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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Every Christian is Spiritually a Vendéan" -- Cardinal Sarah on the "Inner Rebellion" against the "Columns of Hell"

Cardinal Sarah at the Grave of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort,
who was born in Bretagne, but died in the Vend
ée and is buried there.
(Paris) An extraordinary and prophetic sermon was given by Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Roman Congregation of Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments, in Saint Laurent sur Sèvres in the Vendée. The occasion was the opening of the 700th anniversary of the Diocese of Luçon.
The Catholic and Royalist population of this French landscape and its surroundings rose up from 1793 to 1796 in an insurrection against the anti-Christ and anti-royalist programs of the French Revolution. Their insurrection was cruelly suppressed by the revolutionaries in the name of "freedom, equality, brotherhood." The cruelty of the Revolutionary Government and its "hell columns," as the revolutionary groups were called, which precipitated the uprising in the Vendée, caused about 200,000 deaths by systematically burning entire villages and killing the population. Today, the extermination policy of the revolution is sometimes referred to as genocide (genocide) and "populicide" (popular murder).
The Cardinal will be in the Vendée until 15 August, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

The full text of the sermon:

Dear Brothers in the Lord!

We Christians need the spirit of the inhabitants of the Vendée! We need such an example! As we have to leave our sowing, our harvest, the furrows drawn by our plows, to fight - not for the defense of human interests, but for God!

Cardinal Sarah preached on the 12th of August in the Vendée
Cardinal Sarah preached on the 12th of August in the Vendée

So who will stand up for God today? Who will dare to face the modern persecutors of the Church? Who will have the courage to rise, unarmed, only with the Rosary and the Sacred Heart, to meet the columns of death of our days, the relativism, the indifference and the contempt of God? Who will tell this world that the only truth worth dying for is freedom to believe?
Brothers, as once our brethren of the Vendée, today we have been called to confession, that is, to martyrdom!
Today, our Christian brothers in the Middle East, in Pakistan, in Africa, die for their faith, destroyed by the columns of the Islamic persecution. Therefore, you, people of France, you, people of the Vendée, when will you take up the peaceful weapons of prayer and love to defend your faith?
Dear friends, the blood of the martyrs flows in your veins. Be faithful to it!
We are all mentally sons of the martyrs of the Vendée! Also we Africans, we who have received many missionaries from the Vendée, who came to proclaim us Christ and to die with us! We must remain faithful to their heritage!
In this place the spirit of these martyrs surrounds us. What do they tell us? What are they going to give us?
First and foremost their courage! When it comes to God, no compromise is possible! The glory of God is not for discussion! This has to start with our personal life, our prayer life and our worship.
Brothers, it is time to rise up against the real existential atheism that stifles our lives. If we pray in the family, we place God in the first place! A family who prays is a family that lives! A Christian who does not pray, who leaves no space for God by silence and worship, dies!
From the example of the Vendée, we also learn the love of the priesthood. Because their "good shepherds" were threatened, they rose. Your children, when they see the faithful example of your ancestors, love their priests, love the priesthood!
You must ask: Have I also been called to be a priest in the succession of these good priests who have suffered martyrdom by the revolution? Would I have the courage to give life entirely to Christ and to my brethren?
The martyrs of the Vendée also teach us the forgiveness and mercy. Despite persecution and hatred, they have preserved in their hearts the concern for peace and forgiveness. Remember, commander Bonchamps 1) had given 5,000 prisoners given the freedom in 1793 a few minutes before he died. We should counteract hatred without resentment and without animosity. We are to be armed with the heart of Jesus, and like this we shall be full of meekness.
Finally, we also learn the generosity and selflessness of the martyrs of the Vendée.
Your ancestors did not themselves fight for their own interests. They had nothing to gain. Today they teach us true humanity. We live in a world dominated by the dictatorship of money, interests and wealth. The joy of selflessness is everywhere despised and mocked. Nevertheless, only the generous love and the unselfish surrender of one's own life can defeat the hatred of God and of men, the origin of every revolution. The inhabitants of the Vendée have taught us to resist all these revolutions. They have shown us that there is only one answer to the colonialists, the National Socialist extermination camps, the Communist Gulag, the Islamic barbarism: the complete self-giving of one's own life. Only love defeats the powers of death!
Today again, perhaps today more than ever before, the revolutionary ideologues want to destroy the natural place of self-giving, joyous generosity and love - I mean the family!
Gender ideology, contempt for fertility and loyalty are the new guiding principles of the revolution. The families have become many Vendées, which are to be exterminated. It is planned to systematically wipe them out as they once did against the Vendée.
These new revolutionaries are annoyed by the selflessness families with children. They laugh at the Christian families because they embody everything they hate. They are ready to send their columns of hell against Africa to put the family under pressure and impose on it sterilization, abortion and contraception.
Africa will resist like the Vendée!
Everywhere: Christian families must be a joyous avant-garde of an insurrection against this new dictatorship of egoism!
Now, in the heart of every family, every Christian, every person of good will has to raise an inner Vendée! Every Christian is mentally a Vendéan! Let us not allow the unselfish and generous devotion to be stifled in us. Let us also learn how the martyrs of the Vendée, to draw this gift from their source: the heart of Jesus. Let us ask that a powerful and joyful inner Vendée rise in the Church and in the world.
Text / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Le Salon beige / Messa in latino
Trans: Tancred

