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Nos hemos vuelto locos!

Society of Saint Pius X Continues to Grow — Sets New Record at 700 Priests


Priestly ordinations of the Society of Pius 2022 in the USA.

 (Menzingen) The Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX) has more than 700 priests for the first time.  The growth is unbroken.  The Society of St. Pius, as the community of priests founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is commonly known, is growing and thriving.  Not everyone in the church is happy about this.

 This is not just about those who are unhappy that the Society is attracting vocations, but about those who seem to have problems with priestly vocations in general.  Cardinal Raymond Burke said in 2019:

 "Anyone who wants a 'different church' does not want priestly vocations".

The decline in priestly vocations is often self-inflicted.  There are various reasons for this, ranging from a “different” understanding of the church to wrong prioritization.  The most recent example was provided by the Corona hysteria, when bishops and leaders of diocesan seminaries south and north of the Alps rejected candidates and threw out seminarians because they did not allow themselves to be “vaccinated” with a genetically modified Covid preparation.

When certain Church circles occasionally complain about the lack of vocations, as in the run-up to the Amazon Synod, this usually serves other purposes.

In Santa Marta, too, the view seems clouded, because Pope Francis is waging a campaign against diocesan bishops and religious orders whose seminaries are particularly well filled or vocations are particularly numerous.  Anyone who "stands out" in this way seems to be annoying.  The confreres in the bishops' conferences feel disturbed with empty seminaries, and apparently Pope Francis also feels disturbed.  The dioceses of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), San Rafael (Argentina) and Fréjus-Toulon (France) are three well-known examples, as is the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate or the Society of the Holy Apostles, all of which have been the target of papal intervention.

The shocking experience of a newly ordained French priest in Santa Marta is significant.

The capricious thought needs to be clarified: when a diocese or a religious order attracts numerous vocations, it is obviously not a reason for Pope Francis to rejoice or even be interested in carefully learning the reasons or the charisms that lead to such a pleasant development  have led.  On the contrary, those who have many vocations are suspicious, automatically placed under disapproving observation, subjected to a visitation... and sometimes radically crushing the work (deposition of the bishop, closure of the seminary, dissolution of the Order...).

Society of Saint Pius X with a new high

The SSPX announced a few days ago that, thanks to the ordinations that have just taken place in their seminaries in the northern hemisphere, for the first time they have more than 700 priests.  Considering the Church as a whole, that is not so much, and yet, as the past has shown, it is a vigorously thriving seed.  The SSPX is thriving, and so are a number of communities that have come out of it in one form or another.

This new record is causing considerable concern in some Church circles.  In contrast to the dioceses and religious orders mentioned, the Society of Saint Pius X is not open to disciplinary or even final interventions by Rome in terms of canon law.

On the occasion of the new high, the Society of Saint Pius X published a statement last Friday:

 "As wished by Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, his original mission to the Society of St. Pius X (FSSPX) will continue with 'all the works necessary for priestly formation'."

With the ordinations in the Northern Hemisphere, the Society now numbers 707 priests.  In the past few days, 17 new priests were ordained there: six in the USA, eight in Switzerland and three in the Federal Republic of Germany.  Twelve deacons were ordained this year.

The Superior General of the SSPX, Father Davide Pagliarani, is quoted in the statement as saying:

 “The Society of St. Pius X has a duty to help all those souls who are currently dismayed and discouraged.  First of all, we have the duty to assure them, through the facts themselves, that the Tridentine Mass can never disappear from the face of the earth: it is an extremely necessary sign of hope.  Moreover, each of us, whether priest or believer, must lend them a helping hand, because those who do not wish to share the goods from which they benefit are in fact making themselves unworthy of these goods.  Only in this way will we truly love souls and the Church.”

With this "desire to work for the good of the universal Church", the intervention of our Lord is "gratefully recognized" in the "enormous growth" of the Society of St.

 This growth in the number of those who "work for the complete restoration of the Catholic priesthood and of the traditional Mass" is a joy, but should not make one arrogant or lead one to think that this is the work of man, nor should one  satisfied with this milestone," the statement said, because "much remains to be done."

