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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mega-Interview from Pope Francis: "I don't like how the world is overcoming the pandemic"

About Corona, climate and disinformation: "Without the commitment of young people, we are finished" 

Mega interview with Pope Francis

Edit: his adulation and admiration for the murdering, bloodthirsty figures of the Latin American revolution was what caught my attention. 

Rome) Pope Francis granted an extensive exclusive interview to the Argentine press agency Télam, which was published yesterday at noon Roman time. However, it was not entirely “exclusive”. In the past, there have been some disagreements between the Communications Dicastery established by Francis and his arbitrary interviewing activities. As is well known, this happened repeatedly without regard to their own ministry. It was different this time.

In the past few years, it could be that those responsible for communications at the Holy See only found out about interviews with the Pope from the media. Santa Marta didn't bother to notify the proper authorities.

So it was that the Vatican media, such as VaticanNews and the Osservatore Romano, lagged behind the secular media and only published excerpts of the interviews. This, in turn, did not satisfy Francis, who wanted people to be able to read and hear his statements directly and fully.

In this regard, there seem to have been refinements: the Télam interview was made available to the Vatican media in advance so that translations could be made. When the original Spanish version of the interview was published, the Vatican media were able to publish translations in other languages that had already been prepared. VaticanNews published the papal responses in English and Italian. The Osservatore Romano was able to print the original version in its Spanish weekly edition that appeared yesterday, for which it needed four pages. The German service of VaticanNews. On the other hand, as in the past, contented itself with making only an abridged version available to the readership. initially wanted to publish the complete interview in an annotated version. We don't do that. The readers can get an unbiased picture. Some comments are still allowed, but will only be added at the end.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Steve Skojec is Bored With Traditionalism

Edit: Steve is deep in thought. Yes, he’s pensive, promethian and pondering whether he can continue the onerous task of being the world’s #1 Traditional Catholic media source. His titanic labors are beginning to bore him. What new tasks will he take unto himself?

Maybe being a being America’s #1 Traditional Catholic e-celeb isn’t all it’s cracked
up to be?

Steve says he feels he’s in a bit of a straightjacket right now.

That’s the problem with making a blog about your visceral reactions about the things that go on with something like the Catholic Church.  The Wanderer, for its shortcomings and the human frailties in its editors and staff, has been around for 150 years. I doubt 1P5 will make it past the Summer.  Hilary White’s gone too. [Correction: she has opened [returned to her old blog] a new blog called which looks a lot more introspective. Some people’s personal reflections on Catholicism might be of interest.]
All the best to them!

Here’s a sample of the outlet Steve wants to write for at Medium.

H/t: Canon212


Monday, May 7, 2018

Tendentious Church Journalism

Edit: it's like there's an editorial template for this sort of thing that journalists in the Western world are expected to use when it comes to distort the public's understanding of these power struggles. Never mind that they're like the ritual combats of professional wrestling.

What has recently been read in aggressive commentaries and reports against conservative bishops brings to mind the papal expression "explosive hostility." This is how Pope Benedict XVI. had complained in 2009 complained of media reactions to his statements.

A guest contribution by Hubert Hecker.

At the Spring General Assembly, the majority of German bishops adopted a paper on pastoral care for sectarian marriages. Thereafter, a Protestant spouse should then approaching Holy Communion would be admitted if they affirmed the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist and at the same time disallowing Communion would plunge the spouses into a "serious spiritual emergency".

Campaign for Intercommunion [In this corner, weighting in at 130 kilos!]

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pope Francis Gives First Interview to German Journalist: "I am a sinner and I am fallible"

[From Die Zeit] In an interview with the ZEIT, which will appear on Thursday, Pope Francis has critiqued the faith. When asked whether he also experiences moments in which he doubted the existence of God, he says: "I also know the empty moments." But the crisis is also an opportunity to grow: "A faith that does not fall into crisis (...) remains infantile." Pope Francis himself has the experiences of a normal believer. "I do not see myself as something special," says the head of over a billion Catholics around the world: "I am a sinner and am fallible." To every kind of papal cult, therefore, Francis declares a rejection. "We must not forget that the idealization of a person is always a subliminal kind of aggression." When I am idealized, I feel attacked," he says in an interview with ZEIT, which took place at the Vatican in late February. It is the first interview that Francis has given during his four-year term to a German journalist.

The Pope is concerned about the rise of populism in the Western democracies: "Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past century has shown," says Francis. "Populism means to use the people", it always needs a Messiah and also the justification to keep the identity of the people.

The Pope described the increasing lack of priests as a problem in many countries, for example in Germany. The Church is challenged and should face this and other problems also fearlessly. The task of theology is to research. "The truth is not to be afraid," says Francis, "Fears closes doors, freedom opens them, and when liberty is small, it opens a window." In addition, in the interview, there will be a discussion on celibacy, the ordination of married men to the priesthood, Francis addresses himself to the hostility toward his person and whether he will accept the invitation to visit Germany in the "Luther Year."

