Friday, September 7, 2012

When I think of Catholics, That's When I Get My Gun

More Anarchist than Son of the Church
Edit: picked this beautiful and very descriptive photo of Mark Shea, up from Est Quod Est, and while Father Peter West has called off the blogwar, we feel no need to do so, especially as we fully expect not to be disappointed that Mr. Shea will continue doing what he's done in the past, at some point, if not presently.

He just can't help himself.

We also fully expect a full-out attack from Patheos bloggers demanding the resignation of the conservative bishop Finn, coming to a theater near you.  [NOTE: I would not include Australia Incognita among them, but strongly disagree with their take on the abuse "crisis", which is a media generated blitz on the Catholic Church resembling other such campaigns.]

I think you can count on patheos bloggers to do three things when it comes to sex abuse:

1. They confirm that it is a "Catholic" problem.

2. They confirm the hysteria surrounding it by overreacting to certain priests and laity who've committed these crimes.

3. Typically ignore the magnitude of the problem when the abuse happens, as it most often does, outside of prescribed targets.  (While the Nazi government focused on the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, it was unwilling to address its own problems with it.)

Top Tips for the Faithful!

Indeed, the uncritical comments regarding Bishop Finn in this blog who won't challenge the presentation of the "facts" is breathtaking. Considering that prelates far more deserving of this kind of treatment escape without even a critical appraisal from the various media organs indicates that there is a real problem with people, as if they can't think between compartments, individuals and situations, or maintain the same principles all the time as if they were mentally diseased.

One commenting in the above mentioned blog post suggests, quite accurately, that Opus Dei won't take this sitting down.  They have hoards of attorneys at their disposal.  I hope they rake anyone attempting to instrumentalize this event in the service of propagandists alien to the Catholic Church over the coals.


CJ said...

This foaming at the mouth is to be expected. Archbishop Finn is fighting the Devil. The Devil doesn't like him and shows it. The Enemy makes this known through people like Shea.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Finn, not 'Archbishop'. Kansas City Mo is a diocese. Note for previous post's headline too.

Kate Edwards said...

Sorry Tancred but while you might be right about Mark Shea (although one can hope!) I think you are wrong on Bishop Finn.

I read Waiting for Godot's post, the many comments on it, then skimmed the Graves Report. I think he did a fair job in summarising some of the key facts of the case. The stipulated (agreed) facts for the court case are similarly damning.

A number of blogs are claiming there was no actual child abuse involved or even risk of it occurring and many other things. These claims simply don't stand up.

And while the Vicar General, lawyer and psychologist involved all deserve a fair share of blame for the handling of this case, the Bishop himself had a duty to ask the right questions and test that advice for himself. To fail to do so in this day and age is a sore dereliction of duty, and in this case the decision not to report a potential crime immediately and instead send him off to a convent with notional restrictions on his activities potentially put more children at risk.

Tancred said...

Wait, there was no sexual abuse, full stop. If you know of anything that contradicts that, please let me know.

Tancred said...

Fixed, thanks.

Anonymous said...

They have to make someone a poster child.