The Society of Saint Pius also refers to other ancient ritual communities.  It is "important" to take their number into account.  The Society of St. Peter therefore has 341 priests, the Institute of Christ the King and High Priest 80 priests and the Institut du Bon Pasteur around 50 priests, which are the three most important former so-called Ecclesia Dei communities.

The statement closes with a word from Superior General Pagliarani on the subject of priestly vocations:

 “We entrust these intentions to the Sorrowful Mother, to whom we address our prayers, because no one has penetrated the mystery of our Lord's sacrifice and his victory on the cross better than she, for no one has been so intimately connected to his passion and triumph.  Our Lord has put the whole world into her hands.”

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: FSSPX

Trans: Tancred

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Orthodox Bishop Baptizes Child of Two Aberrosexuals

 Edit: join the Orthodox Church, they said. There is doctrinal purity, they said…. 

Orthodox schismatic bishop holds first aberrobaptism of aberrosexual “parents”.


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Greatest crime in history?

Jewish Mayor Powerless to Stop Mass Shootings in “Little Mogadishu”

Edit: he encouraged this as we said when this happened by cowering to the black militants, Mohamedans and Soros rioters. Others, like Mark Shea and Pastor Dale Alquist, rushed to support this Marxist BLM agenda. 

The media doesn’t have much of an interest in mass shootings by Islamic corsairs.


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Mega-Interview from Pope Francis: "I don't like how the world is overcoming the pandemic"

About Corona, climate and disinformation: "Without the commitment of young people, we are finished" 

Mega interview with Pope Francis

Edit: his adulation and admiration for the murdering, bloodthirsty figures of the Latin American revolution was what caught my attention. 

Rome) Pope Francis granted an extensive exclusive interview to the Argentine press agency Télam, which was published yesterday at noon Roman time. However, it was not entirely “exclusive”. In the past, there have been some disagreements between the Communications Dicastery established by Francis and his arbitrary interviewing activities. As is well known, this happened repeatedly without regard to their own ministry. It was different this time.

In the past few years, it could be that those responsible for communications at the Holy See only found out about interviews with the Pope from the media. Santa Marta didn't bother to notify the proper authorities.

So it was that the Vatican media, such as VaticanNews and the Osservatore Romano, lagged behind the secular media and only published excerpts of the interviews. This, in turn, did not satisfy Francis, who wanted people to be able to read and hear his statements directly and fully.

In this regard, there seem to have been refinements: the Télam interview was made available to the Vatican media in advance so that translations could be made. When the original Spanish version of the interview was published, the Vatican media were able to publish translations in other languages that had already been prepared. VaticanNews published the papal responses in English and Italian. The Osservatore Romano was able to print the original version in its Spanish weekly edition that appeared yesterday, for which it needed four pages. The German service of VaticanNews. On the other hand, as in the past, contented itself with making only an abridged version available to the readership. initially wanted to publish the complete interview in an annotated version. We don't do that. The readers can get an unbiased picture. Some comments are still allowed, but will only be added at the end.

Own logo for the interview

Trudeau vs. Canada

Based Mexican President Says US Run by Jewish Mafia

 Edit: coup in 1…2…


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The Death of a Pope Whisperer

German-born Cardinal Claudio Hummes, Pope Francis' governor in Brazil, died yesterday at the age of 88.

(Brasilia) The Archdiocese of São Paulo announced the death of Cardinal Cláudio Hummes at the age of 87. Cardinal Hummes was Pope Francis' lieutenant in Brazil and one of the major promoters of the Amazon Synod, which, along with the Synod on the Family, was the largest project of the current pontificate to date. Overall, Hummes was one of the most influential voices for the progressive paradigm shift under Francis. The pope called him a "very, very good friend".

Odilo Cardinal Scherer, the incumbent Archbishop of São Paulo yesterday issued a "Message of Sorrow and Hope" announcing that the burial will take place in São Paulo Cathedral:

"It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, (...) today, after a long illness that he endured with patience and trust in God."

It was Hummes who, as Francis himself said, said immediately after his election in 2013: "Don't forget the poor". It was he who recommended that the newly elected man call himself Francis. The long history will only be briefly outlined.

