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Sunday, September 21, 2014

French Justice: Prison for Insulting Islam -- Paid For Desecrating Notre Dame

Edit: it's hard to believe that for years, certain apologists of the French Revolution denied that a prostitute dressed as "Reason" was paraded to the High Altar in Notre Dame to sing ribald songs.
Surely French Justice will some day become a familiar oxymoron.
(Paris) Double standards of anti-Christian political correctness have been proven by French judge. They have condemned two women because they deposited a pig's head outside a mosque, but let nine Femen mercenaries free, although they had defiled the Cathedral of Paris.
The Cathedral of Paris and thus to violate important church in France is less severe storm than any mosque? Yes, says a French judge and precipitated acquittal and conviction.
Two women have been convicted in France for nine months of prison, because they deposited a pig's head in front of the Mosque of Mayotte.  For six months they were released on probation, but   three of those months they spent in jail.

Condemned for "Incitement to Hatred"

Judgment was given by the Criminal Division of Mamoudzou on 18 September. The incident occurred in the last New Year's Eve. After a night of drinking with much alcohol put a woman to redeem a lost bet, before the mosque a pig's head. The second woman was sentenced because she had put the pig's head available. The husband's first wife was also sentenced because he had brought the car in front of the mosque. The sentencing took place because of "incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination based on belonging to a religion."

Political mercenaries from Femen acquitted

The judgment of Mamoudzou carried out under existing penal provisions. However, it irritated many French. Many wonder why three people go to jail because they place two pig's heads in front of  a mosque - a mosque they never set foot in -  while nine Femen activists who several   times violated the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris  be acquitted by a criminal senate in Paris. The political mercenaries of Femen, stripped to the waist and painted anti-church and blasphemous slogans invaded the cathedral, while shouting blasphemous-sexist slogans, completed sacrilegious acts, jumped on the altar and damaged a bell. The desecrated cathedral had to be rededicated, each by its own rite, before any rituals could be performed again.  Femen to see the article Who's behind Femen and their anti-Christian protest? Paid activists from the red light district .

The Damage also Scorn: Church Must Have Femen Pay Damages

The Parisian judges also ordered  that the "sex tremistinnen" as the anti-Christian political mercenaries called themselves, must be paid damages. The Archdiocese of Paris will have to pay each prostitute 1,500 euros in damages because the security service of the Cathedral had dared to carry the "ladies" against their will from the Cathedral.
Would the judgment have also failed if Femen had stormed a mosque? In France, there's good reason for doubt. It remains to be seen if   FEMEN-women will set  foot  in a mosque and dare  to attack Muslim representatives in any way, while the list of damages in church desecrations, including the Cologne Cathedral, and attacks on Catholic bishops and cardinals, including the Cardinals Leonard (Brussels) and Rouco (Madrid), is getting longer.
For a French judge the desecration of the country's most important Catholic Cathedral is less serious than an offensive act against any mosque. The varying standards of politically correct Christian hostility.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Murderers of God Among Us -- Femen Activism on St. Peter's Square as "Christmas Message"

(Paris) The enemies of the Church have struck again. Inna Shevchenko, best known advocate of the church desecrating  Femen and the new national symbol of Hollande's Socialist France  (see Femen Activist as a New Symbol of France - Hollande Jacobin (homosexual) Ideology in German)  over St. Peter's Square on Thursday. Of course, "topless" and "for abortion." She did it in the usual Femen Church-hate way.  The figure of hate for  political activism was not only the Catholic Church this time. "Christmas is Cancelled" was scrawled on Shevchenko's torso, which Femen   used as a certain kind of advertising medium by painting the slogan "Christmas is Canceled".

Hate Messages on Twitter

On the same day Femen sent a "Christmas message" on its Twitter. "Christmas is canceled: At the Vatican, Inna Shevchenko has publicly expelled the embryo of Jesus from the Virgin Mary."  Christ ended on the cross because  the powerful people of his time could not endure Him. Femen would murder Christ today as they officially announce. The murderers of God among us.
Femen blasphemous messageSince Femen is servant of  some political activism  available for a fee, there is the question of who pays money for such a blasphemous and inhuman messenger. From the squalor of FEMEN-operatives and  Inna Shevchenko  there is only silence.
Shevchenko had become well known because she "participated"  with the political action group Pussy Riot, condemned by a court in Russian,  by sawing a large votive crucifix with a chainsaw  in Kiev. The Cross recalled the millions of victims of the Communist dictatorship.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
images: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feminists Attack Cathedral of Bologna -- Protest Against Rejection of Estrela Report