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ironies: World Youth Day Sings Murderous French Hymn to the Guillotine for Martyred Father Hamel

World Youth Day 2016: Marsellaise for Father Jaques Hamel
Thoughts of Giuseppe Nardi
(Krakow) Abbés Jacques Haamel was commemorated during World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow. The 86 year old French priest from Rouen was killed on Tuesday in the parish church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray in Normandy by Muslims. While he offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the altar, he himself became a victim of a ritual murder. To "honor" him,  the Marseillaise rang out in the old Polish royal city. The French national anthem, recently reintroduced after 1945, is also the anthem of the French Revolution, that is, it is also the anthem of the regicides and the anthem of the Grand Terror  of the Jacobin terror regime, which is aligned with terrorism  in the modern sense. It was the macabre musical accompaniment of the guillotine, the prototype of all beheadings in the battle of the ideologues.

The Anthem of the Grand Terror

To the strains of the Marseillaise and the cry of "Liberté" Catholics were once beheaded, priests, nuns, laymen, as well as Abbé Hamel on July 26, 2016. The difference? The Christians then were beheaded in the name of an alleged "Goddess of Reason", about which fanatical revolutionaries were delirious. Christians today, so also the priest of Rouen, are being beheaded in the name of Islam, by an alleged "religion of peace," by deliriously fanatical Muslims. The one and the other were driven by the same hatred of the Church of Jesus Christ. Being merely perfunctory Christians changed nothing, who then as now make common cause with the perpetrators directly or indirectly.

Martyrs of Compiegne

The Dachau concentration camp decorated by the Nazis (1933-1945) is generally considered the largest prison for priests in world history. The Benedictine Abbey of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, abolished by the revolutionaries in 1791 in Normandy is the same locale in which now Abbé Hamel had his throat cut,  is comparable to the Dachau concentration camp. The Jacobins made ​a prison island ​out of God's castle, which for more than a thousand years God was praised. To start off, were the 300 steadfast priests who refused to take the prescribed oath of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy to separate from Rome and be subjected to the State National Church. The repurposed  prison of Mont Saint Michel was renamed by the Jacobins as Mont libre. The analogy with the Nazi slogan above the entrance of the concentration camp "Arbeit macht frei" is striking.
A total of 18,000 predominantly Catholic "dissidents" were being held on the island, including particularly, many priests and religious. And all to the sounds of the Marseillaise, in whose symbolic name, the Carmelites of Compiègne were guillotined.

Take symbols seriously instead of confusion

The Marseillaise was abolished as an anthem again and again introduced last after the Second World War. Therefore, it happens to be the national anthem of France, which has suffered greatly from the Islamic terror over the past two years. Still it is good   to recall  what spirit is behind the symbol. If symbols have meaning, and they have, then one should take this seriously also in order to know where and whether there are commonalities and on what forces you can really build, in the spiritual defense and restoration of Europe. Because that's what it is, and it has a military over and above response.
"If you do not recognize the threat in time, you will be the victim of the enemy, whom you have received into your house."
The ritual murder of Abbé Hamel confirms the warning of the archbishop of Mosul who said this exactly one year ago in an interview with the Corriere della Sera.

