November 2011 (Protocol 77/2011) was transmitted by the Secretary-General on behalf of the General Council to all branches of the order some guidelines for use of Vetus Ordo (no rules, therefore they represented also no compulsion).

"Even after that some communities have preferred to continue the New Rite instead of the Old Rite. There was apparently therefore no compulsion exerted by Father Manelli. "Some brothers have, however, criticized the letter," said the order in its statement. "Some brothers" apparently already felt the possibility of celebration of the Old Rite went too far and were intriguing against Rome.

Ecclesia Dei Confirmed the Internal Promotion of the Old Mass in Accordance with Benedict XVI.

In the official statement of the order it said, "For this reason we have asked the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei for clarification, in the letter of 14 April 2012, Prot 39/2911L, the compliance of the letter Prot 77/2011 with the "mens" of the Holy Father Benedict XVI. was confirmed in the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae, No. 8."

The anonymous article from Vatican Insider also claimed that the Old Rite could be used only for orders and communities who have been in the "Lefebvrian schism", but were then returned to communion with Rome and placed under the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

"In reality, it is necessary to clarify that according Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (No. 3) and the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae (No. 8a) the Vetus Ordo may be exclusive or 'primarily' may be used by religious institutions that are not of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, and not dependent on coming from the Lefebvrian 'schism'". Besides that, it was never intended to come to an exclusive use by our founder," said the order in its statement.

It was argued further by the article in Vatican Insider: "The Franciscans of the Immaculate, however, are created after the Council and a survey of the brothers has shown that the majority of them wants the celebration in the ordinary rite."

The order took exception here as well: "The fact that we weren't created until after the Council, does not prohibit us of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, to accept the Old Rite or favor. Incidentally, the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum applies (which was published after the Council) and the Institutes of Consecrated Life (without reference to their date) and also the instruction Universae Ecclesiae specifies that it is that goal 'of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum at No. 8, all the faithful the Roman Liturgy in usus antiquior offer because it is a valuable treasure that must be preserved."

Among 'all believers' is included also the religious."

There was never any "poll" for New Mass - assertion "unfounded"

Regarding the claim of the "survey" and an alleged "majority" of the brothers for the New Rite, (in explanation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception is also expressly mentioned by Speciale in the article from July 30th mentioned by Vatican Insider), according to the official statement of the order, there had been "no survey". "Therefore, the allegations of surveys by an alleged desire of a majority of the brothers is without foundation." Since the order was always bi-ritual, every priest of the order would "continue" to celebrate the New Rite, "as he has always done before." Without further explicitly addressing it, the order firmly asserts execute that there is no justification for the intervention of Rome against the Old Mass.". Regardless of our obedience to the instructions of the Holy See, it is our duty to provide clarity to avoid slander against our founder and hurdles for a peaceful course of the provisional administration."

Tornielli has set out with a hoax - Franciscans react immediately with the second explanation.

In the Declaration, the Congregation for Religious, stressed that their current term Decree was expressly brought by the approval of Pope Francis.

In defense of Vatican Insider it is to add that the first official clarification by the order was issued in full on Sunday.

The Congregation for Religious does not seem to have been concerned about the impact the decree has made decree on pastoral care.

Not only internal to the order, especially for the sister monasteries, but also for the numerous Mass locations in the Old Rite, which are managed by the order. Countless believers are deprived of the Old Mass on the 11th of August, to which they had been long accustomed. The resulting logistical problems and spiritual nature of these believers has not been addressed at all by the Congregation of Religious. Not a word of regret or of encouragement. If it goes against the tradition of the progressive parts of the Roman Curia, and so they behave like a bull in a china shop, and this against a worthy and entirely correctly celebrated liturgy and made the believers to orphans.

A small reconnaissance trip through the parishes in which members of the disobedient priest initiatives in the German speaking involved would suffice to create an abuse register that cries out for intervention. There is enough action. One does not have to look elsewhere for it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Franciscans of the Immaculate
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News Stories -- Vatileaks Traitor Will be Pardoned

I Pardon You.

Pope-Traitor Will be Pardoned -- and Employed Again.

Vatican.  The Pope-traitor Paolo Gabriele will be pardoned in Christmas. This was reported by Giacomo Galeazzi at the site ''.   Gabriele should even -- outside of the Roman Curia -- receive new employment.  The most important advocate for the Pope-traitor was the earlier Prefect of the Papal Household, Archbishop James Michael Harvey  He has been the new Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul before the Walls on Saturday.