(Bologna) A group of militant feminists profaned the Cathedral of San Petronio in Bologna this past Monday. Masked with hoods that recall  the extreme left-wing Russian Anarchists ( see separate report ),  abortion and aberrosexual activists protested against the rejection of the Estrela Report by the European Parliament. Before the altar, the Church opponents unfurled a banner reading: "You Occupy the Counseling Centers - We Fill the Churches" and shouted in chorus: "Get the Church Out of Our Ovaries."
The Estrela report, which  the abortion and aberrosexual ideologues wanted to anchor as an official EU Directive, was rejected on the 10th December by the plenary of the European Parliament by a narrow margin. With the Estrela Report, named after the Portuguese Socialist Edite Estrela, the killing of unborn children in the EU would have been signed as a "women's right". The report also wanted to force all the EU Member States to legalize the artificial insemination of lesbians. The Austrian Green MEP and avowed lesbian Ulrike Lunacek had advocated significantly  in the relevant equality committee for the measure. The MEP responded to the rejection of tts report with a hysterical attack, as representative Lunacek scolded: "With the vote of the European Parliament, it bows to the pressure of ultra-conservative and reactionary politicians and non-governmental organizations". The Estrela Report also wanted to restrict the right of conscientious objection by doctors, pharmacists and medical staff in connection with abortion, contraception and artificial insemination. (see the Estrela report and its rejection of the opinion by representative Ewald Stadler ) [Will finish later, perhaps].
The radical feminist group unloaded their protest by desecration of the Diocesan Cathedral Church of Bologna. It blames the Church for the rejection of the Estrela Report. The Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra had asked the MPs ahead of the vote in the European Parliament to vote no.
In a statement, the feminist church vandals state:
"We will not accept  these medieval politics and morality, this dirty mixing of political and religious power, which leads us back to the time of deaths due to illegal abortions.
We will NEVER return back [emphasis in original].
We demand that the conscientious objection reference is [Italian abortion law] prohibited on the law 194 for all advisory bodies and public institutions, because it represents gender, class and racial discrimination, and a violation of our rights to health and self-determination.
And if the Pope publicly declared that the Church must give space to  women, we take the opportunity to  just speak to the Madonna because she has also taken a Conscientious Objector on the way to Bethlehem.
Conscious abortion is a right of all women.
Nobody touches on our free sexuality!
And if the lifers, Catholics and Conscientious Objectors penetrate into the public hospitals and counseling centers, then we penetrate with our bodies, our desires and our self-determination into the churches! "
Claiming that a ban on abortion is misogynistic because women will die from illegal abortions conducted in back rooms is  part of the standard repertoire of the abortion lobby, which has long since been debunked as a propaganda lie. Recently, the militant attacks of fanatical supporters of abortion on Catholic churches accumulate. Signs of coarsening and increasing hostility to the church (see the reports of  Argentine Catholics protect Cathedral From Feminist Attack -    Pope Francis burned in effigy , as well as Pro-Abortionists  Violate the Cathedral of Santiago de Chile and Putin meets with Pope Francis - Church Enemies Desecrate Church in Rome "Until the Last Pope is Overthrown" )
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Pro Life News
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Putin With Pope Francis --- Enemies of the Church Desecrate Church in Rome "Till the Last Pope is Overthrown"

(Vatican / Moscow) On Monday, Pope Francis receives Russian President Vladimir Putin in audience. According to the official release to meeting by the Holy See, the situation in the Middle East and the Christians there was the focus for the 35-minute conversation, which took place in a "cordial atmosphere".  In addition to the help and protection of the Syrian Christians from their Islamist rivals, the Catholic community in Russia  was a topic of conversation. Unlike Western leaders, Putin had no difficulty expressing gestures of personal piety. During the meeting,  a church desecration took place in Rome by left-wing extremists who protested "against Putin and the Church."
The Russian head of state did not extend a future invitation. The Kremlin will not anticipate the Moscow Patriarchate on this issue."Conversations for a meeting between the Patriarch and the Pope are in progress," said Metropolitan Hilarion  a few days ago in Rome. A third country was envisaged as a  place of meeting.