Veni Creator Spiritus Instead of Marseillaise

The real problem of our culture and society is the general confusion. Ultimately, the confusion that tends to play the Marseillaise for ritually slaughtered Abbé Jacques Hamel.  The song of the hangman was played in Krakow in 2016 in honor of a victim who slaughtered the co-religionists of Abbé Hamel more than 220 years ago. The 16 Carmelites of Compiègne did not sing the Marseillaise, but set this against their anthem. They sang on the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus on their way to the scaffold, which they had also sung in their religious profession. Thus they renewed their vows the road to death.

Abbé Jacques Hamel, martyrs

World Youth Day is not a state occasion, but a private event. Therefore, the young Catholics in Krakow might be invited by the authorities to sing Veni Creator Spiritus, in memory of Abbé Jacques Hamel  as a powerful commitment and a strong response to the terror of the past and the terrorist of today, in response to the false ideologies and misanthropic bogeys. And in order to clarify and reaffirm where true peace can only come because true peace comes from God alone.

No war can be won by the arbitrariness of relativism, not even a battle

The intellectual foundations in the struggle for their own identity and in the defense against the enemy must be right. The arbitrariness of relativism can not win a war, not even a battle. That should keep in mind those who have touted this "Golden Calf" to us for years.
Also in the Church there are many who believe that they can deal with the existential and complex problems of our time with prefabricated slogans and unrealistic slogans. Those days are simply over. July 26, 2016 represents a turning point, which should have dawned on all priests who take seriously their sacramental priesthood. And it has become a slap for all the pussyfooters and spin doctors, in politics, the media and even in the Church.
And to be properly understood, again, Islam presents us with a challenge. It calls out Europe again. It calls Christianity out again. That is its nature. So it was in the past since its creation. The real problem we are facing, and  requires a real solution,   is our culture, that  is the state of our society, which wastes away and is dying, childless and without prospects, without values ​​and virtues (at best secondary and tertiary), fixed on - the latest smartphone, on Pokemon, or - disinhibited - the next perverse fling.  A society that has become incapable of giving answers that are situates beyond consumption and "basically, everything is equally valid".  A society which, after decades of being in the grip of false forces, of having been made ridiculous and dismantled all of structural elements of our culture, sorry, "deconstructed", it is no longer is able to realize its own identity and even less to establish one.

No False Recipes

Evidence of this decline, which blinds, is the stupidest and most dangerous of all conceivable responses to the latest threats, wanting namely to repress religion generally. This is the old recipe of Masonry since the 18th century. The depressing example of this "cosmopolitan" thinking of intellectual provincialism and arsonists against its own people, is the "critical of religion" version of "Parsifal" of Wagner's opera, currently playing in Bayreuth in the staging of the opera house which is as omnipresent as expendable director Uwe Eric Laufenberg. In fact, the director's theater is a significant expression of the degeneration of our culture. His indiscriminate dumping into the Orcus of the cultural sector will one day be the signal for a promising strong kick that awakens the hope that healthy forces are thundering and bring salvation from the cultural self-destruction of those who have dedicated themselves to the opinion-making elites.

Karl Marx: "Religion is the opium of the people"

These elites, with few exceptions do not see, much less admit that they have been leading the country and people in the wrong direction for years.  Rather, they are those fight tooth and nail, hold them the mirror of truth and expose them. Without their replacement, whether through a generational change, it will probably not take place.  Elections offer strong opportunities in a democracy. Partly this is not likely because the elites have invested a lot in order to control people's opinion, but it is possible.
Threats may come from the outside. However, the issue of intellectual upgrade to their defense is an internal question. It will succeed only through conversion to Christ and the return to the Christian roots and supporting Christian values ​​that made Europe great. This also explains why the not seldom-heard answer standing on feet of clay, that one must eliminate all religions. This is the recipe of Karl Marx, son of a Masonic family home. Where whose theses have resulted in power, it should still be sufficiently known to be dissuaded from them. Here every right fails, who thinks he can save the world without Christ and with secondary values. In reality, they are active "Marxists".
It is up to us, not up to those who attack us. It is up to us whether we reach for the right recipe and not stagger from wrong to wrong. It is up to us, whether in Paris, in Krakow, in Munich - and in Rome.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: pope2016 / wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

When Silence is Shame -- When Will Benedict XVI Say Something?

