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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Pagan Monolith Torn Down in Salzburg

Edit: looks like Kapuzinerberg.

[] Recently, unknown persons placed a monolith as a "symbol of hope" in the Lungau region of Salzburg, Austria.

Erecting monoliths is an esoteric trend coming from the USA that is now spreading to Europe. However, young people from Salzburg decided to testify that the Cross of Christ "is the only sign of hope".

They made a huge cross out of light wood with professional tools and brought it to the monolith. Then they dug out the black block and put the cross in its place.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Catholics in Santiago Publicly Denounce Unworthy Bishop?

Edit: an unsympathetic reader provided this as an example to put Catholics in the rest of the West to shame. Are we actually certain that this reaction comes from faithful Catholics? If these are indeed faithful Catholics outraged at an evil Bishop, which he seems to be, we really ought to feel ashamed.

There was once a time when Catholics would reject an unworthy ordinary by force.

The New York Times reportage isn't very encouraging.

CH 21, 2015
SANTIAGO, Chile — Hundreds of demonstrators dressed in black barged into a cathedral in a city in southern Chile on Saturday and interrupted the installation ceremony for the city’s new Roman Catholic bishop, Juan Barros, whom they accuse of complicity in a notorious case of clerical sexual abuse, blocking his passage and shouting, “Barros, get out of the city!”

The scene inside the Cathedral San Mateo de Osorno was chaotic, with television images showing clashes between Barros opponents, carrying black balloons, and Barros supporters, carrying white ones. Radio reports said several protesters tried to climb onto the altar where Bishop Barros was standing. After the ceremony, he left the cathedral through a side door escorted by police special forces. Outside, about 3,000 people, including local politicians and members of Congress, held signs and chanted demands that he resign.

Weeks of protests, candlelight vigils and letters to Pope Francis were not enough to persuade him to rescind his decision in January to appoint Bishop Barros to lead the Diocese of Osorno, 570 miles south of the capital, Santiago. Bishop Barros was a close associate of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, a prominent Santiago priest whom the Vatican found guilty of sexual abuse in 2011. Father Karadima, now 84, was ordered to retire to a “life of prayer and penitence.”

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Cross Can Not Be Abolished

"The cross, symbol of charity and love of enemies, has offered meaning and hope to people and families in the history of Europe's nations. The cross is the central symbol of our Christian influenced European culture. Whoever wants to banish the cross out of political arrogance from the public display, intends to apply atheism as the state religion, removing crosses from field and summit, which topples crosses from the steeples of churches and chapels, which prohibits religious processions, which discriminates against Christians and persecutes them, eventually even desecrating graves. Whoever banishes crosses from public life, is descended from a series of ideologues who have fought since the French Revolution to the present day, disregarding the human rights of Christians, and are still doing it. As Christians, we want to invoke the fundamental rights and the values ​​of the Constitution, which together with the commandments of God and with Christian symbols in the course of public life are for the benefit of all citizens. We ask our fellow citizens to give their votes to candidates who stand up for the universal Christian values.

Prof. Dr. Hubert Gindert

Chairman Forum of German Catholics "

From Kathnews

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gulls and Ravens Hunt the Pope's Doves -- Of Signs and Symbols

(Vatican) Last Sunday, 26 January, Pope Francis released two doves at the Angelus in St. Peter's Square. A tradition. Since Paul VI, is that every year on the last Sunday in January a meeting with Catholic Action will take place.  The Vaticanist Antonio Margheriti Martino watched the scene, which was brought to his attention by a reader.  At first he took the hint to be exaggerated, but "if I want to read the incident symbolically, he has alerted me to something." Here is his report:
Gulls and Ravens Kill the Pigeons of the Pope: Ominous Foreshadowing?

The walls of the Apostolic Palace with the apartments of the Pope, his home, are blessed by the centuries-long presence of the Vicar of Christ, those men with such responsibility, that they are not enviable. Walls which know the history of the world by the sighs of the Popes. The walls, which we can rightly assume that they are specially protected because they involve Peter himself.
But these walls have grown like any other walls this year.  The grace seems to have left them, together with the Pope. The Vicar of Christ no longer lives there and the animals seem to sense it and so we have witnessed a sad scene that provoked horror and tears among the people in the square.