Gestures of Piety From  Russia's President Putin

Pope Francis gave Putin a mosaic that shows the Vatican Gardens. Putin gave the Pope an icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir. When the icon was presented to the Pope, it was a personal gesture of the Russian President, who crossed himself at the sight of the orthodox type icon.  Pope Francis, surprised by this gesture, followed the example of piety and crossed himself also in the Latin way,
Putin bowed before the icon and kissed the sacred representation. Even this gesture of pious affection was followed by  Pope Francis. Gestures that astonished the head of state of Russia in particular. Firstly, because one of the Russian leader had lived in the atheism of "real socialism" for a long time. On the other hand, because Western heads of state and head of government in the name of an alleged "neutrality" avoid  any personal commitment while in office. Putin was not afraid to express his faith in Christ and the All Holy  Theotokos in a public gesture of personal piety.
"Maybe the Pope could take one example, and kneel a little more before the Blessed Sacrament (during the Holy Mass and in Eucharistic Adoration) instead of standing," wrote Messa in Latino .

Sacrilege in Rome During Presidential Visit

During the meeting between Putin and Pope Francis, there was a serious act of blasphemy. Left-wing extremists of the Autonomous Scene broke into a church, unfurled a polemical and obscene banner, portrayed in the style of the  extreme left  political activists of Pussy Riot, and demanded their release.
The church desecration underlines that the extremists are not merely making  a political protest against Putin, but also specifically to express hostility to Christians. The fact that an Orthodox church in Moscow or a Catholic church was indiscriminately  desecrated a Rome shows definite hatred against Christianity. While in Russia, the desecration of a church is a criminal offense, the perpetrators in the west, so also in Rome, are hoping for "mild" judges who "understand" the show of "youthful" political zeal and the smashing of statues of Mary, the destruction of crosses as "too small" to cover those half-naked appearances in churches and obscene banners for prosecution.

Fight "Until the Last Pope, the Last Tsar and the Last King is Overthrown"

For blasphemous "act of protest" in Rome, the left-wing extremists wrote on her blog: "And let's not forget the role of the church, which measures interspersed with which the freedom of women and LGBTQI person to be circumcised.We are therefore convinced that the Holy Roman Church and the Orthodox Church find points of contact: an agreement between the Patriarchs at the expense of our body is always found. We will not stop and continue the fight until the last pope, the last Tsar and the last king is overthrown."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: tempos / Messa in latino
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anarchists Attack Cathedral in Chile on the Patronal Feast: Mayor Leads Catholics to Defend it Against Them!

Edit: the coverage from the media was poor on this.

(Santiago de Chile) While Pope Francis met with young people from around the world last night at the Copacabana, the Cathedral Santiago de Chile, was profaned (On his feast, the 25th of July.). The sacrilege took place during the celebration of the Holy Mass by the Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello in honor of St. James the Great, who celebrated the eponymous saint of the Chilean capital.

The 300 participants were anti-clericals from the march against life taking place just then, which was organized by supporters of abortion in Chile's capital. They demand a "right" to be able to kill unborn children. The violent abortion advocates destroyed confessionals, threw pews around, shouted blasphemies, insulted Christians and smeared hate slogans on the walls of the church and its altars, with an almost unsurpassable contempt, "such as if the graves, and the pillars of the cathedral were some minor concrete wall of a railway bridge or an industrial zone underpass" as Matteo Matzuzzi of Il Foglio wrote.

Numerous Mass attendees, among whom was the mayor of Santiago, Tohá Carolina, responded vigorously to the initial shock and drove the attackers out of the way. They formed a human wall around the presbytery and prevented the attackers from entering to the main altar.

The faithful finally succeeded along with the security of the Cathedral to pressure the abortionists out of the cathedral. In front of the bishop's church, the police broke up the demonstration and meanwhile made a number of arrests.

In Chile, there is already campaigning for the presidential elections in the fall. The political left has inscribed their banners with slogans for the legalization of abortion and "gay marriage". The spokesman for the Stalinist [Compared to the DDR of old in Germany], Socialist candidate and current UN Under-Secretary General and UN Women's President, Michelle Bachelet, was already Chilean President from 2006-2010.

The desecration of the cathedral of Chile has shocked Catholics. "But the perpetrators, heralds of death, blasphemers and vandals of the church allowed this because they are Democrats, they are social, for a just world, against this and against that ..." as a Catholic Chilean blogger commented on the raid.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Images: ACIprensa
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Belgium: Archbishop Venerates Our Lady as He’s Attacked by Anarchists

Edit: this isn’t the first time Archbishop Leonard Mutien has been attacked by the disciples of impurity. At another point, he was assaulted by a pie. The effeminate attack was launched against the Archbishop, whose communications director quit in a fit of rage earlier over the comment, because he said that AIDS “was a form of intrinsic justice”. I think now is a good time to point out that the good Archbishop, whom we’ve described in the past as the Lion of Belgium, is still there doing his job, despite a few faithless colleagues and a vicious anti-Catholic press.