Pope Benedict With the Prince of the
Apostles, Peter
(Vatican) There is an attempt of a paradigm shift of revolutionary proportions in progress within the Catholic Church. "Revolucion Francisco" is how it is being reported by the Argentine television station Canal 9 on the Synod of Bishops. "Is Pope Francis initiating a revolution?" Austrian Broadcasting Corporation  hopefully asked  today. 

The French Revolution, which has yet to happen in the one Church of Jesus Christ is more than two hundred years too late, as Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini once expected.  Part of the shock troops of  a casuistic rebuilding of the Church's moral teaching, which raises the exception to the rule, is the Jesuit Order. What Cardinal Martini failed at, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has succeeded: the rise of the first Jesuit to the throne of Peter.
A commentary by Giuseppe Nardi
For 17 months a confusing rant about the people of God has been going down: attempts to abolish sin, destroy the understanding of sin, the idea of good and evil leading to absurdity and uplifting the autonomous conscience to be the last instance. A few days ago the Pope called out to the people: "There is no God." The intention of the statement could be awkward to explain. The question of what benefits it is supposed to have, this confusing, yes destructive, statement  by the head of the Church, however, is not being answered.

Would  the Case of Henry VIII. Have Been  "Dismissed" Differently in the Hands of Jesuit Casuistry?

The uniqueness of Catholic charity in the admonition of the sinner, the condemnation of sin and absolution in the confessional with penance is being replaced by a "new charity" of laissez faire and dissolved beyond recognition. The Church is to no longer to penetrate the world, but the world, the Church. The subversion of order in the Church from theocentricity to anthropocentrism is finding its completion. Christ is the comrade , the one who is addressed disrespectfully with a knock on the shoulder as a chum, then quickly disposed of, unnoticed in the priorities of the individualistic egoism. The rest is dialectical self-adulation and the honey of taking their own path. Gilbert Keith Chesterton whose fictional character, Father Brown, however, says about the healing responsibility and importance of the Church and the priesthood: "We must say the word that saves from hell"?
The Synod of Bishops revealed, that in 2014, the Cardinals Kasper, Marx and Schönborn, with papal support, would have dismissed the case against the English King Henry VIII. in 1534. Casuistically. The Martyrdom of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More were not the way of loyalty to the reigning pope, but the fidelity to the teaching and mission of Christ. A key difference.

When Does Benedict XVI. Manifest the Sign of Contradiction?

So the question arises as to whether and when the Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. will manifest a sign of contradiction and hurry  to the defense of the Church's teaching. After all, he carries a substantial share of the responsibility that it has come to this, as it has come. Irrefutable fact is that the 76-year-old Archbishop of Buenos Aires would never have become Pope, had Benedict XVI not declared his resignation.  Whatever the background that led to this startling step, we can only speculate. What is certain is that the official explanation must be noted, however, there can be few good reasons for a step of such importance.
Pope Benedict XVI. announced in February 2013 that he would  be "invisible for the world", but continue his work in other ways, in sacrifice and prayer for the Church. Come it's different. Because of the radical contrast between Pope Francis and his predecessor, began to arouse the suspicions among the people of God after the conclave at the Vatican, the feeling that  between incumbent and retired, there wasn't the slightest difference between the two popes. The results were scenes of encounters of two popes, which triggered much ridicule in the world,  and the many faithful people for good reason were irritated more than reassured. A retired existence   may understandably conform to the thinking of social legislation  of trade unions, however, it is contrary to the commission of Christ, which the faithful feel instinctively.
When does Benedict XVI. a sign of contradiction?

The end of a great shepherd as remote-controlled sheep?

