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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pope Francis Visits Controversial Manger

(Rome) At the end of the year, Pope Francis, as is customary in tradition, sought the great nativity scene in St. Peter's Square after Vespers and Te DeumThere he welcomed a number of personalities, this was a rare encounter.
The crib has been the focus of irritation and polemics in recent weeksIt is meant to present the seven bodily works of mercy this year and is a gift of the Benedictine abbey on the Montevergine in Campania. Displeasure caused a homoerotic connotation that some see in it. This is a perception reinforced by the jubilation and satisfaction of homosexual organizations. On Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day there had been femen attacks on the crib. A "sextremist", as the female militants of Femen describe themselves, who are often recruited from the Red milieu, tore the baby Jesus from the crib and threw him to the ground.

Francis welcomes Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos

Pope Francis greeted various people around the Nativity scene, said Vatican News,. the new news platform of the Holy See, included a video with the picture. Among those welcomed by the pope was a senior church representative, who had not appeared in public for a long time, much less in the close circle of Pope Francis.
On December 31, the now 88-year-old Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos appeared in St. Peter's Square. The canon lawyer was appointed Bishop of Pereira in 1976 by Pope Paul VI.In 1982, Pope John Paul II made the appointment as Archbishop of Bucaramanga. After the Archbishop had helped to publish the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, John Paul II summoned him to Rome in 1996 and appointed him Prefect of the Congregation of ClergyIn 1998 he created him a cardinal.
In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI replaced him. at the head of the Congregation of Clergy with Cardinal Claudio Hummes, one of the most curious personnel decisions of that pontificate. From 2000 to 2009, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos was President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei for the Church's traditional communities. Since 2008 he is cardinal priest. For reasons of age, he could no longer attend the conclave of 2013.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Vatican News (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, September 21, 2014

French Justice: Prison for Insulting Islam -- Paid For Desecrating Notre Dame

Edit: it's hard to believe that for years, certain apologists of the French Revolution denied that a prostitute dressed as "Reason" was paraded to the High Altar in Notre Dame to sing ribald songs.
Surely French Justice will some day become a familiar oxymoron.
(Paris) Double standards of anti-Christian political correctness have been proven by French judge. They have condemned two women because they deposited a pig's head outside a mosque, but let nine Femen mercenaries free, although they had defiled the Cathedral of Paris.
The Cathedral of Paris and thus to violate important church in France is less severe storm than any mosque? Yes, says a French judge and precipitated acquittal and conviction.
Two women have been convicted in France for nine months of prison, because they deposited a pig's head in front of the Mosque of Mayotte.  For six months they were released on probation, but   three of those months they spent in jail.

Condemned for "Incitement to Hatred"

Judgment was given by the Criminal Division of Mamoudzou on 18 September. The incident occurred in the last New Year's Eve. After a night of drinking with much alcohol put a woman to redeem a lost bet, before the mosque a pig's head. The second woman was sentenced because she had put the pig's head available. The husband's first wife was also sentenced because he had brought the car in front of the mosque. The sentencing took place because of "incitement to hatred, violence and discrimination based on belonging to a religion."

Political mercenaries from Femen acquitted

The judgment of Mamoudzou carried out under existing penal provisions. However, it irritated many French. Many wonder why three people go to jail because they place two pig's heads in front of  a mosque - a mosque they never set foot in -  while nine Femen activists who several   times violated the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris  be acquitted by a criminal senate in Paris. The political mercenaries of Femen, stripped to the waist and painted anti-church and blasphemous slogans invaded the cathedral, while shouting blasphemous-sexist slogans, completed sacrilegious acts, jumped on the altar and damaged a bell. The desecrated cathedral had to be rededicated, each by its own rite, before any rituals could be performed again.  Femen to see the article Who's behind Femen and their anti-Christian protest? Paid activists from the red light district .

The Damage also Scorn: Church Must Have Femen Pay Damages

The Parisian judges also ordered  that the "sex tremistinnen" as the anti-Christian political mercenaries called themselves, must be paid damages. The Archdiocese of Paris will have to pay each prostitute 1,500 euros in damages because the security service of the Cathedral had dared to carry the "ladies" against their will from the Cathedral.
Would the judgment have also failed if Femen had stormed a mosque? In France, there's good reason for doubt. It remains to be seen if   FEMEN-women will set  foot  in a mosque and dare  to attack Muslim representatives in any way, while the list of damages in church desecrations, including the Cologne Cathedral, and attacks on Catholic bishops and cardinals, including the Cardinals Leonard (Brussels) and Rouco (Madrid), is getting longer.
For a French judge the desecration of the country's most important Catholic Cathedral is less serious than an offensive act against any mosque. The varying standards of politically correct Christian hostility.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Photo: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Editor Tries to Deny Financial Connection With Mel Gibson --- Gibson Still Supports Pro-Abort, FEMEN Mouthpiece