What was also interesting about the press coverage from is that the journalist accused the Archbishop of kissing a water bottle. It’s just one more of those times when the things Catholics do escape the basic understanding of profane minds. Actually, the Archbishop kisses a plastic image of Our Lady, which had been blasphemed by the Femen anarchists who attacked him with the water within. It’s a particularly touching image to see him so reviled and full of love.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spanish Anarchists Set off Bombs Against Catholics and Bishop

[International Business Times] An anarchist group has targeted prominent Roman Catholics in Spain using bombs hidden in boxes of sex toys.

Two devices were sent by the anti-clerical Pro Sex Toys group, according to Spain's EFE News One agency, concealed amidst vibrators.

They targeted the archbishop of Pamplona, Francisco Perez, and the headteacher of a private school belonging to the ultra-conservative [sic] Legionnaires of Christ movement in Madrid.

One bomb exploded in a postal sorting office, leaving a member of staff with slight injuries.

"Please accept our apologies," the group said in an email sent to an anarchist website at the beginning of last month. "Next time we won't fail.”

The archbishop told EFE that he vaguely recalled receiving a package that contained powder that police removed. "We didn't give it much importance, but later it was said to be a bomb," he said.

The same group is believed to be behind a number of other attempted bombings.

Recently a bomb inside a pressure cooker left outside a public prosecutor's office was detonated by bomb squad officers.

Another bomb containing a gas canister, shrapnel and explosive powder planted in Madrid's Almudena Cathedral also failed to explode.

The anarchists, who use other names such as the Artisans Club for New Uses for Coffee, claimed to have made a bomb out of an espresso coffee machine packed with gunpowder and shrapnel that was planted at a bank branch, though they did not reveal where.

Police in Spain believe the group probably only has five members, but authorities have expressed concern that extremist groups could take advantage of widespread disillusionment as unemployment in the country hits 26 percent.

Link to article...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bomb Attack Against Madrid Cathedral Thwarted

Edit: it's refreshing to see enemies now attempting to do in the open what they do from within, behind a Bishop's office or a comfortable University chair.  In Spain a newly minted Anarchist organization, Commando Mateo Morral has claimed responsibility for a failed bomb attack on the Cathedral of La Almudena in Madrid.

Among their targets, the Church, they also wish to attack the Bourbon Monarchy as well.

All their majestic appearance is just the fruit of oppression and will be us the oppressed ones who will finish it through insurrectional revolutionary violence. We won't fall in the trap of awaiting for the historical conditions to come. We believe that the conditions for the attack are propitious as long as State, Capital and even more the rotten fascist Royal Family exist. We are determined. We do not wait. We take action. 
We do not have the wrong idea that with just this kind of actions we will achieve the destruction of all that oppresses us. We do not deceive ourselves. We do not fall into self-complacency. This is propaganda through action, which has existed for more than a century among the seditious and conspirators against Power. It is an appeal to war without limits using all our imagination and energy to end with this rotten reality.

The bomb was hidden in a trash bag, and was found by the local priest in a confessional, who then evacuated the church and called the police.  The bomb was made of 200 grams of gunpowder in a can of nails with an alarm clock, which they successfully deactivated.

Another interesting detail from a Spanish language blog writing in English is the following note:

Note: Mateo or Mateu Morral was a famous Catalan Anarchist who attempted to kill King Alfonso XII in 1906 with a bomb hidden in a bunch of flowers that he threw against the royal parade in Madrid, killing several but not the monarchs. A historical video can be watched here[es].

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leftist Attacks on Catholic Church in Spain and Argentina

Violent Attacks by Enemies of the Church Increase
(Madrid/Buenos Aires)  Two violent attacks against the Church and Catholics. Two events independent of one another in different places.  Nevertheless, there are significant connections.  In common there is a horrifying hatred of Christendom and the Catholic Church.