A Vaticanist Chooses his Pope

Vatican.  After the Consistory of Saturday there are 120 Cardinals ready to vote.  67 of them -- therefore 56 percent -- were named by Benedict XVI.   The largest part of them are hardened Old Liberals. 62 of the Cardinals -- therefore 52 percent of the Conclave -- come from Europe.  Of them 28 are Italians.  North America has 14 elector Cardinals, Latin America 21, Africa and Asia together have 11 and Oceana has one.  Up until the last Consistorium Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli has chosen the Neoconservative Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York for a candidate for the Papal office.  Now his favorite is the Old Liberal Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (55) of Manila.  Tornielli declared this on ''.

Schüller-Hangers On Will Meet

Austria.  Next year the Viennese Pastor Helmut Schüller -- the leader of the Austrian 'Disobedience Initiative' -- is to organize a worldwide gathering of his followers. The so-called international meething should in any case happen in Germany.  Fr. Schüller is hoping that some wheelchair Priests from Ireland, France, the USA and Australia will roll in.

French Bishops Celebrate Ad Orientem

Italy.  Till Thursday French Bishops from the provinces of Lille, Reims, Paris, Besancon, Dijon, Strasburg, Metz as well as the military diocese are on an ad lumina visit to the Vatican.  On the 19th of November they celebrated a Mass concelebration in the Roman Basilica of St. Maria Maggiore., as the site '' reported, ad oriented.  This happened in any case, because there isn't a dinner table in the side chapel that was used.

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Msgr. Guido Pozzo Promoted to Archbishop as Pope's Almoner

Vatican Logic:  Because he hasn't arrived to his most recent post, he will be promoted to Archbishop.

(, Vatican)  Today at noon, Pope Benedict XVI. named the present Secretary of the Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei, Prelate Guido Pozzo (60), to his Almoner and promoted him to Archbishop.

This was reported by the Vatican press service.

This appointment had been announced already at the end of September by Andrea Tornielli.

Unimportant Function

Msgr. Pozzo will be the successor of the Spanish Bishop de Blanco Prieto (75).

He was the "Almoner to His Holiness" for five years.

This unimportant office is directly under the Pope.  It is an abuse of the Sacrament of Holy Orders to ordain someone a Bishop for it.

Active in the Souvenir Business

The Papal Almoner cares for the Pope's charitable giving and distributes financial assistance.

He is a member of the Papal Household.  Its occupant has am inactive place in the Papal Liturgies of the Pope.

The position also draws income from the marketing of papal blessings on decorative paper. These can be purchased in the souvenir stores around the Vatican.

In the last years, Archbishop Pozzo has been a Vatican discussion partner for the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X.

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Vatican Insider: German Bishops Align With Homosexual Media to Eliminate Catholic Site

Edit: Italy's anti-Catholic mainstream news-media outlet 'La Stampa' still manages, despite its clear agenda, to host a Catholic news blog edited by the well-informed if not entirely trustworthy Vaticanista, Andrea Tornielli. Presently, the news blog 'Vatican Insider' has featured a story by Berlin correspondent Alessandro Alviani, attacking Europe's largest and most controversial Catholic website,, accusing them of 'being anti-muslim', 'anti-semitism' and 'homophobia.' Interestingly, the article does indicate that the German Bishops have joined with a homosexual publishing house to attack with the Bruno Gmünder Verlag. This certainly is showing that has earned some powerful enemies within and without the Church, indeed.

What's interesting about this is not so much that they are accusing, but the allies they choose to take along with them in their attempt to besmear the reputation of as they have accused of being false Catholics.

The article calls a "Pseudo-Catholic" site and describes a campaign in Germany, led in part by a homosexual politician of the Green Party, Volker Beck, to silence the newspaper without really getting into the particulars or showing any concern for free speech or even the illegality of this effort with respect to international law.  While the article does describe that the German Bishops are working together with media provocateurs to stop, it doesn't really discuss the anti-Catholic dimensions of this campaign.

The article even bemoans about's alleged "homophobia" and cites the infamous David Berger, who posed as a Traditionalist Catholic for years while teaching theology in Cologne but led a lascivious homosexual lifestyle. Berger's duplicity was exposed by and even still it took a great deal of time until he was removed from his position teaching in a Cologne Catholic high school.  Berger later accused Pope Benedict of being a homosexual and remains an advocate of homosexual causes.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's official, there's still been no answer received by the Vatican.

Edit: the usual well-wishers wish it were otherwise, but here it is.  The decision still hangs in the balance.

Vatican. [] The Society of St. Pius X has still not delivered an answer to the last edition of the Dogmatic Preamble.  This was spread around in a report from Andrea Tornielli yesterday, and just confirmed by the speaker of the Vatican Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, for journalists.