Doves as a Symbol of Peace

Italian TV showed the pictures in direct transmission, the annual flight of white doves as a symbol of peace, who rise from the window for the Angelus prayer in the Pope's apartment. Or rather we should say today, from the window, which once belonged to the apartment of the Pope, but, as we know, is now abandoned and uninhabited. But we are doing this just once more as if it were all normal. The white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. So the peace symbol has  very special significance so from a Christian point of view.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leftist Attacks on Catholic Church in Spain and Argentina

Violent Attacks by Enemies of the Church Increase
(Madrid/Buenos Aires)  Two violent attacks against the Church and Catholics. Two events independent of one another in different places.  Nevertheless, there are significant connections.  In common there is a horrifying hatred of Christendom and the Catholic Church.

Argentina: Radical Feminists Attempt to Storm the Cathedral -- "The only enlightening Church is a burning Church"

From the 6th to the 8th of October, a national women's meeting (Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres), a finalist, lay and left organization, took place.  A group of 500 radical feminists poured through the streets with the demand of the decriminalization for the murder of unborn children, and damaged then schools, private homes, autos and memorials.  Finally the violent mob attempted to force their way into the Catholic Cathedral and let loose its destructive fury.  Young Catholics stood protecting the church and formed a peaceful human chain to prevent the profanation of the Cathedral.

The young Catholics prayed the rosary there and earned with that even more anger from the self-proclaimed "Battlers for Tolerance".  The feminist attackers smeared the faces and clothes of the Catholics with pain, which they humbly but undeservedly endured. (film report)

The left-extremist Church-haters could not get through the unit of young Catholics into the church,  still smeared the outer walls of the cathedral with slogans: "The only enlightening church is a burning church", "No God, no model, no husband", "Shit-church, you are a dictator".

The Bishop of Posada, Msgr Juan Ruben Martinze criticized the absence of the police, who did not comply to whose duty it is to keep order and offer protection.  The Bishop demanded prosecution for the aggression, which the young Catholics and the Church suffered.  Additionally he explained that the anti-Church hate slogans won't be removed for two days, so that the people could see them and think about them, about the methods and the level of their hatred for the Church.

Spain: Left-extremists attack Catholic School -- "We will burn the priests at the stake"

On October 17th 100 Left-extremists attempted to storm the Salesian Order operated Catholic school "Maria Auxiliadora" in Merida, Spain.  There are more than 1,100 students educated in the school.  The results are a few lightly wounded and damage from vandalism.

With flags and symbols of anarchistic and Left-extremist groups from the Spanish Civil War, youth attacked the school.  With loud speakers the attackers shouted anti-Church slogans:  "Where are the priests?  We want to burn them at the stake!", "More public schools, less crosses".  The faculty of the Catholic school were insulted wias "fascist whores".  Ten violent attackers managed to get into the school despite the efforts of teachers and security personnel.

The Salesians reported in complaints "against these violent groups", whose behavior "is unacceptable in a just country".  During the bloody Spanish Civil War (1936- 1939) the anti-Church groups murdered more than 4,000 priests, religious and Catholic laity because of their Faith.

Last August Left-extremists action group Pussy Riot desecrated the Russian Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, which is the most important church of the Russian Orthodox, in order to promote their political ideas.  The feminists, who've never distanced themselves from their attacks, were condemned to two years in prison.  Of the three women, one was released from custody.  In the courts group memers entered with the symbols of the anti-Church popular front of the Spanish Civil War.  Various initiatives have been called for against the Russian group for their anti-Christian actions since the incarceration of Pussy Riot.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: UCCR/Libertad Digital
Translation to English: Tancred

Link to katholisches....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Poland: Catholic Youth Accuse "Madonna" of Blasphemy

Edit: first she's booed in Paris and her audience wants their money back.  Now a Polish youth organization is planning a substantial protest against her appearance in Warsaw on August 1st, on the anniversary of the 1944 uprising against the Germans.  Madonna is an invader of a different sort.

Student organization "Crusade of the Youth" is accusing Madonna of blasphemy.  45,000 Poles joined up Friday to protest against the concert on the Internet.

Warsaw (  in Poland, there are protests against a concert planned for next Wednesday by pop star Madonna.  As the Polish news agency KAI reports on Friday the Catholic student organization "Crusade of Youth" has asked the Warsaw city council to ban the show.  They accuse Madonna among other things, of blasphemy.  45,000 Poles joined Friday's protest agains the student organization of the concert.