Argentina: Radical Feminists Attempt to Storm the Cathedral -- "The only enlightening Church is a burning Church"

From the 6th to the 8th of October, a national women's meeting (Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres), a finalist, lay and left organization, took place.  A group of 500 radical feminists poured through the streets with the demand of the decriminalization for the murder of unborn children, and damaged then schools, private homes, autos and memorials.  Finally the violent mob attempted to force their way into the Catholic Cathedral and let loose its destructive fury.  Young Catholics stood protecting the church and formed a peaceful human chain to prevent the profanation of the Cathedral.

The young Catholics prayed the rosary there and earned with that even more anger from the self-proclaimed "Battlers for Tolerance".  The feminist attackers smeared the faces and clothes of the Catholics with pain, which they humbly but undeservedly endured. (film report)

The left-extremist Church-haters could not get through the unit of young Catholics into the church,  still smeared the outer walls of the cathedral with slogans: "The only enlightening church is a burning church", "No God, no model, no husband", "Shit-church, you are a dictator".

The Bishop of Posada, Msgr Juan Ruben Martinze criticized the absence of the police, who did not comply to whose duty it is to keep order and offer protection.  The Bishop demanded prosecution for the aggression, which the young Catholics and the Church suffered.  Additionally he explained that the anti-Church hate slogans won't be removed for two days, so that the people could see them and think about them, about the methods and the level of their hatred for the Church.

Spain: Left-extremists attack Catholic School -- "We will burn the priests at the stake"

On October 17th 100 Left-extremists attempted to storm the Salesian Order operated Catholic school "Maria Auxiliadora" in Merida, Spain.  There are more than 1,100 students educated in the school.  The results are a few lightly wounded and damage from vandalism.

With flags and symbols of anarchistic and Left-extremist groups from the Spanish Civil War, youth attacked the school.  With loud speakers the attackers shouted anti-Church slogans:  "Where are the priests?  We want to burn them at the stake!", "More public schools, less crosses".  The faculty of the Catholic school were insulted wias "fascist whores".  Ten violent attackers managed to get into the school despite the efforts of teachers and security personnel.

The Salesians reported in complaints "against these violent groups", whose behavior "is unacceptable in a just country".  During the bloody Spanish Civil War (1936- 1939) the anti-Church groups murdered more than 4,000 priests, religious and Catholic laity because of their Faith.

Last August Left-extremists action group Pussy Riot desecrated the Russian Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, which is the most important church of the Russian Orthodox, in order to promote their political ideas.  The feminists, who've never distanced themselves from their attacks, were condemned to two years in prison.  Of the three women, one was released from custody.  In the courts group memers entered with the symbols of the anti-Church popular front of the Spanish Civil War.  Various initiatives have been called for against the Russian group for their anti-Christian actions since the incarceration of Pussy Riot.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: UCCR/Libertad Digital
Translation to English: Tancred

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Friday, September 7, 2012

When I think of Catholics, That's When I Get My Gun

More Anarchist than Son of the Church
Edit: picked this beautiful and very descriptive photo of Mark Shea, up from Est Quod Est, and while Father Peter West has called off the blogwar, we feel no need to do so, especially as we fully expect not to be disappointed that Mr. Shea will continue doing what he's done in the past, at some point, if not presently.

He just can't help himself.

We also fully expect a full-out attack from Patheos bloggers demanding the resignation of the conservative bishop Finn, coming to a theater near you.  [NOTE: I would not include Australia Incognita among them, but strongly disagree with their take on the abuse "crisis", which is a media generated blitz on the Catholic Church resembling other such campaigns.]

I think you can count on patheos bloggers to do three things when it comes to sex abuse:

1. They confirm that it is a "Catholic" problem.

2. They confirm the hysteria surrounding it by overreacting to certain priests and laity who've committed these crimes.

3. Typically ignore the magnitude of the problem when the abuse happens, as it most often does, outside of prescribed targets.  (While the Nazi government focused on the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it was unwilling to address its own problems with it.)

Top Tips for the Faithful!

Indeed, the uncritical comments regarding Bishop Finn in this blog who won't challenge the presentation of the "facts" is breathtaking. Considering that prelates far more deserving of this kind of treatment escape without even a critical appraisal from the various media organs indicates that there is a real problem with people, as if they can't think between compartments, individuals and situations, or maintain the same principles all the time as if they were mentally diseased.

One commenting in the above mentioned blog post suggests, quite accurately, that Opus Dei won't take this sitting down.  They have hoards of attorneys at their disposal.  I hope they rake anyone attempting to instrumentalize this event in the service of propagandists alien to the Catholic Church over the coals.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sympathizers of Moscow Cathedral Anarchists in Cologne Cathedral

On Sunday morning a masked group of three sympathizers disturbed services in the Cathedral of Cologne.  Already this Friday there were demonstrators in Vienna's Stepensdom holding high a banner.  