Rather than remain invisible to the world in sacrifice and prayer, Benedict XVI  entered, whomever his  successor wants, to be in the public, dumb and as an extra. Through his punctual appearance before the public eye,  continuity is mimicked and indirectly conveys the impression that Benedict XVI himself would approve the upheaval being urged on by Pope Francis.
The end of a great shepherd as remote-controlled sheep is unworthy of Benedict XVI. and is just another form of subsequent dismantling of his pontificate. The spectacle of the performances of Benedict XVI., recently presented on the Day of The Elderly, introduced at the  senior club of pensioners, gives the impression of a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer. An impression of the exploitation that has something unworthy in itself. Its confusion which culminated this last April 27, as in the controversial, politically correct double canonization of John Paul II., and unmiraculous John XXIII., two popes concelebrated in St. Peter's Square.

Attempt to Lay Hands on the Roots of the Catholic Church founded by Christ

At the Synod of Bishops, the experiment was obviously to overturn the Church's sacraments, and thus to lay hands on the roots of Christianity and the Catholic Church. The unspeakable interim report is eloquent proof. It will be corrected and straightened out for the final report. Should it not  be written ex novo, but it will remain a rotten fruit in the matrix. Given these dramatic events in the Church, it would send a strong signal if Benedict XVI., who has received the Papal invitation to participate on Sunday at the conclusion of the Synod and the beatification of Paul VI, would stay away.
He has a lot of other ways only but to withdraw from the choreographic assigned role. Whether as emeritus pope, a role he has ascribed to himself and where it will have certainly meant something, or equipped as a cardinal of the Church, as a bishop or a priest, with his own will, he can lay aside his reticence and silence, but it need not be. Especially not after he has been silent for one and a half years, however, exploited by his successor. Nowhere is it written that Benedict XVI. must not raise his voice. No ecclesiastical provision forbids him.

Benedict's Duty of Fraternal Correction of His Successor

Has he not rather a duty to Christ and His bride, the Church? Does he not  also have a commitment to fraternal correction of his successor and the cardinals and bishops? To show commitment as well as visible help and support for all consecrated and faithful people? The claim that one message from Benedict XVI. would involve the danger of a schism in itself, is without any foundation. The truth can never be the cause of a schism, only the error and therefore the deviation from the truth.
As Cardinal Kasper makes his voice heard, so also can Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. assert himself  throughout, and  especially with his whole authority and weight. It was just Cardinal Kasper, who a few days after his resignation and a few days before the start of the conclave against Benedict XVI, uttered a warning which he himself described as "advice". He warned the newly resigned Pope from the pages of the daily newspaper, La Repubblica, who himself would play shortly thereafter an important and controversial role for Pope Francis, not to "interfere in matters of Church government and Church politics" in any way. It was an irony of fate, just as have been made ​​at the time of official moment of resignation, that was for Kasper,   the favor of the lucky hour. If the resignation had occurred a few days later, Kasper would have no longer been able participate in the conclave that influenced the election of the new Pope  and  become, with papal mandate, the spokesman of the "new charity". Kasper can warn, but Benedict XVI. not let them impress him: Wherever he appears,  Tu es Petrus must be intoned. Tu es Petrus! This does, however, mean something quite independently from those associated with the resignation and controversial issues.
The abdicated Pope will sacrifice in secret for the Church and pray. But it is also not clear that he truly serves the Church with his silent appearances in public,   nor to bring help for the salvation of millions of more or less disoriented people . No authority in the world could disincentive Benedict XVI.  from  entering into his present position in the Church by other gestures than in the past few months and especially by statements in defense of the truth of the Church's doctrine and maintenance of order. Nobody, except he himself,  could also prevent him from celebrating  the Immemorial   Mass  of All Ages in the Vatican or outside.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, September 21, 2014

French Justice: Prison for Insulting Islam -- Paid For Desecrating Notre Dame

Edit: it's hard to believe that for years, certain apologists of the French Revolution denied that a prostitute dressed as "Reason" was paraded to the High Altar in Notre Dame to sing ribald songs.
Surely French Justice will some day become a familiar oxymoron.
(Paris) Double standards of anti-Christian political correctness have been proven by French judge. They have condemned two women because they deposited a pig's head outside a mosque, but let nine Femen mercenaries free, although they had defiled the Cathedral of Paris.
The Cathedral of Paris and thus to violate important church in France is less severe storm than any mosque? Yes, says a French judge and precipitated acquittal and conviction.
Two women have been convicted in France for nine months of prison, because they deposited a pig's head in front of the Mosque of Mayotte.  For six months they were released on probation, but   three of those months they spent in jail.