Hummes' rise

Archbishop Hummes with Lula da Silva 1989

Pope Benedict XVI had appointed the Archbishop of São Paulo to the Roman Curia despite his progressive attitudeThis was a frequently practiced but not always successful attempt to remove critics of a pontificate from their dioceses and at the same time integrate them in Rome. John Paul II had failed with Cardinal Walter Kasper, Benedict XVI failed with Cardinal Hummes.

Cláudio Hummes, born in 1934 as Auri Alfonso Hummes in Montenegro in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, was of German descent and grew up in an area in southern Brazil dominated by German immigrants. His ancestors emigrated from the Hunsrück to Brazil in 1857. Perhaps that is why it was so easy for him to help forge a progressive German-Brazilian axis.

He studied with the Jesuits, but entered the Franciscan order in 1952, where he received the religious name, Claudio. His intelligence enabled him to continue his studies at the Antonianum, the pontifical college of the Franciscan order in Rome. In 1958 he was ordained a priest and in 1965 he was an adviser to the Brazilian Bishops' Conference on ecumenical questions.

In 1975 he was appointed bishop by Paul VI. and the episcopal consecration by his confrere Archbishop Aloisio Lorscheider OFM, one of the signatories of the catacomb pact. In the same year, he became bishop of Santo André. At the time, Hummes had been in close contact with the political left for years, particularly with future Brazilian head of state and government Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

At the same time, however, he had the only partially accurate reputation of not being a representative of Marxist liberation theology, which was particularly rampant in Brazil. Therefore, John Paul II appointed him Lorscheider's successor as Archbishop of Fortaleza and in 1998 Archbishop of São Paulo, one of the largest dioceses in the world. He was created a cardinal in 2001.

The integration attempt by Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Scherer's message

Benedict XVI appointed Hummes to the Roman Curia as Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy in 2006, an appointment that caused a scandal even before Hummes arrived in Rome. The newly appointed prefect of clergy spoke out in an interview in Brazil for the abolition of Priestly Celibacy.  The scandal was perfect. The Holy See, severely offended, intervened and Hummes backtracked. He corrected his statement and was able to take up his post as Prefect in Rome.

The Brazilian cardinal had revealed two things to the whole world: Hummes was not a Marxist, but a progressive with no reservations about the Marxists. And he knew how to act, if necessary to hide his feelings.

Nevertheless, his time in Rome was not to last long. Externally he kept a low profile but sabotaged the pontificate of Benedict XVI. The final straw came in 2010 with Hummes' boycott of the appointment of St. John Mary Vianney as Patron Saint of Priests.

Behind the scenes, the progressive spectrum was up in arms against Benedict XVI's intention to make the priest of Ars the role model for the next generation of priests. According to the outraged, this is a step backward into “pre-conciliar” times and is directed “against” the Second Vatican Council. Hummes as the responsible cardinal prefect at the Curia played a central role in the rebellion against Benedict XVISince this was intriguing and Benedict XVI. was a very lenient regent, Vianney's appointment failed. However, the German Pope showed in his reaction that he could – if only rarely – take decisive steps. He fired the Brazilian that same year and before the end of Hummes' term. Benedict XVI thus shared his poor opinion of Hummes' tenure to the world.

Cardinal Hummes returned to Brazil at the age of 76 and had become Benedict's implacable opponent on a personal level as well. At the beginning of 2014 he would have turned 80 and resigned as a papal elector. The end of his influence. But Benedict XVI. surprisingly announced his resignation in February 2013 and offered the progressive Fronde the unexpected opportunity to turn things around at the "last moment".

Hummes, the Pope Whisperer

Hummes became a key figure in the March 2013 conclave. He was the one who supported the archbishop of Buenos Aires in the pre-conclave and, according to his own statements, supported Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the conclave "when things became a little more dangerous".

The crucial concern of the Sankt Gallen secret group and the Bergoglio team was that their Argentine candidate could withdraw his candidacy, as he did in 2005. Cardinal Kasper had obtained Bergoglio's promise that this would not be the case a second time. But Hummes had the task not to leave Bergoglio's side in the Sistine Chapel. When he showed himself to the world as the new pope, the "pope maker" Hummes also stood next to him on the loggia of St. Peter's Basilica. It was he, as Francis later said several times, who had whispered to him to take the name Francis.