Edit: we'd published an article last week about Mel Gibson's strange relationship with an online tabloid that gives positive news coverage for FEMEN and attacks Pro-Life causes. It was a head scratcher for sure.  To date, nothing has come to light showing that Mr. Gibson has altered his relationship with TheLip or Mr. Lustig, although his son no longer works for the company.
The original publisher of the article, The Deadline's editor, Mike Fleming, however, has chosen to defend its article while attempting to portray Allison Hope-Weiner's alleged change of heart as the honest to goodness truth, even going so far as to write about how The Passion had changed his life.  He denies any financial relationship with Icon or Mr. Gibson.
The Deadline is an entertainment and media news source, which featured  an opinion piece was  by journalist Alison Hope-Weiner.  Ms. Weiner not only writes for Deadline, but she writes for, a publication where Mel Gibson's son until quite recently worked, and which is partly owned by Gibson's production company, Icon.    
Whether or not Ms. Weiner's extraordinary conversion took place as result of a real change of heart or for other reasons doesn't belie the fact that she failed to disclose an obvious conflict of interest based on the financial relationship her employer has with Mr. Gibson.  
Mr. Gibson and theLip's founder, Michael Lustig, are very close indeed, or at least it seems from the photos of them together on a balcony at Cannes.
Lustig and Mel Hanging Out
Actually, one commenter from Deadline puts it  succinctly:
Ms. Weiner made a major breach of journalistic ethics by not disclosing Icon’s involvement with a start-up venture which she has an equity stake in. This is journalistic ethics 101 and she knows it. It’s smoke and mirrors to suggest since she has editorial freedom and isn’t paid by Icon she did nothing wrong. The fact is she has a financial connection to Icon and should have disclosed it. Readers should be able to decide for themselves if there is a potential for bias, but they need all the facts to do this. 
I’m also disappointed in Mr. Fleming’s long-winded explanation about how much “Passion” meant to him. It’s not relevant here. DHD should just acknowledge they blew this one and make a commitment to doing a better job in the future. I actually think Deadline is more professional than it was when Nikki was running it and think Mike’s a terrific writer. Not sure why it’s so hard to just apologize when you make a mistake instead of all this self-justifying.
Photo stolen from JustJared.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mel Gibson Forms Alliance With Leftist, Pro-Abort, Feminist Media Outlet to Save Image

[Los Angeles]  This comes from Hollywood gossip rag, TheWrap, which has uncovered some unsavory connections.  It's about Mel Gibson who is back in the news again after an impassioned plea for forgiveness from a former detractor,  Allison Hope Weiner, a freelance journalist who has her own show on  TheLip,  has miraculously changed her mind about the fabulously wealthy "ultra conservative" Gibson.  Weiner has even talked about Gibson coming to her Seder.  He's truly won her over.

Yet, if this  looks as though it's another upbeat public relations miracle, proving once and for all that Mel is reformed and has cast off his old ways since being a blacklisted, Catholic film maker and actor in Hollywood, think again.

There is more. Alison Hope Weiner not only works on the team of LipTV,  which is not only partly owned by Gibson, but  his son, Will Gibson, is its producer and long-time friend Michael Lustig is the  founder.  Lustig gave a favorable deposition for him during his custody battle with the mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorievna.

The two were also seen clowning around on a hotel balcony at Cannes during when the film, The Beaver made its appearance.

LipTV may be eager to give its support, but it is also very Leftist, which has some scratching their heads.   Gibson has owned a share in this enterprise for two years during which it has produced shows in support of abortion, attacking conservative pro-life groups and the prostitute group Femen.

The investment has been made through Gibson's Icon Entertainment  for an amount 1.5 million dollars according to one source close to Gibson.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Murderers of God Among Us -- Femen Activism on St. Peter's Square as "Christmas Message"

(Paris) The enemies of the Church have struck again. Inna Shevchenko, best known advocate of the church desecrating  Femen and the new national symbol of Hollande's Socialist France  (see Femen Activist as a New Symbol of France - Hollande Jacobin (homosexual) Ideology in German)  over St. Peter's Square on Thursday. Of course, "topless" and "for abortion." She did it in the usual Femen Church-hate way.  The figure of hate for  political activism was not only the Catholic Church this time. "Christmas is Cancelled" was scrawled on Shevchenko's torso, which Femen   used as a certain kind of advertising medium by painting the slogan "Christmas is Canceled".