Condemned for "Incitement to Hatred"

Judgment was given by the Criminal Division of Mamoudzou on 18 September. The incident occurred in the last New Year's Eve. After a night of drinking with much alcohol put a woman to redeem a lost bet, before the mosque a pig's head. The second woman was sentenced because she had put the pig's head available. The husband's first wife was also sentenced because he had brought the car in front of the mosque. The sentencing took place because of "incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination based on belonging to a religion."

Political mercenaries from Femen acquitted

The judgment of Mamoudzou carried out under existing penal provisions. However, it irritated many French. Many wonder why three people go to jail because they place two pig's heads in front of  a mosque - a mosque they never set foot in -  while nine Femen activists who several   times violated the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris  be acquitted by a criminal senate in Paris. The political mercenaries of Femen, stripped to the waist and painted anti-church and blasphemous slogans invaded the cathedral, while shouting blasphemous-sexist slogans, completed sacrilegious acts, jumped on the altar and damaged a bell. The desecrated cathedral had to be rededicated, each by its own rite, before any rituals could be performed again.  Femen to see the article Who's behind Femen and their anti-Christian protest? Paid activists from the red light district .

The Damage also Scorn: Church Must Have Femen Pay Damages

The Parisian judges also ordered  that the "sex tremistinnen" as the anti-Christian political mercenaries called themselves, must be paid damages. The Archdiocese of Paris will have to pay each prostitute 1,500 euros in damages because the security service of the Cathedral had dared to carry the "ladies" against their will from the Cathedral.
Would the judgment have also failed if Femen had stormed a mosque? In France, there's good reason for doubt. It remains to be seen if   FEMEN-women will set  foot  in a mosque and dare  to attack Muslim representatives in any way, while the list of damages in church desecrations, including the Cologne Cathedral, and attacks on Catholic bishops and cardinals, including the Cardinals Leonard (Brussels) and Rouco (Madrid), is getting longer.
For a French judge the desecration of the country's most important Catholic Cathedral is less serious than an offensive act against any mosque. The varying standards of politically correct Christian hostility.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

French Carmel Returns to the Immemorial Rite of All Ages

(Paris) The Carmel of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception in Alençon returned to the Immemorial Rite of the Catholic Church.

Already in 2008 the Carmelites made the first step in the direction of traditional liturgy. "We prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite" which the newspaper La Nef reported in 2010 on the religious. The Holy Mass on Sundays and public holidays has therefore celebrated in the traditional form of the Roman Rite for several years. The Holy Mass on weekdays initially remained the ordinary form. Now Bishop Jacques Habert Sées has allowed the complete return to the Immemorial Rite. The Holy Mass will be celebrated in the Old Rite on Sundays and holidays at 9 clock and on all working days at 8 clock in the Carmel. The Chaplain of the monastery is a diocesan priest, assisted by priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter.

The Carmel was founded in 1988 at the request of Bishop François-Marie Tregaro Sées. A first Carmel had already existed in Alençon 1780-1792. It was abolished during the French Revolution, however, which is why the bishop has sought re-foundation. When Pope Benedict XVI. issued the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontiicum in 2007, the sisters were soon agreed to return to the Old Rite. The nuns devote six to seven hours a day in choral prayer.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: French Carmel
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Jacobin "Spirit of the Council"

According to Cardinal Suenens the II. Vatican Council had been the '1789' of the Church. Is Liberté the same as indifferentism, égalité the same as destruction of hierarchy and fraternité the same as "ecumenism" polytheism?