When Francis showed himself to the world as the newly elected Pope in 2013, Cardinal Hummes stood with him on the loggia of St. Peter's Basilica.

The close bond between Francis and Hummes was still evident in the election year when the new pope gave the Brazilian the satisfaction of vengeance. On September 21, 2013Francis Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, with whom Benedict XVI. had replaced Hummes as Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy just three years previously.

As late as February 2014, the first anniversary of Benedict XVI's announcement of his resignation, Hummes' joy was evident. The mood among Catholics had been "depressed and sad" during Benedict's reign around the world. People would have “hung their heads”. But with the resignation of the German Pope, so much has changed in one fell swoop “in such a quick and beautiful way”. With the election of Francis, the loss of trust of the people under Benedict XVI. vanished, because "now people have trust again".

In July 2014, in the changing climate of the new pontificate, Hummes gave the Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora a deeper insight into the intellectual world of a “popemaker”, in which “gay marriage”, the abolition of celibacy and women’s priesthood do not pose problems, but play an essential role.

Humme's most important project: the Amazon Synod

This explains why the revolutionary Austrian missionary Bishop Erwin Kräutler found in Hummes the decisive companion for the project "Amazon workshop" with the main goal of eliminating "forced celibacy". It was Hummes who opened the door to Santa Marta and the Amazon SynodHummes and Kräutler then also controlled the umbrella organization REPAM, which was founded especially for the synod: Kräutler as chairman for Brazil, Hummes as overall chairman.

It was Hummes who, before the Amazon Synod, alternately announced in cryptic tones that the synod “may become historic” and openly declared that the synod would “decide on married priests” . After all, the Amazon Synod "is not convened to repeat what the Church is already saying, but to move forward," Hummes said in the summer of 2018.

The major goal of the Brazilian purple wearer was the abolition of “forced celibacy”, as he had contemptuously called priestly celibacy back in 2010. Other solutions were out of the question for him. He vigorously rejected such a proposal in the late summer of 2016, when the proposal was made at a conference to solve the problem of the shortage of priests in the Amazon jungle by asking each missionary order to send two priests. Hummes had an allergic reaction: " No, no, the Pope doesn't want that ". He certainly didn't want it.

Everything was prepared by the Amazon Synod to overturn priestly celibacy. Hummes wrote a letter to all in January 2020 announcing Francis' post-synodal exhortation and urging it to be "accepted." It was generally expected that the letter would contain a softening of priestly celibacy. At a secret meeting in June 2019, the leaders of the synod had already found a name for the new ordained ministry: It should be “ Presbyter". Austria's bishops declared three months before the start of the synod – prematurely – that they would “ implement ” the resolutions for the Amazon in Austria. In Austria? It really didn't need more signals to grasp the deeper agenda of the Amazon Synod.

Hummes with Francis at the "Witches' Dance in the Vatican"

The Synod of “Indigenists, Modernists, Anti-Natalists and Ecologists” took place as planned. On the margins of the synod, Hummes celebrated a new edition of the catacomb synod of 1965, October 4, what became known as the “witches’ dance in the Vatican due to the scandalous introduction of the Pachamama which took place there.

But then everything turned out differently.

Benedict XVI published in early 2020, together with Cardinal Robert Sarah, then still Prefect of the Congregation for Worship, a plea for the priesthood and priestly celibacy. Outbursts of anger erupted in Santa Marta, but the surprise turnaround on celibacy was perfect. The subject was dropped at the last minute.

Hummes, Francis and Brazil's Socialists

Francis' conspicuous commitment to Lula da Silva also goes back to Hummes. The pope supported the “Free Lula” campaign when the former president was put in prison on suspicion of corruption, sent messages of solidarity to his prison cell, and was outraged by an alleged “white-glove coup d’état” when Lula’s socialists were about to lose their elections in 2018.