Hate Messages on Twitter

On the same day Femen sent a "Christmas message" on its Twitter. "Christmas is canceled: At the Vatican, Inna Shevchenko has publicly expelled the embryo of Jesus from the Virgin Mary."  Christ ended on the cross because  the powerful people of his time could not endure Him. Femen would murder Christ today as they officially announce. The murderers of God among us.
Femen blasphemous messageSince Femen is servant of  some political activism  available for a fee, there is the question of who pays money for such a blasphemous and inhuman messenger. From the squalor of FEMEN-operatives and  Inna Shevchenko  there is only silence.
Shevchenko had become well known because she "participated"  with the political action group Pussy Riot, condemned by a court in Russian,  by sawing a large votive crucifix with a chainsaw  in Kiev. The Cross recalled the millions of victims of the Communist dictatorship.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
images: L'Observatoire de la Christianophobia
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Intolerant Tolerance -- Archbishop Leonard's Visit to Catholic Religious Instruction Refused

(Brussels) Laizisismus al la Belge . Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels-Mechelen has been conducting pastoral visits since the beginning in many deaneries and parishes in Walloon Brabant. In Baisy-Thy parents on behalf of state neutrality obligation refused him to visit the Catholic religious instruction at the school. The pastoral visits are an occasion, in addition to the Holy Mass, are meetings in the parish church with the priests of the place, the Catholic organizations and groups, and the faithful. The Archbishop also visits the Catholic schools and kindergartens, but also the Catholic religious instruction taking place in public schools.

It was not possible to visit at the School of Baisy-Thy, the visit to religious instruction planned for the past 22 October at the state school. Some parents protested against this. The visit of a representative of religion in a public school violates the principle of neutrality of the state, they argued.

Finally, the Archbishop decided not to go to the school, which program is unproblematic in other places. To avoid further controversy and because the mayor, Gérard Couronné, feared riots of some parents, the mayor himself agreed with the Archbishop, to waive the intended visit to the grade school the 5th and 6th Classes. "We go everywhere where we are welcome", said Archbishop Leonard through his spokesman to the press.

The incident shows how the alleged "tolerance" of laicism [secularism] is intolerant. In Belgium, a radical fight by the enemies of the Catholic Church is in progress, with radical attempts to marginalize the Church from public life. Against this background, it is has also been seen that Archbishop Leonard has twice this year already been paid visits by the activists of FEMEN (see separate report on the first attack and the second attack ). Why always against the Primate of Belgium? The FEMEN activism works on demand. You can order it in some ways ( see separate report on FEMEN forthcoming). Who pays, decides. In Belgium there are obviously forces which are willing to pay for public aggression against the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: L'Obersevatoire de la Christianophobia Trans: Tancred

Link to katholisches...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Enormous Crisis of the Catholic Church in Belgium -- There is Danger in a De-Christianized Land

(Brussels) The Belgian church is facing financial collapse. The annual accounts of the dioceses have large losses in a country that was particularly affected by the pedophile abuse scandal. The Church of the ethnically divided land between Flemish and Walloons, which was a thriving Catholic landscape until half a century ago, is going through a serious crisis. The seminaries are largely empty, the number of practicing Catholics has shrunk to a loyal core. The bishops enjoy only a touch of prestige and weight in public life that they once had. Progressive bishops like Cardinal Leo Suenens, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and the like-minded bishops promoted by him have brought the secularization of the country and the alienation of the faithful of the Church.

At Cardinal Suenens liberal church de-Christianized society follows

Since the Second Vatican Council, when the Cardinal Suenens was included as part of the Rhenish alliance as one of the big "makers", propagated in Belgium even church leaders such as the Dominican theologian Edward Schillebeeckx a "rising in the modern" church. Pedophile child molesters, such as the former Bishop Roger Joseph Vangheluwe of Bruges, who abused his nephew even after his episcopal ordination, did the rest.  Symptomatic high point culminated in June 2010 with the development of a scandalous desecration of the tomb of Cardinal Suenens in the Cathedral of St. Rumold Mechelen, worse copy than Dan Brown  by a special unit of the Belgian police in search of incriminating material in connection with the pedophile scandal. Nothing was found. What the competent Belgian court did not prevent, later  declared the desecration of the rest of the dead to be legal.

