Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vatican Insider: German Bishops Align With Homosexual Media to Eliminate Catholic Site

Edit: Italy's anti-Catholic mainstream news-media outlet 'La Stampa' still manages, despite its clear agenda, to host a Catholic news blog edited by the well-informed if not entirely trustworthy Vaticanista, Andrea Tornielli. Presently, the news blog 'Vatican Insider' has featured a story by Berlin correspondent Alessandro Alviani, attacking Europe's largest and most controversial Catholic website,, accusing them of 'being anti-muslim', 'anti-semitism' and 'homophobia.' Interestingly, the article does indicate that the German Bishops have joined with a homosexual publishing house to attack with the Bruno Gmünder Verlag. This certainly is showing that has earned some powerful enemies within and without the Church, indeed.

What's interesting about this is not so much that they are accusing, but the allies they choose to take along with them in their attempt to besmear the reputation of as they have accused of being false Catholics.

The article calls a "Pseudo-Catholic" site and describes a campaign in Germany, led in part by a homosexual politician of the Green Party, Volker Beck, to silence the newspaper without really getting into the particulars or showing any concern for free speech or even the illegality of this effort with respect to international law.  While the article does describe that the German Bishops are working together with media provocateurs to stop, it doesn't really discuss the anti-Catholic dimensions of this campaign.

The article even bemoans about's alleged "homophobia" and cites the infamous David Berger, who posed as a Traditionalist Catholic for years while teaching theology in Cologne but led a lascivious homosexual lifestyle. Berger's duplicity was exposed by and even still it took a great deal of time until he was removed from his position teaching in a Cologne Catholic high school.  Berger later accused Pope Benedict of being a homosexual and remains an advocate of homosexual causes.

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Don't be a devil.. said...

If they want want a world that embraces the evils of Homosexuality, Islam and Zionism they need look no further than HELL. If they desire to see Hell that much may their dreams come true. Soon.