Meanwhile, three Catholic priests called on the faithful to pray for a cancellation of the show. The concert was the main aim of Madonna's, to mock God and Christianity, according to a joint appeal by the Rev. Andrzej Grefkowicz and Pawel Wiecek Robert Pajak and the Jesuits.[Really?] Previously, the Catholic Association of the Journalists of Poland, Madonna had turned against the appearance of the new National Stadium. The spokesman of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Jozef Kloch does not wish to take a position in the dispute.

There is also criticism that the concert on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising which takes place on 1 August 1944. Every year on this day of some estimated 200,000 Poles are remembered to have been killed by German occupiers during the suppression of the revolt. The organizers of the concert met the critics with the assistance of the City Council. Prior to Madonna's appearance a two-minute film about the Warsaw uprising will be shown. The Veterans Association of the combatants of the Warsaw uprising, however, will observe a minute's silence.

(C) 2012 Catholic News Agency KNA Inc. All rights reserved. Photo: (c) Wikipeda / Madonna 1990 / Alan Light

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bishop Questions Catholicity of College!

Edit: this is one of those rare bishops who doesn't look and act like he reads Vanity Fair more than his breviary while subsisting on a vegetarian diet.

By Margaret M. Russell

[Catholic Free Press] There was no wealthy conservative Catholic pressuring Bishop McManus to object to Victoria Kennedy as the commencement speaker at Anna Maria College.

There was no threat by the diocese to cut off financial support for the college. The diocese does not fund the college in any way.

But, Bishop McManus did tell Anna Maria President Jack Calareso that if Mrs. Kennedy were to be the commencement speaker that he would not attend the May 19 ceremony. That is consistent with the stance of not honoring Catholics who stand in public opposition to some of the teachings of the church, the bishop said.
And contrary to at least one published report, Bishop McManus had not known for a year that Mrs. Kennedy was to be the speaker. He learned of it only a month ago and had a frank conversation about it with President Calareso a few days later.
As a result, the college said in a press release Friday that it had officially notified Mrs. Kennedy that the executive committee of the board of trustees decided “with deep regret to withdraw its invitation to her to serve as Anna Maria College’s 2012 Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient.”

As Bishop McManus sat down with The Catholic Free Press Tuesday to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding Anna Maria College’s decision to withdraw its invitation to Mrs. Kennedy, another call of support came in to his office. He has heard from both supporters and detractors. Yet, unlike a politician who can be swayed by public opinion, Bishop McManus said that his decision to object to the college’s choice of speaker was informed by two church documents: “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” (“From the Heart of the Church”) and “Catholics in Political Life.” He said his duty is to protect the Catholic identity of the college.

Read further...

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 15 is a Day for Heroes: Count Claus von Stauffenberg

Edit: a hero was born in Germany on November 15 1907 at the Castle of Jettingen, who held the Empire and Secret Germany in his soul and lived up to its greatest champions.

Inspired by the poetic genius of Stefan George, he sat at the feet of the ancients and passed whole summers' days in antiquity, learning the timeless wisdom of the Psalmist, the Stagyrite, of Akademos. Then having learned those lessons, Count von Stauffenberg, the aristocrat and soldier, became the tragic hero who made the legendary heroes of old live again.

Here's an account from the ISN Blog:

What might not be so well-known is that Count Claus von Stauffenberg, according to Cambridge historian Richard J Evans, “found moral guidance in a complex mixture of Catholic religious precepts, an aristocratic sense of honour, Ancient Greek ethics, and German Romantic poetry. Above all, perhaps, his sense of morality was formed under the influence of the poet Stefan George, whose ambition it was to revive a ‘Secret Germany’ that would sweep away the materialism of the Weimar Republic and restore German life to its true spirituality.”

The key to understanding that “Secret Germany” (as cryptically elaborated in a poem by the same title, which was written around 1910, but hermetically kept from the public until 1928) is the idea that only the poet with his charismatic authority can voice the arcane without revealing it. It is him being the “spiritus rector” who deepens the inner reflections of his disciples, who awakens their intellectual and spiritual sensitivity, so his word is followed by their action.

Link to ISN BLOG