The Ingratiation to the French Mob of 1789 has decayed the
Church from within and out. [photo: archive]

"The Second Vatican Council is the 1789 of the Church"

The liberal-reformist Cardinal Léon-Joseph Suenens, who was after all, one of the four council moderators, the Council rewrote much saying: "This is the 1789 Vatican II the Church." [Quoted in Marcel Lefebvre: Open Letter to Catholics, 2nd Edition, Stuttgart: Sarto, 2004, pp. 141]
If that is indeed the case, as the Second Vatican Council's strictest faith and ecclesiastical corrosion can be rejected.
The following article is a call to dialog, to Pope Franciscus's demand for comprehensive dialogue. We would like to address the following text  to the Holy Father with the request for a rebuttal.

The Jacobin "Spirit of the Council"

What is the "Spirit of the Council"? It is the "spirit" of the opening of the Church to the world, whose ruler is Satan. This spirit of the Council is summoned far more than the Holy Spirit.
Instead of being open to Jesus Christ, the Church is opened to the anti-Christian lodge opened.
With the Second Vatican Council, the idols of the anti-clerical Freemasonry, namely, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" have been incorporated into the Church. These corrosive idols of Freemasonry have entered into the Church internally as "religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism". What was required prior to the Second Vatican Council, has been actively repressed.
Coming in the Anschluss of the Second Vatican Council a provincialist, modernist liturgy has degenerated into a kind of cult of revolution and all the enemies of the revolution (of the Tridentine Mass, keep the faith) are persecuted with the means of the terror within the Church.
Such apparent decline in the Church is in accordance with the recognized religious prophecies of Our Lady of La Salette: "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." [?]
In addition, the Virgin at La Salette communicated to us that "the false light enlightens the world." The Masonic "Enlightenment" is the light that leads to eternal darkness.

The "Council-Demon"

Pope Benedict XVI. described the pastoral spirit of the Council consequently as "Council-Demon". [Konzils-Ungeist]
The Second Vatican Council, the Church's Magisterium has fraternized with the Jacobean Magisterium and the idols of the French Revolution's mob has increased within the church:
  • The Mob-Idol of religious freedom is a decomposition of the truth "extra ecclesiam nulla salus." The word "religion" is a word that can exist in the plural only hypothetically. In the scriptures it says namely: "And in none other is there salvation. For there is no other name given among men under heaven by which we must be saved "(Acts 4:12). On the subject of religious freedom it can be said: "O Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!"
  • The Mob-Idol of collegiality undermines the authority of the earthly Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Pope, and is a kind of democratization through an enabling act of fellow bishops, who probably prefer to put on an all red Phrygian cap of equality as they proclaim its gospel. Strictly distinct hierarchies are only in inhumane Masonry and exploitative financial system.
  • The Mob Idol of "ecumenism" denies the first Commandment of God and replaces it with a Masonic "universal brotherhood" (Nostra Aetate). As is known, Freemasonry puts Jesus Christ, Buddha, Plato, Confucius, FC Bayern Munich, Karl Marx, Mohammed or Zarathustra at one and the same level. 
The religious meeting in Assisi illustrates this world wide, Masonic chain of brotherhood of most diverse "religions", in which the most diverse worship "gods" are convened.
But a real brother is the one who does the will of our Heavenly Father: "For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother" (Matthew 12:50).
When the religious meeting of the chain of brotherhood in Assisi took place,  the impression likely to be created was that God has lost the good pleasure of His Church, and now every wannabe Religion is pleased, though He says in Scripture: "I am the way and the truth and the life No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6).
The three Masonic Mob idols would supplant Christianity, which in the German tax-Church goes counts for success.

People Worship Service Instead of God

The eternal yesterday "spirit" of the Council is the "spirit" that opens the churches to empty them and to deify the mere world: Nostra Aetate, the word "man", occurs 29 times more than "Jesus", which occurs only once, while the word "Muslim" appears at least 3 times. The ratio of the responses of God to man is, according to Nostra Aetate, at least 1 to 29.
A so blatant self-aggrandizement of the people of God (as we know it coming only from the Lodge), can not be understood as an opening to Jesus Christ, but quite the opposite.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Symbolic Demolition of a Church in the "Year of Faith"

(Paris) "The church was destroyed, as the terrible photo shows," said the Association Mémoire Vivante du patrimoine gestois (MVPG) that had been campaigning for the salvation of the Church. In France, the demolition of churches continues. After the church of Saint Jacques in Abbeville ( see separate report ), the church of Saint Pierre aux Liens Gesté was demolished in the western Anjou (Maine-et-Loire departments).