Trans: Tancred

Monday, December 30, 2013

"Pope Francis Just Abolished Sin" --- Scalfari's New Christendom, Where God is Replaced by I

(Rome) In his usual Sunday sermon, the atheist Eugenio Scalfari returned in his personal "wire" to Pope Francis, who last summer wrote the well-known left-wing journalist of old Masonic family a letter and granted an interview (see separate reports There is no Absolute Truth? - Pope's Letter Misunderstood by Atheist Eugenio Scalfari and Truth and Belief - The Case of Misunderstanding in Dialogue with Non-believers and Christ is Not an Option Among Many, and Certainly Not for his Deputy on Earth - Why We do Not Like this Pope ). Scalfari claimed yesterday in his commentary once again that Pope Francis had 'de facto abolished sin'.

Scalfari: "Pope has De Facto Abolished Sin With Evangelii Gaudium"

The founder of the daily newspaper La Repubblica refers back not to the direct contact with the Pope, but to his recently published Apostolic Letter. The "abolition of sin," says Scalfari, was included in Evangelii Gaudium. An "abolition", which was done by means of two instruments: on the one hand by equating the revealed Christ,  the Christian God, with love, mercy and forgiveness. And then by granting people complete freedom of conscience.

Pope Francis had raised conscience as the last instance of human action already in his letter to Scalfari and this statement was confirmed in his interview with Scalfari later. The Pope's answers were indeed formulated by Scalfari himself, but the writing was just the Pope's words again. The interview, was initially published on the website of the Vatican, as if it were part of the papal Magisterium, though it has since been removed, but a distancing from the highly controversial, non-Catholic statement has not occurred to date.

Strained Mercy

The renewed insistence by the well-known journalist outrageously appear in the polemics about the authenticity of the papal statements. Scalfari does not give up on the issue of freedom of conscience, he was actually jubilant about the basic message of the papal interviews. In fact, it would have been a historical sensation, if the papal statement had been done. This means that the Pope would make of the past 300 years of his own Church, which with good reason rejected and fought against basic tenets of Freemasonry.

"What can I say except that it's a real mess?" Today writes the daily Il Giornale . "It is pure chaos, if you want to discuss about Christianity, by placing Jesus Christ in parentheses. Scalfari recognizes that the central argument of the Magisterium of Francis is mercy and divine forgiveness. Good: but what need there should be for this mercy, when sin would be abolished? What would God forgive if there is no more sin?"

Scalfari lets the Pope Live, but Christ Abolishes Christ

Scalfari's interpretation, which is regarded to be relevant and most especially raises many questions to the most influential of those distant from the Church who interpret the pontificate of Pope Francis. Most Vaticanists, including Andrea Tornielli, only dare to ask some of the questions in criticizing Scalfari. So says Tornielli that Scalfari, in order to abolish sin would equally abolish the entire teaching of the new pope: "The Pope has referred to himself many times as 'sinner' and very often speaks of the mercy and forgiveness of sins. To know the mercy of God, a merciful God, who is never tired of forgiving, one must be aware of his own limitations, our sin, our weakness, our evil and our need for salvation, forgiveness, love and mercy. Therefore, it requires the awareness that we are sinners, and therefore the exact contrary of that 'abolition' of sin that Scalfari effects to ascribe to the Pope. "

Scalfari's Appeals to Pope Francis - Consent by Silence of the Vatican?

But that only addresses one side. Implicitly, the questions remain to Pope Francis, which Scalfari - by reason of the criteria - had chosen, to write him a letter. In this letter is already the controversial redefinition of freedom of conscience included as a kind of absolute standard. Scalfari reinforced the message in the Pope's interview, which was indeed formulated by him, but previously submitted by him to the Pope for approval. A permission that has been expressly granted by the Pope. Also after criticism of the statement, which is very heavily weighted against a pope in the Church context, to date, no correction was made. Can Scalfari properly invoke to Pope Francis? He does it and as long as the Vatican does not oppose this, it must be assumed that this invocation is done with the consent of the Pope. But this would raise questions of principle of enormous dimension. Because then the question would be standing in space, what Pope Francis ever meant by sin. Similarly, the question of how the apparent contradiction between the statement on conscience with the Pope's actual assertions to reconcile is to proclaim what is laid down in the Catechism of the Church.

Replace God by I

But above all is the frightening abyss taking place in the ambivalent relationship between the Pope and Francis Eugenio Scalfari. To accuse a Pope of heresy is no less abysmal as Scalfari speaks with real and fictional appeal to the Pope about religion and there nothing left but exclude Christ. Both areas are "dangerous", as well as Il Giornale noticed. The atheist Scalfari seems here, "to house a tailor-made, fluid and relativistic Christianity," said Il Giornale. But why does Pope Francis let him act freely. After all, the Pope again declared recently to be looking forward to the next meeting with the Doyen of Left journalism in Italy. Yet in Scalfaris' way God will ultimately be replaced by the ego. Since there is not a God of the atheists, then the I will be deified and the word and the connected idea of God and divinity will be redefined. And what does the Pope say to that?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Tempi Trans:

Link to Katholisches...

Edit: a world where journalists attempt to authoritatively interpret and rule on the Magisterium.  Listen closely to them, they are more anxious about what Catholic doctrine means than most clergy, and are deeply upset that people are still believing Catholics.  Didn't Vatican II do away with people like you?