Monsignor Hummes with Socialist leader Lula da Silva (right) during strikes in 1979: the dream of reconciling socialism and Christianity

After the unexpected defeat on the celibacy issue, things had calmed down around Cardinal Hummes, at least on an international level. In Brazil he worked to the end on the project of a "Church with Amazonian roots". The post-synodal letter Querida Amazonia did not bring about the abolition of celibacy that he and the West hoped for, but it was a Bergoglian instrument that, given the “right” conditions and the necessary backing, offers a lot of leeway – also in the future. In the end, Hummes eagerly supported the establishment of the Conferencia Eclesial de la Amazonia as a parallel church structure. Katholisches.Info wrote on July 10, 2020 about the “ revolution through the back door” :

“The creation of completely new institutions opens the way to shedding the most 'obstructive' considerations possible and to being able to strive for the targeted goals more consistently and directly. (...) The new facility is a seamless continuation of the revolutionary agenda that some saw as shelved, or at least wanted to see. The new institution has been commissioned to submit "an important paper" to the Vatican on the question of how "married men in areas without priests" could be ordained. 

Since then it has been established that the objectives have not changed and continue to be: creation of a new Amazonian rite, abolition of celibacy, admission of married men to the priesthood, admission of women to the sacrament of Holy Orders as deaconesses – for the time being – and other progressive burdens of the past.”


Cardinal Hummes became chairman of the new parallel structure.

Hummes supported the unprecedented attack by 152 Brazilian bishops on President Jair Bolsonaro in the summer of 2020. The "Church with an Amazonian face" is too important to Santa Marta for such a frontal attack against a friendly, democratically elected legitimate government by parts of the episcopate to be launched single-handedly. Cardinal Hummes, Francis' personal friend, vouched for this.

May God have mercy on his soul.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : MiL/ (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


Abortion is a Jewish Sacrament

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Mass Shooting in Copenhagen

Here he is, dressed for “Mass” at Gaybrielle’s Parish

Alleged shooter in Chicago, Bobby Crimo III. The major news organs are trying to peg him as white, but he doesn’t quite look the part.

He’s actually a rapper of some kind.

 Edit: [Copenhagen] looks like an Aloha Snackbar. Oy veh, this news doesn’t fit the “this is an American problem” narrative.

Meanwhile, the  authorities aren’t releasing the shooter’s identity.

If your real citizens aren’t armed, you’ll be subject to Fuzzywuzzy grooming gangs from darkest Kafiristan.

And unless I digress, these people are the ones the Crusades were meant to turn back. Why don’t we deport them to Israel?

The reports are saying a “Danish man” was responsible. [Updated: Turns out the Danish shooter was really Danish, but was out of his mind from, you guessed it, psychoactive medications.] We all know what that means! [Of course, this is being spun as a win for Danish hoplophobia by the usual suspects everywhere.]

I'll wager Denmark's low gun violence figures has a lot more to do
with demographics than the availability of guns.


🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July 🌈

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 Edit: I’m going to send 10 euro a month. This is really one of the best informed and enthusiastic Catholic journalists in Europe. You can go to PayPal. Sorry about that! I hate PayPal!!

Update July 3, 2022

Between G Nardi, Messa in Latino, Catholic Church Conservation and Network of German Priests, InfoVaticana, I’ve been able to bring a lot of amazing Catholic figures in traditional circles who used to go virtually unreported before Rorate and a few other blogs. [Neoconservative figures from Washington DC can only say so much] We’ve worked at bringing you tge late and much missed Richard Spaemann, Antonio Socci, Msgr Georg May, del Cigoña, among others. After was hunted from the internet for laughing at an aberrosexual comedian who died, they were one of the few left.  Even some more reliable people were  cowed into parroting the accepted narrative against them and joined in the hunt. The Neconservative e-commerce site, led the charge.

Of course, we could occasionally rely on snotty Rorate, or the Remnant, but those publications are controlled opposition, and won’t criticize you know who…

1Peter Dive has taken it upon themselves to streamline many of a few of the aforementioned figures into wider dissemination, but they are, like New Liturgical Movement, controlled and almost completely void of a political dimension.

Anyway, G. Nardi blocks his site behind  a paywall till he receives about 2,000 Euro every month. This helps me a lot to bring stories and insights you won’t find elsewhere in English. Even if I’m poorly informed, G Nardi and his associates are not. is OK when they aren’t borrowing without crediting.