The renovation of the Church of Abbeville was too expensive. If the buildings are dilapidated, the mayor recently, called for the "deconstruction" as the "cheaper" means the termination. Or, as in the case of Gesté, to make a new building in place of the old church.

Gesté is located just six kilometers from the Brittany. On the 5th of February 1794, the place was burned down by the Colonnes Infernales , the "Hell Brigade" of the French Revolution. 300 Chouans, Royalist Catholics, were massacred. "The dead should be our duty to fight for our heritage," goes the call to protest against the demolition. The current church was built in 1800 and is now being demolished on the ruins of the church destroyed in 1794 and initially expanded in subsequent phases in the classical, then in neo-Gothic style.

The cost of the demolition amounts to 200,000 euros. The new church at one million euros. What for?, ask the critics and point to the waste of money and destruction of cultural heritage.

The Bishop of Angers rejects disapproval of the demolition action. The pastor responsible resides not in Gesté, but in the nearby town of Avrillé where the old Gothic church of Saint Gilles was replaced in 1983 by a modern elliptical construction.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Albert Camus on the Death of King Louis XVI

Edit: the following is a translation of Camus' account of the execution of King Louis XVI, which wasn't only the murder of the King, but an attempt to destroy God forever and replace it with the general will of the people and Rouseau's Social Conctract. H/t: at vexilla-galliae:

On January 21, with the murder of the King-priest, was consummated what has significantly been called the passionof Louis XVI. It is certainly a crying scandal that the public assassination of a weak but goodhearted man has been presented as a great moment in French history. That scaffold marked no climax—far from it. But the fact remainsthat, by its consequences, the condemnation of the King is at the crux of our contemporary history. It symbolizes thesecularization of our history and the disincarna-tion of the Christian God. Up to now God played a part in historythrough the medium of the kings. But His representative in history has been killed, for there is no longer a king.Therefore there is nothing but a semblance of God, relegated to the heaven of principles.

The revolutionaries may well refer to the Gospel, but in fact they dealt a terrible blow to Christianity, from which ithas not yet recovered. It really seems as if the execution of the King, followed, as we know, by hysterical scenes of suicide and madness, took place in complete awareness of what was being done. Louis XVI seems, sometimes, tohave doubted his divine right, though he systematically rejected any projected legislation which threatened his faith.

But from the moment that he suspected or knew his fate, he seemed to identify himself, as his language betrayed,with his divine mission, so that there would be no possible doubt that the attempt on his person was aimed at the King-Christ, the incarnation of the divinity, and not at the craven flesh of a mere man. His bedside book in the Temple was the Imitation. The calmness and perfection that this man of rather average sensibility displayed during hislast moments, his indifference to everything of this world, and, finally, his brief display of weakness onthe solitary scaffold, so far removed from the people whose ears he had wanted to reach, while the terriblerolling of the drum drowned his voice, give us the right to imagine that it was not Capet who died, butLouis appointed by divine right, and that with him, in a certain manner, died temporal Christianity. To emphasize this sacred bond, his confessor sustained him, in his moment of weakness, by reminding himof his "resemblance" to the God of Sorrows. And Louis XVI recovers himself and speaks in the language of this God: "I shall drink," he says, "the cup to the last dregs." Then he commits himself, trembling, into the hands of an ignoble executioner.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Requiem for a Dynasty

Edit: throughout France yesterday and today, there will be Masses said for the repose of the soul of the Martyr King.  It is being organized by various Monarchist associations.  Louis XVI, who was unjustly slain by revolutionaries on January 21st, 1793, will be in the hearts of many Frenchmen as they keep the candles of restoration burning with hope.

But he said, like a martyr:

« Je meurs innocent de tous les crimes qu'on m'impute. Je pardonne aux auteurs de ma mort, et je prie Dieu que le sang que vous allez répandre ne retombe jamais sur la France. »  
"I am innocent of the crimes imputed to me.  I pardon the authors of my death, and pray to God that the blood you shed will not fall on France's soil."