Declining Inhibition of Hostility Toward the Church

To get out of this crisis is difficult. For this reason, Pope Benedict XVI appointed the Bishop of Namur, Andre-Joseph Leonard as the new Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and thus Primate of Belgium in 2010. Leonard was the only Bishop with significant growth in priestly vocations. With the appointment an anti-Church campaign was discharged with an unprecedented aggressiveness.  Feminist extremists are only the most visible, but by no means the most important point.  The cake attacks and recently, a scandalous attack by bare breasted FEMEN-activists  against Archbishop Leonard, however, helps to undermine the reputation of the episcopal dignity and to reduce the threshold in dealing with the ecclesiastical dignitaries. The attacks against Archbishop Leonard are meaningful. The archbishop, who had nothing to do with the abuse scandal, except his energetic work for "maximum transparency", would have actually pleased indignant citizens. But he is, as a faithful representatives of the Church, an eyesore. This creates the bizarre situation that he of all people is the scapegoat of  Church hostility, which is justified by the abuse scandal. The pedophile scandal seems to many only to serve as a welcome springboard to be preachy to rise above the Church and renounce her. Using the example of Belgium can be seen that a de-Christianized society is not "neutral" but is morally acidic and anti-Church.

Revenues decrease, expenses increase due to pain and suffering payments to abuse victims

The numbers posted by the Church center to address the abuse cases are  interestin. 72 percent of reported cases involve Flanders and upwards of 80 percent of the men were born for the most part in the 50s and 60s. The data confirms that the "opening" of the Church to the world as it propagated the atmosphere during and after the Second Vatican Council, and the meeting with the contemporaneous "sexual revolution",  has hurt the Church. However, a discussion of these correlations with possible conclusions did not take place. Meanwhile, the Church must pay abuse victims for pain and suffering, as revenues decline.
The study L'iris et le Croisssant by Professor Felice Dassetto of the Catholic University of Leuven, the Belgian Church also sees problems through rapid changes in society, which was rebuilt in many multicultural cities. The proportion of the native population and the proportion of Catholics has rapidly declined in many Belgian cities.

Multicultural reconstruction of society means loss of traditional identity and rapid growth of Islam

According to the ACS report, 25 percent of the inhabitants of Brussels are Muslims. It's a  rapidly rising trend. In the Belgian capital, there are already 77 mosques.
In this climate of radical social reconstruction through the loss of local traditional cultural identity and different religious immigrants from other cultures, comes  the new phenomenon of increasing violence against religious institutions. For example, the arson attack on the Church of Begijnendijk in Couvin in the diocese of Namur or damage to seven churches.
The attack against Archbishop Leonard during a discussion on the topic of all freedom of expression at the State University of Brussels by FEMEN activists has already been mentioned. The feminists have accused the church of "homophobia".

Way Out of Crisis Through Renewal of the Church in Faith and Discipline - Bishops against Euthanasia of Children and Alzheimer's Patients

The way out of the crisis is not easy, but there has been a change in the episcopate, since Andre-Joseph Leonard has been primate. The bishops expressed their solidarity with him in the assaults of FEMEN.  In a statement, they said the violent and blasphemous feminists have lost "all credibility". They whose behavior stands to lead  "stark contrast to the topic of discussion and the style with which the Catholic Church in its dialogue with pluralistic society".
Archbishop Leonard promotes faithful groups and communities. A work in silence, where the church is truly renewed. The bishops with Leonard at their head have entered the ring against a legislative bill. The capital, Brussels, Belgium as well as the ruling Socialist party under the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and avowed homosexuals would like to expand the legalized euthanasia in 2002 to children younger than 15 years old  and Alzheimer's patients by law.
In Belgium,  life is mortally threatened in many ways. This is also a product of de-Christianized society. It's no easy stand for the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Sancte Pater
Translation: Tancred

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Belgium: Archbishop Venerates Our Lady as He’s Attacked by Anarchists

Edit: this isn’t the first time Archbishop Leonard Mutien has been attacked by the disciples of impurity. At another point, he was assaulted by a pie. The effeminate attack was launched against the Archbishop, whose communications director quit in a fit of rage earlier over the comment, because he said that AIDS “was a form of intrinsic justice”. I think now is a good time to point out that the good Archbishop, whom we’ve described in the past as the Lion of Belgium, is still there doing his job, despite a few faithless colleagues and a vicious anti-Catholic press.

What was also interesting about the press coverage from is that the journalist accused the Archbishop of kissing a water bottle. It’s just one more of those times when the things Catholics do escape the basic understanding of profane minds. Actually, the Archbishop kisses a plastic image of Our Lady, which had been blasphemed by the Femen anarchists who attacked him with the water within. It’s a particularly touching image to see him so reviled and full of love.