Cologne (  "Expressions of sympathy" for the anarchists in Moscow took place in Germany and Austria.  On Sunday morning a masked group of three supporters disturbed the church service in the cathedral.  At the beginning of the Eucharistic prayer, they stormed in after the offertory with colorful costumes towards the altar.  With prayer-like gestures and slogans they tried to disrupt the Eucharist.

It added that it took a few minutes before cathedral security could usher the two men aged 23 and 35 and a 20 year old woman outside.  Bishop Heiner Koch, who presided over the church remained standing at the altar during the disturbance.  He then explained that they are also concerned with the people in Russia and join them in prayer.  Above the main door of the cathedral there were three demonstrators who continued to protest with a banner which read "Free Pussy Riot".

As the Cologne police said on inquiry, there was a criminal complaint against the three disruptors for violation of the Assembly Act, tresspass and for disturbing religious worship.  Restraining orders against the three were also issued.  On Friday there were some sympathizers in Vienna Stepensdom as well who held up banners chants and slogans to disturb the church service, however, they were stopped quickly by the staff of St. Stephen's.

Video on and

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knights of Columbus Confront Occupy Vatican

Edit: I knew there was a reason for the Knights of Columbus.

VANCOUVER — More than a dozen protesters left the Occupy Vancouver demonstration and stood face to face with church officials over the weekend at the downtown Holy Rosary Cathedral as a planned march to "Occupy the Vatican" made it to the front stairs outside the building before being thwarted.

On Sunday afternoon, up to six Catholic-sponsored Knights of Columbus — as well as a handful of Vancouver police officers — stood guard at the top of the concrete stairs as a breakaway faction of Occupy protesters shouted slogans and demanded answers for atrocities committed at residential schools in years past.

The breakaway faction claims the church sits on native land.

Breakaway factionof Occupy Vancouver marches on church

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flash Flooding in Rome Today

Edit: A few days ago Gloria TV reported this video of some anarchists destroying a statue of the Blessed Mother.

Today, there is flash flooding in the streets of Rome.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Antifa-Neonazis Mobilize Their Thugs Against Life

Left extremists are allowed to rule and operate how they like.  As a diversionary ploy the Joke-Republic hides behind the Nazi-craze.  [Meaning that it can use fascism in various ways to control people.]

(  The regional group of Dusseldorf's ‘Aktion Lebensrecht für Alle’ [Pro-Life for Everyone] was brought to silence by violent left-extremists last Saturday.

The pro-lifers planned a demonstration on Saturday evening, October 1st.

From the beginning of darkness till about midnight the film "Wunder des Lebens" was to play repeatedly. [here]

The ten minute cut shows the high-speed filming of the development of a person from conception to birth.

This gripping demonstration is an impressive witness against the criminal violence of abortion.

Antifa-Neonazis rule the German Streets

The Pro-Lifers didn't get to bring their plan to fruition.

Over a hundred antifa-Neonazis came to do malicious violence.  They tore the improvised video screen down and cut the power.

The left-stormtroopers shouted various insults over megaphones and speakers like, "Mary should have aborted, so we'd be spared from you", "My uterus belongs to me" and "No God, no state, no patriarchy".

By the time the riot police of the national and local police finally arrived, most of the chaotisists had disappeared.

The  urgently advised cancelling the demonstration.

The left-idiots were even in such a case looking for "reinforcements" and finally brought the situation to a point of escalation.

Why are the left shock troops tolerated?

 The moral of the story: violent street thugs of the left are tolerated to operate and rule as they wish in Germany.

The millionaire media bosses -- who would otherwise be angry -- were silent.

The disruptive action was permited to proceed unhindered and was correspondingly effective.

To begin with, there were a few members of the Dusseldorf's Pro-Life organization facing about a hundred left street thugs in age from about twenty to thirty.

The left has some private storm brigades ready with which they cheapen the state by terrorizing the population  and the media.

The Antifa-Neonazis may be pleased with themselves

The Pro-Life event was advertised last week in the major media.

Already on the next day Dusseldorf's anti-constitutional initiative "see red!" alerted their thugs on a 'Facebook' page.

The Antifa-Neonazis were determined to impose their contemptible minority opinion against the value of children.

The 'Antifa-Socialist German Worker Party' must be pleased.

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